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Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Seven

Nobody would admit it, but you were lost. Lost as shit. Finn was convinced that this was the path you both took last year on your way to the ice rink, but you weren’t so sure. You should have trusted yourself.

“Finn,” You rolled your eyes, “What did I fucking tell you? I literally said-”
“Yes, Y/N, I know. You literally said ‘Finn you little shit listen to me, this is the wrong way.”
You smiled, satisfied in knowing that you were right. “Told you so, Wolfhard. Now we’re walking through the woods with no idea where the hell we’re going.”
“I don’t know about you guys,” Sophia shivered, “But I need a big ass hot chocolate and a cookie.”
“Good idea Sophia,” Jack said zipping his coat up as far as it would go, “I swear I’m so cold my d-”
“ALRIGHT, JACK!” Jaeden shouted, causing everyone to burst out laughing despite the situation

Wyatt was next to you, holding your hand as he had been all day. You couldn’t take your mind off of him. It was really starting to get on your nerves, but in a really good way, which probably only made sense to you. Jaeden’s phone started ringing.

“Hello?“ He said, “Oh my, CHOSEN!”
Everyone snapped their heads up and looked at Jae. Chosen Jacobs was on the phone.
“Yeah, I know,” Jaeden was smiling as he had his conversation, “And Jeremy, of course. Sure. Yeah. Ring Finn later. Alright, bye.”
As soon as Jaeden ended the call, everyone started asking questions.
“Woah! Give me a chance and I’ll tell you what he said. He’s going to call you later, Finn, but he’s flying over with Jeremey next week for a couple of days. This is going to sound crazy, but Jeremey’s Uncle has a cabin up in the mountains. When I say cabin I mean log mansion with massive hot tub and shit. And we can stay there for a couple of days if we want.”
“NO WAY!” Everyone broke out into excited chatter at the prospect of another little getaway. This was quickly turning into the best three weeks of your entire life.
Everyone was currently sat at a table in Starbucks. You had managed to find the way out of the woods eventually.

“I can’t believe Jeremey is taking us away again next week!” Jack said, “We’ll go back to Finn’s and then be off to the mountains.”
“I know right,” Sophia smiled, “I didn’t even know his uncle had a place in Vancouver. And that he’s trusting us enough to be there without adults.”
“It’s only going to be for a couple of days,” Jaeden said, “And it’ll be Christmas soon!”

It was no secret that everyone was excited for Christmas. Sophia was flying home the day after getting back from Jeremey’s, which kind of sucked. On the way to the swimming pool, you and Sophia made plans to meet in the new year, which you already couldn’t wait for. Jack had promised your younger sister an afternoon at the pool, so you were on your way there now. 

When you came to the entrance, your sister and your mother were waiting. As soon as little Alice saw Jack she ran and jumped into Jack’s arms. Your mum handed you your sister’s swim bag and looked at you gravely. 

“Y/N,” She said to you, “Please make sure you look after her. And don’t stay here too long. Make sure you bring her back to the tree house so she gets something to eat.”
“Yes, mum. We won’t let her out of our sight. I mean, look at her with Jack. She’s clinging to him like a freaking monkey.”
Alice was currently in Jack’s arms with her arms around his neck, laughing at one of his jokes. Your mother smiled.
“Finn’s mother and I are going off for an early dinner so we’ll see you later. Call me if you need anything.”
“Alright. See you later.”
It was almost dark out and the snow was falling again. Alice was walking along holding Jack’s hand. She hadn’t let go of him all afternoon. Wyatt felt betrayed. As you walked back to the treehouse you talked about your next trip and how excited everybody was. You were looking forward to meeting Jeremey and Chosen for the first time. Wyatt said that you would get along with them both brilliantly but especially Chosen as you could both sing.

When you arrived back ‘home’, you took your little sister to yours and Sophias bathroom since the adults were still at dinner you had to take care of everything your mother usually would since she was only young. Jack and Wyatt were choosing what to order from the room service menu and talking about you at the same time. You didn’t know this, of course. 

