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One day Logan passed out of exhaustion and it was Roman who find him. He was so fucking scared, so after he make sure he was okay, he gently left him into his room without making a sound. No way in hell he'll let that jerk know how much he actually cares for him (Mafia au and yes I'm aware Lo is aro, but like yknow platonic love I guess 😂) - 🐝 an anon

(I figured x they’re more rivals than anything but they definitely do care about and want to protect each other.) I really love this hc and I got nothing to elaborate on for it, but it made me a little curious; both of them have trouble sleeping so has this ever happened the other way around?

Fall has arrived at Glacier National Park, and it’s stunning. Crushing clouds and rain greeted Nate Luebbe at Glacier, but as he crested Logan Pass he was treated to one of the most spectacular alpenglow sunsets we’ve seen. “The sun shot golden fingers between jagged peaks and illuminated the clouds from below, and I couldn’t help but admire the timing. Montana was welcoming me home.” Photo courtesy of Nate Luebbe.


This video from Glacier National Park explores Logan Pass, some of the highest part of the park where the main visitor roads cross the continental divide. 

“i fell in love with him that day” + wolverine

ask: @thepjofanqueen “ ‘I fell in love with him that day.’ with Wolverine/Logan pls? So glad you’re back btw, i forgot what the name of your personal blog was and had a freaking heart attack like…ahhhh”

a/n: thanks my dude, glad to be back!! my personal is @/binarydanvers !! 

warnings: a bit of violence , a short description of injury (word count: 430)

   He throws you out of the way of the blast. 

   “Logan!” You yell, voice hoarse from exerting your vocal chords all day. He doesn’t answer, and you can’t see him from all the dust and debris stirred up by the sentinel’s heavy footsteps.

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Not You

Logan Howlett x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: This is a request from a really long time ago. Haha, better late than never, I suppose…

He was mad.

You didn’t even have to look over to know he was angry. Despite the disappointment you felt in yourself at his rage, you couldn’t regret your actions. You were at war- whether Logan cared to admit it or not- there were going to be casualties. He might’ve called it reckless and stupid, but you risked your life for a greater cause. Most would call that bravery.

“If you want to say something, speak.” You sighed, readying yourself for the brunt of his anger. He didn’t disappoint.

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baby howlett|| old man logan

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I’m going to try and get two of these out today because due to me being in work twice this week, I haven’t had availability to write. I hope to post at least three today, so I hope you all enjoy!

Requested by Anon: Since Laura is already a handful, when the reader discovers she’s pregnant she panics and keeps it a secret from Logan. When she begins to show and has incredibly odd food cravings, Laura finds her pregnancy test and decides to tell her father instead. 

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Logan leaves the bar in the middle of the night after around 10 whiskeys and a bad conversation with the barmaid.
“Shit.” He mumbles to himself as he sees how some assholes tries to rob a young woman.
“Hey!” Quickly he runs to them, pushing them away from her and after he growls at them, they disappear.
“Are you ok?”
She nods, her eyes glowing in a bright blue and she tries to hide it behind her hand.
“It’s ok. I’m like you.” Logan shows her his claws. “You see?”
Another nod from her and slowly Logan is confused why she doesn’t talk to him. She seems to notice his confusion and points her finger on her throat and shakes her head.
“You’re mute?” He asks surprised and she nods again with an apologizing smile.
She takes a writing pad and a pencil out of her bag and writing something on it.
‹I’m (Y/N). Thank you for saving me.› Logan reads with a smile before he introduces himself.
“I should bring you home.” He takes her bag, but she shakes her head, writing again.
‹I was on my way to the bus station. I need to ‘speak’ to Charles Xavier. Do you know him?›
“Old friend of me. I will drive you.”

Since 10 hours they’re on the road and slowly Logan drives crazy.
Her scent is in the whole old trailer and every time he looks at her sleeping face his heart pumps a little bit faster in his chest.
A little sigh escapes his lips and he concentrates on the street as he suddenly feels her hand on his arm. She sends him a warm smile before she forms a 'hungry’ with her mouth and he nods.
“You don’t need to cook.” He says after she stands up. “There is a diner not far away from here.”
But she doesn’t listen and after 30 minutes the whole trailer smells of spaghetti bolognese and he stops to eat together with her.
“That was good.” Satisfied he rubs over his stomach and she smiles amused before her face getting sad.
“Hey, what is it?” He takes her hand in his and strokes over it.
‹I wish I could talk with you.›
As an answer he nods, mumbling a 'I wish that too’.
Hour after hour passes and Logan still drives without a break even after (Y/N) tried to convince him to take a break.
But he can’t stop, not now.
She 'told’ him that another mutant attacked her and since that day she can’t speak anymore.

Finally they reach the school and Logan can see how excited she is.
“Professor?” Logan shouts and he smiles as he hears his familiar voice in his head.
Together they go in his office and Logan introduces them both.
Silence falls over the room as the two silently communicate with each other.
Suddenly tears falling down her cheeks and Logan’s body tenses.
“What happened?” He nearly growls.
“Unfortunately I can’t help her, Logan.” Charles says and pity rising up in him. “But I can do something else for her. (Y/N), are you ready?”
She nods before she lays her hands on Logan’s temple.
“Hey.” He hears her voice in his head and closes his eyes, enjoying it. “Now that you can hear me I don’t know what to say. I’m grateful. So grateful that you saved me and I know that we know each other only since, I don’t know, 20 hours. But I-I don’t wanna loose you. Never. Don’t ask me why, but I li-like you.”
Her voice is shaking and she is crying again, afraid to loose him.
“(Y/N).” Logan mumbles and he doesn’t care that the professor can see him as he puts his lips on hers, kissing her passionately.

