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Not Alone

A/N Lyrics from “Not Alone” by Red.

Pairing: Analogical (Anxiety/Logic)

Genre: a little hurt/comfort, fluff i guess, yet another song fic

Word Count: 660


Anxiety has a low key love for Logan’s singing voice and convinces him to sing just for anxiety. The song Logan sings? Not alone -RED (low (high) key am in love with this song) - @sanderssides-fics

if you can just… fluff and hugs but with a rocky start??? any pairing is fine im bored - anon

Any bad day can be fixed with a slow dance, Anxiety thinks.

Anxiety tried to hide it – he did, he swore – except Logan was too tuned into his emotions now for him to get away with something like this. His boyfriend had found him in his room, willing himself not to cry, after a stupid fight. It had been a rough day for both of them, and with tensions flying high like they were, it was a little too easy to give into the urge to squabble over a meaningless thing. Nonetheless, Logic found Anx and both of them apologised. They had decided that perhaps it would be best to spend the rest of the day lounging around on the bed and each side readily agreed.

“Logan?” Anxiety asked, head resting on the logical side’s shoulders, eyes fluttering shut as his back was rubbed in soothing circles.

“Mmm?” Logic murmured. He pressed a quick kiss to Anxiety’s hair. “What is it, love?”

“This is really dumb –“ Logan frowned, but allowed Anx to continue, “but could you sing for me? I love your voice, even though I know you don’t like it…  I don’t know, it was a dumb idea, forget I said anything.”

Logan shook his head. “My silence was not a ‘no’. Don’t put yourself down like that, Anxiety. If it makes you happy, then of course I’ll sing for you. Please do not judge me too harshly on my performance as I’ve never been too good at-“

“You just told me not to put myself down.”

Adjusting his glasses, Logic nodded. “You’re right. Here goes nothing, then.” He cleared his throat and begun to sing, already having a song in mind.

“Slowly fading away, you’re lost and so afraid, where is the hope in a world so cold? Looking for a distant light, someone who could save a life, you’re living in fear that no one will hear your cries.”

Anxiety recognised it from all the times he had played it himself, and mouthed the next line.

Can you save me now?”

Logan moved off the bed, pulling Anx with him. Confused, he stood up, and stumbled into Logic’s arms.

I am with you. I will carry you through it all. I won’t leave you, I will catch you when you feel like letting go, ‘cause you’re not, you’re not alone.”

Before he could stop himself, the darker side leant his head on Logan’s shoulders again, willing himself not to cry. His boyfriend was being so sweet. Especially when he felt Lo grabbing one of his hands and his waist, and suddenly they were dancing.

Your heart is full of broken dreams, just a fading memory, and everything’s gone but the pain carries on. Lost in the rain again – when will it ever end? The arms of relief seem so out of reach, but I, I am here.”

With those words, Logan tightened his grip on Anxiety and they turned slowly. “I love you,” he whispered, pausing for a moment to kiss him.

“I love you too,” Anxiety mumbled, a blush dusting his cheeks.

The chorus passed by all too quickly as they simply held each other.

And I’ll be your hope when you feel like it’s over. And I will pick you up when your whole world shatters. And when you’re finally in my arms, look up and see love has a face.”

As he sung the lyrics, he made sure that Anxiety knew he meant every damn word as he brushed away his lover’s tears. He kissed him again and again, suddenly full of the illogical emotion he had come to appreciate. Anxiety was good for him, and Logan could only hope that he would be good enough too.

Their dancing came to an end, but Anxiety clutched Logic like he was his lifeline.

And I will be your hope,

You’re not alone,

And I will pick you up.

And I will be your hope.

And I will be your hope.

“You will always be my hope.”

A/N Not to happy with this but like ehh.

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Prompt: Anxiety has a low key love for Logan's singing voice and convinces him to sing just for anxiety. The song Logan sings? Not alone -RED (low (high) key am in love with this song) -Sanderssides-fics



Week Ending May 29th, 2017

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  2. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi
  3. Beauty and the Beast −1
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales +10
  5. Alien: Covenant −2
  6. Lord of the Rings +1
  7. Captain Underpants +1
  8. Zootopia −3
  9. Heathers −3
  10. The Lego Batman Movie +2
  11. Logan −7
  12. A Silent Voice +1
  13. Moana −2
  14. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story −4
  15. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  16. Deadpool
  17. Get Out −8
  18. Mad Max: Fury Road
  19. Dirty Dancing
  20. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them −2

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Just A Dance

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Characters- Logan Howlett x Reader

Summary- Logan wasn’t fond of parties, but he was fond of her.

Warnings- Language, fluff.

Word Count- 1,150

A/N- My first Marvel fic! I couldn’t help myself. I have always had a soft spot for Logan, and the new movie ‘Logan’ was just the ultimate catalyst. So please, enjoy.

Tags- @redlipstickandplaid@fandommaniacx @mellifluous-melodramas

Logan wasn’t particularly fond of parties. Loud music, inane small talk, and stupid formal wear. Forced to not look like the most miserable person on earth, he pulled at the bowtie on his tux. When he’d signed on for being a part of Xavier’s school, he didn’t know that fundraisers were a part of the deal. Look nice, smile at the rich people who were willing to give money to mutants.

Charles promised he’d had a surprise for him if he went- and he hated surprises. Charles promised he’d love it and it’d make the night more enjoyable. He highly doubted that, but as he stood there in the sea of gowns and suits, he saw her. In that moment, he knew this was Charles’ surprise.

