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“I’m a loner,” Logan says, as he video chats with his bff Nightcrawler (or Elf, as he calls him) from the headquarters of one of the 17 non-x-men teams he’s on, mid-conversation about the health and progress of various teammates and students. His phone rings. It’s a picture, from Jubilee, of a squirrel that reminded her of him. He replies with an ‘unamused’ selfie, but his day is made. 

Does anyone else find it sweet that Logan wanted to take Charles Xavier out on a boat to live out the rest of his days

Their life together was MISERABLE.

It was sad and dark and full of…ugh, driving, sand, and dirt.

Logan not only did not abandon Charles, even though their life together was this boring, horrible, frustrating little struggle for survival. 

He didn’t go searching for a new life.

He STUCK around. 

Took care of Charles’s needs.

Took care of him even though he was dangerous and expensive to take care of and rather petulant, stubborn, and miserable, not easy to be around, due to his mental degradation. 

And what did Logan dream of?

What did he aspire to, after years of glory as a hero and countless victories, years of being strong and free? 

Just wanted to take Charles somewhere happy. 

Just wanted to make him happy and content out on the sea before he died. 

And Logan would’ve been happy there too. 

He was gonna blow his brains out, wasn’t he?


After Xavier died on that boat? 

Did anyone else find that sweet? 

And sad? 

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friendly reminder that you are allowed to have a favorite side or a favorite ship!! you are allowed to focus on a particular side or ship!! it is your blog and your life!! do what you want with it and like what you want to like!!


vm rewatch � 3x09 Spit and Eggs

A concept: 

Logan has a really big sweet tooth and on Thomas’ birthday they all celebrate because it’s technically their birthday too. 

They decide to have a chocolate cake and Logan demands the first piece and cuts the cake in half and drops it on his plate.

Roman nearly vomits because that’s so much cake and calories and Logan just digs in. 

Virgil comments that Logan can’t finish the massive piece he’s cut for himself and Logan says he could eat the whole thing if he wanted to.

Virgil bets he can’t eat the whole cake and Logan agrees and digs in with his fork and the others watch in horror as he devours the whole thing with no issue. 

Once he’s finished he pushes his plate forward and says,



Sophies meme | 5 of 9 scenes
6.20 - Super Cool Party People

Another one of my favourite moments from Friday’s video. And because @tallykat3 and @welcome-to-the-joangle are amongst the cutest people in the world.

From “Voices of UNREASON!! Volume 3″ by @thatsthat24


a thing that has always bothered me about logan (besides the obvious privilege things he has going although rory has some of those traits too): how he manages to manipulate rory into thinking her feelings and concerns are immaterial. 

when rory asks logan to hang out, only a fool would not know what that means. the last time they were together they were caught by her parents just prior to having sex. so logically she would want to meet to discuss what happened and apologize. 

he agrees to hang out (which everyone knows means a casual date) and then when she appears his long-running poker (?) game with the boys is going. he could have just asked her on the phone “tonight all of my friends are coming over tonight to play cards. i’d love for you to come. do you like cards? they won’t mind. if that’s not your thing, i have such + such night free.” then this never would have happened. 

or afterwards he could have said, “the invitation was a little vague but i still should have given you a heads up that all my friends were going to be there. next time i will.”

instead logan debates with rory until she is convinced all of her feelings aren’t important. she says she thought things were going to be a little more intimate. he acts as though she means she just wanted to use him for sex. when really that could just mean dinner + movie alone. 

his logic is basically

hang out = vague, intimate = sex, but you didn’t want to just use me for sex did you? so we can hang out in all types of situations, including groups. therefore there is nothing to be bothered by and your feelings are invalid.

there are more examples of this as their relationship progresses. logan you cannot + should not debate your girlfriend out of her own feelings!

Tumblr: here’s some cute fanart and gifsets from logan… what a great movie! one of my favorites! :)

Me: I feel like I just had my soul willingly burned and I’ve never felt such wild emotions ever from a superhero movie but I’ll still take this cute doodle of Laura riding on Logan’s shoulders, thank you please help

Two Plus One Makes Three

Learning, or as he would rather be called, Logic and Heart are no longer the only two in the mind space. 

It had been a day like any other in the mindscape. 

It had been about three years since Learning, or as he wants to be called, ‘Logic’ had finally been let out of the room he had grew up in to join Heart in the central hub. The two of them had formed a strong bond over those years with the emotional side passing notes constantly under Logic’s door. 

Now the two of them had made themselves comfortable on the couch in the main hub. Learning had a book on his lap but was more interested watching as Heart talked about possible favorite colors. So far they had made it into the greatness that was green and how it could possibly be the favorite color. 

“…The green of a lime is so pretty and bright but the fruit is so sour I don’t like it very much but do you think that you could make limeade like you make lemonade? I think Thomas should look into that and see if that drunk is green too…”

It was fascinating to see how the boy’s mind worked; the younger side had to admit that. Were emotions always this, for lack of better word in his limited vocabulary, crazy? The side actually cried over how much he liked yellow; he did not understand it.

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