logan and quinn

my all time favourite shipping trope is “i hate you so much but shit you’re also very attractive so i guess we can make out some but tell no one” and that sort of works until they fall in love and suddenly it’s “oh shit now we have to tell people because if someone hits on you again i might just break something”

5 ships I’d go down with

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(these are in no particular order)

1) Neal and Sara - White Collar 

I looooooove them so much and i will always be sad about their ending. also tbh she was the only girl i liked neal with.

2) Angela and Hodgins - Bones

LITERALLY MY ANGELS. they are so perfect for eachother i cant believe it. i will support them until bones ends 

3) Riley and Farkle - Girl Meets World

this one is so obvious . my babies. they have so much chemistry and care for eachother and their story could be just beautiful. the way they look at eachother makes me so happy

4) Laurel and Frank - How To Get Away With Murder

Im not really sure how people feel about their ship but personaly i love it???? the tension is soososososojdkdj and they are rlly hot together 

5) Logan and Quinn - Zoey 101

ok who doesnt ship them??? their first kiss was so cute and omg i just loooooove them

ok well i tag @rlymtthws @gmwrucasgmw @farklemlnkus @farklicious @rilaya-baywindow and @darlingriley :)

Blue eyes dark hair ...

It’s what I mean when I say Blue eyes dark hair :

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maple’s fancasts: harley quinn fc suggestions

  • logan browning (27) age range – 23 - 28
  • janel parrish (27) age range – 22 - 27
  • lee sungkyung (25) age range – 18 - 25
  • krystal jung (21) age range – 17 - 22
  • lana parrilla (39) age range – 35 - 40
  • anna maria perez de tagle (25) age range – 21 - 26
  • melanie martinez (21) age range – 16 - 21
  • vanessa lengies (31) age range – 23 - 29