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Lad, elevator, mcdonals ask; logic, morality, anxiety

omg i… did not expect to get one of these on my main blog omg!! im so excited thank you so much….

• get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester

I know you were probably expecting I would say Logic, but I feel like Logan would be… quite intense about grades and science, so Anxiety!! I feel like he would put in the effort, but not take it too seriously. Maybe have a couple of laughs !!

• get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours

Morality!!! I feel like Patton would be very calm in this situation (and since I’m lowkey scared of being in elevators, help me if I had an anxiety attack). Also, he’s the most likely to have snacks, since 10 hours is a lot

• get as my employee trainer for my new job at mcdonalds

Logic!!!!! I’m a person who needs clear boundaries and directions, or else I’m always scared of messing up, and I feel like he would give me very definite directions, probably without me asking, as well! He also would know all the Secrets™ on how to do things in the most efficient way!

Thank you so much for asking…. that makes me feel really happy, thank you.

  • magneto: back in my day there wasn't all of this business with otters and bears and twinks and twunks tops and bottoms u were just gay and that was it
  • logan: spoken like a true twunk bottom
So like is anyone else noticing this pattern ?

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They all have beards too…