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Tagged by @aftertherockets  and its taken me forever because it was both the hardest thing I’ve done and the easiest and always because I am fangirl trash and i love seeing two people in love. ANYWHOS- THIS WAY TO MY ARMADA

1. Forever Fave:  Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) 

these boys are my first, my last, my EVERYTHING. Most of my fandom life has been spent watching these two fools fall in love million times and I am ready to seem them do it a billion more. this is soul deep. its part of me. 

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2. All Time Fave:  Jim Kirk/Spock (STAR TREK- EVERY UNIVERSE)

“I suppose I’d always imagined us… outgrowing Starfleet together. Watching life swing us into our Emeritus years… (…) You once said being a starship captain was my first, best destiny… if that’s true, then yours is to be by my side. If there’s any true logic to the universe… we’ll end up on that bridge again someday.“— Kirk’s birthday holo-message to Spock (Prime) - the Shatner cameo in Star Trek (2009) that never came to be (via captainboastalot)

They are the perfect lyrics over a tight beat. FLAWLESS. If I am not stanning for these two. BURY ME. 

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2.  All Time Fave: Stiles Stilinki/ Derek Hale(Sterek)

Their love is ETERNAL and so is my love for them. No body can stop this eternal flame. 

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3. Current Fave:  Mike Ross/ Harvey Spector

Flirty, FUN, FLAWLESS BABES. I fell in love while they were also falling in love. The witty banter, the quotes, the GOT EACH OTHERS BACK, the understanding and the general risk it ALL to have you by my side. That kind of love is what we all want, 

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4. All TIme Fave: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark 

Have you ever cried watching a trailer. Well that should tell you everything you need to know about this civil war my heart can’t handle. MEANT TO BE!!!!!!

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5. Underrated Fave:  Arthur Pendragon/ Merlin 

Being part of fandom, there is an expectation of feelings everywhere and heartbreak boy did my heart break 3 years ago and its not not healed yet. Men out of their time. I WILL WAIT FOR YOU!!!! Like ask yourself has someone ever looked at you this way??????

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6. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention the following:


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I obviously have a type and all. These ships, have had me up at night. I’ve cried, i’ve wished, hoped, laughed, I’ve gotten so much life. This was also difficult but I chose to highlight couples that have in a way been a half written story. So that’s why  Booth/Bones, Mulder/Scully, Olicity, Veronica/Logan had to remain behind on the cutting room floor. I cherish them deeply but this post would have been a 100 pages long. 

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