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"Cis People shouldn't play trans people" okay but you have no right speaking for trans people. A trans person playing a trans person could be triggered by the character's past. A cis person can also play a character in the middle of transitioning.

not every trans person is going to be triggered? The fact is that there is so little trans representation and the little we do have is portrayed by cis people who don’t have the life experience to fit the role, regardless of how great an actor they are.

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Didn't he remind you of Tim Curry in "Shiny"??? I thought he was awesome.

I had a tune stuck in my head all day after watching Moana and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Bowie? I checked through my mental list of every Bowie song I know, and nothing quite fit. I love Jemaine Clement and “Shiny” was great, but I didn’t figure out what song it reminded me of until I was about to fall asleep.

And then…. I realized.

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Excuse me Ms.Goldstein, but I think you’ll find you’ve wandered into Hogwarts territory.  Best watch your words.