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Hiraeth | Pt.2

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[!] Contains mature and graphic content, mentions of blood + death. 

Words: 7,694.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us. 

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Dangerous Woman-Eggsy Unwin x Reader One Shot

Summary: This was requested by anonymous: ‘Can you please do an imagine with Eggsy where he is madly in love with the reader but she won’t let him because she’s afraid of getting hurt. One day he decided to confront her about it while she’s in the library reasearching.’

Characters: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing


Standing in the women’s toilet in the Kingsman HQ, I tried to ready myself for the day ahead. My most recent mission was exhausting and I hadn’t fully recovered. There was no break for us agents though. However, my task today was just to gather information for our next mission, which I hoped wasn’t for at least another week. Straightening my pencil skirt and making sure all of my hair was pinned back, I took a deep breath before walking out.

Exiting the toilets, I jumped in surprise when I saw Eggsy leaning on the other side of the corridor. Ignoring him, I walked away, cursing in my mind.

“Good mornin’ (Y/N).” he greeted as he walked beside me.

“Were you waiting outside the women’s toilets for me?” I hissed. I really didn’t want to deal with this.

“No! Well, I guess-”

I quickened my pace.“Eggsy, I really don’t have time for this. I’ve got a lot of work to get some today.”

He easily kept up.“(Y/N), just-”

“Galahad!” Eggsy’s codename was called out. Before he could say anything else, I dashed away, relieved to get away from him.

Eggsy was such a sweet guy, a real asset to Kingsman. We started working here about the same time, having to go on missions together too. He was very charming, handsome and easy to talk to. I really liked him and valued our friendship. However he thought about us differently. It has been subtle at first, the flirting was innocent before he turned serious about what we could be. Eggsy had already tried asking me out, about four times actually, each time I said no. It was lovely to see is persistent he was, but not good when we were stuck in a life or death situation.

Slumping down in a chair, I logged into the computer, taking out my stationary. Researching was always a long process, especially when you couldn’t find any leads; it could take you days before you found anything that would help you build a case for a mission. It had been about an hour staring at a computer before I needed to find a book. The library was huge, there were rows and rows of books; the system to find the books was good but it could still take a while to find what you were looking for.

It had been ten minutes and I still hadn’t found the book I needed. I was beginning to grow frustrated. I really needed this book, I could not be behind schedule.

“Looking for this?” someone said beside me.

Looking to my right, I saw Eggsy holding up the book I needed. Reaching out to grab it, he held it up higher, knowing I couldn’t reach. I could have easily knocked him to the ground but I didn’t want to hurt him nor make too much noise.

“Eggsy, please may I have the book?” I held hand out, not wanting to play his games.

“May I please have an explanation as to why you are always running away from me?” he asked, looking hurt.

I felt a bit of guilt rise in me.“I really need to complete my work, the information is important.”

“It’s a simple question.”

I huffed.“No it’s not. It’s actually very complicated.”

“Not if we actually talked about it-” he was distracted with his words, giving me a chance to snatch the book out of his hands.

I scurried away as I usually did, making a beeline to my desk. Eggsy wasn’t going to leave me alone this time though. He grabbed my shoulders, stopping me in my tracks and making me face him.

“Just tell me what’s going on!” He accidentally raised his voice, realising that he was still the library.

My breathing had become heavy.“I can’t. It’s stupid, stop bothering me! Go find some other girl who will actually be interested in you.”

It broke my heart to say those things to him. Of course it was all lies, I would love to be with him but I couldn’t…there would be no happy ending. Eggsy was not taking 'no’ for an answer yet again.

As I was about to sit down at the desk, he stopped me, shutting down the computer and throwing the book away.

“That was all my work!” I exclaimed as he pushed me out of the library.

“You save your stuff every five minutes.” he retorted. It was scary how well he knew me.

We ended up outside on the steps, all alone. I tried to call down whereas Eggsy stayed angry. Looking away from him, I wrapped my arms around myself, not liking this confrontation.

“I’m not stupid (Y/N), I know that there’s more to this.” he started.

“So what if there is? Can’t you just leave me alone?” this was getting far too emotional.

