alright ill admit that’s cool even if i hate hydraulic press channels


Timeless Scenes for every episode (1x12)

1- Lucy’s clumsy-ness and Wyatt trying not to laugh

2- The Lone Ranger calling it like it is

3- Grant calling them Tontos is literally the most perfectly ironic and funniest thing ever. (No I do not think he was a ‘fool’ but just the legend and how it was all twisted and him calling the team fools is funny)

4- Jiya, she’s so happy and the first person she wants to tell is Rufus.

5- It was nice seeing Lucy happy even if it was for a fleeting second and a lie.

6- Rufus, my man, trying to ‘change history’ without really changing it; trying to change it for the better at least.

7-This bitch. Not a favorite scene but now going over these scenes it just makes me angry with her all over again.

8- The murderous Jesse James talking some sense into Flynn… it wasn’t expected but it was a nice addition.

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Bc Lucy’s a strong smart woman who don’t need no man (except her Wyatt).