…how about both? :D;; i didn’t mean for this to be so involved but it kinda turned into a rival CEO-type AU… i just went with it. thanks for the request!! <3

[insert your own joke about a longstanding merger]

here’s 2016! my favorite year so far, art-wise! i was surprised that there were a lot of favorites to pick from for each month this year.. it felt nice to be happy with my art, finally!! 

2016 gave me a lot of artistic endeavors that i was so lucky to be able to experience. i’ve explored, learned, and achieved so much. i burned out a bit during oct~dec since it’s been a very VERY busy year, almost to the point that it’s overwhelming but it was fun so i don’t mind!! i’m so thankful for all the work and the projects i got to partake in this year… it was all my first time to do such things and it was so amazing!! being given the opportunity to work with so many great artists and befriend some them has made it even more enjoyable. i thank all my followers too, old and new, for your continuous support ♡ ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ ♡

thank you for such a splendid art year!!! i look forward to spending 2017 with you all!


Forest Minimal Techno! XD


anonymous asked:

How do you bring up allowance on the second date?

In my view, you’ve waited too long if you haven’t discussed it by the second date! As I detailed in Spot the real POT (Part III):  How a real POT handles the “allowance talk”, a POT should bring up the subject of allowance early, and, if he doesn’t that may be a problem:

He should bring the subject up himself, and, if he doesn’t make sure that you do! The way to spot a real POT is based, in large measure, how long it takes for the subject of allowance to be raised and how seriously it gets discussed after it has been raised. If you find yourself in an endless cycle of text messages, skype calls, or even dates and he has not yet broached the subject, he ain’t the real deal. 

But, all is not lost!  I’m going to give you my thoughts on how to break this log jam and get the allowance talk out in the open!  But first, let’s give you a good frame of reference to help you confidently approach the subject.

We all know that, generally, an arrangement involves two very important subjects:  money and sex.  Sure, there are a lot of other facets to an arrangement, and, for the most part, they are easy to discuss, so we need not dwell on them.  The real “sensitive” issues that seem to freak out most SBs are money and sex.  Taking the second topic first, some SBs are concerned that talking about sex “cheapens” them and that it should not be discussed! Nothing is further from the truth!  In For goodness sake, SBs, don’t be afraid of your pussy; talk about sex! I wrote the following:

Talking about sex cheapens you only when you allow the guy to do the talking and not yourself!  I think women should spend more time talking about sex, not less. And, I don’t mean you have to be a “perv” about it, but my point is this:  in an arrangement, money and sex are on the table.  If you do not take a seat at the table and talk about what you want, financially and sexually, you are never going to be heard!  Guys aren’t shy about taking about what they want, often in the most graphic, if not juvenile terms.  Why should you treat it as taboo?  You rob yourself of your most powerful strength when it comes to negotiating an arrangement with a SD if you do so.  You see the posts about the “power of the pussy”.  You think that’s a joke?  I’m here to tell you that it is true.  You gotta talk about it!  Once you realize that, once you understand and internalize that you, and you alone, have what a guy desperately wants, right there, between your legs, you will be invincible, unstoppable and much better off financially. 

Here is the key:  for most guys looking for an arrangement, money and sex are all tied up into one ball.  To unwind those threads, you have to be prepared to tackle each of the subjects in a direct, straightforward way!

So, getting to the main topic, the money, understand the following truism: “Communication is key!”  What does that mean?  It means that you gotta open your mouth!  You have to talk about it!  The issue of money is critical, and, in cases where the POT doesn’t talk about it first, you have to take the lead and put it on the table!  If he gets all freaked out, offended, or evasive, you have your answer; the guy is not a legit POT and, at that point, finish your dinner, drink that wine, get dessert and then get the hell out of that restaurant and never look back!

Okay, at this point into the post, you are probably saying out loud, “look, I understand ‘Communication is key’; you say that all the time!  But, sugardaddyjournal, gimme something that I can use!”  And then you give the computer screen (or your iPhone) your patented pouty face.  Sadly, I can’t see that pouty face, but I can’t abide it!  I want you to give that screen your happy face!  So, here is what you can do:

Let’s assume your well into your second date and Tad has yet to bring up the allowance!  And you have hit this point where the conversation you’ve been having “has resolved itself based on its own volition” (kudos to you if you recognize the Seinfeld reference!  lol).  This is the perfect time to strike!