“No! We were such good friends until I went and fucked it up. I want us to be that close again.”

“Ok. We’ll be friends again.” I climbed up the steps until he jumped in front of me, adding even more height to himself.

“You know I don’t want that. I love you. It’s scary shit but I know it’s true.”

My mouth was open with shock. Love? He loved me? “Eggsy you don’t know that.”

“Yes I do! Please, just tell me why you don’t feel the same. We’re not blind to it (Y/N), I can sense how you feel about me too.”

It all got to me at once. It was never a good idea to bottle up your feelings. Collapsing into the steps, I sobbed into my hands. I felt Eggsy sit beside me, his arm wrapping around my waist. Leaning into his embrace, I cried out everything I had been holding back.

“I-I’m so sorry Eggsy! I’m such a pathetic excuse for a human being!” I choked out.

“Don’t you say that! Come on, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I…I’ve been pushing you away because I don’t want to get hurt.”

His voice grew soft.“Hurt? You think I would hurt you?”

I pulled out of his arms a little, looking him in the eye.“No, of course not. It’s sort of you…but not really…” I sighed.“We have no idea what we’ll be getting into in this line of business. Of course people have died, no One can predict that. I’ve heard so many stories about couples who were torn apart by death. Of we were together, we would never know if the other person was coming back.”

Eggsy was silent for a moment.“You can’t think like that (Y/N). How will you ever find someone with that attitude?”

“Death is just such a huge fear of mine. I don’t want to be alone forever but I also don’t want to have to go through all that pain that comes along with death. It’s a long healing process though I don’t believe anyone is fully healed after that.”

Eggsy angled himself so that he was facing me properly. His arm left my waist, instead his hands went to my face, pulling me towards him. I let him kiss me, too caught up in the moment. A wonderful feeling spread through me until he pulled away.

“Now you listen to me,” his voice was stern as he kept our heads close together,“you know how I feel about you. As long as we’re together, all you will get from me is my love for you and my undivided attention. I would never hurt you in such a way, that would break my heart as well as yours.”


“Do you trust me?”

I instantly nodded.

“Then be with me.”

I was too shocked and chocked up to reply. The only thing I could do to seal the deal was miss him again.

syndellwins  asked:

Can we get HC about Hidan with a short female S/O? 😀 (i'm short as fuck) Thanks!

Originally posted by xamiboy

  • No doubt he will complain about how short your legs are. He’s not the type to walk at a slow pace for you to catch up.  He might just sweep you off your feet by letting you (somehow…magically) sit on his scythe. Then probably say, “YOU BETTER PRAY TO JASHIN TO GIVE YOU SOME DAMN LONG LEGS TO WALK FASTER!”
  • Hidan finds it very …adorable to see his s/o climbing on the kitchen counter to reach something on the shelf. He probably says and probably laugh, “You’re going to fucking fall, you little piece of shit.” Then he get this little bit of a heart attack, cause he doesn’t want you to get you hurt…so he ends up getting the item for you…while..Semi-scolding you for climbing on the kitchen counter.
  • You better be standing on some chair or logs, sitting on a counter/table, or laying down to kiss him. He hates to have to bend his whole damn neck to make love. He even tells you that. He might just hold you (you know, you wrap your legs around him) as he pin you against a tree or wall.
  • He really likes teasing you for the most part. Teasing a petite s/o is more fun that having a person who is a little bit shorter than him or the same height. Like putting his arms on top of your head, like you’re his rest spot for his tired arms.
  • Something about fun-sized people is that, Hidan would want to hold your hands. He has a soft side and he wants you to be protected! I mean, you’re so petite for him that he’s afraid of losing you out in the crowd or so. (What heeeeeeeee really means is that it be a hassle to find you in the crowd)
  • At last…when it’s nighttime, and you two are cuddling. He’s a big spoon freak. He lovesssss wrapping your small body around his big muscular muscles because there’s no way you’re gonna escape.
All Alone And In The Dark

A/N: Sorry not sorry

Y/N rolled over one more time before giving up on attempting to sleep.

She sat up and pushed the hair off her forehead before moving over to her desk. She sat down on the chair and logged onto her computer.

No messages. Not on any social media.