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With You It’s Different

Logan Howlett x Reader

Words: 1,346

Request: Can you write a Logan fic where he is his usual gruff, grumpy self with a hard exterior but around y/n he is super nice and always pays attention to her and is a huge teddy bear with her. I just love Logan wow. Thank you!!! :)

“I said no,” Logan growled, his voice reaching your ears. That’s odd, you thought, Logan wasn’t one to lose his temper often. You got up from your place on your bed, moving towards the voices. Scott seemed adamant about something that Logan was definitely not approving of. You stopped just short of them, watching Logan with a small smile. He really was gorgeous. His beautiful brown eyes met yours, the previous tension dissipating at the sight of you. He all but forgot his argument with Scott, sidling up to your side with a smile. “(Y/N),” he greeted happily. You returned his smile in kind.

“Logan,” you replied. Scott seemed a little put out, leaving the two of you alone so he could go work out his own issue. “What was that about?” You questioned.

“Nothing,” he answered, shaking it off. “Anything interesting happen while I was away?” You chuckled softly, following Logan’s lead.

“You were only gone for two days.”

“I know.” He turned to you with a smile. “But a lot can happen in that time.” Still smiling, you wrapped your arms around him. You really did miss him while he was gone. Two days or not, you always missed him when he left. He eagerly returned your affections, pulling you closer into his chest. “I take it you missed me.” He teased.

“Oh ha-ha,” you grumbled into his chest, pulling back after a moment. “You wouldn’t last a week without me.”

“That’s what you think,” he winked.

“That’s what I know.” You smirked at him, loving being around him. You should really tell him how you felt. But what if everything changed because of it? What if he didn’t feel the same way and things became awkward between you two?

“Everything okay?” His eyes were shining with concern.

“Everything’s fine.” You pulled him into your spacious room, shutting the mahogany door behind the two of you. “How about a movie?”

“Sounds great,” he smiled. You plucked up your laptop, lying back on your fluffy pillows as Logan joined you. He wasted no time in getting comfortable, wrapping an arm around your shoulder so you could lean on him. You did so, turning on (Your favorite movie). It was a pleasant time, Logan adjusting himself occasionally so you could get even closer to him. By the end of the movie, you were practically in his lap, your warm bodies completely relaxed into one another. You were tired, your head sinking further into his chest. You felt the vibrations of his laugh on your back, causing you to laugh in turn.

“Tired?” You nodded. “You can sleep.” He whispered, placing a sweet kiss to your forehead. Your eyes slowly drooped, your last thoughts of Logan as you drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

The scent was different, you mused. It was fresh and smelt of leather and spices. You breathed it in, further burrowing your head into the wonderful aroma. But it was more than that, it was comfortable and warm. You were so content, lying there. At least until you felt a hand rest softly against your back, a sigh sounding next to you. Your eyes flew open, your mind halting all mental processes. Looking up slowly, you met the groggy eyes of Logan. Heat instantly crept up your neck, spreading a brilliant blush all over your cheeks. He smiled down at you, his muscles stretching beneath you.

“Good morning,” he greeted, pulling you ever closer to him.

“Whoa,” tumbled out of your mouth. Graceful, you chided yourself. But you couldn’t help it. Never had anyone looked so utterly delicious as he did in that moment. His lips were parted, his eyes were slightly dazed, and his hair was mussed. You wanted to taste him. Dear God, you wanted to taste every inch of him.

“Something the matter?” He asked, a slight frown tugging at his lips. And oh how you wanted to kiss his frown away.

“Nothing,” you reassured, pushing yourself up so you could get a better look at him. The golden rays of sunlight creeping through the blinds illuminated his figure to make him look like an angel. Your hand twitched, the sudden itch of wanting to run your hands down his body so, so hard to ignore. You really, really should tell him how you feel. But no, not yet. “I’m going to take a shower but I’ll see you downstairs.” He nodded, sending you one last smile as you entered the bathroom. Your body was on autopilot, going through the motions of turning everything on by itself. A million scenarios of what could happen if you told Logan the truth ran through your mind as you turned on the faucet. Each one was washed away with the cool water drenching your body. You had to force yourself out of the shower and down the stairs, your entire body just wishing to drop down into the Logan-scented sheets. He greeted you with a beam when you arrived in the kitchen, the anger present in his current conversation fading away. Strange, that same thing happened yesterday. You added a mental note to ask him about it later. He dropped a plate filled with breakfast in front of you, the smell of food brightening your mood. You looked over to the Professor, greeting him with a nod.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” he received, “I expect you slept well.” For the second time that day, a warm blush covered your face. The little shit knew. He had a perceptive smile on his face and a pointed look in Logan’s direction.

“I did, actually.” You said eloquently, looking down at your food instead of the two other occupants. Charles bid you both a good day before leaving the two of you alone. Once he was gone, you looked back up at Logan. He seemed peaceful, his eyes not leaving you for a second. You squirmed under his scrutiny, wishing he’d look away. “What is it?” You finally asked him, your eyes connecting.

“It’s nothing,” he shook his head, a smile playing on his lips.

“Logan…” you pressed, wanting to know why he was looking at you that way. If the feeling in your stomach had anything to say about it, you really shouldn’t mind. He took a step closer to you, his eyes never leaving you. As soon as he was within reach, he lifted you off your feet and held you close to his warm body. You giggled, holding onto his shoulders and pressing your head against his. After a moment of squeezing you, he placed you back on the ground.

“They want you to go to Rome to locate a mutant.” Logan stated, answering your unasked question. Wait, what? You’d gone on missions to retrieve mutants before.

