logan lerman on ellen

My favorite celebrities of the signs

Aries: Ricky Dillon, Emma Watson, Jessie J, Jackie Chan, Robert Downey Jr.

Taurus: Sabrina Carpenter, Adele, Caspar Lee, David Beckham, Sam Smith, Francisco Lachowski, Jack and Finn Harries

Gemini: Angelina Jolie, Dan Howell, Troye Sivan, Johnny Dep, Ryan Higa, Chris Evans, Lucky Blue Smith

Cancer: Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Kevin Hart, Chris Pratt, Paul Wesley

Leo: Anna Kendrick, Shawn Mendes, Cara Delevingne, Cher Lloyd, Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Virgo: Zendaya, Cameron Dallas, Niall Horan, Kian Lawley, Dylan O'brien, Liam Payne

Libra: Rowan Blanchard, Zac Efron, Sam Pottorff, Tyler Posey, Avril Lavigne, Acacia Brinley

Scorpio: Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Clifford, Shailene Woodley, Emma Stone, Griffin Arnlund

Sagittarius: Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Bridgit Mendler, Theo James, Ian Somethalder

Capricorn: Zayn, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Hemsworth, Nina Dobrev, Logan Lerman, Grant Gustin

Aquarius: Harry Styles, Calum Hood, Ed Sheeran, Ellen Degeneres, Taylor Lautner, Phil Lester, Bea Miller

Pisces: Madison Beer, Cailee Rae, Rihanna, Victoria Justice, Kesha, Rebel Wilson, Lily Collins, Matthew Gray Gubler

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In over 30 years from now on you will be living your adult life. You will have kids and a husband and a job and your fangirl / fanboy time will be over. Of course you will remember how it was to be obsessed with all those actors, singers, bands, authors, you tubers but with your life style you won’t have time to really take a moment to think about all this.
Then one morning you’re driving home from work.
You put on the car radio and suddenly you hear the reporter mentioning the name of a certain actor, band member , author or any other celebrity who influenced your life in your teenange years.
You will think back to how you used to listen to their music, have a fan account for them, reblog every single post about them on tumblr. How you used to freak out when a new movie featuring them was about to come out, or their new book, how you were dreaming of meeting them. How they inspired you and helped you to find yourself.
And right when you are thinking about them a small smile spreads on your face and then you hear three words following their name. “Has passed away.”
And you just park your car in the nearest place and sit there in silence and take a moment till tears start streaming down your face, memories all that those people who played such a big role in your life left.

the signs as my favourite famous people
  • aries: tyler oakley, james franco
  • taurus: channing tatum, the queen
  • gemini: johnny depp, morgan freeman
  • cancer: lana del rey, benedict cumberbatch
  • leo: jennifew lawrence, anna kendrick
  • virgo: beyonce, dylan obrien
  • libra: HALSEY, austin carlile
  • scorpio: shailene woodley, lorde
  • sagittarius: taylor swift, ashley benson
  • capricorn: logan lerman, betty white
  • aquarius: ellen degeneres, vic fuentes
  • pisces: rihanna, kurt cobain

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youtubers :

  • zoella
  • jacksgap
  • joe sugg/thatcherjoe
  • marcus butler
  • grace helbig
  • caspar lee
  • alfie
  • funforlouis
  • sprinkleofglitter
  • danisnotonfire
  • amazingphil
  • troye sivan
  • tyler oakley
  • jim chapman
  • tanya burr

actors :

  • Logan Lerman
  • Ellen Page
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Christopher Nolan (and his movies, ofc)

movies/series :

  • Harry Potter
  • Inception
  • Percy Jackson
  • Divergent
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • American Horror Story

Music :

  • Imagine Dragons
  • 30 seconds to Mars
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • The Script
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Ed Sheeran
  • U2
  • oh and Hans Zimmer
  • or bands of this kind :)

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wigglez-man gave me photoshop a couple weeks ago, so i figured I’d do something with it. So I made a Danny Phantom movie poster. that’s about all i’ve been doing for two days. Each character (besides Fright Knight and Vlad) took about forty minutes to splice together and color and are made up from 3-7 images

Danny Fenton- Logan Lerman

Tucker Foley- Tyler James Williams

Sam Manson- Ellen Page

Vlad Plasmius- Michael Fassbender

Ember McLain- Ruby Rose

Freakshow- Neil Patrick Harris

I assume Fright Knight would be CGI, but maybe someone like Patrick Warburton could voice him, just cuz i think that’d be pretty great.


so i saw Logan on the Ellen show & i was totally fangirling in my seat.

he’s so cute♥

when logan said he was wearing the underwear ellen gave him & he stood up & he put his hands on his pants, i got all excited cuz i thought he was gonna pull down his pants to show us his boxers :3 ahaa

but the best was when ellen gave him the other pair of underwear that said, ‘all for one & one for all’ on the butt. damn, i needa get me a pair of that underwear(;

& omg, he’s so sweet! he went up to those two girls that were totally fangirling in their seats just like i was & he shook their hands. so lucky. ughhhh.


so i made an aot live cast and i thought i would share who i picked with everyone:

Nicholas Hoult - Eren

Ko Shibasaki - Mikasa

William Moseley - Armin

Ashley Olsen - Annie

Shane Harper - Bertolt

Alexander Ludwig - Reiner

Dane Dehaan - Jean

Eddie Redmayne - Marco

Logan Lerman - Connie

Kristen Stewart - Sasha 

Elle Fanning - Christa

Ellen Page - Ymir

Joseph Gordon Levitt - Levi 

Chris Evans - Erwin

Tina Fey - Hanji