Then again, it was 2:30 am on a weeknight. Most everybody with a normal life, school or a job, was asleep or in the very least about to head off.

She sat in silence for several moments before pulling up the chat window.

She flinched when she saw the picture of his smiling face next to hers. She had forgotten that was his icon.

She stared at the image for several seconds before beginning to type.

“I know you won’t see this, but I needed to let it out. It has been exactly one month since we last spoke and I miss you more than words can express. I miss getting notifications from you. I miss talking about life with you. I miss your brother messaging me that you won’t be on to talk because you got in another stupid fight.” She laughed at the memory before continuing on

“But I also feel stupid. I feel stupid for letting you become such a vital part of my life. Knowing this could never last. Knowing something would happen. Knowing that there was a chance that what happened would happen. I feel stupid for seeing it coming and not separating myself from it. Why’d you have to leave? Why’d you have to leave and take such a huge part of me with you? Why’d you have to leave me with nothing, but memories and a bunch of messages I can never let go?” Y/N paused as she gasped for air. She didn’t know at what point she had started crying, but her fingers and keyboard were wet with her tears.

She let her head rest on the desk a minute as she tried in vain to calm her shaking body and pounding heart.

She wiped her eyes and finished her message. “Jason, it has been exactly one month today since you died. I don’t know if they have chat rooms in heaven or if I am just screaming into the void, but I needed to let you know, someway, somehow, that I am not okay, but I am trying. I know you would want me to live. Grow up, get married, have kids, have that white picket fence life that we dreamed about. And I am trying, but it hurts. It hurts worse than anything I have felt in my entirelife, but for you, darling, I’ll live.” Y/N stared at the long message she had just typed. She read every word before holding down backspace until every last character was gone.

“Goodbye, Jason.” She whispered as she logged off.

It was going to be a long night, but they always are when you are alone.

kangofu-cb  asked:

Are you doing the prompts thing still? If so. 2xAnybody and number 37 37.) “Someone sent us forty dildos via FedEx.”

Thank you for sending me a prompt, @kangofu-cb. /sweats nervously/ I had several scenarios. This is the most completed. 

“Someone sent us forty dildos via FedEx.” Heero said when he came back into room with a box.

Duo’s fingers stopped tapping the keyboard and Heero immediately got his full attention, all eyes and ears. No answering grin though. “What.”

“I said someone sent us forty dil-”

Duo flapped his hand in the air to cut him off. “I heard what you said. I mean, why? What exactly does it accomplish to send us forty frigging d-dildos?”

“Via FedEx.” Heero added as if it’s just as important.

“… via FedEx.” Duo said as he narrowed his eyes. “Like it’s some important parcel to be shipped asap. Did they get the address right? Who is it from?” Duo pushed himself off his chair and looked over the box which Heero had placed on their shared desk.

“It’s addressed to Mister Duo Maxwell and Mister Heero Yuy, Preventers Branch Office in New Sanc Kingdom, SAR Department, Office number XXX. No sender listed.” Heero pointed to the sticker.  

“Did you-?”

“Yes, already done. There’s no bomb or listening devices in here.”

“What about-?”

“Done already. But I doubt we’ll be able to find any useful fingerprints besides the dildo seller-” Duo looked pained, but Heero continued on without batting an eyelash. “-delivery man and myself.”

“Did you see the delivery guy?”

“Yes. I’ve checked the surveillance cameras already. He’s a legitimate FedEx employee. Probably didn’t know what’s inside.”

“So basically, you can’t identify the sender?”

Heero glared at the sticker accusingly.

“Did anyone else looked inside the box? How did you know there were forty?”


Duo looked at him.

“I had to get each and every one of them checked for analyses.” Heero clarified.  

“Oh god.”

“Sally congratulated us by the way.”

“I’m too afraid to ask but… what for?”

“Apparently she thought we’re finally sleeping together considering this load.”

“Oh lord.” Mortified, Duo dropped his face on both his hands to hide himself. “This gotta be a prank!”

“Then they got us good.” Heero deadpanned. “So what are you going to do?”

“We are going back to work and ignore this box ever existed.” Duo took the box off the desk and placed it underneath the desk, kicking it into the back with his boots.

