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I just....I love you logicality

I just…. I love you




“Please Patton,” Logan said shaking, sobbing.

“I can’t Logan I’m sorry its too much,” Patton said looking broken, “I have to put myself first for once.”

“I just…. I love you,” Logan’s voice shook.

“It’s too late Logan. Please don’t make this harder on either of us,” he said opening the door.

“Patton please,” Logan cried.

“I’m sorry Logan,” he said picking up his bag and closing the door firmly behind him.

The Sanders Sides as Be More Chill Songs...

Roman: I Love Play Rehearsal (cause theater is great!)

Patton (ft.Virgil) : The Pants Song (cause hes a dad and both him and Virgil want to protect Thomas)

Virgil: Michael In The Bathroom (cause panic attacks suck)

Logan: The Pitiful Children (cause ew emotions)


Thomas: Voices In My Head (honestly cause the name fits)

Your voices are mine, too

Hey look who finally came back with some Prince Angst hun????

Pairings: None

Warnings: Self hatred, voices, crying, hurt/comfort, cuddles


After all that happened, it was heard to leave his room.

Silenced, quiet, thoughtful, Roman had spent the last days in his part of Thomas’ mind, staring out of the window, curled up on the couch.

“You have to get up Roman. They will suspect something. They will know”

He waved the mirror off, pulling the blankets further closer to himself. The night sky was filled with stars, the moon lightened up the room, and normally he would be singing to the beauties of nature, but now…

Since that talk…

“Most of you, at least…”

“Anxiety you… you are what makes Thomas rehearse and rehearse before a show. You’re that nervousness he feels right before entering stage, but as he does so… you easy up, and let his excitement and passion take over. That’s as good sign as any… that you’re willing to work as a team… and that you make us… better…”

Roman groaned and hid his face under the blankets, biting his lip as his heart tightened so much he felt his breath leaving him.

“Roman, I’m surprised at you!”

“You would think that the creative side would know a better way to talk to people”

“Roman, shut up!”

“They were right Roman, and you know it”

“Be quiet!” he growled, grabbing his shoe from under the blankets and throwing it to the general direction of the mirror. He heard a laugh and sighed, nuzzling on the pillows under his head.

“A hero is what he called you? You have a single job and you fail doing it every single day and you still live in your fairy tale world that he actually needs you”

“You know Virgil is more important than you. Thomas actually listens to him, even if they usually discuss way too much”

“And I won’t even bring Logan and Patton to the scene, you know how important they are”

“And what are you again?”

“What are you here for?”

Roman groaned and pulled the pillows over his head again, biting his lip as his eyes teared up.

“I shut you up once and I can shut you up again” he growled but the mirror laughed again.

“You can never shut me up Roman. I don’t even exist”

“I’m inside your little head and you know you can’t just get rid of me”


The prince froze under the blankets as the familiar voice sounded in the air, he rubbed his eyes quickly and pretended to be asleep. The trait walked to him, pulling down the blankets and cooing at his apparent slumber state.

“Oh Ro” Patton cooed and caressed his head, making him bite his lip harder against the pillow, the touch making him even weaker. “Hey kiddo, wake up. It’s time for dinner and I am having a family dinner at least once” he chuckled, kneeling next to Roman and brushing his hair gently. “Wake up, my charming prince”

“’m goin’” he mumbled, pretending to wake up with a groan, making Patton chuckle softly.

“There’s my boy. Get up and come to dinner. It’s almost ready and Lo and Virg are already waiting” he said, kissing his head and sinking down again.


Roman let out a whiny sob and hugged the pillow. He didn’t want to get out, he didn’t want to talk to the others, he just wanted to sleep and not have nightmares after nightmares.

“Get up or he will come back with the others and you will have to explain yourself”

He stayed quiet, dry hiccups leaving his mouth.

“Get up”

“Get up!”



Virgil blinked slowly and looked up, frowning.

“Did you guys hear that?”

Logan and Patton looked at him from the other end of the table, furrowing their eyebrows.

“Hear what?” Logan asked, and Patton shook his head.

“I heard nothing, kiddo. Why?” he asked worriedly, and Virgil frowned deeper, standing up.

“I heard something. Pretty sure it came from Princey’s room” he said, and the other two stood up.

“Should we check on him?” Logan asked, fixing his glasses, but Virgil shook his head.

“No… If it is what I think it is, I better go alone” he said and smiled at the other two. “Everything is fine. I will be back in an instant. If I don’t return in half an hour, you can come look for me okay?”

