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Cars 3 = Logan

So recently, there have been lots of movie trailers that have been dropped on the internet. 

Trailers for movies such as ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′.

While I really like those trailers and very excited to see those movies, those trailers are not my favorite of the year.

My favorite trailers of the year, are…



‘Cars 3′.

Both of these trailers surprised the hell out of me! 

They were both shocking, surprising, and based on the events ensuing in the trailers, I was automatically hooked! 

But I’m not giving you a reasons why post, I’m here to give you the reasons on how ‘Cars 3′ is the same as ‘Logan’!

I am not saying that they’re literally the same, but they both develop a similar feel, based on both the trailers and premise. 

So lets get started!

1. They are both the third film in a popular franchise. 

OK, this one is obvious!

Both of them are the third film in a franchise.

Enough said. 

2. Both of them deal with the main character aging and getting hurt. 

So you see in the wolverine trailer that Logan’s healing factor is slowly dying.

And in the upcoming ‘Cars 3′ movie,you see Lighting McQueen crashing during a race.

This proves that these characters have been in the game for long enough, and they’re starting to lose their cool. 

Logan is now getting hurt, making him weak due to the Essex Corporation.

And McQueen is now getting old with his racing and needs to find a way to get right back to the top! 

So that is another reason why. 

3. Both movies involve the old main character, teaming up with a younger character.

This reason is a big one!

So in the upcoming Wolverine movie, Logan is needed help by a girl. And I assume it’s X-23, also known as Wolverine’s daughter!

I think of this because it shows her taking down a soldier and Professor Xavier saying to Logan, ‘She’s like you, very much like you.’

And from the premise of ‘Cars 3′, the premise is that McQueen asks for help, and is then helped by a younger female racer named Cruz Ramirez. 

Another thing about this, is that this is a ‘passing the torch’ story.

Think about it, these characters may be remembered, but they won’t be around for a long time. 

So the younger characters are gonna have this type of moment, and maybe in the future, have their own solo movies.

That is my take. 

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Here’s this week’s Ask the Fandom question, from a lovely follower who probably didn’t realize just how popular/ controversial this question would be!

  • Do you think Veronica was justified in breaking up with Logan for sleeping with Madison? My own two cents: I feel like Logan gets a pass from most people on this but I have a harder time with it. He had to have known how much Veronica hated Madison and the reasons why. I assume that would have been discussed when LoVe were together. I’m with V that it seemed to be a pretty pointed choice of sex partner.

And here’s what all of you had to say:

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Weeks had passed since the incident with Deathlok and Frank Castle. In that time, some research was done to investigate anything on Jonny’s enemies. In which Roy would supply him with new info every now and then. There was some kind of connection between Logan, Adam Taurus, Cinder Fall, and Blake Belladonna. Sadly for them, neither was anywhere on the radar.

However, Jonny and Blake shared one thing, and that was history with the White Fang. Searching for Blake was a tough task, but it was manageable. And his search would lead him back to the place where all of it went down hill, Vale. No one was really looking at Vale, as Atlas was the one under the radar. Vale was more focused on restoration, meaning one could hide in shadows. And that was what Jonny was good at, looking for people in shadows. Hopefully with Blake’s help, he could find someone else who hid beyond shadows.



I just wanted to take the time to make this post dedicated to a YouTuber known as Caleb Logan Bratayley. He passed away due to an unknown/undetected medical condition on October 1st. Within the YouTube community, it has hit everyone hard. My condolences go out to the Bratayley family, and wish them the best. Rest in peace, Caleb, you will be greatly missed.


Passing Time Ft. Logan Henderson

By the way sorry for all the “Woohing” the girls next to me were doing it not me