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Could you write something about Sanders sides cuddling all together in a tree house? maybe teenagers? I totally love your shorts and I need more! yoU aRe maKING me addicted!

Oookay all right! * Claps hands * Let’s do this! This took a little turn. Just a heads up, there’ll be a little reference only @creepy-skull-arts will get, or anyone that read „stay in place (sing a chorus)“ by SoloChaos on AO3. (Go read it here. It heavily inspired Rps that I had, thus this idea now! It’s really just a teeny tiny reference, no biggo!). Also a teeny tiny reference to “Kagerou Daze” x) It’s not completely teen-Sanders though, hope that’s okay.

Pairing: Polyamsanders

Note: Thomas appears in this, his brothers are mentioned as well. Please keep in mind this is all fiction and not meant to harm anyone I do not know about Thomas’ past and private life, things that happen in this story are mere fiction for this request. Thank you! (I’ll put a little “Keep reading” under the first little part of this, because it’s long)

Past will be written like this
Present like this


Virgil was lying on the couch in the living room, hands folded on his tummy and staring at the ceiling. There was something. Something he felt like he wanted to remember. Something important! But he couldn’t. For hours he kept digging through Thomas’ memory, trying to figure out what it is that he was searching for.

Closer. He was getting closer, he felt it. He was halfway through Thomas’ teenager years and-

“Hey, kiddo! What'chu doing?”

Patton walked into the room, a big picnic blanket and two pillows in his arm, looking over at Virgil, who didn’t even react. He didn’t say anything and kept staring at the wall, determined to not get distracted by anything.

“Ro, Lo and I found something again in the forest and wanted to know if-”

Getting a little bit startled, Patton stepped lightly back as Virgil sat up out of a sudden yelling:”THE TREE HOUSE!”

“Yes-…we found the tree house again. We wanted to check it out together with you so-”

Never in his time before has Morality seen Anxiety jumping up like this, running to get his shoes and to put on his jacket. Never. At least, not in a actually calm situation.

Anxiety was actually…hopping at the spot, looking excited for the first time in days, chanting:”Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

A chuckle escaped Patton’s throat and he stepped up to Virgil, taking his hand gently and walking out with him.

“Come on, Virge, the others are waiting for us.”

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These are the four best pictures ever taken of grayson bailey dolan ever this is not up for discussion don’t @ me


Inspired by Thomas Sanders’ ( @thatsthat24 ) Sanders Sides, meet the two-year-old girl version of the sides! Anxiety might just be my favorite because baby girl is just so so so cute. (Also, bowtie instead of a necktie because it looks so much cuter on her, even if it is too big, and because BOWTIES ARE COOL)