logan triangle


How was this never a thing?

How did this never become a storyline, because !!!

They had amazing chemistry, and their story arc would have paralleled the Logan/Veronica/Lilly tragic triangle in so many ways.

Picture Molly having to hide another ‘cholo’ lover from her bigoted mobster family? It would have added an extra layer to the Thumper betrayal if the Fitzpatricks killed Weevil’s best friend, took his gang from him and then kept him from his girlfriend.

Maybe it started as a way for Molly to prove her uncle killed Felix? No way was she over what they’d done, she would have wanted revenge. But she wouldn’t have the balls to try it on her own, she would have been too afraid.

But then Weevil got mixed up with her family and she just couldn’t let anything happen to him, despite their mutual aversion to each other. Felix would have wanted her to help his best friend, and she owed him that much, since she was the reason Felix was killed.

So Molly would have propositioned Weevil with a partnership - the opportunity to work together to defeat a common enemy. For Felix.

But as they spent time together, Weevil might have begun to see what Felix saw in Molly. His feelings might have grown into something different? Something unexpected.

Imagine Molly trying to work some espionage in order to help Weevil, and Weevil going out of his mind with worry. Logically, accepting Molly’s help would be his best bet at proving a connection between Thumper and her uncle, since she knew where all of the bodies were buried. But at what cost? Liam was a straight up psycho and Weevil wouldn’t want to risk Molly’s safety just to get himself vengeance.

And to protect her, he would pretend to hate her, push her away, anything to keep her safe.

Molly wouldn’t listen, of course, because she was as stubborn as he was. She could see through his bullshit. She wasn’t one to take anything at face value. Weevil might have said he didn’t want to be with her, but she could feel him staring at her from across the courtyard, and you don’t waste your time doing that over a girl you don’t care about.

She was determined to avenge Felix’s death and keep Weevil out of her uncle’s crosshairs, even if that meant playing ball with the Fitzpatrick gang in a way she always swore she wouldn’t…


A Cherik analysis

Disclaimer: am I over thinking this entire concept? Yes, undoubtedly I probably am xD but will that stop me from making an in-depth analysis? Of course not, when has it ever done that :P 

Throughout the X-Men series, we can see that characters are foils, or mirrors, for each other. This is even present in the X-Men film franchise. In particular, I shall be analyzing how certain foils hint at potential romantic interaction, and how it can be used as subtle subtext for explaining one particular relationship - Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr (Cherik).

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Why I became #TeamMichael

Throughout this first season of Jane, the virgin I was in the back and forth between Rafael and Michael, something that rarely happens to me (but lately is more often), I usually choose the one and from the beginning (probably) defend my ship until the end, and almost rare or impossible for me to switch sides or stay saying “ah with whom she end up I’m happy, I ship both. Bla bla bla”

But with Jane, I didn’t ship both strong enough to choose sides.

I understand the appeal of Jane and Rafael, they met years ago, had a deep connection, and years later find yourself in this situation, she accidentally pregnant of his baby , some might even say  that it is MEANT TO BE.

And the other side, about opposites attract, Rafael has mother and father‘s issues and found in Jane the help to become a better man, again I understand, it’s the new modern fairy tale. And it’s like 90% of couples that I ship. And bonus, they‘re the main couple. So I tried to connect with them, but something always seemed off. It took me a while to realize what was…….. It was Michael.

 See, I like the scenes of Jane and Rafael for a while, and I really tried to take the fact of his interactions to a level of ship or otp. But I couldn’t. Because of Michael.

But why only now I chose a side?

It’s not because of what Rafael did, I understand his reason for wanting to end things with Jane, and it’s almost noble, actually. I understand why he was doing what he did.

But a love triangle is intended to created drama, sure, but also for the characters and for the public to know what kind of love they want or deserve.

For example, in the love triangle between Logan / Veronica / Piz on Veronica Mars, I was always 100% Logan, even knowing that things will always be more difficult for Veronica if she stayed with Logan, she would have a good life with the Piz, of course, after all his is the dream of every girl, but the love that Logan feels for Veronica is the kind of love she needs.

 And after 20 episodes (I started writing this post after I watch the episode 20, but only had time to finish and post now #busylife) I realized that the love Michael feels for Jane is the kind of love that she needs.

In the begging Michael didn’t get on good terms in the public eyes, he seemed suspect, who was hiding something, something awful, and obviously he lied about Petra’s affair, but understandable, he was scared and he failed, but the most important for me is he repented, he repented before it was discovered, before Jane find out the truth, and he was willing to raise the child of another man with Jane, because he loves her.

 Michael is the person who can offer the emotional stability that Jane needs and wants. The person who takes cares of her even when she doesn’t know that, he is the partner that she wants, the friend she hears, especially in these difficult times, and the person who is not afraid to say when she’s wrong, and to congratulates when she get rights, because they know each other.  I feel that they love each other for what they are and not by any illusion or prospects what they have for each other.

Jane is not Veronica, the quote of LoVe does not work for her:

“I thought our story was epic, you know. You and me. Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined and bloodshed. Epic”

Jane reads and writes about epic couples, but in reality she wishes for a normal family, someone to talk to after a turbulent day, not every couple on television and the CW have to be a Taylor Swift song. They may be another type of epic couple.

I am #TeamMichael because I truly believe that he is the best thing for Jane.