“And…?” You inquired.

“You’re going alone.” He responded, his jaw clenching at the statement. Oh. You’d never gone on a mission alone before.

“It’s alright,” you shrugged nonchalantly. “Nothing I can’t handle.” He sighed, pulling you back into his heated embrace.

“You could get hurt.” His voice sounded pain, his body tensing beneath your arms.

“Everyone here is constantly going on missions; alone or together,” you argued.

“But with you it’s different.” Logan stated. You furrowed your brows, escaping his hold so you could get a better look at him. His eyes were shining with worry, his lips pressed together tightly.

“Why?” You breathed. He didn’t verbally respond, pressing his lips so softly against your own, you could almost fool yourself into thinking it was a dream. Just as quickly as he placed them there, he pulled away. Your body missed the warmth of his already.

“I’m so-,” you cut him off, surging towards him. Your lips met his in a frenzy, your hands grasping at his hair to give you a better angle. He returned it just as eagerly, his mouth moving against yours so perfectly. You could practically see the fireworks, your body moving ever closer to his muscled form. Pulling away, you smiled at him. Maybe now you could tell him how you felt.


get to know me meme: [3/20] favorite celebrities ♥ logan lerman
For me, being able to be vulnerable is difficult, but it’s just something that I feel comfortable doing. I need to fully understand why, the thought-process behind the character and I have to believe it. That comes from a lot of preparation

Comatose-Chapter 4

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Song: What Now by Rhianna

Been ignoring this big lump in my throat

I shouldn’t be crying, tears were for the weaker

days I’m stronger, know what, so I say

That’s something missing

Sliding down the wall outside the compound, breath coming out in short sharp pants, your eyes are wild with panic. You’re mumbling incoherently, trying your best to reign in your fraying sanity.

“(Y/N), sweetheart, look at me.” Logan’s voice punches through the panic. “Focus on me,” he says as your gaze snaps to his. “Take a deep breath.”

You do as he asks.

“Find your anchor.”

You reach inside yourself, searching for something to root you in reality. Anything would do at this point, a memory snaps into focus;

“(Y/N)” Charles says, “Your power is yours to control.” He draws soothing circles on your back, helping you focus. “You control the power, it does not control you,” he continues. “You are stronger than your emotions, you are not weak, it cannot break you.”

“Brother,” you whisper. “I am afraid.”

“I know, and that is where your power lies.” A wide smile spreading across his face

Whatever it is, it feels like it’s laughing at me through the glass of a two-sided mirror

Whatever it is, it’s just sitting there laughing at me

And I just wanna scream

Your breathing slowly calms, vision coming back into focus. Searching for Logan’s hand, using it to anchor yourself back in the present. “Logan,” your  voice croaks.

“I’m right here. Not going anywhere.”

Relief floods through you. He isn’t going to leave you, not again. Not like last time.

“Are you alrigh’ now? Do you need another minute?” Concern laces Logan’s tone.

“No,” you reply shakily. “No, I’m okay now. Take me home please.”

You’re exhausted, struggling to make sense of the last few days. You want to curl into a ball and cry, bury your head beneath the covers and sleep away the pain filling your soul. You need time to pick up the shattered pieces of your heart, and you haven’t a clue how to fix this. To fix yourself. You want to run, far far away, where no one knows you or Bucky. You need to outrun the pain, the fear, the thisness of what you are feeling. But there’s nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, no way to escape without shutting it all off.

“Alrigh’, sweetheart. Let’s get ya home.” Logan hauls you to your feet, but you completely miss the concerned way he keeps glancing at you.

There’s no one to call cause I’m just playing games with them all

The more I swear I’m happy, the more that I’m feeling alone

‘Cause I spent every hour just going through the motions

I can’t even get the emotions to come out

Dry as a bone, but I just wanna shout

When you get home, Logan strips you down and ushers you toward the shower.

You’re comatose.

Numb. A walking zombie. You couldn’t care less about your surroundings.

“In ya go,” he grumbles as he maneuvers you under the spray. “You’ll feel better after a shower. Yell or somethin’  when you’re done,” he huffs and exits the bathroom.

He’d stripped you naked, placed you beneath the water, and you hadn’t even noticed. Staring blankly at the tiled shower wall, you will yourself to feel something – anything – but there’s a barrier keeping the emotion out. You can’t get through. You scratch and claw at your mind, but nothing is coming out. Your dry as a bone, nothing left to give. You can’t even cry.

What’s happening to me? you wonder as you sink to the floor. Why can’t I feel anything? Especially as the pain had been so strong, so present, less than an hour ago.

Time passed, the water ran cold, but you can’t bring yourself to move. You don’t know how long you have been sitting there, shivering in the shower, until an angry Logan hauls you out and wraps you in an oversized towel. He rubs you down so viciously, he nearly takes a layer of skin off. Still, you feel nothing.  

“Dammit, (Y/N)! You’re gonna catch your death pulling shit like this!” he admonishes you, a roughness to his voice that barely pierces your veil of numbness. Pulling an oversized t-shirt over your head he snaps, “What were ya thinking?”

You don’t answer, content to stare blankly at him.

He mutters a quick, “Fuck!” as he picks you up and carries you to the unmade bed. Dumping  you -unceremoniously on top of its unmade surface, he pulls the covers to your chin and tucks you in, distractedly kissing the top of your head.

“Sleep. Things will look better in the morning,” he tells you and you nod absently.   

“Logan,” you call, and he turns to face you. “Thank you,” you say. He nods gruffly and leaves, closing the door. You lay there, broken and hollowed out, for what feels like days when you hear Logan making a call.