“So,” Jack smirked at Wyatt, “Finn invites us for Christmas and you end up falling in love, huh?”
“Who said I was in love?”
“Oh come on, Wyatt. Don’t even try that bullshit. I know you’re in love with Y/N.You have been since you laid eyes on her.”
Wyatt looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled. “I think you’re right. I think this was meant to happen. She told me that last night.”
“You’re endgame, that’s for sure. I can’t believe that Finn’s allowing it.”
“I think he’s happy that it’s me and not some stranger. He knows me and knows that I wouldn’t hurt her.”
“He’d kill you if you did, you know that right?”
“I know. But I wouldn’t. Not now, not ever.”

You and Sophia were sat in the hot tub mugs of hot chocolate in your hands. It was a bit of a weird combination the more you thought about it. There was a full moon in the winter sky and the light was making the snow on top of all the trees glow. It was your idea of a perfect night. Sophia looked behind her into the tree house where the boys were laughing at a show they had on. She smiled fondly at Jaeden.

“I can’t believe I’m with Jae now. I’ve wanted it for so long.”
“I’m happy for you. Even though we haven’t known each other all that long, it feels like we’ve been best friends all our lives.”
“It really does. And with Wyatt.”
“Yeah. I told him last night that our destiny is to be one and that we were crafted from the same star.”
“You poetic hoe.”
The two of you burst out laughing at Sophia’s remark. Finn looked at you at smiled, wondering what you were laughing at.
“What’s so funny?” He shouted from inside
“Y/N out here is just a poetic hoe, that’s all!”
More laughter. The others didn’t get it, which made it funnier. They went back to their show and you took a sip of your hot chocolate.
“Do you think you and Jaeden will last?”
“Definitely. I think we’ve both known for a long time that we liked each other.”
“From what Finn has told me, I think so too.”
“What about you and Wyatt? When he goes back to the states, what do you think is going to happen?”
“We talked about this a little bit and we’re not going to let it ruin it. We’re going to see each other all the time until we’re old enough to fly somewhere one day and unpack for good instead of a few weeks.”
“We’re all going to stay in touch too right? You and Wyatt won’t just live in your own little bubble.”
“No, of course not. It feels like this is the billionth time we’ve spent time together already.”

You and Sophia stayed out in the hot tub for a little while before heading in once the snow began again. Wyatt welcomed you back to the sofa with open arms and a bar of chocolate to share. Well, before Jack ate the whole thing anyway…
When you opened your eyes the next morning, you were laying next to Wyatt instead of Sophia. The memories all flooded back. Sophia went and slept in Jaeden’s room, and Wyatt came to yours. He was still sleeping, curls falling into his face and his mouth open slightly. Being careful not to wake him, you gently pushed his hair out of his face and kissed him lightly on the nose.
After taking a shower and getting dressed you left Wyatt snoozing in bed and went out to make breakfast. Finn had beaten you to it.
“Morning frog face. What’s for breakfast?”
“Nothing if you keep being rude to me.”
You laughed and gave Finn a hug before opening the cupboard and pulling out a big jar of oats.
“Want some?” You asked Finn
“Sure. I’ll make juice.”

So you and Finn made yourselves breakfast and took it to the sofa where you watched Rick and Morty together until the others emerged from their slumber. They helped themselves to breakfast before joining you in front of the TV.

“Aren’t we going to the spa today, Y/N?” Sophia asked you
“Yeah. We finally get some respite away from these idiots.”
“HEY!” Jack flipped you off and you did it back
“What time are we meeting your mum and Finn’s?”
“Midday at the complex. The boys can do what they like today.”
Time skip to after the spa because I don’t know what I would write about that…

You and Sophia were walking back to the tree house feeling positively radiant after your afternoon without the boys, as much as you loved them. You had Starbucks cups in your hands and were currently doing a live stream with the snowy trees in the background.

“Where are the boys?” You read out one of the questions, “We needed some time away from them! They smell. I’m kidding, although the spa was amazing.”
“It really was,” Sophia agreed, “Are you and Jaeden an item? Heck yes, we are. So Jyatt is definitely off the table if Y/N here didn’t tell you that already. Alright, we’re going now guys as we’re back at the treehouse and the hot tub calls.”

