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Can you do a fic where the sides want to make Virgil laugh so they try different things but only tickling him works?

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: (not sure how to tag it, so) LAMP, Moxiety, Analogical, Prinxiety
Warnings: None

Summary: The Sides compete to hear Virgil laugh.
A/N: Pun source
Edit: Alternate Ending

Tagged: @existental-crises​​ @here-to-vent@jordisama

Patton had made the realization a week ago: none of them had ever heard Virgil laugh.  Snickers aside, he’d never actually laughed in front of any one of them. Patton had presented his finding to Virgil, looking for some kind of solace, but instead he’d just gotten a noncommittal shrug.

“Yeah? So?”  He said as he lounged on the stairs, pulling at the loose threads of his sleeves.

“Sooo we’ve gotta hear you laugh!  I bet it’s a wonderful laugh and I’d love to hear it sometime.”  Patton looked into Virgil’s eyes hopefully, shoulders tensing in anticipation as Virgil leaned closer.  He opened his mouth and after a short pause, spoke softly into Patton’s ear.

“Say something funny and maybe I will.”

Patton’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “Well I’m loads funny!”

“Sorry, Pat,” Virgil said, leaning back on his elbows, sounding entirely unapologetic. “It’s gotta be funny in the moment or it isn’t happening.  Or–” he gasped, “what if I can’t laugh?”  He said mockingly, covering his mouth with false disbelief.

“Oh, stop it, you goof,” Patton said, swatting lightly at Virgil’s knee.  “We’ll hear that laugh sooner or later, just you wait.”  Virgil shrugged again and Patton turned on his heel, stomping away to start planning schemes to make Virgil laugh.

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the little things in life - part 1

summary: One of Roman’s adventures takes an interesting turn, resulting in Logan coming back looking much different than before.

characters: logan, patton, virgil, roman

pairings: none

warnings: age regression; some intrusive thoughts; thoughts of injury (very brief); thoughts of choking on food (very brief); mention of death (very brief)

word count: 1,968

a/n: a cute piece inspired by @mewsicalmiss‘s adorable hcs and @pirate-patton‘s own fic based off of them. this got a little long so I decided to break it up into a few chapters. hope you guys enjoy!

tag list: @tinysidestrashcaptain @logan-logic @holdnarrytight @the-sanders-snides @darude-sanderstorm @mewsicalmiss @thegoldenmink @cefmua56 @madd-catter @amazable01@camillenicole @dudlebuggs @evilmuffin

“He’s so small! Ah, I just wanna scoop him right up!”

“I hate to admit it, but he’s just downright adorable! And he hardly talks as much as he used to. I shall chalk this up as an improvement!”

Virgil opened his mouth to protest; he closed it in favor of screwing his face into an expression that was near impossible to describe, but perfectly conveyed his character.

“What?” he finally burst out. “No! We can’t keep him like this. Do you think Thomas is gonna have any idea how to do anything?”

Roman groaned, shoulders sliding into a dejected position. “Fine. I suppose you do have a point. The only thing is…how do we fix…this?”

He gestured to their current problem, which sat on the couch.

This problem happened to be a very displeased Logan, who was now reduced to the state of about a two-year-old, courtesy of a glittering crystal lake he had fallen into after being dragged along on one of Roman’s adventures.

He was small, he was clumsy, he was—

Well, to be quite honest, he was the most adorable thing any of them had ever seen.

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He’s Hot and Nice and My Son Set Us Up

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He’s Hot and Nice and My Son Set Us Up

Logan Howlett X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Prompt for Logan X Reader. Reader is a woman in her mid-late twenties who is human but a single mother to an off-looking mutant seven year old boy. She takes him to the school, hoping he’ll have a place there, and the first person she meets is Logan. She seems attracted to him, and is very curious about him in general, but she doesn’t think he could ever like someone whose life is such a mess. But her son is DETERMINED to set them up…

Notes: Ok so I know I don’t say it much but I’ve always loved Logan??? SO HAVE SOME LOGAN! Also, for everyone else reading, I tried to keep it a little more vague so they felt included.

Warning(s): Light use of language.

Being a single mother was one of the hardest things that (y/n) had ever done. Is still doing, to be exact. It’s even harder when you’re a human with a young mutant child whose powers let themselves be known early in the physical manner. He had been kicked out of his school due to it. Very stressful, very stressful indeed.