“All right. Fine by me.” Heero slid back to his chair and logged into his laptop to get back to his report.

Two days later, Heero brought back another box. “Someone just sent us fifty buttplugs.”

Duo thunked his head on the desk. “Is someone trying to clue us in that we should be sleeping with each other?”

“Do you?”

“Do I what?” Duo raised his head to blink at Heero.

“Want to sleep with me?”

Duo let out a strangled cry.

Birthday Boy (Tobi)

Requested?: Yes, thank you
Warnings: None
Pairing: Tobi and Reader

Sorry this is such a late post on. But I had to get this out while it is still his birthday. I made it just in time.(it’s 10pm where I live)

Happy Birthday Tobi! Hope it was a great day!



I’m up super early today. Earlier than normal, but for a good reason.  That reason? It’s my boyfriends birthday. He’s turning twenty-four today.

So I have decided to get up and make him a birthday breakfast.

As I am just putting the last few pancakes on to cool, I feel two arms wrap around my waist, which belong to my boyfriend. I naturally lean back into his chest, but this time I sigh.

“What’s wrong, princess?”

“You were supposed to stay in bed,” I say softly “I was going to bring you a plate. That way you could eat breakfast in bed on your birthday.”

“I’d rather eat breakfast in here with you.” He says kissing my cheek

“I’ve had an entire day planned out,” I say pushing his arms off of me “Starting with you eating breakfast in bed.”

He sighs “Fine, I will go back to bed. But only if you eat with me.”

“Okay, I will eat with you.”

He smiles and then turns on his heel, walking back to his bedroom.

I smile and turn back around to finish off cooking.

Once I am finished I load up two plates with everything I had made. Pancakes, bacon and a little bit of fruit. Grabbing two glasses of orange juice, I walk towards the bedroom.

“Breakfast is served.” I say, setting the tray down on the bed

“It looks delicious babe.” Tobi says as I hand him his plate and orange juice.

I smile as he begins to eat, as do I. The entire time, we eat on silence. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. This is how most mornings go around here. That is until the work starts outside the windows, which can get annoying.

“They seem to not be working today.” He says

“Yeah, it does seem unusually quiet.”

“Maybe we can finally stay in bed and just watch Netflix. Without getting interrupted.”

“We very well could. Would you rather do that, then what I have planned?”

“Well that depends on what you have planned?”

“Well I had rented out a pitch for us to go to, just to shoot around. Nothing special. Then come back here to get ready for a dinner reservation with the rest of the guys.”

“What time is the pitch rented out for?”

“In about four hours.” I say looking at the clock

Tobi then grabs his remote to his tv and turns to me.

“Then we can watch Netflix for a few hours then.”

I nod “Sounds like a plan.”

He smiles as I move the plates and glasses from the bed. Then cuddling into his side, as he turns on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

For the next three hours we are watching tv and cuddling. Which is two of my favorite things to do, especially with my favorite boy. It’s not too often that we do this, so I definitely cherish these times.

“Alright, before we go to the pitch. I’ve got to give you your birthday present.” I say getting up from the bed and going over to the closet.

“Here.” I say handing him the present

“Y/N, I told you not to get me anything.” He says taking the box from me

“I know, but I couldn’t resist. Now open it.”

He then tears the paper away, looking up at me shocked.

“No you did not.” He says, opening the box

I had gotten him the football boots that he was talking about getting. Though he would splurge and buy them.

“You were really wanting them, so I got them.” I say shrugging “Now we have matching boots.” I say pulling the same pair out, but in my size.
“Now shall we head to the pitch? Our time starts soon.”

He nods and gets up from the bed, grabbing his reflexive Adidas tracksuit. I grab my sidemen tracksuit and a white sdmn shirt, throwing my hair up in a ponytail.

-At The Pitch-

“Do you want to play a game, or just shoot around?” I ask as we set the footballs down

“How about we just shoot around. Get some practice in for the charity match.”

I nod my head, as I go to kick the ball. I send the ball flying towards the back of the net, right in the top right corner.

