One of the research tasks my boss has me doing this week is just doing a basic report on Catalina Island - camping, boat tie ups, how many people visit each year… basic shit like that.

Well that’s all boring. So I’m thinking about adding a little life into my report and titling it:

“Catalina Island - The Place Where Logan and Veronica Didn’t Get to Go On A Date (thanks TAD)”



veronica mars movie anniversary
favourite moment of character development

Obviously the whole film is about Veronica’s development, her acceptance of who she really is. But this moment just struck me as a beautiful instance showing how both she and Logan have already grown. Logan’s ready to be open and honest with her; he’s willing to be vulnerable and possibly judged. He’s not expecting unconditional trust, but is ready to earn it by trusting her in return. And Veronica’s no longer asking him to fight for every inch of trust she’s willing to give. She’s not looking for a reason to disbelieve him any more. She knows who Logan is, and that’s enough.