logan x mary anne

My made up version of Rogue,Cyclops and Wolverine(Earth-911) crossing over with the 90’ version of themselves(Either 616 in the 90’s or Earth-92131 from the old show)

So here is the main difference between these versions.(If you are interested,its a long one)
The X-men from Earth-911 have lived most of the events of the 90’s X-men but also lived a few other ones that the others haven’t(or still haven’t) adding years of more experiences to them.
One worthy of note that the 90’s X-men havent and wont go trough in the future is a certain event that involved the High Evolutionary,in wich These 3 and a few others had their powers “glitched out”.
Wolverine’s Healing factor got weaker so he had to go trough all the training he went trough with different masters and skilled friends like Elektra,Master Po,Iron Fist ecc.And now he uses a lot of that training in combat instead of immediatly jumping without thinking,making him a way more deadly combatant the he ever was.
Cyclops optic blast is more unstable and can actually be directed to a certain degree,a power he struggled mastering until a few years of training after the accident.
Rogue’s Ms Marvel powers are pretty much stuck altho most of her memories have faded with time,she has had some instability to her absorbing ability(like absorbing too much or too little with a touch depending on moments).
Also an important thing about here character difference is that her and Ms Marvel became really good friends due to some events involving an imprisonment in Dormammu’s realm(they basically worked together till they were able to escape thanks to the additional help of Doctor Strange).During their imprisnment Carol also gave her some military fighting training,so now she is a more formidable fighter.