“Professor,” he rumbles. “She ain’t okay. She’s retreated into herself, and she ain’t snapping out of it.” He sounds panicked. Most likely thinking about Jean and how she had done the same before he’d been forced to ‘save’ her from herself. “I dunno what to do.” He listens intently for a few seconds, before finally grumbling, “Yeah, I’ll try. See ya in a few days.”

The silence that follows is suffocating, spreading through you, threatening to break the final threads of your sanity.

Logan clicks open the door and sighs when he sees you curled on your side, facing away from him. There is the sound of cotton rustling, his shirt coming off, and a clank when his belt buckle follows taking his pants to the floor. He climbs in behind you, pulling you into him by the waist, and tucks his knees into the back of yours. The coarse hair on his legs tickles, while the heat of his skin makes you sigh.

Burying his head in the crook of your neck, nose brushing along your skin, he growls a deep, content sound,  and your entire body relaxes.

What now? I just can’t figure it out

What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out

What now? Somebody tell me

What now?

Basking in the familiarity that is The Wolverine, you breath in his woodsy scent and pull his arms tighter around you. Safe. It’s the last thing you think as you fall into a deep, dreamless sleep. I’m safe.

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Happy Birthday

(A/N): happy birthday anon! 

Request: Hey! Love your writing. =) Would you consider writing an birthday imagine with Logan? Thursday is my b-day. Thank youuu   

Warnings: hints of smut

Originally posted by mashedpotatees

   It was the soft touched along your waist that woke you up, the lingering feeling of warmth behind you, a pair of soft lips pressed against the skin of your neck. 

   “Happy Birthday sweet thing,” The usually gruff voice of Logan is even gruffer, given how long he’d been asleep. You hum softly and push back against Logan, a small smirk rising to your lips as you do so. 

   “Thanks baby,” Logan chuckles softly, his chest pressing against your back as you do so. He hated the pet names you’d given him, from cuddly boo bear down to most normal ones such as Honey or Baby but occasionally he would simply laugh it off as though it didn’t phase him at all. 

   “What do you plan on doing for your big day?” Logan’s arms wrap around you a little tighter as he pulls you back against him, his lips still nipping at your neck. 

   “I don’t know, I was thinkin’ maybe just spending some time with you. Have a beer or two, maybe have a little birthday sex,” 

   “Really? Thought you’d want to go out, have some sappy dinner date or somethin’,” You hum once again as you snuggle further against him, relishing in the way his body was so warm and solid. 

   “Not this year. I just want something more low key, spend the day with you,” Logan smiles against your neck and you can nearly feel the blush rising to his cheeks. 

   Logan would never admit but he was a total sap when it came to attention and care. He liked to believe he was this strong, burly kind of guy who didn’t need any form of affection whatsoever but in your eyes it was a totally diffrent situation, the man thrived on affection and praise. After having spent so long without he essentially needed it like he needed air to breathe and you were more than happy to be his supplier.

    “So for now,” you bring his hand to your lips, pressing a gentle kiss on his knuckle. “How ‘bout you give me some birthday cuddles?”

    “Isn’t that what I’m doing right now?” Logan asks smugly, no doubt that stupid smile on his face. 

    “Well yes but- just keep cuddling me you idiot,” Logan hums pushing against you a little more.

    “You sure you don’t want to start your day off with that Birthday sex?" 

   "Hmm, that does sound very tempting, maybe if I get a little more convincing I’ll be up for it,” You smile smugly, knowing damn well exactly you were doing to Logan. As if on cue Logan growls lowly, a harsh, deep sound that has shivers running down your spine. Logan’s lips are back on your neck, suckling softly, no doubt leaving behind marks for the entire world to see. The tiny bits of pleasure has your toes curling and your back arching. 

   This was going to be one damn good birthday.

so now this one just sort of reached into my body and pulled out my heart

Damaged (Wolverine x reader)

This is my first attempt at writing something, so please leave feedback!

text between —- and written in italic is a flashback!  


IMPORTANT! – This story is set in the time after Apocalypse and the grumpy old coot known as James Howlett is alive and kicking in this setting. I wanted to use the younger versions of the X-men, because they are the bomb dot com. PLUS: ALEX and SEAN (BANSHEE) DIDN’T DIE! I’m sorry, but my smol beans weren’t supposed to die and I won’t stand for it. 


That’s all you were doing. Running as far from the problems you had.

From the tragedies you had caused.

From the pleading voices in your head.

You weren’t going anywhere specific, just somewhere that was far enough from the place you just were. After 45 minutes of sprinting with your (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair whipping around, you sank down beside a tree in the thick forest. It was then that you let the tears fall. At first, you could only squeeze out a few, but within a few seconds you were letting the waterworks flow. You couldn’t help thinking about what had just happened.

How two men had entered your house.

How they demanded that you show your powers.

How when you couldn’t, they cuffed you to a chair and made you watch them torture your parents.

How your parents pleaded that you do something.

How you wished you could.

How your powers once again kicked in front of your parents eyes and how the men killed them with one swift pull of the trigger.

How your parents looked at you in their last moments.

With fear, but also with love. Lots of love. 


Warily looking around, you sprinted downstairs into the kitchen. It was way past midnight and you had to be quiet. God knows who might be able to hear you here, especially Banshee with his supersonic hearing. Tiptoeing towards the pantry, you grabbed a packet of instant noodles, went to the kettle and filled it with cold water. You didn’t have to fear anyone hearing you or the kettle, as you could warm the water up yourself. Your mutation was pyrokenisis, which meant you could control fire and warmth. In this case, you could warm up the God-sent food called instant noodles.