“Alright” Logan nodded and sat down again, while Patton bit his lip but nodded, sitting down again as Virgil sank down.

“Do you think they will be okay?” the fatherly trait asked worriedly, but Logan just waved him off.

“Leave the kids solve themselves Pat” he said and Patton looked at him, raising an eyebrow and grinning.

“Kids? Since when you’re a mother?”

“Shut it!”


Virgil looked around as soon as he reached Roman’s room, frowning at the mess. The usually neat room was… pretty much destroyed.

Pillows everywhere, blanket thrown over the couch lazily, cans upon cans of soda and bags upon bags of chips empty around the floor. How the heck hadn’t Patton seen that? He looked around a bit more, frowning at the ripped posters in the walls, the points of the paint that had been removed by some object being thrown at the wall, but specially what worried him were the glass pieces on the ground.

There were so many cracked glasses that he wasn’t sure how Roman hadn’t cut himself yet.

And talking about Roman, where was he?

Virgil looked around again, walking carefully through the room, trying not to step in any glass piece. He looked at the kitchen, upstairs in the bathroom and bedroom, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Then, he looked outside, and frowned when he saw Roman laying in the garden, staring at the stars.

Silently, he made his way to the prince, walking outside and slowly sitting next to him. Roman didn’t change, his eyes just barely open as he stared up, hands over his stomach, breath slow, even.

“Patton is waiting” Virgil said, quietly, sitting next to him. Roman didn’t respond. “Dinner time… You know? He… he tried making pasta” he smiled. No answer. He sighed. “I think it’s not good, but it’s progress right? He’s really trying to make this whole family business” he chuckled. Silence. He bit his lip. “Roman?”


He sighed and slowly laid down, on his side, supporting his head with his hand so he wouldn’t lay on the grass directly. He stared at the prince, frowning, something in his chest worrying him at how apathetic he seemed. He waved his hand slowly in front of him, but nothing changed. He sighed, slowly reaching out to touch him.

The moment Virgil touched his hand, his eyes widened and he pulled back, as if he was touching hot iron.












Virgil gasped as his eyes teared up, holding onto his heart and laying down on the floor, heart beating quickly, the feeling of self hatred so loud and clear in his head he had to bite back a sob and take deep breaths to calm himself down not to cry.

Once he had calmed down again, he looked back at Roman, who was now looking at him, his eyes sad, dull, but his expression apathetic. Virgil bit his lip, rubbing away the tears from his own eyes and moving closer again, opening his arms.

“You don’t have to go through that alone” he mumbled, and made grabby hands, opening his arms wider.

It took a moment, but slowly Roman moved close and pressed his face to Virgil’s chest, letting out a sob as the voices got louder and louder in both of their ears.

Virgil just… happened to know how to deal with them better than Roman did.

But maybe they would learn together how to end with them.


Patton looked at the clock, standing up as it ticked half an hour.

“We are off to look for them” he said firmly, but just as he did so, both Virgil and Roman appeared, the latter leaning on the dark trait, both with puffy eyes, Roman clearly sleepy while Virgil smiled at the other two, shyly.

“We are back” he said, and Patton and Logan stood and rushed to them, worriedly.

“What happened? Why are you crying?!” Patton asked, using his sweater to wipe their eyes and pulling both for a hug. Virgil smiled and hugged him back while Roman nuzzled on his neck, a soft sob coming out of his mouth as he gripped on his shirt. Logan looked at Virgil, eyes filled with confusion and sadness and worry, but the dark trait just nodded to Roman, and Logan nodded, walking closer and hesitantly hugging Roman from the side, making the creative trait sob instead of hiccup, letting out his frustrations once more while surrounded by the friends he had.

They didn’t talk about happened. Not that night. Virgil knew very well that it wasn’t always easy, to open up about insecurities.

But even Logan made an effort to participate in the cuddle pile on Patton’s couch, all of them letting Roman watch Aladdin without any interruptions and leaving him to sing all the songs, even though he just started singing again by the end of the movie, and very quietly, barely above a whisper.

But at least the voices started to disappear as well.

Imagine Virgil being so stressed about any of the others being in his room because he thinks he’s always ‘corrupting’ them, but he never reveals that’s what he’s worried about, just ushers them out frantically.

Until Logan finally figures it out, and just coughs pointedly: “Virgil, you do realise that while, yes, your room can-well- ‘heighten’ things, Patton, Roman and I were already worried before we entered the vicinity. It was our increasing panic that added to the anxiety, not the room alone. And nor you, for that matter.”

