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Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides Hamilton AU

I chose this according to their personality and who would be more likely to do [blank] so please don’t hate:

Thomas - Alexander Hamilton (duh)

Joan - John Laurens (Like they look gay just like them and it’s to much I love them ;-;)

Valerie - Marquis de Lafayette (She has that attitude and fighting spirit and her rapping guns and ships sounds like an amazing idea)

Leo - Hercules Mulligan (He seems big and aggressive but is really a cinnamon roll)

Virgil - Aaron Burr (like I’m playing him as a bad guy he’s my child but I feel like he has a lil of Burr’s personality and looks up to Thomas)

Patton - Eliza Schuyler (he’s so bubbly, kind and passionate just like her, and if you’re thinking Burn is not really a Patton thing then remember when he uses his dad voice and when he almost cried)

Roman - Angelica Schuyler ( just think about it, think about Roman singing Satisfied and Congratulations… think about it for a moment and you’ll understand why…)

Logan - Peggy Schuyler (just yes)

Jon Cozart - Thomas Jefferson (yes I know they are good friends but Jon just have the exact attitude of Jefferson and we know that when him and Thomas go toe to toe it’s always promising ex: Vine vs YouTube)

Benny - Maria Reynolds ( I just…. I need his voice singing Say No To This and he is literally the male version of Maria… and he could probably very easily seduce someone)

Feel free to add more and change some things or even remake some lyrics

Prince's Interlude

//tagging @prinxietys because they love Hamilton more than I do, and @notallpotatoesarefrenchfries because I love them\

~Ship: Logince(squint) and Logicality~
::Song: Laurens’ Interlude (Hamilton)::

‘I…may not live to see our glory.’ Roman coughed, a bit of blood spurting out as he feebly fought the wound he’d taken to his abdomen.

“Logan?” Patton knocked on the door to the study before poking his head in. In one hand was a crisp white letter, with a bright red seal holding it closed. “There’s a letter to you from Fantasia.”

'But I will gladly join the fight.’ It had been going so well! He’d just cleared out the campsite with his army when BAM! The enemy were everywhere. He’d jumped in front of a bullet meant for one of his own, hoping that the man made it out.

“Oh, it’s from Roman. I’ll read it later.” Logan continued writing out the speech he’d been preparing for their leader, on hopes that they could spur the country into production.

“No. It’s…not.” Patton bit his lower lip as Logan looked over with a blank stare.

'And when our children tell our story…’ Roman clutched the wound tightly, the chaos of the fight fading into a dull buzz as he felt himself sinking away.

“…will you read it?” If Logan was given the letter, he’d just tear it into a thousand pieces.

Patton nodded, and broke the seal with tearful eyes.

'They’ll tell the story of tonight…’ He was nearly gone, everything rushing out with the blood loss as he felt himself sinking away.

“On Tuesday the 27th…Lieutenant Colonel Roman Sanders was killed in a gunfight against some rebel troops, in Fantasia. These troops…” Patton paused to swallow back a sob, keeping it together for Logans sake. “These troops had not heard the war was over and attacked. He’s buried here until his family can send for his remains…”

Patton took in a deep breath before shakily going on. “As you…as you know, Lieutenant Colonel Roman was engaged in recruiting 3,000 women for the…for the first women battalion. The…the surviving members of this battalion have been…been sent back to their housewife ways.”

'Tomorrow…there’ll be more of us…’ Roman’s eyes closed slowly, the last image imprinted on his eyelids being of Logan, smiling as he worked on another errand for their leader. He took a shaky last breath, and was still.

“Logan…a-are you alright?” Patton’s words were met with silence. A long, tense silence, that ended when Patton turned to leave. Finally, Logan spoke.

“I…have so much work to do.”

Popular Names from Across the Globe (2013)

The numbers are in! Here is a list of the most popular names of each country that releases statistics from the year 2013.

Girls: Nareh, Mari, Maneh, Milena, Ani, Anahit, Mariam, Mariya, Elen, Anna.
Boys: Davit, Narek, Gor, Hayk, Alex, Arman, Tigran, Erik, Samvel, Alen.

Girls: Charlotte, Ruby, Lily, Olivia, Chloe, Sophie, Emily, Mia, Amelia, Ava.
Boys: William, Jack, Oliver, Noah, Ethan, Thomas, Lucas, James, Cooper, Jackson.

Girls: Anna, Hannah, Sophie, Emma, Sarah, Sophia, Marie, Lena, Laura, Mia.
Boys: Tobias, Lukas, Maximilian, Felix, Jakob, David, Paul, Jonas, Elias, Alexander. 

Girls: Sofía, Emilia, Florencia, Antonella, Martina, Isidora, Maite, Josefa, Amanda, Agustina.
Boys: Agustín, Benjamín, Vicente, Martín, Matías, Joaquín, Tomás, Maximiliano, Mateo, Cristóbal.

Czech Republic
Girls: Eliska, Tereza, Adéla, Anna, Natálie, Karolína, Nela, Barbora, Lucie, Kristýna.
Boys: Jakub, Jan, Matyáš, Adam, Tomás, David, Lukás, Ondrej, Filip, Vojtech.

