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“BLOOD OF THE MANTA” part two! After learning he’s the son of the villainous Black Manta, Jackson Hyde is forced to join his father on a journey to find the ocean’s greatest treasure—a game-changing weapon that would spell disaster for anyone in Manta’s way. Meanwhile, Damian’s status as team leader is challenged by Starfire, who recruits Tempest to help track down their missing member! Will the Teen Titans find their friend before Black Manta gains ultimate power?
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Headcanons in The Legend of the Frost Stone

So, I have a few headcanons that I’m going to be using in the story, and I felt that I should probably explain them, so that everyone knows where they’re coming from, since some may seem off without explanation.

As far as ages go… (of course I also believe that the characters will age as the story goes on so this is as of 2017, before Season 3)
Lance: 18
Hunk: 18
Keith: 18
Pidge: 16
Shiro: 22
Allura: 197 (Earth equivalent: 20)
Coran: 450 (Earth equivalent: 45)

I also have height headcanons that may be important
Lance: 6'2"
Hunk: 6'1"
Keith: 5'3"
Pidge: 4'11"
Shiro: 6'6"
Allura: 5'5"
Coran: 5'9"

For races/country of origin
Lance: Born in Cuba, moved to US at age 16 to attend the Garrison. Mother: Cuban, Father: ¼ Brazilian, ¾ Altean. Result; Lance: 3/8 Altean, 5/8 Cuban
Hunk: Born in the Samoas (not to be confused with the American Somoas), moved to US at age 16 to attend the Garrison. Mother: 7/8 Samoan, 1/8 Filipino, Father: Samoan. Result; Hunk: 15/16 Samoan, 1/16 Filipino.
Keith: Born in Texas. Mother: Galra, Father, ¼ American, ½ Japanese, ¼ Korean. Result; Keith: ½ Galra, ¼ Japanese, 1/8 Korean, 1/8 American.
Pidge: Born in Canada, moved to US at age 14 to attend Garrison (posed as a 16yr old). Mother: ½ Canadian, ½ French, Father: Canadian. Result; Pidge: ¼ French, ¾ Canadian.
Shiro: Born in Japan, moved to Denmark at age 3, moved to US at age 18 to attend Garrison. Mother: 1/8 Icelandic, 7/8 Danish, Father: ½ Japanese, ½ unknown (it’s a special secret, for now). Result; Shiro: 1/16 Icelandic, 15/16 Danish, ¼ Japanese, ¼ unknown.

I h/c Lance having a twin, his name is Logan
I h/c Matt and Pidge as twins
I h/c Shiro with a twin, named Sven (b/c of Sven and also because Sven apparently had a twin in the original)
Lance’s dad is somewhere in space, because he left when Lance was 2 in order to protect him and his mother from people targeting his dad. His dad is named “Pedro” to humans, but his alien name is Dujfiem.

“Tell me you’ve seen a short brunette running around. I’m trying to find her but you know, she’s short so I can’t see her,” he claimed, crossing his arms as he stood tall, wanting to claim power over the person he’s talking to. “She’s about yay high, always so fucking cheery and makes me want to puke, but definitely got to love her,” he claimed as he smirked, spotting the girl around the corner. “Ah there she is, beautiful isn’t she?” He asked.

Stephanie was talking on the phone with her photographer, smiling as they planned out a a session. The second she saw the boy, the boy who scared her multiple times over the years she’s known him. “I-o-okay, I’m going to have to c-call you back,” she whispered, seeing the boy look at her and shaking her head, trying to take deep breaths. She heard her name being called, she immediately walked over, just as she was trained all those years ago, “Uh… h-hey Logan,” she whispered, pushing her hair to the side, “I d-didn’t know you were visitng,” she continued, avoiding his eyes and looking at the person he was talking to. “I’m sorry excuse him, he doesn’t have a filter,” she tried to give a smile, forcing it and trying to hold back a flinch as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. “He’s a fun one isn’t he?” She asked, grimacing, already regretting her choice of words, looking up at him with sorry eyes.