With that being said, she ended the live stream and opened the door. The warmth hit you as soon as you stepped inside. The boys must have made a fire. After hanging up your coats and taking off your shoes you went into the living room to see that it was empty. There was nobody sat in front of the roaring fire. Jack, Jaeden, Finn and Wyatt were out in the hot tub. You opened the french doors the led out onto the balcony causing their flowing conversation to stop. Sophia had the same look on her face as you did. What were they talking about and why did they stop when we came outside? 

“Y/N!” Wyatt smiled, “We wondered where you had both gotten to. It’ll be dark soon.”
“We stopped at Starbucks on the way back.” You were not going to let them change the subject and bullshit their way out of this situation, “What were you talking about?”
Wyatt went pale and looked at the others as if asking for help. Jack was the only one brave enough to speak.
“We were just talking about, you know…”
“Nope.” Sophia was gritting her teeth. Jaeden wasn’t looking at either of you, “We really don’t.”
“It’s no big deal, we were just talking about when we-”
“Pop our cherries,” Finn cut in with a smile, “No big deal, just like Jack said.”

You and Sophia looked at your boyfriends, and then to each other, trying really hard not to start giggling. Without saying a word, you closed to door and walked into your bedroom. It wasn’t until the door closed that you really started laughing. 

“As if they were talking about that!” Sophia said between fits of giggles, “I would really like to hear what Jaeden and Wyatt have to say about that!”
“You and me both! I’ll try and get it out of Finn later on and then tell you.”
“I can’t believe this.”

Trees, snow and the road ahead was all you could see from the car window. You were in the back of your mother’s car next to Wyatt. Your sister’s car seat was in the front and Jack was on the other side of Wyatt. Jaeden and Sophia were in with Finn and his parents. Much to your disappointment, you were heading back. At least it was back to Finn’s and not home. Well, it technically was home. You were texting Sophia who was still reeling from last night’s antics. You still hadn’t managed to get Wyatt or Finn to crack about the things they were saying. Wyatt and Jack were asleep with their earphones in. You took out your phone and did the same. The first song that played when you hit shuffle was Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At The Disco. You smiled and settled in for the ride, wondering if Wyatt was thinking about you as much as you were about him. Little did you know, he was. He was dreaming about you. As you put your head on his shoulder and listened to the lyrics, he smiled in his sleep at the image of you in his dream.




House Upgrade Final Level: Country Mansion

Black lumber x70
Brick stone x50
Maple branch x30
Ruby x20
Gold x15

Remember that you can always mix the exterior and interior style between Country/Japanese/Tropical Mansion to your own liking (ie. Tropical Exterior with Country Interior and vice versa) later after you have upgraded your house to final level!

So I had this dream where DreamWorks approached me to work as a storyboard artist for the new Shrek, except like this time it was gonna be a TV sitcom and the events of Shrek 3 and 4 were retconned. So like, Fiona is human again and has this human baby and is like “Shrek should probably stay away for a while so I can raise this kid” and Shrek is kind of pissed about it while he’s expanding the real estate in his swamp so there’s like this watchtower he’s got now in addition to like, a log mansion. The execs stressed the importance of showing off “Shrek’s new ability” in the story boards where he could now slide up trees with no propulsion of any kind; he kind of just grabs on and goes up.

Second Chances 2: The Lodge

Summary: Sam visits the lodge to discuss the handyman position with Y/N.

Characters: Sam, Reader, OC Cindy

Warnings: Light/Implied Smut, Little Bit O’Angst

Word Count: 4,415

A/N: Part 2 of Second Chances. Thank you to @wheresthekillswitch for her excellent beta skills and pushing me to make it better, and also for not saying “fine” ; ). Italics are memory/dream.

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Feedback is appreciated. I am DYING to hear your opinions (oh, and any theories that you may have!)  


Sam sat at the end of the dock in swim trunks, feet dangling over the edge. He stared out over the dark lake, then up at the full moon and bright stars overhead. He sighed, his heart happy and light. Suddenly he was thrust into the lake, water rushed over him. He surfaced, shook excess water from his hair, wiped his eyes and looked around.