You sighed and wondered why you didn’t just hang out or in this case eat with the others when they did. You reassured yourself that it must be because you had social anxiety, something you’ve had your whole life. You didn’t really like to hang out with others. You wanted to hide your past. Your experiences were something that had made you stronger, but distant from others. When Charles Xavier came to ask you to join his school, you didn’t even come out of your room for the first two weeks, until the exasperated professor forced you to.

Once your noodles were heated, you went back to your room and starting digging into the deliciousness. You thought about the lessons you attended. You were 23 already, so you didn’t have to follow any lessons, but you just did, to spike your knowledge. After all, you were running since you were 15.

At last, your thoughts landed on one specific lesson, or maybe one specific professor.

Logan Howlett.

The Wolverine.

Whilst the other teachers treated you the same as the other students, Logan saw through you and knew that you were having difficulties settling in. Maybe it was because he was very good at observing. Or maybe because you always fidgeted in every single class, barely uttered a word unless forced and didn’t even glance at the others.

After every lesson of history, Logan took you aside and made you talk. He was the only one you talked to. Who you had told about some of your past. The professor knew about what you had gone through, but you hadn’t told him. He had poked into your mind, with your permission of course.

With Logan, you felt a connection. And slowly, you grew fond of him and liked him even more.

Until those feelings blossomed into something else.

No, you thought.

You couldn’t let anyone get near you. You couldn’t let yourself love him. You had destroyed everyone you loved. You thought about your parents and Jason.

Oh Jason.

How you had fallen for him.

And how you had ruined him.


It was another day in the blistering summer heat. You were sitting in the grass near the canyon that lay behind a thick forest near the town. The heat didn’t bother you for some odd reason. You were going to meet Jason there. You two had been best friends for years, but recently you began developing feelings for him. You told him to meet you here so you could tell him. Who knows, maybe he felt the same way.

“Guess who (Y/N).“ You giggled as you felt Jason’s hands cover your eyes and decided to tease him a bit. “Is it ….. The Joker?” You answered, barely supressing the giggles. Jason laughed as he sat down beside you. That’s when you started sweating bullets.

“‘So, (Y/N). What did you want to tell me?” Jason looked at you with all seriousness.

Damn him.

Damn those gorgeous golden locks.

Damn those luscious pink lips, just waiting to be kissed.

“Um.. I, I think that I’m in love with you Jason. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship in any way.” You blurted out loud. Jason stared at you incredulously. “Wha- what did you just say?” You saw a tiny smile creeping its way onto his lips.

You glared and told him not to make you repeat what you had just said. It was obviously difficult enough telling him once. Jason smiled fully now. He has the cutest dimples ever, you thought.

“That, that’s great (Y/N), because I’m in love with you too.”

Now it was your turn to look at him in disbelief, until you saw him turning his head slightly. He slowly leant in for a kiss. You placed a hand on his cheek and pressed your (Y/L/C) lips on his. This was better than any first kiss you could imagine. Your mind was focussed on one thing: Jason.

And that’s when your happy ending was ruined. Like you had screwed fate over a million times and this was payback.

You watched in horror as Jason’s body caught on fire.

You screamed till you could scream no more. Yet no one heard a thing, because the screaming was inside of your head.

You then knew that you were different and distanced yourself from everyone and vowed to never get close to someone again.

The authorities only found his charred and beyond unrecognisable body dangling off the cliff.

You were 12 then.


Logan looked around the classroom, waiting for someone to raise their hand. He had asked a difficult question about what the world would look like if World War I and II hadn’t happened. Hearing about these wars always hurt him a little, as he was very much alive during them. He noticed that no one was raising their hand. To be honest, it looked more like they were avoiding his gaze for some odd reason. He glanced at you and his irritated demeanour melted a little. He always had a soft spot for you and was completely unaware of the feelings you had for him.

He was looking forward to talking to you after the lesson. You had been a little distant from everyone for the past few days, if that was even possible. The lesson ended abruptly and Logan sat down at his desk. He thought you would come up to talk to him, but no. You were one of the first one’s gone from the classroom. Logan nearly growled in frustration, grabbed his books and went to find you. But to no avail, as unsurprisingly, you were nowhere to be seen. He slunk back to his classroom and replayed all the memories he had of you, all of which lead to one specific memory: the day he met you.


Logan walked through the corridors until he stopped in front of the professor’s office, wanting to ask him something important. He heard the professor speaking in a low tone. That’s when Logan heard another voice replying. One he hadn’t ever heard before. Logan furrowed his brows. This, this voice. It was so beautiful and soothing. It was like he was addicted to hearing it because the next ten minutes were spent listening to you talk to the professor.

He was about to edge away when he heard a chair scraping. Well, now he had to see who the owner was of this voice. The door opened and Logan backed away a little. He didn’t want to seem like a stalker or anything. Professor X came wheeling his chair though the door and raised one brow when he saw Logan.

But The Wolverine didn’t notice him.
He only looked at you, the shy girl, standing behind the professor.
He watched your beautiful (Y/E/C) fixated on something on the ceiling.
He noticed that your (Y/H/C) hair was falling in strands in front of your face.
His gaze was fixated on you. His eyes never left until a minute later, when the professor coughed awkwardly. That was when you saw Logan for the first time. You averted your gaze from Logan and told the professor you were going to go to your new room. With that, you ran off.

