logan is obnoxious

The Sides as messages I’ve sent to the group chat:

Virgil: No one is really prepared [for uni] just faking it.

Roman: My granddad just had the nerve to call me obnoxious 😂😂😂

Logan: Honestly I’m doing everything in my power to avoid doing the reading for tomorrow

Patton: Damn u guys r so salty meanwhile I’m making hella progress on mario kart

Prank Wars

Zach Herron

Your boyfriend of 4 months had declared prank wars when you traded his shampoo with a temporary hair dye. His hair was a muggy blue for days. He wore so many different hats to hide his hair. It had been days since the last prank you pulled on him. You scared the living shits out of him with an intruder prank, you had Logan ‘break’ into the house whilst you two were watching a scary movie.

You were sitting outside, laptop on your legs, doing some past due homework when you heard the boys walk into the house. They were in the studio recording a new song.

“Babe!” Zach called for you, you turned your head to see him and the boys smiling at you.

“Yes?” You didn’t like where this was going.

“So we have a huge favor to ask of you.” Zach started, giving you his puppy eyes, which always worked.

“What is it?” You asked, hesitating.

“Well, Logan is getting evicted, we were wondering if he could move in with us until he gets his own place?” He asked, giving you the puppy dog eyes that you couldn’t resist any longer.

“Ugh, fine. When is he coming?” You asked sighing.

“Today!” He said in his child voice. “yay! I’m not homeless anymore!”

“Oh, and Evan was also kicked out so this is perfect!” Zach quickly mentions. You gave him the stink eye. 

“This better not be a prank, or so help me, Herron, you will not like waking up tomorrow morning.” You threatened, making all the boys laugh at his reaction.

“No one will like waking up tomorrow morning.” You threaten the other boys, who all seemed to shut up instantly.

Weeks go by and you couldn’t stand living with Logan. He was loud obnoxious and annoying. The worst part about it is that Zach has yet to prank you. You were left alone with Maverick, Kong, and Logan. and you took this as an opportunity to talk to Logan.



"Can I ask you something?”


"Zach is coming up with a prank isn’t he?”

“No.” He answered too quickly.


“Yes?” He couldn’t look you in the eyes.

“what is he planning?”

“Nothing I swear.” You raised your eyebrow to the 22-year-old. “okay fine, he was gonna prank you with my pets. Tomorrow I'm 'going out of town’ and he is putting you in charge of my pets, he was gonna have some of my friends to come and 'kidnap’ my pets and scare you shitless.”

“Mhmm, did you really get evicted?” You asked him, you didn’t watch is vlogs because you basically see him every day.

“No, my apartment is getting redone, so I needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks. I’m leaving Friday.” He said.

“Want to help me prank Zach.”

“Yes, he pranked me by telling me you died in an accident last week. I need my revenge,” he said pulling out his camera. He explained to the vlog what was going on. You were going to pretend to be taking a shower and Logan is going to pretend to be watching you, jacking off.

“Is everything set?” Logan asked you, you were dressed in a strapless top and shorts with a towel wrapped around your body and your hair was wet. 

“Yes I just texted Zach that I just came back from a hike, I’m about to shower and that Logan just left to talk to his realtor.” You said to the camera. There were hidden cameras everywhere. If you weren’t the one that put the cameras in their places, you wouldn’t notice them.

“And I made it look like I just got home. My vlog camera, shoes and backpack near the door.” Logan informed you.

“Babe!” You heard Zach’s voice boom throughout the house.

“They are here” you whispered and moved away from the door. Your bedroom had a bathroom and from the doorway of your bedroom you can look into the bathroom but you cannot see the shower, just the toilet and a cabinet where the towels are kept.

You turned the shower on and hid in the corner, Logan was standing by the cracked open door, he had the perfect angle to see the shower. He had his hand in his pants, palming himself. When the door to your bedroom opened you heard Zach shouting and yelling.

“What the fuck are you doing Logan!” Zach shouted Logan reacted, totally shocked.

“You’re supposed to be at the studio." 

"So you can fuck my girlfriend?! No! Get out! Get the fuck out!” Zach yanked Logan by the ear. You turned the shower off, storming out of the bathroom.

“Babe? Why are you shouting?” You asked walking out, and following Zach yank, Logan.

“Logan was jacking off to you in the shower!! Did you know that? Did you let him?” He shouted but didn’t stop yanking Logan.

“Dude dude, I wasn’t doing anything, I swear.” Logan tried. Getting the other boys attention.

“You weren’t doing anything, Logan, your hand was in your pants, Y/n was in the shower! I saw you!” Zach was beyond pissed. You looked at Logan and nodded. He started to crack up laughing. 

“You think this is funny? Dude, this is so wrong on so many levels, she’s 16! You’re 22!” Zach yelled at Logan.

“You trying to catch a case?!” He shouted at Logan, not meaning to sound funny.

“No, no, this is funny, you’ve just been pranked, bro.” He said laughing, pointing to the hidden cameras then to you, you dropped the towel, revealing you’re not so fully clothed body.

Zach started laughing at himself, shaking his head. You felt bad.

“Babe, I’m sorry. But you were gonna scare the living shit out of me, I had to win Prank Wars, I’m sorry.” You pulled him in for a hug. His head lied on your shoulder.

“Okay fine, you will prank wars!” He raised the white flag, making you smile but you still felt bad.


We Could Just Pretend There’s Nothing On My Mind

For: Ella, @ella-menoh-p-writings
By: Sonya, @aninnerchaos
Summary: Harry Styles is the bane of Logan Dixon’s existence. He’s annoying, obnoxious, and everything she dislikes in a person. That is, until he’s not.
Word count: 4,820 words
Warnings: None
Main pairing: Harry Styles/OFC

Logan has a headache. It’s hitting her right between her temples, and it feels like an army of the spider monkeys she just finished giving a talk on are sitting inside of her skull, banging about with hammers. It’s not a migraine, because the bright lights of the exhibits aren’t making her poorly or anything, she just has a headache.

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