A woman stood atop the dock in a black bikini, hair falling about her as she bent, laughing. Sam playfully glared and swam up to the dock. She stood at the edge, looking down at him. In a swift motion, Sam placed his hand on the dock, leapt up from the water, grabbed the woman by the wrist, and pulled her into the lake. She surfaced and looked at Sam with utter shock. Sam laughed and swam to her. As he approached, she splashed water at him.

“I can’t believe you did that!” she exclaimed.

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Granot Loma

The veritable castle of the Northwoods, Granot Loma stands on the coast of Lake Superior. The property lays north of Marquette, along County Road 550. It was built in 1919 as a summer residence and hunting lodge by Louis Graveraet Kaufman. The 26,000-square-foot log mansion itself has a small harbor, 50 rooms, a 60ft great room, 26 bedrooms, and 32 fireplaces. In addition to the lodge, the Granot Loma property, which spans roughly 8-square-miles/~5,000 acres, has a number of out-buildings, such as a guest house and a farming complex of 13 buildings that was meant to sustain the Kaufman family and the 250 workers they employed.

After the death of Louis Kaufman and his wife, the family scaled back the Granot Loma and didn’t much use the property. In 1987 the property was sold to Thomas Baldwin, who repaired and renovated the decaying complex. It is possible to stay as a guest at Granot Loma, but as of last year it is too now possible to be the owner. This mighty estate is listed at $40,000,000. A small price to pay for a piece of history and a home unlike any other in the region.

Ray “Nice armor, asshole.”
“Put a fucking shirt on, you’re stranded, not homeless.”
“Where’s your fucking kid, while your out here building log mansions ‘n shit?”

Geoff “I’m pretty sure you can carry the both of these.”

Michael “Why do these people have so many tennis balls?!”

I promised shitty fanart.
- thelunaaltar

Nathaniel Northwest Was Not What He Seemed...he was actually worse

So a lot of stuff happened in Northwest Mansion Noir: Vengeance, Justice, Character Development, the Final Countdown, and Bill looking damn fine on an antique tapestry. But for all the love it gets, there’s one particular (and nasty) element that seems to slip by the attentions of most. Namely the revelations pertaining to this guy.

I know that it isn’t the Stan Twin Theory being true, but what was revealed about the fallacious founder of Gravity Falls this episode was both stunning and subversive. Now I could go all meta and let it (and Nathaniel) continue to fester beneath the surface unnoticed and unpunished, but as it has a lot of resonance with what happens in the episode and some of the broader themes of the show, I thought: Why not? Nathaniel Northwest was a fraud. That much remains the same as established in Irrational Treasure. But the events of Northwest Mansion Noir also reveal that he wasn’t just a fraud. He was also an outright villain.

The Lumberjack Ghost’s story makes this seem obvious. Of course he’s a villain. Look at how he betrayed the trust of the lumberjacks in his employ by not letting them into the party! But it’s the extent of that villainy that a lot of people overlook.

You see, way back in season 1, we found out that in spite of Pacifica’s pride in being descended from him, Nathaniel Northwest was not the founder of the titular town of Gravity Falls, but a “local nobody” and “waste-shoveling village idiot” who was chosen to become the town’s “patsy mayor” and supposed creator. It was a hilarious revelation and something that the Pines Twins could hold over Pacifica’s head whenever she got to snippy as they gave her the documents to prove it. All in good fun, nice gag, what a nutty loser this Nathaniel Northwest was! Hahaha! Then we reach the midpoint of season 2.

So here we have Mayor Northwest, self-proclaimed wizard known for his frequent acts of theatrical stupidity, convincing the hardworking townspeople of Gravity Falls to construct Northwest Manor. He claims that the structure will be a service to the town and the lavish feasts he will host therein will be open to all from the rich to the less fortunate. Lot of charisma for an infamous twit. But why wouldn’t the lumberjacks and laborers take him at his word (and only his word)? That Nathaniel Northwest, such a character; bludgeoning himself into unconsciousness with a large boating oar and always trying to eat oak trees. Someone as brain defective and zany as that pulling one over on anybody? Perish the thought. The man can barely speak outside of grunts and screams. Except now though, but it’s probably just a passing moment of lucidity.