Xaviers Institute was one of the best things (y/n) had heard of. Yes, it was going to be hard to leave their young son in the hands of others, but those others were more than capable to handle him. Far more than (y/n) was, anyways. The good part, at least, was that their son was excited, jumping about and gathering the last of his things that morning. He was excited to see and meet new people and environments. (y/n) was sad to see him go.


They were a little early, about ten minutes. (y/n)’s son stood still, practically crackling with nervous yet excited energy. He held their hand, squirming slightly when all the kids passed by to get to their next class. A bigger man, burly, with hair on his arms, stopped talking to a white haired woman and looked over at (y/n). He gave a smile and walked over.

“Are you Miss (l/n)?” He asked, hands on his hips. (y/n) nodded. Damn. To be honest, this guy was hot. Like. Hot. Their son noticed and giggled, going to stand in front of his mother.

“Ah, yes, I am. My name is (y/n) (l/n) and this is my son, Jackson. I’m… I talked to Professor Xavier over the phone, so I’m guessing you’re not him?” They asked gently. Logan shook his head.

“Nah, I’m not. My name’s Logan. Chuck is teaching a class right now. Actually, he’s done but probably talking to any students who stayed after. You are a little early, but that isn’t bad. He’ll be here in a few minutes if you need to talk to him.”

“I do have a few questions but I can wait to ask him.” (y/n) answered. Logan was extremely attractive. Also, (y/n) couldn’t help but be interested in what the man’s power might be. But there was no way on Earth that he would be interested in them, especially being a single parent who’s about to leave their son at the Institute. Said son giggled and took a step forward.

“I’m Jackson. I think mom likes you.” He grinned, bright pearly teeth, even though one of his front teeth was missing. (y/n) flushed a deep red and laughed softly, pulling their son back.

“Sorry, he’s always like this. It’s nothing really-”

“Nah it’s alright. I like you too, lady. How about I give you and your son the tour of the campus. Lunch is straight afterwards so you’ll be able to see the professor then. Sound good?” Logan asked as he turned towards the door out of the foyer. (y/n), still flushed a deep red, nodded bashfully and let their son drag them out the door. Logan and (y/n) walked closely throughout the campus.

(y/n) never got to ask the professor their question.


It wasn’t uncommon for parents to visit their children. Well, actually it was a little uncommon, but the parents who did care often visited on weekends where nothing was going on. (y/n) sat in the backyard, a tree overhead them and their son as they chatted over a picnic. Also, Logan was there, but he was happy and silent.

It had been a few years since Jackson had first stepped foot into Xavier’s Institute. Over the years he never failed to set up his mother and Logan, who always went along with his schemes and bonded over them, even if their talk was small. They slowly sat closer and closer together. Which would explain how they were now, practically in each other’s lap.

Logan shifted and wrapped his arms around (y/n)’s waist and pulled them closer. ___ had run off in a promise to be back in a few minutes as he went to chat with one of his friends over some important young teenage business. Logan took this time to nuzzle himself all over (y/n), who laughed.

“Logan what are you doing?” They giggled.

“Loving you, what else?”

“I don’t know. Just thought there was a thing against too much PDA for the younger kids.” (y/n) sighed. Logan scoffed and pulled (y/n) impossibly closer.

“Fuck that. Xavier can kiss my ass.”

“I HEARD THAT!” Charles shouted from his open office window just across the yard. Logan rolled his eyes as (y/n) promptly burst into a crackling giggling fit, causing Logan to grip them harder.

“I love you.” Logan grumbled with a happy smile. (y/n) calmed down with a sigh, “I love you too, Logan. Now come on, let’s separate before Professor Xavier wheels down here and does it himself.” Logan mumbled another fuck that before scooting over, Charles at the top of the ramp leading down to the yard.  (y/n) and Logan held hands for the rest of the evening, talking and playing with Jackson as though they had an eternity.

"GET A ROOM" (#20)

Pairing; (Charles Xavier x Reader)

Request; @merrykrismas-kissmyass “ Ooh can I get #20 “get a room you two!” With Charles(if you couldn’t tell, I love Charles Xavier haha) “

Summary; You are a mutant (with powers of your choice), living and teaching among others in the X Mansion. Your relationship with Charles has evolved a lot over the years. Recently evolving into something much bigger than expected.

Warnings; some angst. make out sesh? Implied smut? None really…

Y/C/P = your chosen power (as a mutant choose a power, example; invisibility)

Okay so I know this literally took forever but I was trying to make the scenario fit the character and this is the best one I came up with… A big thanks again to @merrykrismas-kissmyass for another request! As always hope you like!