Virgil’s mouth opens and closes as he tries to digest the speech. Eventually, he stumbles out with: “So… so you’re saying that.” He takes a breath, and a part of him dares to hope. “I’m… not…?”

He can’t even voice it. Logan smiles and gestures at his eyes. No eyeshadow. 

“Honestly, why do you think Roman keeps coming back? Do you think he’s that desperate for your posters that he’d risk his make-up being tarnished?”

Virgil laughs, relief relaxing his shoulders- and if his laugh sounds choked and a little teary, Logan does not comment on it.


Prompt: “Your eyes are red…were you crying?”

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: Heavily implied analogical, obviously haha
Warnings: None that I can think of~
Word Count: 2,015 (This one got away from me a bit…)

Enjoy, anon!

Virgil sat in the common area of the mindscape on one end of the rather large brown couch. He had his headphones over his ears, drowning out the sound of Roman and Patton playing a video game close by. Patton kept winning and Virgil was tired of hearing Roman’s loud complaining But you don’t even know how to play this game!!

Virgil played with the strings on his jacket absentmindly realizing that ever since the most recent video, they hadn’t done much of anything. Patton was happier for sure, constantly asking Roman to conjure up more and more puppies. They couldn’t stay forever and eventually had to disappear. Roman made sure to always bring back the little black one. Patton had named him Logan Jr. much to the dismay of the real Logan.


“Hey… guys?” Virgil said, pulling off his headphones.

“What?” Roman said shortly, not really paying attention. His tongue was sticking out of his mouth as he tried to focus on the screen.

“Can you… please focus on me?” Virgil asked. Without question, Patton paused the game causing Roman to sigh in defeat, and they both turned to look at the dark trait. “…when’s the last time anyone’s seen Logan?”

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Starved pt 6

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Chapter Notes: Fluff. All the fluff. It’s fluff. And more fluff. And sap. Fluff and sap. All of it. The whole thing. 

CW: Fluff. Probably that’s about it. It’s fluffy. 

Thanks: Quick shout out to @thuriweaver for being my sounding board and cheerleader throughout this story. <3 you! 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5

They stayed that way for a good long while, the four of them, curled up somewhat awkwardly on the couch. Virgil would have stayed that way forever, in spite of the fact that his legs were starting to fall asleep under Patton’s weight and it really was getting a little too warm with the combination of their body heat and his hoodie. 

Fortunately for his circulation, Logan eventually drew away, and said, “Okay. That’s enough of this.” 

Virgil felt his heart sinking, especially as Roman also removed his arms and Patton climbed clumsily to his feet. Even though he had been getting physically uncomfortable, their touch had awakened something in him, some needy clawing thing, and it was nowhere near satisfied yet. He had the worrying suspicion it never would be, and then where would he be?

But Patton reached out and pulled him to his feet. “Virgil,” he said, and to Virgil’s amazement he sounded almost shy. “I would really like to give you a real hug now. May I?” 

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Sanders Sides Boy Band AU

Y’know, fellow fanders, I’m disappointed in you guys. I have seen rock band AUs, theater AUs, movie AUs, hell, I’ve even seen a superhero AU. But not once have I seen a boy band AU. So I’m here to fix that.

-The band is called The Sides

-First hit song: “Lies”

-Roman is the one that the media absolutely fucking loves. He gets hounded by paparazzi more than any of the others, does tons of interviews, always smiles for the cameras, they love him

-Patton’s the one that would do anything for their fans. They all love their fans dearly and want to spend time with them, but Patton is the one that has to be dragged away from CD signings apologizing to fans that he can’t spend more time with them. He embraces (and even encourages) the fans calling him Dad, and as a joke the other members sometimes do it too

-Logan is, of course, the Nerdy One™ who wears button down shirts and ties. He lets the fans take pictures wearing his glasses and smiles when fans ask him thought provoking questions about things his interested in

-Virgil was the last one that joined the band, but he was still a part of it before they got famous. He didn’t really expect to be anyone’s favorite, but his weird, dark humor and emo clothes have made half the fan base fall madly in love with him. He’s still shocked every time someone wants a picture with him and not Roman or Patton, but it makes his smile that much wider in the picture

-Virgil was the one that first started calling Roman “Princey” during one interview where they jokingly compared his style and over the top gestures to that of a Disney prince (”Is that supposed to offend me? I take that as a compliment.”), and the name just kinda stuck

-They all have fairly low singing voice, but Patton’s is the highest. However, Virgil can hit higher notes than Pat, despite his normal voice being lower

-Ro’s range is pretty impressive too, and he likes to show off more than any of the others, so he gets a lot of solos (the others are completely fine with this, by the time his solos roll around, their voices could use a break)

-Logan has the deepest voice out of all of them, and the crowd goes insane when he does his solos. His fans are the loudest when they scream, and everyone in the fan base and the band knows it

-The first award ceremony they go to, they have a bunch of fans there and they can’t believe it. Pat tries to hug every single one of them, but can’t (”Patton, come on. We have to start making our towards our seats.” “But I haven’t hugged everyone yet, Lo!”)