With that in mind and the promise of future festivities dangled in front of them, the construction crew get to work. Lives are lost, bodies are taxed, and seasons march on, but they complete Nathaniel’s formidable log mansion all the same. However, when they come to collect on their commission during one of their informal employer’s decadent celebrations, what does the guileless and soft-headed buffoon do? He laughs at them and shuts the door in their faces.

One might argue that this doesn’t disprove the government and the town’s belief that Nathaniel Northwest was a moron. Dumb Folk are just as prone to cruelty as Smart Folk and his sudden increase in wealth and status might’ve just gone to his empty head. But when the sole lumberjack that stayed behind and demanded entry is swept up by a mudslide, pinned to a tree, and has his skull cracked open by an ax, Nathaniel WATCHES him die - he’s the only one that does if the silhouette is to be believed - and doesn’t lift a finger to help.

Again, you could attribute it to doltishness, Murphy’s Law. Nathaniel might have just looked out the window as he wondered what lightning tasted like and marveled at the funny man covered in dirt, rain, and red stuff writhing outside his house. And yet, when the lumberjack declares his intentions and curses the Northwest family, Nathaniel not only listens to what this peon has to say, but takes him serioulsy. He even writes a note to his descendants, warning them of the curse in full. This in itself is a gigantic red flag.

Yes, literacy among American Caucasian Adults during this decade was somewhere between 75-90% thanks to the printing press and railroad. Fair dinkum for the 1860s man on the street, but this isn’t any normal citizen of 19th Century USA. This man is supposed be the VILLAGE IDIOT. A vapid simpleton of such ill repute shouldn’t be able to speak, read, write, and scheme as well as this, but Nathaniel breaks the mold. Or does he?

Let me be clear, I think Quentin Trembley’s a fine and entertaining character, but he was an absolute nightmare for the United States Government. Rather than merely being corrupt or inept, Quentin was an utter lunatic albeit an occasionally brilliant one. To “replace” such an individual in the annals of history, they might have been inclined to select individuals who were much easier to deal with. Despite frequent cultural gags about his semi-untimely demise, Harrison - being a national hero and experienced statesman who would assumedly not try anything foolish in his old age - would have made for a reasonable presidential choice and that’s what they were going for, weren’t they? Reasonable. 

Ironically, the mayoral position of Gravity Falls would prove a tougher sell as Quentin had unambiguously founded the place by accident. This newly minted Oregon town would require a local of a specifically unspecific make. An honest man would be no good; he’d never be party to such a gross act of revision. Scoundrels were out of the question; they might jump at the chance to reap undeserved riches and station, but you simply can’t trust this sort. No, for this, you’d need a stooge. Someone inoffensive and easy to understand and control. A guy of little ambition and presence that wouldn’t cause a stir in the populace when he took Trembley’s office and accomplishments for his own. And what could possibly be more harmless and shallow than a dung-spading rube with an eating disorder? An imbecile, but an intelligible imbecile who was more a danger to himself than anyone else. 

They were right to an extent. Wood-munching Nathaniel didn’t rock the boat. He minded his own business. And that was because business was good. Good and rotten.

At this point, the core implication of this little write-up should be crystal clear. Though you might be asking yourself if it’s a valid one. The show is full of people that desperately want to be taken seriously and crave respect. The Author desired to put the “doubters” in their place and garner the amorous attentions from the fairer sex with his findings. Dipper puts a hefty premium on his designation as “the smart guy”. As laid-back as he seems, Soos simultaneously covets Stan’s trust and thinks very highly of himself; hearing that his cousin Reggie - who he insultingly labels as a “poor man’s Soos” - is on the cusp of getting ahead of him vis-a-vis marriage sends the handyman stumbling towards a personal (and almost mortal) crisis. Robbie attempts to compensate for his many, many frailties with emo fashion and vandalism. Nathaniel’s fellow patsy politician, William Henry Harrison, jeopardized his health to create an image of strength and vitality with his two hour inauguration speech in the rain.