First you were colleagues, then friends, then best friends, and now you didn’t know what to think. Except for the fact was all you thought about was him.

Charles and you met in college and you and him have been close ever since. He discovered that you were a mutant as soon as he laid eyes on you.

You tried so hard to keep it a secret, and it had been hidden until that day.

He told you that you didn’t have to hide and he helped you learn about your powers and how to use them. Now, you taught alongside others in the Mansion.

You had been settled in for a while so you weren’t shy to say the least. You walked around proudly with the confidence that Charles had given you so many years ago.

So given your history there was every reason and so much evidence to why you fell so deeply in love with him.

If it weren’t for the fact that you also told him years ago that he wasn’t allowed to read your mind, he would have found out about your feelings in the most awkward of ways.

It was true. All you thought about was him. His lips on yours. Your hands tangled in his hair. Hearing him say your name. It was insane. You were in love with your best friend, and you couldn’t tell him. You couldn’t tell him, because it might ruin your friendship and that would ruin your life.


One day after finishing teaching a class you came by Charles classroom. You did this frequently throughout the school days.

You came in and leaned on the side of his desk while he was grading papers.

"Tough day?” You asked.

“Tough week.” He says with a small smile. “I have all these papers to grade and- ” he looked frustrated “ah I think my pen just broke.” He said.

He rummaged through his desk for a few minutes until you decided to help.

“I’m pretty sure there is a package I put in there a few weeks ago..” you said.

You leaned over in front of him reaching down into one of the desk drawers.

When you finally found one you leaned back up to realize you were just inches away from Charles. His lips to be exact.

You couldn’t help yourself. In that moment all your self control went away. You kissed him. When you broke the kiss he looked surprised.

You jumped off of him in a split second, tears welling up in your eyes. You ran towards the door.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I knew you didn’t feel the same, I’m so sorry!” You shouted as your hand went for the doorknob.

“Y/N!” Charles shouted. “Wait…”

He grabbed you and turned you around to face him.

He kissed you. He was kissing YOU.

You were so surprised that you didn’t move, until you felt his hands slide around your waist and you leaned into it, wrapping your arms around his neck, running your fingers through that hair you dreamt about.

You and him continued. Wrapped up in each other. Lips moving in sync. Until …

“Hey. Professor X, I was wondering if uh I could have-”

You and him broke apart, slightly, his arms still holding you close.

“Another day on the essay?” He looked at Alex annoyed.

“Uhm yeah, how did you kno- Oooh. ” Alex nodded. “Right, the whole mind reading stuf-”

Charles rolled his eyes. “Oh I’m kind of interrupting something here aren’t I? Okay well I’m gonna just -” He closed the door behind him.

“Where were we?” He asked looking down at you and kissing you once more.

As if on cue, Logan opened the door. Interrupting you and Charles.

“Oh my- Get a room you two. ” he said rolling his eyes and closing the door.

“I think that’s the first smart thing I’ve ever heard that man say. ” you said looking up at Charles.

“And I think I agree with him.” You added.

He laughed along with you. Tugging you towards the door.


I’m sorry this took so long and I’m sorry, I think it’s poorly done. Not my best writing. Let me know what you think pleease!

Demon Whisperer

Alright, if anyone wants to adopt this fic please do so since I really don’t need another unfinished series to think about,

Tags: @fandomsandanythingelse @pattonscardigan @silly-aesthetic-me @lackingroman @prinxiety-logicality-ss @sakurahayasaki @cefmua56 @princeyandanxiety @prinxietytrash @what-even-is-thiss @here-to-vent @kitsuneprideleader @01001100-01010011 @nerd-in-space @tinysidestrashcaptain @mewsicalmiss @myspace-anxiety

When Prince appeared in the mindspace Pat starts seeing things, wisps of people, some that look absolutely horrifying with limbs gone and similar gorey sights, some with slightly inhuman features, and some just look normal but their eyes were never normal colors and none of the weird beings had the same eye color.

One day when Patton was looking over Thomas’s old plays he hears sobbing outside his door, Pat tries to ignore it but the sobbing becomes more and more pained, as if they were choking on their own tears and what seemed to be another voice was whispering calming words to the what he guessed is a demon right outside his door.