Girls: Sofia, Ida, Isabella, Emma, Freja, Clara, Sofie, Anna, Josefine, Laura.
Boys: William, Lucas, Noah, Victor, Emil, Frederik, Oliver, Oscar, Magnus, Alexander.

Girls: Amelia, Olivia, Emily, Jessica, Ava, Isla, Poppy, Isabella, Sophie, Mia.
Boys: Oliver, Jack, Harry, Jacob, Charlie, Thomas, Oscar, James, William, George. 

Girls: Sofia, Maria, Laura, Sandra, Lisandra/Milana, Anna, Viktoria, Emma, Mirtel, Mia.
Boys: Rasmus, Robin, Artjom, Martin, Markus, Nikita, Romet, Oliver, Oskar/Sander, Kristofer.

Note: These are the popular names amongst Finnish speakers.
Girls: Emma, Aino, Aada, Venla, Sofia, Emilia, Ella, Helmi, Iida, Siiri.
Boys: Onni, Elias, Leo, Oliver, Eetu, Veeti, Aleksi, Niilo, Eino, Leevi.

Note: Germany rates name popularity by name and not spelling.
Girls: Sophie/Sofie, Marie, Sophia/Sofia, Maria, Mia, Emma, Hannah/Hanna, Anna, Emilia, Johanna.
Boys: Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Luca/Luka, Ben, Luis/Louis, Elias, Leon, Lucas/Lukas, Noah.

Girls: Hanna, Anna, Jázmin, Luca, Emma, Nóra, Lili, Zsófia, Zoé, Csenge.
Boys: Bence, Máté, Levente, Ádám, Dávid, Dominik, Dániel, Balázs, Milán, Gergö.

Girls: Saanvi, Aanya, Aadhya, Aaradhya, Ananya, Pari, Anika, Navya, Angel, Diya.
Boys: Aarav, Vivaan, Aditya, Vihaan, Arjun, Reyansh, Muhammad, Sai, Arnav, Ayaan.

Girls: Emily, Emma, Sophie, Ella, Amelia, Aoife, Ava, Lucy, Grace, Sarah.
Boys: Jack, James, Daniel, Conor, Sean, Adam, Ryan, Michael, Harry, Noah.

Girls: Sofia, Giulia, Aurora, Emma, Giorgia, Martina, Chiara, Sara, Alice, Gaia.
Boys: Francesco, Alessandro, Andrea, Lorenzo, Mattia, Matteo, Gabriele, Leonardo, Riccardo, Tommaso. 

Girls: Tess, Sophie, Julia, Emma, Lisa, Fenna, Mila, Sara, Lotte, Zoë.
Boys: Sem, Levi, Bram, Daan, Finn, Milan, Lucas, Luuk, Jesse, Jayden.

New Zealand
Girls: Charlotte, Emily, Ruby, Sophie, Olivia, Isla, Amelia, Ava, Isabella, Ella.
Boys: Oliver, Jack, James, William, Mason, Liam, Samuel, Lucas, Noah, Thomas.

Girls: Emma, Ingrid, Sofie, Nora, Emilie, Ida, Julie, Thea, Ella, Sara.
Boys: William, Oliver, Mathias, Magnus, Liam, Sebastian, Emil, Jonas, Henrik, Noah.

Girls: Lena, Julia, Zuzanna, Maja, Zofia, Amelia, Hannah, Aleksandra, Wiktoria, Natalia.
Boys: Jakub, Kacper, Filip, Szymon, Jan, Antoni, Michal, Wojciech, Mateusz, Bartosz.

Girls: Maria, Matilde, Leonor, Mariana, Carolina, Beatriz, Ana, Inês, Lara, Margarida.
Boys: João, Rodrigo, Martim, Francisco, Santiago, Tomás, Guilherme, Afonso, Miguel, Gonçalo.

Girls: Maria, Elena, Ioana, Andreea, Alexandra, Antonia, Daria, Stefania, Ana, Gabriela.
Boys: Andrei, David, Alexandru, Gabriel, Stefan, Ionut, Mihai, Cristian, Daniel, Darius.

Girls: Sophie, Olivia, Emily, Isla, Lucy, Ava, Jessica, Amelia, Ella, Millie.
Boys: Jack, James, Lewis, Oliver, Daniel, Logan, Alexander, Lucas, Charlie, Harry.

Girls: Sara, Eva, Lara, Ema, Ana, Nika, Julija, Lana, Zala, Zoja.
Boys: Luka, Nik, Jakob, Filip, Zan, Mark, David, Jaka, Jan, Ziga.

Girls: Lucía, María, Paula, Daniela, Martina, Carla, Sara, Sofía, Valeria, Julia.
Boys: Hugo, Daniel, Pablo, Alejandro, Álvaro, Adrián, David, Mario, Diego, Javier.

Girls: Alice, Maja, Elsa, Ella, Julia, Ebba, Alicia, Olivia, Alva, Wilma.
Boys: Lucas, William, Oscar, Oliver, Hugo, Charlie, Liam, Alexander, Axel, Elias.