Charles turned to Logan and smirked.
“Her name is (Y/N). She’s new here and has been on the run for around six years now.”
The professor said this sadly and with that he wheeled away.
Logan’s facial expression went from dreamlike to understanding. He knew the feeling of how it was to be on the run. The feeling of being scared and alone.
Logan never got to ask the professor his question.


It had been a week since you walked out of Logan’s lesson without talking to him. Since then, you had only attended training and only exchanged a few short words with Charles, but nothing else. And now, you, against your will, were sitting at a table at one of Charles’ fundraising parties, watching people dance. You put on a smile and made very small talk with people who started to talk to you.
It wasn’t like the party wasn’t any fun. Well, it wasn’t any fun to you, but still. This just wasn’t your scene. You wanted to get back to your room.

At that moment a slow song started playing and you nearly laughed when you saw Beast trip-trapping on Raven’s feet and Peter getting all worked up and causing mischief because everything was oh so slow. At that moment, a tired Alex Summers sat down next to you. Just great, you thought. Now it was impossible to slip away without seeming rude.

“Hey, you’re (Y/N) right?” You nodded at Alex and forced your lips into a smile. Oh dear god, why did social anxiety have to happen to you. Alex asked a few more short questions and you answered quickly and politely. To your inner glee, Alex muttered something about getting a drink and walked away. Now was your chance. You could get back to endlessly reading books.

But that’s when you saw it.
Logan, a few feet away.
With Ava, a human who was working with Hank for a few weeks.
Their bodies too close in your opinion.

Jealousy flared up in you. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. Of course he liked her. She was beautiful, smart and not a danger to anyone. She was all the things you weren’t. Tears crept up in your eyes, but you blinked them away. You only stared at Ava with hatred.

That is, until her dress caught fire.

You reeled back, surprised by what you had done. You watched as someone extinguished the fire from her dress. Thankfully, the fire hadn’t hurt her in any way, except for her ego, which was severely burnt from the looks of it.

“You!” Ava came storming up to you and slapped you across the face.
You flinched and brought a hand up to your cheek, which was throbbing with pain. You saw everyone turn to look at the sudden commotion. Just great, you thought. More unwanted attention.

Of course Ava came up to you and slapped you. You were the only one in the mansion (except for one of the students, who wasn’t present) who was pyrokinetic, so it was no surprise that you caused Ava’s dress to go up in flames.

“Why do you have to ruin everything? What have I ever done to you?”

You stood up and started edging back as Ava came closer. A tear escaped your eye and she laughed. “You are so weak, aren’t you? Crying like a pathetic baby. And why are you so mean? Look at what you did to me yesterday in the lab. I was just working peacefully and you had to come and shoot fire at me!”

You watched as Ava rolled up her sleeve to show a burn. A very big burn. She waved it around so everyone could see.

“I didn’t do that!” You spat in Ava’s face. At that moment, you also chanced a glance at Logan, but all you saw was disappointment in his eyes and he looked away.

It was a quick glance, but Ava saw.

“Of course you did, and now I know why, you little minx. You love Logan don’t you?” At this, Logan’s head snapped up, wanting to believe what Ava just said. The last part at least. “You just couldn’t bear to see him dancing with me. You were jealous. Well, he won’t ever love you, now that he’s seen what kind of monster you are.”

Tears were now falling freely from your eyes and you ran out of the room, bumping into Hank on the way, who you didn’t see because your vision was blurred. You ran straight to your room as Hank walked into quite a quiet and suspenseful room.

“Hank,” the professor started, “did something strange or unusual happen yesterday in the lab? You were there all day after all.” Charles Xavier didn’t believe a thing of what Ava said. He knew you and that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt someone intentionally.

Hank thought for a minute. “Oh yeah, now I remember it, Ava burnt her arm with some chemicals that she spilt. Quite a big burn, I must add. Why? Is something up?” Hank looked around, a little confused.

The professor sighed and looked at Ava with disgust. He told her to pack her bags and leave the very next day. Charles Xavier wasn’t going to have someone in the mansion that made people think badly about someone else, especially someone who had suffered so much like you had. He did smile, of course, when he saw a discreet Logan running out of the room. The professor knew then that you would be alright, in time.

You were in your room, packing a small duffle bag. You couldn’t stay here any longer. There was no one left that liked you. They all hated you for hurting Ava. You packed the last of your stuff when you heard running on the stairs. You nearly jumped out of your skin and ran to your window. Looking down, you saw that there was an 8 meter gap between you and the ground.
You heaved the window open and just as you stood on the sill, the door slammed open. You saw Logan look around for a split second before resting his eyes on you. He started to slowly walk towards you, one tiny step at a time.

“You don’t have to do this (Y/N). You don’t have to run away.” You scoffed at what he said.
“I have to go Logan. Everyone hates me and I’ll never compare to Ava. She’s amazing and I’m nothing. Everyone will believe her story no matter what I say. Even you believed her. ” You pointed out the last part quite accusingly. Logan hung his head in shame. He shouldn’t have ever doubted you but he did. He beat himself up inside for ever thinking that you would hurt someone. For the first time maybe, he felt tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

“We know that Ava was lying, (Y/N). Hank told us the truth about what happened a few minutes after you left. Everyone knows that you didn’t do anything. Just please, don’t go.”

You looked at Logan sadly. A part of you wanted to stay, but you knew that no one would ever like you after what had happened just 15 minutes ago. You were about to jump out of the window when you heard Logan utter six words. One of them was your name. And three of them were words which you thought you would never hear. Those three words gave you hope and made fireworks explode in your stomach.