“Alright can someone has gotten better.” He says shocked

“Well I have to in order to play and won with you around.” I say as I walk back with my ball

He smiles “I’d always let you win, no matter what.”

I smile and line my shot back up.

The next two hours are filled with us kicking the ball around. Him trying to mess me up and vise versa. Cracking jokes and making up all kinds of puns.

“Alright since we have about ten minutes left here. Why don’t we have a little game?” Tobi says

“What do you have in mind?” I ask, rolling the ball with my foot

“Crossbar challenge. Five shots each. Whoever makes the most out of those, wins.”

“What is the prize?”

“Well if I win, when we get back home you will record a video with me.”

“And if I win?”

“We will do whatever you want to when we get home.”

I nod “Alright you are on.”

He smiles “Ladies first.”

I jokingly curtesy, before lining up my shot.

I end up only hitting three out of the five.

“Alright, beat that.”

He nods, going and lining up his shot. Hitting four out of five.

“Looks like you will be filming a video with me when we get back home.”

I nod “Alright, you won fair and square. But we have a dinner to get to.”

-At The Restaurant-

“Happy Birthday Dear Tobi. Happy Birthday to you.” We all sang

Throughout the song Tobi is smiling and looking around at all his friends. I’m sure that he couldn’t ask for anything more.

He’s always telling me about how much he loves being around these people. Which is exactly why I set up this dinner. So he would be surrounded by his friends.

The dinner itself took around three hours to finish, but that doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that he had a good birthday. Which I’m hoping he did.

-Back at Tobi’s Flat-

“Alright you ready to film a video?” He asks as we get into our room

I nod “Yeah, what game are we playing?”

“I decided not to play a game, but to film a q and a.” He says, sitting down in his chair “As log as that’s okay with you.”

I nod “It’s perfectly fine with me.”

He smiles as I sit down in the chair next to him.

Halfway through the video, he tells he that he has to grab something from his closet. Once he comes back, I can tell he has something in his hand, but I can’t tell what.

“Alright, last question is from me.” Tobi says “And you have to answer truthfully.”

“Okay.” I say, nodding

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, this is probably something you weren’t expecting to be asked. Especially on my birthday. But it’s something that cannot wait any longer.” He starts

“I knew from the moment I first met you, that you were the one. Everything about you is perfect. From the way you dance around this flat like no one is watching, to when you are just being lazy with me in bed. I love it all.”

Just from those few words, I knew what was happening.

“So Y/N.” He says, dropping to one knee and opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring “Would you marry me?”

I nod my head, tears falling from my eyes “Yes.” I whisper

“A million times yes.” I say louder this time.

He smiles and slides the ring onto my finger. Leaning up to kiss me.

I can’t believe that I am going to be spending the rest of my life with the man I love.

This is not how I expected or planned this day to go. But I guess since he is the birthday boy, he gets to choose how the day goes.


The Starks gather to take back what is theirs. The wolves will come again.

Victorian AU because I’m a mess

Chapter 1

Jon knows people say it’s destiny, but it’s not. If anything, it’s karma. He and Robb has spent so much time looking for her that it’s only right she shows up. It’s not like Jon wasn’t trying to find her. Just not there, not then.

Varys sent him there as a messenger: Jon is supposed to ask Lord Baelish’s opinion on some delicate matters. He knows Varys doesn’t like Lord Baelish, and the matter is apparently not of great importance. But Jon’s is, when he sees her. In hindsight, he knows Varys sent him there because of her.

She fits right into Lord Baelish’s office. Blue, floral wallpaper, mahogany desk and bookshelves, leather chair, and her, red hair flowing down her shoulders and blue eyes piercing. He can tell she is restraining herself; her eyes tell him that this is not the place to begin their reacquaintance.

And so he waits, takes a fast scribbled note from Lord Baelish and gives her a nod, a promise, I found you.

He comes back that same evening, and she is waiting by the back entrance. The late fall air is heavy with an oncoming storm, dark, dark clouds roam overhead. Jon can sense the reckoning, and he knows Sansa feels it too.