That’s all I got. If you have anymore to add to this, or if someone with artistic talent wants to draw this, that’d be great!

Sanders Sides Halloween idea

The Sides… dress as each other for Halloween.

They nail the likenesses because, well, duh, but when it comes to acting like each other? Not so much.


  • “Roman” slouching on the staircase smirking, far fewer hand movements and less self-confidence but still an equal amount of sass. Breaks into song constantly in order to parody Roman, does a better job of it than anyone expects including him
  • “Virgil” but with exuberance, animatedly moving about and breaking into the silliest songs for the sole reason of pissing Virgil off, overdid the eyeshadow on purpose
  • “Logan” in front of the blinds being bouncy and smiley, making ALL the dad puns in a fake-Logan voice but laughing a lot afterwards
  • “Patton” being absolutely done with all of them, being Serious and insisting he only did this because everybody else did, finding himself accidentally making a bunch of dad puns and looking like he wants to jump into a fire every time he realises
  • All of them switching around repeatedly, trying to find which Side is most suited to be which (similar to Making Some Changes)
  • This all means Thomas is dressing up as one Side and then acting like another Side trying to act like the first Side. And it’ll be amazing.

get to know me meme: [3/20] favorite celebrities ♥ logan lerman
For me, being able to be vulnerable is difficult, but it’s just something that I feel comfortable doing. I need to fully understand why, the thought-process behind the character and I have to believe it. That comes from a lot of preparation

Just A Dance

Originally posted by hughxjackman

Characters- Logan Howlett x Reader

Summary- Logan wasn’t fond of parties, but he was fond of her.

Warnings- Language, fluff.

Word Count- 1,150

A/N- My first Marvel fic! I couldn’t help myself. I have always had a soft spot for Logan, and the new movie ‘Logan’ was just the ultimate catalyst. So please, enjoy.

Tags- @redlipstickandplaid@fandommaniacx @mellifluous-melodramas

Logan wasn’t particularly fond of parties. Loud music, inane small talk, and stupid formal wear. Forced to not look like the most miserable person on earth, he pulled at the bowtie on his tux. When he’d signed on for being a part of Xavier’s school, he didn’t know that fundraisers were a part of the deal. Look nice, smile at the rich people who were willing to give money to mutants.

Charles promised he’d had a surprise for him if he went- and he hated surprises. Charles promised he’d love it and it’d make the night more enjoyable. He highly doubted that, but as he stood there in the sea of gowns and suits, he saw her. In that moment, he knew this was Charles’ surprise.

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Anti-Anxiety pt 5

Chapter Notes: This fic is dragging me in a lot of directions I never anticipated. Thank you guys for sticking with it and for being so patient as I figured out this chapter! There will be at least one more, probably two. Which I said last time so really, who knows? All I know for sure is it ain’t over yet. 

CW: Panic attacks (mild), claustrophobia (mild), yelling, crying, arguing, fighting, anger, angst, self-deprecating thoughts and language, accusations

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


It took a few seconds for the world to right itself–for his consciousness to merge into a single entity once more. But once it did, he sat bolt upright, adrenaline sending a shock of alarm through him as his body responded to the urgency in others’ voices, and their frantic pounding. It sounded like they were trying to break it down, and Virgil felt his throat closing up a little as his body tried to push him into a panic.

He forced it away, pushing himself upright. “I’m–hang on, I…I’m coming,” he called, voice hoarse. He coughed, wincing at the cottony dryness in his throat. How long had he been in here…?

“Virgil?” the voice was muffled, but he recognized it as Logan’s, urgent and…frightened? “Can you hear me?”

“Yeah–yeah, I…”

“Virgil! Virgil, just try to stay calm! We’re going to get you out of there, I promise!” Roman’s voice, and Virgil had a sudden impression of what the fantasy princes and princesses must hear, when Roman rode in on his white horse to save them.

Save…wait, what…?

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