logan for all and all for logan

so as a game for myself on my second watch through of Logan i kept count of how many times i at least shed a tear. it was 7 times total, at the following lines/scenes (in order):

  • “she is not my daughter, but i love her. you may not love her, but she is your daughter.”
  • “this is what it feels like to live. to be safe, to have a home, surrounded by people who love you.”
  • “it wasn’t me. it wasn’t me.”
  • “there’s water.”
  • “people hurt me.”…“i hurt people.”
  • the entire death scene. are you kidding me. “there are no more guns in the valley.”

honorable mentions (ie i didnt cry but i got very teary eyed)

  • when they watch the shane movie and the end lines are delivered. just knowing what was coming
  • “you want to die. charles told me.” “what else did he tell you?” “to not let you.”
  • the immediately following scene when she gets out the car, moves logan, and drives off

and also

  • the entire johnny cash end credits song that i sobbed over and haunts my dreams tbh
  • what i expected going into see Logan: a bloody gory action packed Wolverine film with zero chill and maximum violence
  • what i got: a father/ son father/daughter roadtrip flick through children of men stylescape of dystopian heartbreak that deals with issues of human trafficking and the exploitation of women of color's bodies and genetic engineering ethics that made me cry multiple times

Logan AU where everyone is alive and happy. Charles, Logan and Laura lives together. Logan is a grumpy daddy, Charles is the coolest grandpa. Nothing bad happened.

Bonus: Laura have a dog and named it Wolverine. Logan doesn’t like it. Charles can’t stop laughing everytime Laura calls it.
Bonus n2: Caliban is here too, he is the strange-but-funny uncle and cooks cookies for Laura everytime.


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We all know how astonishingly talented Thomas is and how much time, effort and love he’s put into making the SanderSides, so much that at this point it’s extremely difficult to see his characters as Thomas, even though they are all literally him. They all have their own looks and little quirks, like the way they sound, stand, the things they say, the way they move, and even their own personalities. The way Prince has his hand gestures, how Anxiety ducks his head, how Dad adjusts his glasses and Logic straightens his tie. I really, really appreciate how much thought and effort Thomas puts into them all, but I also love the little things. Like how his editing is always neat and on point, no matter how frustrating and exhausting it must be to flip scenes and add audio with 3-5 different characters. How every time they appear on screen, there is quiet music specifically for them playing in the background that you can hear if you listen carefully. How Thomas has made such great content that even though we may have our favourite characters, we love them all. I just want everyone to appreciate @thatsthat24 for his hard work, for how dedicated and amazing and lovely he is, and for his overall brilliance. We love you!