Let Me (Old Man Logan x Reader)

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Author’s Note: Ok so this is my first time writing something that I’ve posted so please give me feedback. Also I got this idea a few days ago and it just wouldn’t leave me. I’m not sure how I feel about it so I might write something else with the same-ish character and situation like a part 2 or something about life at the compound before this.

Summary: Set around 5-ish months before Logan. You live at the compound with Logan, Caliban, and Charles. You help the two mutants take care of Charles, and you have a history with Logan that tends to repeat itself.

Warning(s): Just some angst I guess, also Logan spoilers!!

Word Count: 1,360

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Stella Polaris
Paris, France
Canon EOS 60D

How would you describe your point of view as a photographer?

Somehow I try to capture the essence of what I see, the places I visit to make them mine, and be able to plunge into the very moment I took the picture and feel what I felt again. I think photography is an intimate practice but I like to share my works with other hoping they could be inspired or affected as I did.

I believe beauty is something subjective and this is what I try to photograph through my travels. I’ve had the chance to visit different National Parks of the USA, and really feel what nature is. Being surrounded by such a variety of landscapes makes you realize what you are as a human-being while questioning your place on Earth and what you aspire in your life on many levels. 

When I take pictures, a sort of melancholia goes through my mind because I know my subject is not eternal and what I see won’t be the same tomorrow. Hence the idea of immortalizing the moment with a photograph. I truly believe that nature is part of us as we are part of her, and we need to be conscious of that. Photographing nature is a tribute to its greatness but also a way to encourage people to respect it. 

Tumblr: @stellapolarisphotography


Set in an undisclosed location near the Mexican-USA border for the first hour or so of the film, Logan seemingly had some high expectations to fill. Logan follows the future events of the title character also known as James Howlett and the Wolverine in the distant year of 2029. Logan is one of the last known mutants alive, the rest being taken out by a mixture of a genetically engineered virus and murder. He is shown to have been taking care of an ailing Charles Xavier with the assistance of another mutant know as Caliban.

This Logan’s life isn’t too different from the one we have all grown accustomed too; a heavily muscled Hugh Jackman who drank alcohol to self medicate. This Logan, however, is being shown to have a decelerated (per his normal) healing rate, along with other neurological problems. This Logan knows that he is dying, poisoned by the metal that had been infused to his bones so long ago.

The first Latinx characters on the screen were shown as violent, waking a passed out Logan. They were trying to steal the wheels off the limo that Logan used as his financial means. They were shown to have struck first, and then murdered in multiple, gruesome ways. This display did not exactly instill a hopeful feeling inside of me. 

As the movie progressed, my worries both mounted and withdrew. The arrival of the always amazing Elizabeth Rodriguez quelled some of them. She presented the young character we know as Laura Kinney, introducing her as her daughter. 

The truth was not far off. Laura Kinney was a product of both Logan and an unnamed, unidentified Mexican woman. Rodriguez’s character, Gabriella, described the process of young Mexican girls who were used as wombs for these genetically altered children who disappeared after birth, never seen again. 

Gabriella spoke of the United State’s intervention at the hospital in which she worked as a nurse. She spoke of how they were to raise these mutant children as child soldiers. I had heard the same story from my Father when he spoke of his time fighting in the Nicaraguan Civil War. Children raised without names, treated as inhuman and used as weapons. 

Gabriella described how the Mexican nurses were thought of as dumb, and when they were told to kill the children after a better weapon was manufactured, how they all risked their lives to save those kids and give them a chance of survival. This sacrifice ultimately led to Gabriella’s demise. 

When asked about the casting of Laura, director James Mangold stated he wanted,  “someone who was bilingual because I wanted a Latina kid – one who was between 10 and 12, and was a credible child.“ 

Mangold certainly got a bilingual, talented child. Dafne Keen’s portrayal of a young Laura Kinney was a thing of beauty. I found myself wanting to lay my life down for this child. 

The one thing she was not, however, was a Latina. Dafne Keen is the 11 year old (at the time of filming, even though her date of birth has never been confirmed) daughter of British actor, Will Keen, and Spanish actress, Maria Fernandez Ache. 

Most people agree that Latin America encompenses every country from Mexico to the bottom of South America, along with the countries in the Caribbean. Latin America has had a long history of destabilization within its own nations, along with violence and high mortality rates. Most of these things can be directly linked to the United State’s involvement and the colonization that natives have faced from European countries. 

With this knowledge, along with the knowledge that the factors of Laura’s birth (a young mother who may or may not have consented to a pregnancy, that young mother implied to have been murdered, the creation of child soldiers, the dehumanization of children of color), one needs to wonder why an English-Spanish actress was chosen as the main representation. 

The rest of Logan’s cast proved that there are absolutely no shortage of Latinx actors- from the half dozen Cholos that Logan murdered, to the Spanish speaking extras cast as police officers, to the other mutant children who were later revealed to be alive. One might also find it suspicious when the characters described as “cholos” were all dark skinned, and the ones dressed as cops and under the control of the United States government were light skinned. 

Whitewashing is whitewashing, no matter what language your actor may speak, and no matter what race/ethnicity they portray. Do not give Logan the gold star it does not deserve, not when it takes our pain and spits in our face. Also, however, do not be angry at the child who portrayed Laura- I am sure that this decision was out of her control.  

Logan, while well written and entirely engaging, still disappointed me in more ways than one. This is not representation for me, nor my family. This is not representation for all the young Latinas trying to find their place in the world. This is not us. \

[EDIT: I have been informed that Brazil is not at the bottom of South America as I have previously assumed. I apologize for any misconceptions which may have come from this; all of South America is part of Latin America.]