Lord Baelish’s house is an expensive gentlemen’s club by day, and a brothel by night, so Jon has no problems blending in with the other guests. No one questions Sansa’s authority here, and Baelish is nowhere in sight. Sansa takes his hand as she leads him up to her rooms, and closes the door behind him. The air is electric with anticipation. Jon can’t stop his breath from quickening.

She flings herself towards him in an embrace that almost knocks him off his feet, and but he manages to hold onto her, keeps her close to him. It’s the sweet, warm relief of finally, of things falling into place.

He hasn’t seen her in so long, and she’s almost a woman now. Eighteen and glowing, she looks like something out of a fairytale. And he is so handsome, like he finally grew into himself. There’s little left of the lanky, insecure boy she left all those years ago, but everything she’s wanted the last four years is suddenly within his arms.

It feels unreal, like a dream too good to be true. But he is flesh and bone, and just as real as her. She can feel his arms around her, smell his scent, see his face in front of her. Tears come to her eyes, and she digs her face into Jon’s shoulder. He just holds her, strokes her back and comforts her.

Finally there’s a face she recognises, someone she truly knows; not like how Petyr tells her she can trust him when she knows she can’t, not like how everyone makes promises they don’t keep. She’s soaring on freedom, the feeling of belonging somewhere.

She feels so safe with him, and perhaps that is why she’s nosing his neck when she tries pulling away from him. But she can’t, not entirely, and instead puts her hand on his cheek. And it feels too right, too natural to ignore. Sansa feels slightly weak in his arms, so she makes a choice.

Jon loves her, right? If she where to do something she shouldn’t, he would forgive her. She’s finally free again, and that includes free to make mistakes. Jon could forgive her. He could. He already has.

Her face is so close to his, and she kisses him. Softly, but she keeps her lips on his for awhile. She’s scared of what will happen if she takes them away again.

But she doesn’t. Now he’s kissing her, and Sansa is struggling for breath.

If Sansa thought she was bound by a spell before, she certainly is now. He’s a good kisser, too good, in fact. There’s nothing forgiving in it at all, but perhaps she doesn’t need forgiving. Perhaps this is what both of them need. Perhaps this is exactly how things should be.

Sansa’s hands skim over his shoulders and into his hair, while Jon has one hand on her neck, and the other pawing at her waist. Sansa only breaks away when she hears a cacophony of laughter erupting downstairs, and remembers where they are, who she is and what they are supposed to be doing.

Jon seems to remember as well, and while his look turns somber again, Sansa can’t help but smile. Free. Finally. Home.

Sansa grabs a small bundle of clothes and belongings she has ready, and ties it around her waist. Jon takes her hand and leads her almost to the bottom of the stairs. One of Petyr’s ladies are standing there waiting for customers, but turns around when the staircase creaks. She pulls her skirt up casually, and after casting a worried look on Jon, Sansa realises she’s supposed to hide under it.

One of the other ladies walk by, and though she sees them and what is going on clearly, she simply keeps walking. Sansa realises the whole brothel probably knows, but they all looked so pitying the few times she got a chance to talk to them. They had promised that life would be better for her someday, and it seems they’re keeping their word after all.

Sansa can feel blood pounding in her ears when she crouches down and uses her hands to gather her dress, and the lady starts walking. Sansa is forever grateful the lady has the decency to wear underthings. “Well, good Sir, perhaps I shall see you some other night.” She’s certainly holding Jon’s arm, making it seem like he’s a customer the lady is trying to lure back. “Perhaps,” Jon says, trying to act casual and only barely failing. It’s not like anyone notices anyway.

The lady walks with Jon out on the street and into a back alley, where the Lady pulls her skirts up. Sansa emerges again, and straightens her clothes. “Thank you,” she says, perhaps the most sincere she’s ever been. The woman huffs. “Anything for coin, love.”

Jon hands the lady a small purse, and she smiles when she weighs it in her hands. She kisses Sansa’s cheek and mutters, “Good luck,” and disappears back onto the street, no doubt on the look for another customer.

Jon doesn’t waste his time. As soon as she’s out of sight he takes Sansa’s hand, and pulls her with him back into the city. It’s changed since she last saw it; more rubbish in the streets, some of the houses painted in a new colour, the people not the same.