First, roll with the vibe you got with this guy; so, if you’ve been flirty, be flirty, if the vibe is more serious, then be more serious, etc.  But, roll with the vibe!  For purposes of this example, I’m going to assume a slightly flirty vibe with overtones of frankness (almost sounds like a wine tasting, eh?)  

So, hit him with this:

Tad, I have to tell you that I’m enjoying our time together!  You’re really interesting and you have been so sweet to me!  I really appreciate that!  It seems like we’re a damn fine match and I’d like to get to know you more. And, I’d feel a lot better spending the time with you so that we could get to know each other better if we got the financial end of this arrangement out of the way! You see, I’d really like to show you what it means to be your sugar baby, if you know what I mean.

That should spark him into action!  If he asks you how much you are looking for, tell him! Make sure you have a number in mind. Don’t be taken by surprise.  If he brings up sex (possibly as an attempt to “throw you off your game”), be ready for it!  Tell him, “Yes, sex is on the table!  But, not until the money is on the table!”

Let's talk about #FlyinDallas

Bounce is so good live.

During his part in Follow Me, BamBam yelled,”DAAAAMN DANIEL.”

Junior introduced himself as Youngjae.

“Because of copyright, it’s WOLO, not YOLO” -Jackson

Jackson kept talking about organic things.

They were trying to get Mark to beatbox so that Jackson could dance, but Mark made JB do it and Jackson said,”I don’t trust JB.”

Junior is surprisingly good at English? Like he said that he was nervous since Youngjae wasn’t there at first, but started feeling better thanks to us.

“I saw some Dab7 out there” -BamBam when we all dabbed with him.

They dabbed, naenaed, whipped, hit them folks, did the running man challenge, and dougied (how does one spell) multiple times in one concert.

“They told me stop dabbing, I didn’t stop. They told me stop naenaeing, I didn’t stop. They told me stop whipping, I didn’t stop.” -BamBam 

Yugyeom’s English is so cute. He’s so sweet.

JB sang “I Feel Good” (by James Brown) when asked how he felt.

Junior sang “Feel So Good” (by B.A.P) when asked how he felt.

They kept using fan’s cameras and phones to take selfies despite the “no taking pics/vids” rule.

Junior stole a Youngjae sign from a fan several times.

JB wouldn’t sing Fly acapella (is that how u even spell that) so that they could dance to it.


When I turned off my light stick when the concert ended, I thought, “Wow, it’s actually over.”


First post of My First Game Jam.  I’m nervous, but I’m going to do my best to complete the game!

The Game’s working title is just Witchboy for now.  The subtitle just looked good underneath in the titlescreen, I’ll probably change or remove it later.  

The game will be about Theodore Sinclair, a young boy witch, and how he spends his Saturday helping the town.   It’s a short adventure game (no longer than 30 minutes) and will be made in RPG Maker 2003.  Hopefully, I’ll be done with it by the 22nd!

I stared working on this game a day before because I’ll have to remove a day or two since I volunteered to beta test another RPG Maker project coming out soon.  Theo’s house seemed like it would be the best place to start with.   I’ll probably will have this as the only parallax/panorama map I’ll have in the game, since these take a lot of time to make no matter how simple the sprite style RIP

Today, I outlined the title screen and got a good start on the script, so that’s good.  I’m going to try and bang out the rest of the script Sunday, and then move on to the rest of the spriting.

Skeletal Librarian

Impatiently, I sat with hands in my lap, awaiting my answer. The skeletal librarian cleared its throat and adjusted its glasses, making soft murmurs as it pursued the book in front of it – a book, I would add later in telling this story, of indescribable beauty.

“I don’t mean this as a literary device,” I would breathlessly explain many years later to the children and grandchildren of my fellow adventurers. “This book was… oh you just had to be there. But to the story at hand…”

Sensing my stare, the skeleton looked up. “You must be patient. These things take time to find.”

“N-no, sorry, it isn’t that. I was just… wondering…”

Amused, “…yes?”

“…why do you wear glasses,” I asked the skeleton.