Patton hates hearing people in pain so he investigates. He finds not one but two demons, one with a stitched black and purple sweater with what seemed to be a giant tail where his legs would be, the figure was sobbing and clutching another demon, this one wore a black collared shirt and a blue tie that looked like it was run through a blender, his fingers we abnormally long and seemed to be long claws,
Pat sat next to the two, for some reason knowing they wouldn’t hurt him, the one with the tie looked up from thick black glasses, their eyes were a swirling mix of blues and blacks, the demon spoke, definitely in a different language but somehow Morality understood,
“You can see us?”

The Fatherly Trait was shocked for this was the first time a demon had ever spoken to him, “y-yes” he confirmed, “and I’m here to help.”
the spectacled demon pondered this and nodded, “If you hurt him I won’t hesitate to do the same to you.”

Morality nodded and slowly moved his arms around the crying demon and hugged them, the figure hissed and sprang up, the blue eyed demon’s claws blazed with blue flame, “A deal is a deal-” “Logan no! don’t!” the flame was instantly extinguished and the angered being turned to the other demon who now was blocking Morality,

“Why Virgil?” asked Logan, he tiled his head like a confused animal, “Why do you want this human alive? didn’t he hurt you?” Virgil shook his head, “It isn’t that, it’s just that,” Virgil turned towards Mor, his eyes looked exactly like the night sky, Morality could see real constellations in his eyes, the demon opened his arms as a silent question for a hug, Morality wrapped his arms around the purple eyed demon, “He’s so warm, I’ve never met a demon that isn’t freezing and this… is really nice.”

Morality smiled and glanced at the now calm Logic, “see? no harm done.”

Logan smiled, “My apologies, Virge is already deforming and I don’t want him hurt more than he already is.”

“Morality frowned, “Deforming?”
“Yea,” said Virgil who was still pressed against the human, “What made you think I have this tail in the first place?”

“Oh?” Morality’s frown was replaced with confusion, “I thought that was your er… Demonic thing.”

Virgil snorted with laughter, ““Demonic thing”?! That’s the best description i’ve ever heard of a Demon Marking.”

Morality’s confusion increased, “Ok, I’m sorry to be that person who is like “Hi I literally know nothing about you or your race so could you speed me up on the need to know stuff” but i need you to speed me up on stuff.”

Logan adjusted his glasses, “A Demon Marking is what every demon has, it’s an injury, enhancement, new appendage, or change of appearance, You obviously know mine,” he said as he stretched his fingers, “some but not all can possess an ability that gives them an advantage for survival or something supernatural. Mine is the blue flame which can set anything and anyone ablaze.”
Mor nodded, mentally filing this information, “What’s Virgil’s then?”

Virgil grudgingly untangled himself from Morality quite literally, his tail unconsciously tied itself in a loose knot around Morality’s waist, he then stepped away from Mor and unzipped his sweatshirt, Morality gasped, protruding from his shoulder blades are giant Bat wings, “They look weird I know bu-” “Weird?! most definitely not!” Patton protested, the wings were beautiful, they matched his eyes, they resembled the night sky, whenever his wings moved the stars on them shifted slightly, it was perfect night camouflage.

“Um, I’m guessing both the wings and the stars are your Demon Trait and supernatural ability?” Virgil nodded, as soon as Morality was about ask another question a loud voice boomed from the hallway, “MORALITY WHERE ARE YOU?! THOMAS NEEDS YOU!”

Virgil shot up around 30 feet in the air from shock (They had very very high ceilings) Logan’s claws were coated in blue flame. “Who was that?!” Logan growled, “That’s Prince, I should probably talk to Thomas.”

Just before Patton sank down both of the demons grabbed onto him and sank down with him.


“Thomas, I can explain.”

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1 LoVe please, make me dream!

I’ve never written anything for a prompt before, so please be kind.  Also, I wrote this in about a half hour so it’s probably riddled with mistakes.  Hope you enjoy!

Veronica and Logan, Soulmates AU

All it takes is a single touch, skin on skin. 

It can be a handshake.  Elbows bumping together in a crowded elevator.  The brush of fingers against a stranger’s arm as you swat at a fly.

Or, in Veronica’s case, a hearty slap across the face.

He’d had it coming.  Who smacks a complete stranger’s ass in the middle of a concert?

Granted, she’d been forced to squeeze by him in a rather intimate position as she’d moved through the dancing crowd, bodies thick around them.  Some idiot in front of her had decided he wanted to single handedly bring back the mosh pit, plowing into her as she’d passed by. 