“Please stay (Y/N), I love you.” Logan repeated, his voice was thicker than usual and it was quite obvious he was holding back the tears. Your heart ached for him and you then and there what you had chosen to do.

You turned to face Logan. He looked at you with the saddest expression you had ever seen on him. Your lip was trembling, tears were rolling down your cheeks and you muttered a small sorry, before………….

Rushing over to Logan and kissing him full on the lips. He hesitated for a moment before kissing back. You felt the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You kept kissing until you had to breathe. Logan smiled at you fondly and pulled you into a hug and held you tight as if you were his life-line. Funnily enough, he was yours.


It had been two months since the Ava-incident. No one ever mentioned her name again and slowly, but surely, with Logan’s help, you started to open up to people around you. And you were glad you did, because you never thought that you would become best friends with Raven and Jean.
Or help Peter in his shenanigans and cause the whole mansion to be after you two, while you both laughed your asses off.
Or have wicked parties with Ororo, Alex, Scott, Sean and everyone else.
Or even join the team of X-men and help Charles Xavier protect mutants and help others.
You were grateful, because all these people had brought you out of your shell in one way or another. Hank developed a special pill which made it much, much easier for you to control your powers.
But you were at your happiest when you were with Logan. He was there for you when you had your ups and downs. You let him in and he was ever so glad you did. He hadn’t known about the Jason incident before. You told him a week after Ava left and honestly, you expected him to break off the relationship, but no. He held you close and promised that you would never hurt him. You had smiled at him and knew then and there that you would be alright, in time, just like Charles Xavier had predicted.


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Listen,,, this was supposed to be just some emergency fluff to counteract some angsty magic in the group chat, but I GOT EMOTIONAL SO HERE HAVE THIS,, MONSTROSITY,,,
Logiciety cuddles
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Anxiety didn’t like asking for help. Scratch that, it wasn’t just that he didn’t like it. It wasn’t possible. He was… anxiety. Relying on others wasn’t a thing he did. Anytime he felt brave enough to try, it was like the words crawled back down his throat.
/I should be able to handle this on my own/ he thought. /Involving other people would just get us both hurt/. So if he had to cry himself to sleep clinging to a pillow, fine. That was his problem.
That being said, sometimes he’d find himself wandering into a shared space, dreading and hoping to find someone there. It usually didn’t go well… sometimes the other sides were… talky. As soon as someone asked him if he was ok, if he needed anything, how he was, he would give a half-assed excuse to leave as soon as possible. To be fair, it was usually just making a face and walking out of a room, but hey, whatever works, right? But today was different.
Logan was the only other side in the room. Besides a quick look when anxiety entered the room, he barely stopped reading his book. Since the last video Thomas had put out, the two were at what could only be described as a fragile truce. Despite Logan saying, out loud, that he didn’t mind the company, it took anxiety a minute to walk over and sit on the arm of the couch opposite him. If Logan minded, he didn’t show it. Anxiety took a deep breath, and moved on to the actual couch. It was weird, sitting on actual furniture, but it was weirder being next to Logan.
Anxiety, generally speaking, didn’t like people. Especially not in his personal space. So his motives for wanting to be close to someone were… beyond him, but he couldn’t help feeling an ache in his chest whenever someone brushed past him. He knew they were scared of him. They should be. They should want to avoid him. He should /want/ them to want to avoid him. But he couldn’t help it. So he swallowed his pride.
“Hey… Logan?” His voice sounded weak and tiny in his throat. Logan looked up over his glasses “mm?” Anxiety braced himself, but Logan didn’t look scared, or annoyed, he just looked… calm. Like this was normal. Like this was ok.
“…could you read to me?” Logan blinked.
“I’m sorry?” Shit. Shitshitshit. “It’s nothing, man, don’t worry about it-”
“wait.” Anxiety stared at the hand on his wrist. He had gotten up. Things got bad, he bailed. It’s what he did. Logan wasn’t holding him there, or tugging him back down. He was acting like anxiety was a scared animal, giving him the space to make the first move. He sat back down on the couch. Logans hand didn’t leave his wrist. Anxiety kept staring at it, like it was about to disappear. He stayed like that till Logan started talking.
“From the point of view of history, of reason, and of truth, monasticism is..” He let the words fade into background noise, drowning out his fear. Logans face was hidden behind the pages, but his voice stuttered when anxiety twisted their fingers together, but he kept reading, so anxiety leaned in further. /it’s just an experiment/ he told himself. /see how far he’d let me go./ he pillowed his head on Logan’s chest. He could hear his breathing. He could hear his heart. Logan didn’t break his reading, but he wrapped an arm around the other sides shoulders, pulling him closer. Anxiety felt broken. Something fragile and achey had cracked in his chest, but it didn’t hurt.
He didn’t know he was crying until Logan stopped reading to swipe a thumb under his eye. He tried to wipe his face on his sleeve. “…sorry, I-” “Hey. It’s alright. Do you want me to keep reading?” His voice sounded softer than any time anxiety had heard it before. He didn’t need soft things. He didn’t need help. He should say no.

Comatose-Chapter 13

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Logans POV:

Watching you embrace the Captain sends jealousy roaring through him. He knows it means nothing. Your feelings for Steve nothing more than friendship, he can tell by your scent. Still, his mind roars, Mine!

All it takes is a cock of your head to the side to know you’ve heard him. Eavesdropping minx, he thinks, making sure the words are full of affection. You take a step back, allowing him to relax.