“To see.”

“Yes. But. You. Have. No. Eyes.” I somehow managed stuff the six words into a horrid log jam of sentences.


“I see. And the glasses help.”


I fidgeted under the eyeless stare. “How-do-you-speak-too-how-is-any-of-this?!”

The skeleton cleared its throat column, ignored my question, and returned to its research.

Quicklist of -nyms

Acronym: an abbreviation formed from the initial components of a phrase or a word that is then formed into a new “word” which is pronounceable ; It can also be a combination of the pieces of two or more words to form an entirely new word, which is also pronounceable.

Example: AIDS = Auto-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome; Nabisco = National Biscuit Company; 

Antonym: A word that is the exact opposite of another word.

Example: Hot is an antonym of cold.

Backronym: A word that is incorrectly or ironically labelled an acronym with people making up what the letters stand for despite the word not being an acronym in the first place.

Example: Adidas does *not* stand for “All Day I Dream About Sports” but is instead named after the company’s founder Adolf “Adi” Dassler.

Capitonym: A word that changes its meaning when the first letter is capitalized

Example: Polish/polish; March/march

Cryptonym: Code name

Example: “This is Log Jam. Beaver Tail, do you copy?”

Demonym: A name that describes where someone is from.

Example: Someone from United States = American; Someone from Japan = Japanese

Endonym: What people who live in certain places call themselves

Example: What we refer to as the Berber people call themselves a variant of the word i-Mazigh-en, which is thought to be translated to “free people” or “noble men”.

Exonym: What people who live in certain places are called by foreigners, or what certain places are referred to in foreign languages

Example: In contrast to the aforementioned example, the Ancient Greeks thought that all foreigners spoke gibberish (“bar-bar-bar”) and called them “barbarians”, which gave rise to the word “Berber”. For the i-Mazigh-en, “Berber” is an exonym of theirs.

Second Definition Example: The German municipality Herzogenrath is referred to as Rolduc by the French.

Heteronym: A word that is spelled the same as another but has a different sound and meaning.

Example: Bass like the fish and bass like the sound

Homonym: Either 1) A word pronounced the same as another but has different spelling/meaning (aka a homophone), or 2) a word spelled like another but differing in meaning or pronunciation (aka heteronym or homograph), or 3) A word spelled and pronounced like another, but having different meanings

1st Example; Bear – A furry tractor that can eat your face, or if you can stand something or not.

2nd Example: Bow to wear in someone’s hair or to bend over in gratitude to applause

3rd Example: Pool – A hole in the ground to swim in or a game with cue sticks and ceramic balls

Metonym: A word that substitutes a part for the whole that it is associated with. In other words, a piece of the puzzle is used to represent the whole idea.

Example: British people referring to the “crown” are talking about the Royal Family

Mononym: A single name that a person is referred to as.

Example: Madonna, Prince, Plato, Eminem

Pseudonym: A false or fictitious name used to disguise identity; a pen name

Example: Mark Twain is a pseudonym of Samuel Clemens; Dr. Seuss is a pseudonym of Theodore Guissell

Retronym: A compound or modified noun that replaces an original simple noun in order to differentiate between an old concept and a new concept

Example: People will specifically say “Digital watch” because in today’s world there is more than one type of watch. Prior to the invention of digital watches, a watch was simply called a “watch”. In this case, “digital watch” is the retronym as it clarifies what kind of watch the person has to avoid vagueness or confusion.

Synonym: A word equivalent in meaning or close to it

Example: Sweet is a synonym of sugary; dumbass is a synonym of idiot

theonym: The name of a god.

Example: Allah, Yahweh, Vishnu, Amaterasu

toponym: The name of a place or geographical location

Example: Mt Rushmore, Ural Mountains, Moose Jaw


Log Jam song/music video-Vat 19 (via YouTube)
This is a commercial for scented candles…just remember that.

so this is probably the most embarrassing picture of me ever. hahaha i felt like posting it cause when i was younger, i used to HATE this picture and i remember i made this blog for some site i forgot and my sister(callherhollywood) made this my display picture and i started to cry. hahaha! but now, i just find it so funny that i like showing people how funny my face was in this and i’m not even sure how my hair got like that so…yeah haha