“I would be on board,” she tells Bustle via phone about the possibility of returning to her Greek character Rebecca Logan. “I spoke with [creator Patrick] Sean [Smith], actually, he asked me about if I would do [a reunion]. I was like, ‘Yeah, just tell me when.’ I would totally do it.”

Rejoice, Greek fans. Rejoice. Does this mean a revival of some sort is on the horizon? Well, there hasn’t been any sort of announcement, but if the creator is presenting the idea to the cast, then I’d say the chances are very likely.

—  Dilshad Vadsaria Teases A ‘Greek’ Reunion & Shares Her Thoughts On Rebecca Logan’s Whereabouts Today 

VOICE ACTING PART THE SECOND! This time, Destiny’s Edge!

(Note: she does a lot of live action work, probably most popular for being in Supernatural)

Veronica Santangelo - Fallout: New Vegas
Tallis - Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin


Saber - Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
Celty Sturluson - Durarara
Shandra Jimenez - Gravity Falls
Ashe - Final Fantasy XII


Wolverine - every damned animated Marvel series and Marvel video game
Orochimaru - Naruto
Tank Dempsey - Call of Duty Black Ops series

(Note: Same as Rytlock holy carp)

Greed - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Snow Viller - Final Fantasy XIII series
Rhys - Tales from the Borderlands
Joel - The Last of Us


Nerdluck Pound - Space Jam
Evelyn Klein - Bioshock 2
Dr. Dala - Fallout: New Vegas