Which makes one wonder if anybody in their right mind would purposefully subject themselves to heavy abuse and humiliation for the sake of money. Would someone be that unfettered and greedy for wealth and status that he’d willingly turn himself into a gaudy, clownish caricature to deflect suspicion? Could a man be so dedicated to such a long-running performance that he would do everything in his power to maintain the facade that feeds him? Are there really people out there who would play the fool to make off like a bandit?



Think so.

What? It almost worked for Odysseus.

It’s difficult to say what’s more unnerving. That Nathaniel was so determined to be the perfect imperfect candidate for Quentin’s position that he gravely injured himself and spent the last minutes of his life choking on tree bark to stay in-character for Uncle Sam or that he got away with it. The man even found a way to weaponize his fraudulent stupidity when he shortchanged the lumberjacks, knowing that these proud and serious blue collar folk would never admit that they had been bamboozled by the “dumbest” man in town.

Had Nathaniel’s story ended with him languishing in his mansion and squandering all of his funds, then the Northwest fortune might’ve dried up then and there. It’s what an elevated village idiot would’ve done, which is why he didn’t do that. Instead, he did what his descendant Preston would do decades later, he hosted elaborate parties so that he could rub elbows with and sweet talk the elite of the nation (the people he did let in just had to be individuals of import); Building power, influence, and capital to grease the wheels of his more illicit activities and the ambitions of Northwests yet to come.

Speaking of which, there’s an old, justified fear among those living on the upper crust that the pampered lifestyles they supply them with will rob their children of the drive and hunger needed to perpetuate and expand the riches of which they’ve become accustomed to. Fortunately for Nathaniel’s legacy, the apple never fell very far from the tree. Each scion took to ruthlessness and skulduggery as well as he did, this time hiding their vile natures behind a veil of respectability rather than idiocy. Town darlings loved/envied by all during the day and foul sheisters whenever no one was looking. Best illustrated in how Preston Northwest hides his cunning behind the guise of a frivolous, snobbish dandy. The result was a dastardly dynasty that spanned well over a century.

Thus, Pacifica’s despair over her ancestry’s true nature is twofold. She was initially content to suffer her strict upbringing and use intimidation, bribery, and underhandedness to triumph in contests she could not overcome with sheer skill. This was because she thought her pedigree was rooted in something laudable and true; failing in any way would bring dishonor to that noble heritage. Dipper outing her great-great grandfather as a sham and a (based on the incorrect government documents) dunce shook that faith though further lies or tacit threats from her parents helped her cope to a degree. Stumbling across a secret room loaded with evidence that her whole family weren’t just frauds, but maliciously fiendish conmen who were so proud of how they cheated the weak and gullible that they had paintings made to commemorate their misdeeds was just a bit too much for her to take. Without Dipper’s words of encouragement, she may have accepted defeat, pledged fealty to her bleak heritage, and inevitably transform into the callous, deceitful, and heartless heiress her parents were grooming her to become. After all, it’s hard to be good when it appears that only the bad guys win. She might not be the first Northwest who knew that they didn’t have to be defined by what their forefathers did, but she’s the first that chose to act on that knowledge.

So spread the word! Nathaniel Northwest was an abominable cross between King Saul and Jefferson Smith the whole time! His every folly manufactured and insincere! He fooled the lumberjacks. He fooled the town. He fooled the United States Government TWICE. He even fooled Pacifica for most of her life. Are you going to let him fool you too? Don’t let him get away with it! Don’t let him pull one over on you! Have him join the ranks of all the brigands who played dumb and got caught. Season 2 is set to expose everything and this so-called “village idiot” shouldn’t be able to escape that.


The Valiard Mansion is now on Tumblr!

The first chapter of The Valiard Mansion has just had its first birthday, and to celebrate, Valiard will now be published on Tumblr in addition to its usual deviantART updates.

To anyone who’s new to the series, The Valiard Mansion is an ongoing illustrated novel about a young Victorian woman who gets trapped in a haunted Mansion as a ghost. 

If you’re into magic, ghost stories and Disney-looking characters, then Valiard might just interest you. Chapters are downloadable as PDFs and you can read them on your tablet or phone. Plus it only gets updated monthly, so you won’t get bogged down with notifications. 


Links to get you started:


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Serving suggestion: best read with a nice, hot cup of tea. ;)