And, so, Veronica’s hand had accidentally grazed the jean-clad bulge of the young man who stood behind her.  Mortified, she’d mumbled an apology and continued to move passed him.  He’d lifted an eyebrow and swatted her ass playfully as she went by, and without a second thought she’d raised her hand to slap his cheek.

And that was it. 

The moment their skin comes in contact there’s a hot lava rush tingling through her veins, from the soles of her feet to the tips of her fingers, a whole-body quivering of muscles like a chill during a summer flu. 

Her hand remains glued to his cheek as their eyes meet and lock, both aware their fate is sealed.

“No,” she tells the stranger in the stupid t-shirt, with the ridiculous pukka shell necklace.  Veronica drops her hand from his face.  “This is not happening right now.”

He blinks twice, and then he gives her the smirkiest of his smirks.  The one he saves for very special occasions.  “Oh, it’s happening.”  His gaze drops down and back up in rapid appraisal.  “I thought you’d be taller.”

“And I thought you’d have more class,” she retorts.

He grins at that, and she relaxes slightly.  He’s actually kind of cute, now that she’s really looking at him.  If she’s stuck spending an eternity with someone, she’s glad he’s not a complete troll.

She sighs, resigned to her fate, and gestures for him to follow her away from the crowd so they can talk.  They wind up on a grassy hill that overlooks the amphitheater, relatively secluded from the rest of the concertgoers.

“What’s your name?” he asks.

“Veronica.  You?”

“Logan,” he replies.  He pulls a blade of grass out of the ground, ripping it into tiny pieces.  “So how does this work?  Are we supposed to, like, get married or something?”

“Married?” she scoffs.  “I barely know you!”

“But we’re soulmates,” he argues.  “Right?”

“I guess,” she replies unenthusiastically.  “Unless… maybe I’m just coming down with something?  My roommate was sick the other day.”

“Nice try.”  He leans back in the grass, looking up at her with a satisfied smile.  “You’re not sick; you’re in love with me.”

Veronica sighs.  She doesn’t feel in love with him.  Not… precisely.  Yet she has the oddest desire to get closer to him.  And it seems to get worse when she looks directly in his eyes.  She lies on her back, concentrating on the drifting clouds above instead of his dark, penetrating gaze. 

“I’ve read articles where people thought it happened, when it hadn’t,” she informs him. “There was a couple in Tennessee who were married for ten years.  And then the wife met her real soulmate and realized she’d been wrong…” 

“Sounds messy.”  Logan turns onto his side, facing her.  “Well, what did you feel?  You know, when it happened?”

“You first.”  He’s quiet for a minute, and she glances over at him.  “Well?”

“You ever pour hot fudge over ice cream?” he asks.


“Like that.  Like you were the fudge, and I was the ice cream.”

She laughs.  “That’s actually kind of accurate.  Did you get the other thing too?”

“What, you mean that orgasm shiver thing?”

She blushes, but nods.  “Yeah.”

“That was the best part,” he says with a grin.

Veronica turns onto her side, using her elbow as a pillow.  Logan is regarding her thoughtfully. 

“What?” she asks.

He looks sort of shy as he responds.  “I heard somewhere that when you kiss your soulmate, some really crazy things can happen.”

“Yeah, I’ve um… heard that too.”

Logan doesn’t say anything, continuing to watch her.  As she gazes back, something odd begins to happen.  She feels like she’s floating and sinking all at once.  Her skin begins to tingle and grow warm again, and her breath quickens.

They reach for each other at the exact same instant, bodies snapping together like magnets, soul’s colliding.  And the moment that their lips touch, Veronica begins to see images flash through her mind.

A handsome young man.  Blonde-tipped hair and board shorts, a mischievous smile.  Short, dark hair and an impeccable suit, holding up a glass of champagne.   Crew cut and clean shaven, dressed in naval whites.  There are thousands of them, flipping through her mind like pages of a book.  All the same person, all slightly different.

All Logan.

They pull apart and she gasps.  He looks just as shocked as she does.

“What the hell was that?” Logan asks.

Veronica shakes her head.  “I have no idea,” she replies.  “Past lives?  Alternate universes?”

Logan reaches out his hand, touching her face tentatively, and his eyes spark with recognition.  “Veronica,” he says softly.  “I know you.”

And suddenly, she understands.  She laughs and kisses the tips of his fingers, feeling utterly euphoric.  “Logan,” she replies, tasting the name that’s even more familiar than her own.  “We did it.  We found each other again.”