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PETER MAXIMOFF (Quicksilver)

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X-Men Preference: Bun in the Oven

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(A/N: I am going to start calling Piotr ‘Colossus’ to avoid confusion with Peter ‘Quicksilver’)

Logan: You had known for a while that you were expecting. The only thing left to do was to tell Logan. The best way to do that was through his favorite drink: beer. While Logan was out running errands for the professor, you drew up a new label for his beer reading “Just for Dad” with a few little decorations. You taped it on to the beer and waited for him to come home. Once he got back, you ushered him to the couch before going to get the drink. You came back and handed it to him. He read the label and realized that you officially had a bun in the oven.

Charles: He can’t have kids himself (clearly), so you two decided to adopt. You got the confirmation of the child you two picked, so you decided to surprise him. You bought a small metal mailbox and wrote the date your child was going to be arriving on a piece of paper. You stuck the paper in the mailbox and placed it on his desk. You were in his office when he saw it and opened it. He read the date and asked you what it meant. That’s when you let it slip that that was the day you two were officially to become parents.

Erik: You had just gone to the doctor that morning to confirm. You and Erik had been trying for a baby for goodness knows how long now. You were so excited you could barely contain yourself. You immediately went out to buy a little metal rattle as a surprise for Erik. It was so fitting because he would be able to use it in more ways than one. You stuck it in a little box with a note on top that said “open me”. You handed it to Erik as soon as he got home, not being able to contain your joy. As soon as he opened it, he would know that what he was hoping for had finally came– a family.

Bobby: You had known for a while, but you couldn’t find the right way to tell Bobby. You knew it had to be special and meaningful. However, nothing was quite right. That was, until, you went in to a baby clothes store and spotted the perfect onesie. It was white with black print that said “My daddy is the coolest!” with a drawing of ice cubes underneath. You instantly bought it and had it wrapped. You brought it back to your shared apartment and cleaned up a bit. Bobby came home that afternoon and you immediately sat him down. Once he opened the box, he laughed and told you he couldn’t wait to literally be the “coolest” dad ever.

Scott: Scott lived for his morning coffee. He couldn’t go a single day without it. That is why you knew for a fact that you had the perfect idea to announce that you were pregnant. As soon as you knew for sure, you went out and bought a mug that read “You are going to be a dad” at the very bottom. The next day, you woke up before him and prepped the mug. You poured in his favorite coffee and waited. Scott then stumbled down the stairs he immediately took the coffee without question. You waited for as long as it took. You were in the other room when you heard him yell “HOLY SH*T, REALLY?”. He had finally finished his coffee.

Colossus: You knew you had to do something simple, but creative. You had confirmed that you were pregnant a few days earlier. You were doing a bit of shopping when you found a shirt you could use to announce you were pregnant to Piotr. It was black with white writing that said “Baby” with a loading bar that you see on computers. You smiled and washed the shirt without him knowing. The next day you wore a hoodie that zipped up. You got him to sit on the couch for a little bit as you prepped yourself. You unzipped the hoodie and waited as he read, his eyes and smile growing wide as he realized what your shirt meant. 

Alex: He was a big sweet tooth. You knew you had to incorporate something sweet into your announcement. You went out and you bought four cupcakes, each with white frosting and a letter on it. You got them put in a box and took them to where he was working. You handed him the box and waited for him to open it. He opened the box and looked at what was inside. It took a moment, but finally the pieces fell in to place. He opened his arms and gave you a massive hug. The cupcakes confirmed his suspicions: Baby.

Hank: He didn’t want to risk passing down his genetics to an innocent life, so he convinced you to adopt. You remembered how much Hank liked puzzles. You created a puzzle that was mostly blank except a specific date and a heart. You took one piece out and wrote “our missing piece” on it. You watched as he put the puzzle together, and then get confused when he noticed there was one piece that he missed. You walked up behind him and handed him the piece. He put the piece in to the puzzle and finally connected all of the dots. He scooped you up in his arms as he exclaimed how excited he was.

Peter: You knew that there was only one way you could perfectly execute the announcement that you were pregnant to Peter. As soon as you knew for sure, you went out to buy some custom made baby shoes. You had them put in a special little box with a small tag that read “For Dad’s eyes only”. You took it to Peter who was relaxing on the couch. You watched as he read the tag and quickly turned to you for confirmation. You gave him a nod as he opened the box to reveal the custom made shiny silver baby shoes that looked just like his own. The smile on his face was irreplaceable. 

Marvel Seven Minutes in Heaven

This is where all the links for the Marvel’s Seven Minutes in Heaven will be posted. Linked as they are written. ENJOY!!

Key: (S) = Smut (F) = Fluff


Tony Stark (S) (F)             Bruce Banner (S) (F)

Steve Rogers (S) (F)         Bucky Barnes  (S) (F)

Thor (S) (F)                        Loki (S) (F)

Sam Wilson  (S) (F)           Clint Barton (S) (F)

Pietro Maximoff  (S) (F)     Charles Xiaver (S) (F)

Erik Lensherr   (S) (F)        Scott Summers (S) (F)

Remy Lebeau   (S) (F)       Hank McCoy (S) (F)

Bobby Drake  (S) (F)          Alex Summers (S) (F)

Wade Wilson (S) (F)          Francis Freemen (Ajax) (S) (F)

Brock Rumlow (S) (F)        Peter Parker (S) (F)

Harry Osborne (S) (F)        Peter Quill (S) (F)

Johnny Storm (S) (F)         Victor Creed (S) (F)  

X- Men Preference: Kisses

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Logan: He wasn’t big on PDA, but when you two were alone, he was all for a kiss or two. He’d be calm at first, but once it continued, he’d be, for lack of better words, an animal. Things would escalate pretty quickly, and it would be more passionate than ever.

