logan pearce

October is my 31 Days of Knives and November is my annual sweepstakes month my Facebook page. Depending on how long you have been around, you know that I only take one day off from making knives. Which is Sunday. My Sundays are still spent in my shop, working on my personal projects, which are usually swords. However, they aren’t always swords.

For the last 8-9 months, I haven’t let any of my projects leave my shop. Why? For October. Every 24 hours for the entire month I will be posting a picture of one of my knives/swords/specialty weapons. Some I will be sending out to get photographed. Most of them you haven’t seen me make before. However, since 90% of my time is spent on pending orders, I’ll be posting up a few pictures of those knives. It should be a riot.

Of course, November is my annual sweepstakes month. Two of the knives/swords/axes/awesomeness that I will post during October will be the first place prizes for the give away. December….will be the month that I create my best work ever. Sadly you won’t get to see that until Feb.

Anyway! This is my Tire tool knife! :P

Logan Pearce