She doesn’t know where they’re going, but she trusts Jon enough to not stop and ask questions. She knows it would be a bad idea: Petyr might have noticed her absence by now. The girls in the brothel can only hide her disappearance for so long.

Sansa doesn’t know how long they walk, an hour, three, her brain doesn’t register it. They go through yards and backdoors and kitchens and out on busy streets, only to hurl back into narrow alleys. Jon doesn’t slow down, only keeps going, desperate to keep her safe.

When he finally slows down in front of a door in an abandoned street, Sansa’s feet are aching, and she can’t feel her fingers. It’s completely dark, and heavy fog is creeping around their feet. Sansa doesn’t have a thermometer, but she knows the temperature most have dropped severely. The moon is barely visible in the sky, and thunder rumbles in the distance.

The house smells like mould when they enter, and Jon closes the door behind them. He leads her up a flight of narrow, creaking stairs, and opens the door on the far end of the hall. It’s small; just one room with a double bed, a hearth with one ashy log, a couple of chairs in a corner and a tiny desk with a small window over it. The air is cold to the bone. It’s moist and old, the paint flaking and the wallpaper peeling off in the corners.

“We’re going to freeze,” Jon says, and finally lets go of her hand. Sansa sits down on the bed, which is even colder than she thought. Jon ducks his head out the door, and comes back to start a fire with the little amount of wood left in the hearth. He sighs when he’s done, and a small, pathetic flame lights up the room. He presses a kiss to her temple. “I’ll find some more wood. I’ll be right down the hall, just call if you need me.”

Sansa nods, and Jon disappears. She feels paralysed, and sits on the bed trying to massage feeling into her fingers. She waits until she hears the sound of Jon chopping wood to untie her belongings from her waist, and lays them out on the bed.

A nightgown, a hairbrush and a ribbon. The brush was a gift from her mother, and she used to brush Sansa’s hair before every party they held. She took the ribbon when she left home; her father tied it into her hair the last time she saw her parents.

The nightgown was something she sowed herself, the only thing that’s ever been only hers. She’s always been the object of someone else: her parents’ daughter, Prince Joffrey’s betrothed, Petyr’s precious bird. She’s used to wearing silks and fine jewellery that are not her own, to use clothes as a mask, but the nightgown is the only thing she hasn’t had to pretend in. It’s hers, just hers. No one else.

She changes into the nightgown, and puts the other things away again.

She sits down on the floor right by the hearth, knees under her chin, trying to gain some shred of warmth. The heat from the hearth is almost burning her legs where it reaches, but the rest of the house remains freezing. No one ever said London was warm during winter. She uses a hand to touch the floor, and it’s cold, like ice frozen to rock on a lake.

She feels alone, like she always seems to do, like it’s going to be like that forever. The house is silent and rotten, like her, and the hearth can’t do anything to melt the ice away. Still, she’s safer than she’s been in a long time. Cold and empty is better than any luxury anyone else could offer her, so she ignores the feeling of dread that’s always haunting her when she’s alone.

She can feel energy pouring out her bones, leaving room for exhaustion to settle in, and knows she’ll fall asleep soon. The floor is still cold against her cheek when she lies down, too tired to move further. Her eyes slip shut without Sansa noticing.

She wakes a while after, the cold disappearing and warm arms carrying her to the bed. And she’s reminded, Jon is always warm, always, always there. Always hers.

Hannibal/Handmaid’s Tale crossover

I was watching The Handmaid’s Tale episode “The Other Side” today when I thought to myself, what a familiar looking cabin that is! 

(PS: sorry for the shitty quality, I had to use my phone to take the pictures)

  • Same floor lamp, check
  • Bookshelf by the front door, check
  • White grout between logs, check
  • Same chairs, check
  • Same balcony, check
  • (I’m just trying to convince myself here)
Campfire Events

Bandits aren’t the only thing that might lurk beyond the edge of the fire-light.