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Charles: He’d be more dignified with his kisses. He’d make sure that you knew that he loved you through a sweet short kiss. He would kiss you sweetly, and when you were alone, he’d do the same.

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Eric: He was much taller than you, so he’d have to lift you up to kiss you. He’d be gentle at first, but then bring on true passion in to it. He’d make sure that every moment counted when he was with you.

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Bobby: He’s d be afraid that he would accidentally harm you with his ice powers, so he tended to take it more slow and cautious. He would make sure that you were comfortable with everything.

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Scott: Scott would also be one for taking it slow with you to make sure his powers don’t get out of control. But it would be sweet and passionate on top of that. You would enjoy every moment.

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Piotr: Much like Eric, he was much larger than you were. He had to lift you up and press you against something to get the full effect of the kiss. He’d make sure that you knew how much he cared for you through the kiss, and you’d admire his strength the entire time.

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Alex: Your favorite kisses were the ones after a long cuddle on the couch. You both would be facing each other, and smiling in to the kisses. They were a bit sleepy, but you loved how sweet they were.

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Hank: He was a bit nerdy, so of course he was going to be shy about kissing you. He loved you for sure, but he was always insecure about it. You reassured him that you loved him through your kisses.

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This gives me a really strong Marvels vibe. Which can of course be expected by Alex Ross art, but still.


-Anon request

Alex Summers (Havok): His usual mischievous badboy persona would be gone in an instant and he wouldn’t let you out of sight for the entire nine months. He would insist on making sure that nothing went on in the mansion that could even in the slightest affect you or the baby.

Charles Xavier (Professor X): Having suspected for some time, Charles would be delighted and would be so excited about having a child around the mansion- and when he heard the baby’s thoughts for the first time, he cried.

Bobby Drake (Iceman): Bobby wouldn’t be able to process it at first, but when he did he would be speechless, before wrapping you up in an almighty hug and cheering loud enough to disrupt every occupant of the mansion.

Hank McCoy (Beast): He had never expected to have a family, so when you told him that you were pregnant with his child, his heart actually stuttered. You would spend hours just lying in bed together, his fingers skittering over your bump and imagining what your child would look like. (’I hope she has your eyes, Hank.’)

Logan Howlett (Wolverine): Though he never expected nor particularly wanted a child, the moment you told him you were pregnant, he realised just how wrong he’d been. He’d still maintain his laidback personality, but would shoot people a glare if they got too close to you or if he caught the faintest whiff of a threat.

St. John Allerdyce (Pyro): The pyromaniac would take it all in his stride and feign nonchalance which, though it still hurt you to see him brush the news off like that, you knew was just a façade. (Charles had to take you aside one day and ask you to tell John to shut up because he was cheering so loudly in his mind.)

Sean Cassidy (Banshee): His scream would break all the windows in a mile radius and he would swoop you up into his arms and dive about the room. Ever since you told him, he would be walking around the house either looking up Gaelic baby names, musing about ginger babies and whistling shrilly.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto): After losing his entire family, Erik has since made it his philosophy that should he ever have a child, he would never leave it and would protect it with his life and love it with all his heart. When you told him you were pregnant, he swore to you to do just that. (He also completely baby-proofed the entire mansion, much to everyone’s grumbling.)

Scott Summers (Cyclops): Scott never really had his own family either and would be over the moon about having a baby. Though secretly, he would terrified that it might have his mutation (you assure him that it wouldn’t matter and you could both teach it to control its powers.)

X- Men Preference: Cuddles

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Logan: He normally would be totally against cuddling. He just wasn’t that kind of guy. But there were days where he was worn down and tired. So he would lay on his back, waiting for you to come in. When you did, you knew what to do. You would instantly curl up to his side, putting one leg over his and and your hand on his chest. He put his arm around your shoulder, and you would stay there for hours.

Charles: It would be spoons all around. You were mainly the big spoon because Charles felt safe that way. Sometimes he’d have nightmares, and your arms would be his comfort. You dug your face into his back and kept an arm around his torso, your legs tangled together. You being the big spoon was the only way you two could fall asleep.

Eric: Eric also wasn’t big on cuddling. You and him would usually sleep with a bit of distance between you two, but your hands would always be touching. Your fingers would mix with each others, providing the only comfort you really needed. When you woke up together, the first thing that Eric would do would be kiss your hand. You always held eye contact when cuddling, until you both inevitably fell asleep.

Bobby: Bobby, despite having ice powers, was your personal heater. You would spoon as well, but he would always be the big spoon. It feels a bit contradictory, but he was actually very warm to you. He’d wrap his arm around your waist, and your fingers would interconnect. You’d use his other arm as kind of like a headrest. His face would bury into your shoulder. No matter how hard you tried, you always fell asleep like this.

Scott: He would love to lay on his stomach, making it tricky for you to cuddle in, but you found ways. Sometimes, you would wiggle under one of his arms and curl up on your stomach next to him. Other times, you’d lay out on his back, nestling your head in the crook of his neck. It would vary depending on how you both felt. Somehow it was comfortable.

Piotr: Because he was so big compared to you, you lay completely on his chest. Your head would be in his neck, your hands on his chest. He would kiss your forehead as much as he could. Both his arms would be tightly secure around your waist, not ready to let go at any point. His thumbs would rub circles in your back, giving you comfort.

Alex: You’d be laying your sides completely tangled in one another. Alex’s head would be on your chest, your arms around his shoulders. Your head would rest on top of his, and his hands would be tight around your waist. Your legs were in a jumbled mess. There was not an inch of space between you, so you could feel each other’s hearts beating.