Girls: Zeynep, Elif, Ecrin, Yagmur, Zehra, Azra, Nisanur, Nehir, Belinay, Hiranur.
Boys: Yusuf, Berat, Mustafa, Amet, Ömer, Emir, Mehmet, Muhammed, Emirhan, Eymen.

United States of America
Girls: Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison, Elizabeth.
Boys: Noah, Liam, Jacob, Mason, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, Jayden, Daniel.

Girls: Amelia, Olivia, Ava, Ruby, Emily, Poppy, Ella, Mia, Isla, Isabella.
Boys: Oliver, Jacob, Jack, Charlie, Alfie, Noah, Harry, Riley, William, Dylan.

Attack on Titan Fan Cast

EREN = Logan Lerman (He’s good at playing the leading role, and his eyes look exactly like Eren’s!)

ERWIN = Chris Evans (Pictures of him as Erwin have being circulating around tumblr. And I can’t think of anyone more perfect for the role! Except maybe Micheal Fassbender who’s probably closer to Erwin’s actual age.)

MIKASA = Lina Ohta (So far she’s being my favourite suggestion, after Rinko Kikuchi, who seems too mature for the role of a 16yr Mikasa IMO. Even though I loved her in Pacific Rim and it has a lot of similarities to Aot.)

LEVI = Dane Dehaan or Richard Harmon (Edward Ferlang once looked like the splitting image of Levi but unfurtunatelly not anymore. Dane however, is 28 years old. So like Levi he looks way younger than his actual age! And he could totally rock Levi’s hairstyle and finesse. He proved the latter in spider-man! Joseph Gordon Levitt would also be perfect as Levi. He’s 33 and like Dane looks way younger then his actual age.) I’ve added Richard Harmon from the 100 because he really looks like Levi in a way!

JEAN = Jake Abel  (Jake and Sam Caflin instantly came to mind for Jean. He has the face and the attitude! And also played -fittingly- Logan Lerman’s friend/foe in Percy Jackson!)

ARMIN = Evan Peters (Asa Butterfield is probably more fitting but Evan would make Armin look like a God…)

REINER = Alexander Ludwig (Reiner either looks like a soccer player or a viking. So thur! Viking it is.)

BERTHOLDT = Brendan Dooling (He gots the face.)

KRISTA = Annasophia Robb (Elle Fanning and Chloe Grace Moretz are also good choices. I just though Anna had more delicate features out of the three and can play docile better.)

YMIR = Keira Knightly (I couldn’t think of anyone for Ymir. So I picked Kaya Scodelario at first. Based on the fact that she has freckles. Now I changed it to Keira Knightly who has a more sculpted face. Because I think Kaya is way too petite and feminine for the role. Also Keira was in this movie with Chloe Grace Moretz -in the picture below. And Chloe also kind of looks like Krista…So yeah.)

CONNIE = Dylan O'Brien (Another popular choice for Connie. Hair/face wise, he’s perfect!)

SASHA/ISABEL = Emma Stone (I think she can totally rock Sasha! or Isabel Magnolia!)

HANJI = Falicia Day (If there’s an actor that could embody the awesomeness that is Hanji that would be Felicia! She’s pretty much made to play Hanji, same eccentricity!)

MIKE = David Wenham (Even though he’s a bit old now. Hair is nearly there, but nowhere near as groomed. There are other pictures of him with a shorter haircut, sporting the same facial hair as Mike!)

PIXIS = Patrick Stewart (Pixis in the flesh! Terry o'Quinn from Lost (John Locke) would also make a great Pixis! or Ben Kingsley.)

ANNIE = Saroise Ronan (Her character in Hanna was sort of similar to Annie. Trained to be a killing machine and yada yada.)

PETRA = Jane Levy (Fittingly her surname is Levy eheh.)

MARCO = Max Irons (He’s played Jake Abel’s close friend before. Marco reminds me more of Jason Biggs (American pie leading actor) but he’s 36 years old now.)

GRISHA = Mads Mikkelsen (He can play the doctor well, he can play anything well! Other photos of him wearing glasses have a remarkable resemblance to Grisha.)

DARIUS = Timothy Dalton (Need someone with presence for this role and who better than Mr Dalton to play Commander-in-chief, Zackly, leader of all the military divisions?)

CARLA = Jennifer Connelly (I think she has very similar eyes to Eren’s mum.)

KENNY = Hugh Jackman (Can you just imagine Levi as Wolverine’s protege? :o Richard Armitage also looks like Kenny! I keep thinking of Levi as the Artful Dodger and Kenny as Sykes!)

NILE = Norman Reedus (Same hair style and facial hair- which is so contradicting since Nile is supposed to be working in the ‘glamour’ of wall Sina. You’d think he’d be more well-kept like Erwin. Norman would probably make us NOT hate Nile, even when he acts like a dick towards Erwin- which is most of the times.)

HANNES = Matt Ryan (Couldn’t find many pictures with Paul Bettany with facial hair. So I changed Hannes to Matt, actor from the Constantine Tv show. Who I think has a close resamblance.)

KEITH = Michael Rooker (Woody Herrelson and Bryan Cranston also came to mind. Michael doesn’t have a long thin face like Keith but he could totally scare the crap out of new recruits!)