Pulling you toward him, he nuzzles into your hair. God he’s missed this, missed you. Your scent, your taste, the feel of you as you move beneath him. Your soothing presence when the nightmares take him and he screams in the middle of the night. With you, he knows, even in the worst of the dreams, the hardest of nights, should the unthinkable happen, should he put his claws through you, you’ll be alright. You won’t have to drain him like Rogue. You won’t die like… Jean.

He can’t let you go again. Never should have walked away in the first place. To lose you now, after finally getting you back, it would rip out his soul. Jean had shattered his heart, but you. Losing you again, would destroy him.

Wrapping his arms around your waist, completely ignoring the other people in the room, he takes a deep breath in. A content growl rumbles through his chest as he grips you tighter. You smell so good. Like light and life. Like home.


The word comes out half purr, half growl, all possession. It causes a fetching pink tint to grace your cheeks, and has him chuckling heartily. Slipping his fingers underneath your shirt, he traces simple circles into your flesh. So soft, so silky smooth beneath the roughness of his calloused hands.

When you turn to face him, voice low and full of murmured warning, saying only, “Logan,” it unleashes the feral nature within him. The beast that wishes to claim, mark, possess every part of you. That one word has him growling in anticipation, a protective hand pulling you closer to him. Looking up, he sweeps his hard gaze around the room, locking eyes with every male member there.


Your chastising voice snaps him out of his daze, and he smiles for you, suddenly sheepish. “Sorry,” he mumbles. The answering smile you grace him with has him melting into an adamantium puddle. He knows he’s a goner.  He ain’t never giving you up, even if he had to burn the world to the ground to keep you by his side.

He has a lot of making up to do. He hurt you when he left you for Jean, but he never stopped loving you. He dreamt of you nearly every night for years, wishing he could take it back, have you back.

So fuckit! He was gonna keep what had finally returned to him. The Wolverine would fight to the bitter end, and Bucky Barnes could suck his dick.

Bucky’s Pov

He watches as you seem to melt into the wolf’s touch, giggling softly when Logan whispers something in your ear. He can barely watch, barely breathe.

He knows that could be him. He knows that this is his fault. That he pushed you too this. That you not being in his arms is entirely his fault, but he still can’t bear to watch. Fists clenched tightly at his side as he hears, “Mine,” leave Logan’s mouth.

You’d admitted you loved him still. You’d admitted that you didn’t know how you felt toward Logan. But with that little display, with how you let the scruffy stranger touch you, it was pretty fucking obvious.

Why couldn’t you forgive him? Why couldn’t you see how much this hurt? How sorry he was?

He would be better. He could make amends if you’d only let him. He would treat you the way you deserved, never look at another woman again if that was what it took.

He can’t keep watching. It is making him physically ill to see you in his arms.

Turning to leave, he catches the sympathetic look on Steve’s face. Not wanting his pity, he strides from the room, accidentally walking into a disheveled Natasha. She opens her mouth to speak, but he shakes his head unable to deal with more drama. Picking her up bodily, he deposits her beside him, leaving her standing alone outside Tony’s lab.

Your Pov

Disengaging yourself from Logan’s possessive embrace, you look toward Tony. “We will need to start training together ASAP. The X-men and Avengers have different styles of fighting. We will need to figure out how to work together.”

Tony nods once, looking to Cap for confirmation.

“I don’t know how well this is going to work (Y/N). There are…tensions,” Steve says rather diplomatically.

You scrutinize him for a full minute before shaking your head. “People need to get over that. This isn’t about who gets the girl, Steven. This is about saving Bucky’s butt before Hydra gets a hold of him again.” You take a fortifying breath. “And saving mine. If you’d prefer, Logan and I can leave and deal with this on our own. I am not forcing you to work with me, with us, but this is your best chance.”

Steve has a red tinge of embarrassment on his face. “I just don’t want conflict,” he mumbles.

“Too late, Stevie. That ship has sailed. It’s never going to go back to the way it was. I’m not going to come back to the Avengers, and I am not going to get back together with Bucky. This is the new normal.”

He sighs but nods.

Logan lets out a wry chuckle, and you whirl to face him, prodding him in the chest. “And you!” you glare. “You need to stop with this possessive Alpha male bullshit. I am not property, Logan.”

He rubs at his neck sheepishly, a lopsided grin on his face. “Sorry, darlin’,” he chuckles.

Satisfied, you advance on Tony. “And you stop with the ‘witty’ remarks. Honestly, it’s like working with overgrown man children!” you say, throwing your hands in the air. “I am so done with this shit!” Frustration pushing you into a tangent. “I will whip every one of your butts if this shit doesn’t end now. Do we understand each other?”

A few awkward moments of foot shuffling commence before they all mumble, “Yes, (Y/n)’s.”

You nod, satisfied with their apparent cooperation, and stride out the room, plainly ignoring the voice in your head telling you to destroy the redhead as you pass her. She is seemingly frozen to the spot, chaotic thoughts wiping through her head that you ignore. She’s no longer your concern.

“Logan,” you yell over your shoulder before you go too far. His head appears around the doorway. “We need to go greet the others, they should be here in thirty minutes. I’ll meet you on the roof.”

He nods in agreement, smiling all the way. “Alrigh’, darlin’. I’ll meet you up there. Iron guy wants to check out my claws,” he replies as he retreats back into the lab.

Dread instantly courses through you. You do not want to know the havoc Tony Stark and Logan Howlett could unleash on the world if they ever decided to work together for an extended period of time. “Don’t keep me waiting, wolfman!” you warn, hoping it will get him out of that room sooner rather than later.

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