logan pearce

Name: Graceling
Blade: 1080/15N20 Damascus
Handle: Amber Stag

My little hunter that I love! I was pretty happy with the way that it came out. It is almost worth the sleep lose. Almost. 

The radio interviews went really good! We started with The Buzz 103.7 which pretty much got us warmed up for the rest of the day. Then we had a fun chat with The Point on 94.1. Afterwards we took a break and I did a short segment talking about my art knife that I will show you guys in a few days. If you were watching the news in Little Rock at the early hours in the morning, then you have already seen it. 

And finally we ended with an hour interview that you will be able to listen to on Saturday as they let you download it after it has come on air. My part is about 10 minutes long and I am actually scared to listen to it. lol. I will give you an update on it on Saturday when I post my art knife. 

A horseshoe knife without a heel! I planning on doing a tutorial of how I make them soon. I am doing a run of 100 of these knives, which will be on sale soon. Once they are gone I won’t be making any more without the heel. I hope you guys like it!

Logan Pearce

The last bowie that I made. My picture of it was pretty bad, but luckily Caleb took up my slack and made a great picture of it for me. 

This and Maleficent were the main two knives that I took a week to focus on before the Blade Show. I was wondering what I could do if focused on only a few knives rather than what I typically make in a day.

I plan on taking a few hours out of my day to start making stuff like this. Normally I spend 10-12 hours a day working on my Remnant Knives or pending orders. The rest is divided between designing and the smaller work like twisting wire or something like that where I can be taking a break from physical labor, but still be working on something knife related. Who knows though! I do love making Remnant knives. >.< 

Logan Pearce Knives

The custom Batman Batarang as I am heat treating it. This version is The Dark Knight’s version of the batarang. I did change a few things, so it wasn’t exactly like his. Plus I forged it which was entertaining.

The finished version will be up in a few days followed by the video and written tutorial of how to forge your own. ;)

Logan Pearce Knives