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The X-Men in a 'THINK FAST!' moment:

Charles: “WHERE’S ERIK!?”

Kurt: *frantically prays*

Jubilee: “UH, CATCH!” *throws her gum at Ororo*


Jean: “PREFESSORR!!?!?!?!?”




Scott: “OKAY, I GOT THIS-” *has no idea what the fuck is happening*



Bobby: *slips on his own frantically panicked built ice*

Kitty: “RAWRR???!!”

Rouge: “Fuck all yall”

Logan: “BEER, NOW.”

How They Act When They Have a Crush (X-Men)

A/N: Also could be title “How they Treat their Crush”.
This is all during the new Films’ timeline. just as a btw.

Raven Darkholme (Mystique):

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She ignores it. No good can come of that. She isn’t what you deserve. But despite never admitting to her feelings, she would still try to give you what she thinks you do deserve. A safe, happy, life. She would protect you with everything she has. Anything you need, she would do her best to get for you, big or small. She may not think she deserves you, but she knows you deserve the world.

Charles Xavier (Professor X):

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He would be very polite. A bit bumbly though. He would really respect you, holds you in high regard. On the occasion he is feeling a bit more confident, he might even try a line. Though he may be a bit scared to act on it.

Hank McCoy (Beast):

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Oh bless this sweet child. If he has a crush on you, please don’t tease him….too much. He turns into a mumbling, clumsy mess around his crush. It really embarrasses him, so much so that, as much as he hates it, he avoids you. He doesn’t want you to think he is stupid or an idiot, but he just can’t keep his head on straight when you’re around.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto):

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He would keep it to himself. Erik is scared of getting close to someone again. He doesn’t want you to get hurt. He’d be as polite and civil as he could be when you are around, but he would try to keep his distance. Even if it gets to the point where he thinks he has to never see you again. 

Jean Grey (Phoenix):

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She tries. I’ll give her that. The girl tries to be smooth. But she doesn’t quite cut it. At least not a lot of the time. She makes up excuses to hang out a little longer, and is always thinking of fun things to do together, but oops, looks like Jubilee and Scott had to cancel, guess it’s just you two. 

Scott Summers (Cyclops):

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He is a bit better at trying to be smooth, but not by much. By some sort of bad luck, something always happens and totally ruins the mood. He tries really really hard. He asks Jean every other day to look in your head to see whether or not you like him back, to make this easier, but she refuses for the sake of your privacy. He asks Kurt to pop in on your conversations to see if you talk about him, but again, he won’t do it. But even with failed schemes, he treats you amazingly everyday. Some teasing here and there, but just treats you like you think you should be treated.

Logan (Wolverine):

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He can’t hide his attraction to you, so he tries to pass it off as just sexual attraction and nothing more. Dirty jokes/lines, and crude gestures. He doesn’t do the lovey dovey junk. But when you look away, his eyes stay on you. You are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, and the last thing before he falls asleep. He worries about you. But he’d never admit any of this, not even to himself and definitely not to you. It’s a weird feeling, a strange part of himself that he isn’t ready to explore, he’s not sure if he ever should.

Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver):

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Is it possible to be subtle and so obvious at once? Somehow Peter achieves it. Sly lines and invitations, that are oh so cheesy. He talks a mile a minute around you, always running to get to where you are, and when he is finally with you, he takes his time. All of a sudden he’s in no rush, which is strange for him. His fingers aren’t tapping, and his leg isn’t shaking. When you’re around, he wants to make those moments last. He’s all cocky until you do the smallest thing. The smallest smirk or wink his way, and he just melts. Bumbling, staring, weak in the knees, mess.

Kurt Wagner (Night Crawler):

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He doesn’t have a lot of experience with crushes or relationships or romantic feelings. This is new to him. Honestly, he wouldn’t know how he should act. Should he be confident and stroll up to you, giving you a huge kiss without batting an eye, or should he do small things, let you figure out his feelings at your own pace. Because of this, he goes to everyone for advice, and he takes all that advice. One day he’ll be confident, the next he’ll be shy. He changes drastically each day. He just wants to impress you, just please you, and make you smile, because by God does he love your smile.

Ororo Munroe (Storm):

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She would be pretty blunt about it. In a way that you can’t tell if she is being serious or not. She would ask you out, and compliment you with no second thought to it. You deserve to know how amazing you are. Even if you may not feel the same way (at least she thinks you don’t) she isn’t going to stop trying to make you feel special.

Jubilation Lee (Jubilee):

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Sort of like Ororo, she is a bit blunt and upfront. She compliments you a ton, and always lets you know how much you mean to her. Though because of her usual, loving attitude, these compliments and declarations get written off as just friendly love and nothing more. It’s a bit frustrating for her. She’ll continue to try until she’s blue in the face. (sorry kurt/hank/raven)



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Which are you? Round 2!

The fact that this is one of my most popular surprises me for 3 reasons: 1) the art isn’t that gr8, 2) I don’t drink, and 3) I accidentally made a tag yourself meme months before that began  haha These are gonna be on redbubble soon! You’ll find them here when they go up!

Preference .. How they act around the person they like (X-Men)

Piotr Rasputin:

Piotr would be extremely flirty around you. However he would also be slightly nervous. But the flirting will hide how nervous he actually is. And he would probably try and impress you.

Kurt Wagner:

Kurt would be nervous and he would barely talk to you. However when he did talk to you he would stutter showing just how nervous he actually is.

Alex Summers:

Alex would shamelessly flirt with you. He would be extremely confident and would not have any problem being around you and flirting with you, letting you know that he likes you.

Scott Summers:

Scott would be nervous around you. He wouldn’t know what to say to you, so he would be extremely quiet. When you asked him what was wrong, he would get even more nervous and would run away without saying anything, leaving you completely baffled by what just happened.

Jean Grey:

Jean would be nervous. She wouldn’t know what to do, or say to you. However despite being nervous she would just be happy to be around you.

Raven Darkholme:

At first she would probably be nervous and a little scared. She would be scared that you would judge her for the way she looks. But when you tell her that you don’t have a problem with how she looks she would become flirty with you. She would have no problem being around you and showing her that she likes you.

Logan Howlett:

Logan would be extremely confident and flirty with you. He would make it clear to you that he likes you. He would also try really hard to impress you in everything that he does.

Peter Maximoff:

Peter would also be extremely flirty with you. And he would also try really hard to impress you.




Which are you?!

Based off a really dumb conversation with my brother that ended in the most serious art I’ve done in a while, which is sad, but I still really really like these haha.


X-Men (2000)

“Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.”

Me as a parent

Me : how was school ?

Child : good , I met a new friend

Me : what’s their name?

Child : Erik

Me :

Child :

Me : marry him

Child : what mother why-

Me : don’t ask me why , Charles Xavier