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5 opening credits: Veronica Mars

a long time ago, we used to be friends but i haven’t thought of you lately at all
come on now, sugar


“Duncan was an incredibly dark character , otherwise he could never have ordered Clarence Wiedman to kill Aaron, and that was not explored enough in Season 2. I wouldn’t have minded Veronica and Duncan being together in Season 2 if the writers had put more depth to the Duncan character instead of being in such a rush to write him off. I liked it when Duncan yelled at Logan about Logan’s father killing Lilly. I wanted to see Duncan yell at his mother for telling him that Veronica was his half-sister. I wanted to see Duncan and Veronica fight about how he ignored Veronica for a whole year, how Veronica went out with Logan and how he knew about Meg’s pregnancy. I wanted to see the darker side of him which was there but never explored in much depth.”

“Logan will always be Veronica’s second choice and I think a lot of LoVe shippers choose to ignore that. She will always love Duncan and she would never pick Logan over him. Logan only has a shot because she can’t be with Duncan. I think that’s something to think about when people go on and on about how LoVe is epic.”