log chair

All Alone And In The Dark

A/N: Sorry not sorry

Y/N rolled over one more time before giving up on attempting to sleep.

She sat up and pushed the hair off her forehead before moving over to her desk. She sat down on the chair and logged onto her computer.

No messages. Not on any social media.

Then again, it was 2:30 am on a weeknight. Most everybody with a normal life, school or a job, was asleep or in the very least about to head off.

She sat in silence for several moments before pulling up the chat window.

She flinched when she saw the picture of his smiling face next to hers. She had forgotten that was his icon.

She stared at the image for several seconds before beginning to type.

“I know you won’t see this, but I needed to let it out. It has been exactly one month since we last spoke and I miss you more than words can express. I miss getting notifications from you. I miss talking about life with you. I miss your brother messaging me that you won’t be on to talk because you got in another stupid fight.” She laughed at the memory before continuing on

“But I also feel stupid. I feel stupid for letting you become such a vital part of my life. Knowing this could never last. Knowing something would happen. Knowing that there was a chance that what happened would happen. I feel stupid for seeing it coming and not separating myself from it. Why’d you have to leave? Why’d you have to leave and take such a huge part of me with you? Why’d you have to leave me with nothing, but memories and a bunch of messages I can never let go?” Y/N paused as she gasped for air. She didn’t know at what point she had started crying, but her fingers and keyboard were wet with her tears.

She let her head rest on the desk a minute as she tried in vain to calm her shaking body and pounding heart.

She wiped her eyes and finished her message. “Jason, it has been exactly one month today since you died. I don’t know if they have chat rooms in heaven or if I am just screaming into the void, but I needed to let you know, someway, somehow, that I am not okay, but I am trying. I know you would want me to live. Grow up, get married, have kids, have that white picket fence life that we dreamed about. And I am trying, but it hurts. It hurts worse than anything I have felt in my entirelife, but for you, darling, I’ll live.” Y/N stared at the long message she had just typed. She read every word before holding down backspace until every last character was gone.

“Goodbye, Jason.” She whispered as she logged off.

It was going to be a long night, but they always are when you are alone.

Campfire Events

Bandits aren’t the only thing that might lurk beyond the edge of the fire-light.

  1. A small herd of elk graze at the edge of the clearing.
  2. Two elves stop by the campfire to warn of a bear in the area.
  3. A bear emerges from the woods, but wanders off after sniffing the air.
  4. The fallen log serving as a chair turns out to be full if centipedes.
  5. A bard shares your campfire but is hung-over and declines any invitation to perform.
  6. A few wasps venture out of a nearby nest to sting the trespassers.
  7. A coyote sporting a bandana around its neck stands at the edge of the firelight, and will gladlt accept scraps.
  8. A fat toad hops through the campsite.
  9. The wind picks up and some thunder and lightning threatens, but no rain materializes.
  10. A healthy but filthy mare in shredded barding comes to stand near the horses.
  11. A wild boar attacks!
  12. Five mounted soldiers stop and ask if anyone else has passed by recently.
  13. A pair of dwarves in muddy cloaks walk past laughing.
  14. Cougar yowling can be heard nearby, but no cat materializes.
  15. The sky is clear but no stars are out.
  16. A delirious orc stumbles into camp and asks for food.
  17. Music plays from somewhere in the dark.
  18. Huge bats chase the bugs attracted to the light of the fire.
  19. A spectral form appears in the flames.
  20. The campfire will not stay lit, despite the wood being dry. Additionally, everyone feels very sleepy.

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