logan noel

Love, Lies, and a Heist - New game from Cybird, Otome game geveloper, famous for its ‘Midnight Cinderella’ and ‘Destined to Love series’.

So here goes the prologue:

The MC is a common, village girl, who got accepted to work in the capital city of Laurelia. Apparently two big families run the city, named Cromwell Family and Bradley Family, and It is well known that things are rough between the two.

Our poor MC who was only preparing to be a waiter at a Tea House owned by Cromwell Family, got dragged into the rivalry between them. How come? of course she’s got recruited by Ryan Cromwell, to pretend as a new socialites, crashing Bradley’s Party, and to make things worse, she is to steal a priceless coin from Logan Bradley’s room.

To cut things short, she messed up, got caught by a security guard who then put a blindfold on her, and suddenly a mysterious gentleman appeared and saved her. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a chance to see her savior’s face, only to be mesmerized by his voice and gentle touch.

————- Prologue ends

Here’s a brief of the guys description:

Alec: This sour puss and ts*ndere is MC’s co-worker in the Cromwell’s tea house. He’s a runaway, trying to hide his real identity and is pretty bad at doing so because everyone in Cromwell family already know.

Ewan: This expressionless guy, is the main reason why Alec’s effort is in vain. He’s Alec’s best friend and also Logan Bradley’s trusted niece. Despite being a Bradley, he’s very kind and helpful towards our MC. He seems to be hiding something from our MC, and that’s what makes him so mysterious.

Luca: Luca is the famous heartthrob of the city. Behind his charming look, he’s quite a ‘shy only for the MC-guy’. He’s willing to do any odd job Cromwell given him, including to escort our MC to crash Bradley Family’s party.

Logan: This arrogant prick is the Bradley family’s head, and is notorious for his cruel, sadistic, inhumane, *more 10 curses words here*, etc. He has a poor relationship with Ryan Cromwell, or love hate relationships for BL fans. Just like other fictional character, the more jerk, the more capable leader he is.

Regrettably, Ryan, Harry, Chris and Noel’s route aren’t out yet.


After reading the prologue, i am initially interested in Ewan, then Alec. But after reading into their first chapter (free), i immediately purchased Logan’s story. I actually didn’t really like Logan’s character who is the typical domineering young lord, but our MC KICKASS in his route, so, yes it is worth it.

3 Top things in Logan’s route:

1. I love the tough MC, she bites, literally, his route strongly made reference to Beauty and the Beast, where she’s Belle and he’s the rude and arrogant Beast.

2. And how people suggested her to pursue other career as Beast tamer after seeing Logan fall for her.

3. Finally, Ryan’s devastated look in this route is priceless. And their constant bicker. And Logan’s cute plea for Ryan’s approval. And Ryan trying to kill himself.