logan pearce knives

Blade: 5160
Handle: Black G-10

Whew. What a weekend! I managed to get a little free time and play some Diablo 3. I love me some Diablo!

After I took the picture I liked how it had the black on top and bottom of the picture, so I figured I would leave it on there for the picture. I figured I would throw my dogtags in for fun. lol

Logan Pearce

The last bowie that I made. My picture of it was pretty bad, but luckily Caleb took up my slack and made a great picture of it for me. 

This and Maleficent were the main two knives that I took a week to focus on before the Blade Show. I was wondering what I could do if focused on only a few knives rather than what I typically make in a day.

I plan on taking a few hours out of my day to start making stuff like this. Normally I spend 10-12 hours a day working on my Remnant Knives or pending orders. The rest is divided between designing and the smaller work like twisting wire or something like that where I can be taking a break from physical labor, but still be working on something knife related. Who knows though! I do love making Remnant knives. >.< 

Logan Pearce Knives

Camp Knife

OAL: 13 ½"
Handle: Dyed and stabilized bone.

The bone actually is blue on this side, which was actually green in the beginning. On the other side it’s like….4 different colors. It’s weird and awesome. My next knife is a sword. Short sword. Scimitar. Yeah.

I’m hoping that I can take a better picture than I did of this one. As you can tell from all of my knife pictures, I have trouble taking pictures of larger blades. The scimitar is quite a bit larger than this, so I’m still messing with the pictures. Hopefully I has something good for you guys to look at.

That being said I have something aweeesome lined up for later this week. I’m excited for it, even though it’s pretty simple.

Short sword scimitar
Blade Length: 17"
Blade: 1080
Handle Material: Thuya burl

I wanted to do an actual scimitar, but man those are pretty big. So I figured I would do a slightly smaller version of it that I could manage in my photo box.

Tomorrow’s ‘knife’ won’t be a knife at all. It won’t be like anything else I’ve ever made before. You’re excited. I know.

The custom Batman Batarang as I am heat treating it. This version is The Dark Knight’s version of the batarang. I did change a few things, so it wasn’t exactly like his. Plus I forged it which was entertaining.

The finished version will be up in a few days followed by the video and written tutorial of how to forge your own. ;)

Logan Pearce Knives

Horseshoe Knives! These are my 2nd place prizes for my annual give away that I hold on my Facebook and on my dA account. The two are separate, so you have two chances to win!

Facebook giveaway: https://www.facebook.com/230727726987596/photos/a.799603420100021.1073741922.230727726987596/799603486766681/?type=3&theater

dA giveaway: http://logan-pearce.deviantart.com/art/2014-Pearce-Knives-Sweepstakes-494205134

I hope you guys like them. :D