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Talk the Talk and Walk the Plank

i didn’t see any fics featuring Talk Like A Pirate day, which is pretty much a crime?? that holiday is my jam. anyway i took it upon myself to write one even tho it’s garbage.

no ships (except the pirate kind) but read it however you like

Every day, Logan woke up at six thirty, just before the sun and far before everyone else. He spent about an hour in his room preparing for the day; he got dressed, reviewed his schedule, and ticked off yesterday - the eighteenth- on his calendar. At seven thirty-two, he headed downstairs to look for something to eat.

In the living room, things were not quite as routine. Patton, normally groggy at this hour (if even awake), was sitting on the couch humming cheerfully to himself. He was wearing an eyepatch underneath his glasses, clearly hand decorated with a little grinning skull.

“Patton, what happened to your eye?” Logan was almost certain the sides couldn’t get injured. They most certainly could not be injured enough to require an eyepatch, and he couldn’t think of a reason Patton would need to protect his eyes, either.

Patton looked up at Logan with a grin. Logan noticed that Patton was decorating more eyepatches with little skull designs – did he need that many? “Good morning, Lo!” He sprang to his feet and held out an eyepatch. “Would you like one?”

“I would not. My eyes have not been injured, nor do I need to shield them. Do you?”

“Nope! It’s just fun.” Patton plopped back onto the couch, resuming his eyepatch decorating.

A beat passed. “Am I missing something?” Logan frowned, scouring his mind.

With wide eyes - well, one wide eye - and mock astonishment, Patton stared up at him. “Goodness Logan, don’t you know what today is?”

“Clearly not.”

Patton broke into a grin. “It’s Talk Like a Pirate day!”

Logan winced – he remembered now. 

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👏 But 👏 Roman 👏 still 👏 isn’t 👏 that 👏 fine 👏

Where? When?

Summary: Logan is not like many others: he has three soul markings, instead of one. That should theoretically give him a higher chance in finding them, but… Sometimes he wonders if he’ll ever be able to meet them at all.

Pairing: LAMP.

Triggers/warnings: small sad moment somewhere in the middle.

Words: 4997 words, what on earth happened?!

A/N: I AM NEVER WRITING IN PRESENT TENSE EVER AGAIN! Oh my lord, I lost count of how many times I had to go back to fix the tense!

The amazing @thomassandersownsmysoul gave me permission to write their Soulmates? Soulmates. fic from Logan’s point of view (or what I think is Logan’s point of view). I started writing before I read part 2, so if any details in this story contradict with that, please keep in mind that their work is the ‘canon fanfiction’ and this is a fanfiction of that fanfiction. Still, I’m surprised how alike the scenes are :)

Without further ado, please enjoy!

An outlier. A person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set. Logan associates the word with himself, and rightfully so. He doesn’t have one soul marking, after all, but three.

One is written on his thigh, and it’s a fairly personal one: ‘So this is the infamous Logan.’ Logan doesn’t really know what to make of this at first. He doesn’t picture himself to be the type to have a reputation that would lead to people calling him ‘infamous’, but later he concludes that his soulmate is most likely teasing him or creating a lighter mood.

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