logan's back guys!!

remember when the Big Time Rush fandom was ONLY about the music and supporting those 4 dorks we loved so much
and we didn’t have all this girlfriend drama
can we go back to that please.

anonymous asked:

ok also can we talk about how chris knows about scott paraphrasing derek, the whole 'use your own words this time' or something? i'd like to imagine stiles just texting him nonstop being all like 'YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT SCOTT DID TODAY YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID HE BIT A KID AND THEN HE USED THE WE'RE BROTHERS LINE CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH AS IF DEREK DID ANY BETTER THE FIRST TIME PLEASE COME BACK' --logan the keg guy anon

OMG THIS IS A HILARIOUS HEADCANON, like imagine though Stiles never expects Chris to text back, because Chris never has, so he’s been constantly texting him weird stuff like “I HOPE ISAAC ISN’T BUYING TOO MANY FRENCH SCARVES” and “WHAT’S A WENDIGO” and constantly spamming him with ridiculousness.