  1. A small herd of elk graze at the edge of the clearing.
  2. Two elves stop by the campfire to warn of a bear in the area.
  3. A bear emerges from the woods, but wanders off after sniffing the air.
  4. The fallen log serving as a chair turns out to be full if centipedes.
  5. A bard shares your campfire but is hung-over and declines any invitation to perform.
  6. A few wasps venture out of a nearby nest to sting the trespassers.
  7. A coyote sporting a bandana around its neck stands at the edge of the firelight, and will gladlt accept scraps.
  8. A fat toad hops through the campsite.
  9. The wind picks up and some thunder and lightning threatens, but no rain materializes.
  10. A healthy but filthy mare in shredded barding comes to stand near the horses.
  11. A wild boar attacks!
  12. Five mounted soldiers stop and ask if anyone else has passed by recently.
  13. A pair of dwarves in muddy cloaks walk past laughing.
  14. Cougar yowling can be heard nearby, but no cat materializes.
  15. The sky is clear but no stars are out.
  16. A delirious orc stumbles into camp and asks for food.
  17. Music plays from somewhere in the dark.
  18. Huge bats chase the bugs attracted to the light of the fire.
  19. A spectral form appears in the flames.
  20. The campfire will not stay lit, despite the wood being dry. Additionally, everyone feels very sleepy.

jelliebox  asked:

for the five word prompt thing: jerejean + "real smooth, tripping over air"

Here you go! Thank you for the prompt, it was a lot of fun!

It was Jean’s second semester with the Trojans and it was going significantly better than the first.

While last semester he swung between antagonizing everyone and flinching when anyone came near him, now he was still quiet unless Exy was involved, but Jeremy was starting to see that it was just part of his personality instead of solely trauma. He was a solid presence at Jeremy’s side, and Jeremy had learned to crave the small smiles he gave occasionally.

So it was unfortunate when one day he looked across the room to where Laila and Jean were discussing their winter breaks, only to be spotted by Alvarez.

“Dude, you’ve got it so bad,” she said, slinging an arm around his shoulders.

Jeremy rubs at the back and stammers, “What? No! No, I just am glad he looks happy. And adjusted.”

She raises an eyebrow at him. “You texted me every day of Christmas break about what you two were doing, until he went to visit Renee and all you could talk about was whining about how boring break was without him.”

Jeremy’s silence let her know she had won.

She laughed and leaned in close to whisper, “Laila says if you asked he’d say yes.”

Jeremy goes a little pink and shoves her away, which makes her laugh even harder.

He’s so engrossed that he doesn’t notice Jean staring at them from across the room.

It takes Jeremy about a week to build up the courage to say he’ll ask Jean out on a date. With Alvarez’s wheedling and Laila’s insights into what Jean’s comfortable with, he decides on coffee, because it’s lowkey and a good mix of public and private.

He spots Jean on a bench outside the library, where Laila said he’d be, probably sketching something. He waves to get his attention and Jean smiles his soft, pretty smile and waves back.

Jeremy starts to head over and he thinks to himself that things are going great until he’s on the ground, knees complaining about the landing and hands scraped against the pavement.

He looks up to see Jean smirking down at him before he says, “Real smooth, Jere. Tripping over air?”

Jeremy groans and pushes his face into the pavement before saying, “I’m just going to lay here and wait for a mudslide, okay?”

Jean laughs before extending his hand to help him out. “Don’t be so dramatic.”

Jeremy brushes himself off before Jean says, “So Laila said you wanted to ask me something?”

“Uh…yeah. Though I don’t know what you’ll say now that you’ve literally seen me eat cement.”

Jean doesn’t respond, just waits patiently for Jeremy to speak.

“Um…do you want to get coffee sometime next week?”

Jean looks a little deflated. “Oh…coffee…that sounds good.”

Jeremy smiles, even though inside he is really, really wishing for that fortuitous mudslide. “It’s cool if you don’t want to. I just wanted to ask. I understand that dating would probably be weird and we’re just so different…”

“Wait. Coffee’s a date?”

“Um…sometimes. So you do want to go out with me?”

“Yes. I just…” Jean looks away. “I’ve never been on a date before so I didn’t know what qualified.”

“Well, this coffee would be a date.”

“I’d like that,” Jean says softly.

Later, when they’re recalling this memory, Jeremy just laughs and says, “I can’t help it, I guess I FELL for you.” Jean has to refrain from pushing him off his chair.