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1 Year Anniversary

Hello all of you lovely people, I wanted to take a moment out of my day to express how immensely loved and appreciated you are. Whether you write or draw or create other forms of content in this fandom or just simply enjoy all of the content, love, and support that comes out of it, I want to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t a part of this fandom (or at least a part of the Sanders Sides portion of it) until a few months into 2017, but to see how this fandom has grown into a family is astounding to me. Thomas is such a loving and caring individual that inspires us to be our best selves and I will never be able to truly express just how much @thatsthat24 means to me, but I hope that this post can at least give a glimpse into my adoration and appreciation for all that he does.

Sanders Sides has gotten me through some seriously rough times over the past year. There were times when I felt like there was nothing in my future and the world around me was numbing to be a part of. There were times when I just couldn’t make it out of bed and couldn’t stop hating the fact that I wasn’t doing anything with the day. But these videos kept me going. They’ve inspired me to start writing again. I couldn’t ask for a better group to be a part of than the Fanders because at every turn I am met with encouragement, positivity, and acceptance. I’ve made some new friends through this fandom, which is something I would’ve never imagined in the years I’ve been on tumblr.

Thomas is such an inspiration to me and Joan, Talyn, Dominic, Taylor, Jay, Terrence, Valerie, and all of his other friends are so amazing and help to show that there are incredible people in the world just waiting to be found. Every day is full of new ideas, new friendships, and new tasks to accomplish and Thomas and his friends honestly make it seem so much more manageable to rise to the occasion. They inspire creativity, love, and hope for this world, at least for me.

So on this one year anniversary, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to Thomas, Joan, Talyn, and more for creating the YouTube/Instagram/Twitter content, thank you to my followers for encouraging me every day to continue to write and do what I love, and thank you to all of the Fanders out there that have made this fandom a safe haven, home, and family for those who needed one.

I love you all so much. So take it easy guys, gals, and nonbinary pals. ✨

Deleted scene from Logan
  • Nurse: So, this subject was created from Wolverine's DNA.
  • Gabriela: Wolverine? THE Wolverine?
  • Nurse: Yes, the one from the X-Men.
  • Gabriela: I don't believe it, this little one? She's nothing like her father-
  • Laura: Bah...bah...bah...
  • Nurse: Wait, Gabriela, I think she's about to say her first word!
  • Gabriela: Oh my god! Say...button! Say...buddy!
  • Laura: Bah...bah...bah...BUB.
  • Gabriela: ...yup, that's definitely Wolverine's daughter.

“cause I don’t hold my breath and I don’t hold my tongue and I know that you know that I don’t back down to noone.”

In the Heat of the Moment

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: Prinxiety (if you squint hard enough)
Words: 1,093

A/N: This idea was created by my great friend @availe so please go read her comic version here too!

Prompt: It’s hot. But Virgil refuses to take off his jacket.


It was stifling in the commons area today.

Thomas had been asked to go hiking with some friends and since Logan had planned a day off in between videos, Thomas agreed to go with his friends. Living in Florida, there wasn’t much to the areas where people hiked or camped, but the one major thing that sucked most of all about the idea: it was hot.

Not just the hot that you need a drink of water to cool you off, but more like the air around you felt wet, and the longer you stood outside the more you just felt like dying inside. The heat sucked all of the coolness off your body the instant you walked outside.

Because Thomas himself was in a hot environment, the sides themselves were also feeling the heat.

Luckily for Roman, Patton, and Logan, their clothing was pretty thin, just a small fan blowing towards them was enough to keep them happy. However, Virgil was another story. He had hold himself up in his room claiming that the commons area was just too bright for him that day.

Virgil paced around his room, trying to fan himself with his hands but it wasn’t nearly enough. He absolutely refused to take off his clothing - it felt as if it was a part of who he was now, especially after his change up. The hoodie was very thick though and adding onto his long sleeve undershirt, Virgil was sweating pretty profusely.

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Prompt:  You ask, I shall deliver. Headcanon that Logan is the king of solving Rubix cubes. ~ @flyingthroughthemoonlight

CW: None

Disclaimer: I have only ever been able to make one side of a Rubix cube the same color. All the information herein is based on a lazy google search. Apologies to actual cubers.

Pairings: Polyamsanders (platonic or romantic)

They’re all piled in the commons, a movie on TV, and at first Virgil doesn’t think anything of it–Logan is usually doing something with his hands, either writing notes, or flipping through his vocab cards, or working one of those infuriating puzzles where two pieces of metal are twisted together and you’re supposed to be able to pull them apart (Logan never fails at those, either–he studies them for a few minutes, then does something with his hands and fingers and bam. Two nails. It drives Virgil crazy). 

So all things considered, a Rubix cube is almost…mundane. Cliche. 

But it’s not that Logan’s solving the cube. It’s that–and Virgil realizes this with a growing sense of disbelief–Logan is doing so without looking. 

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