log canoe

On a day that feels firmly sliding into winter, an image that is pure summer- CBMM’s new log canoe, Bufflehead, on the Miles River during her inaugural sail this summer on June 9th, 2015. No shirt required onboard, but a stiff breeze and a certain amount of devil-may-care adventurous spirit is critical.

Image by Tracey Munson.


This is an 8'x10’ Dovetailed log cabin that I found on a remote lake in Northern Michigan. It is hidden on a ridge over the lake in the trees, you can only see a hint of it from the lake. While canoeing the lake I slipped through a channel into a smaller lake and glimpsed a roof line in the trees. I thought it was a deer blind, but as I got closer I could see it was something more. I landed and climbed the ridge to check it out, and this is what I found. 


Log canoe racing has long been a staple of Chesapeake summers. These races are the product of the late 19th century when recreational sailing was in its infancy, log canoes were transformed from their weekday use as workboats into fleet racing craft. Over the years, they’ve lost their use as oystering or fishing vessels, and instead have become the nimble vessels they are today— complete with enormous sails and hiking boards to carry human ballast.

1. “Flying Cloud” has her boomkin adjusted, 1958. 2. 19th century log canoe regatta postcard. 3. 1958 log canoe race, with “Magic,” “Flying Cloud,” “Jay Dee,” and “Mystery.” 4. late 19th century fishing party on log canoe 5. Log canoe race in Crisfield, Maryland, ca. 1922, 6. “Edmee S.” in race on Miles River, 2002. All images, collections of Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.


The shipwrights and apprentices at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum spent four months building a log canoe. This was practice for rebuilding the bottom logs of the bugeye Edna E. Lockwood. Lovely. (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXgfcFD4Nug)

Harry and the Cabin

“Whoops”. You felt a hard, stiff hand thump your head. You looked up to see none other than Harry. The biggest asshole you had ever known since freshman year. “Fucking dick.”, you mutter to yourself. “What was that?” Harry cupped his ear, ”Did you hear something, Jacob?” He said to his friend behind him. A basic follower to a basic asshole. “No, definitely not. It was probably a breeze.” Jacob said sarcastically, playing along with Harry. They begin to laugh and soon started cracking jokes, mocking you as though they were outrageously funny. You never really understood why people looked up at them, just because they were the star athletes at cross country, as if they ruled the school. As if this were their kingdom. Except Jacob was considered the trainee, while Harry was obviously king.

You roll your eyes, continuing to read your book before you were interrupted. Looking up, you glance at the clock, hoping time would pass on quicker. “All right, guys. Do I have all permission slips for the camping trip this weekend? Any late slips won’t be accepted.” Mr. Adams said sternly. “Remember to make sure you have all of your bags near you at all times. I will not be held responsible for your losing of personal items.. Which I have no idea why most of you morons thought of bringing your electronics. Nitwits..” Mr. Adams muttered. It was the junior year camping trip, and you were partly excited. At the same time you weren’t, since Harry and Jacob decided to tag along, as well. You were shocked for one. They were both too self centered, you didn’t think they’d ever be interested to anything that didn’t have to do with themselves.

“So are you ready?” Your best friend, Mikayla, said eagerly. “I think so. I’m just not so excited that we have to spend our weekend with Harry and Jacob.” “Tell me about it. I’m surprised they even wanna spend their weekend with mother nature. How long do you think until they find out there’s absolutely no service up there?” She said, giggling. “Probably until we hear crying about not being able to receive nudes.” You say laughing until a deep voice creeped up from behind you. “What’s this about nudes, I hear?” Mr. Adams said loud enough the class shot looks at you. “Nothing, sir. We were just joking around.” Mikayla said shakily pretending to laugh. He nodded and walked away slowly giving both of you a suspicious look. “Nice going, captain obvious, could you stutter any more?” You laughed, giving Mikayla a light punch on the arm. “Whatever”, she rolled her eyes shaking her head, “Do you think we’ll be assigned partners?” “I sure hope so.” You sighed.

“All right, I have the assigned partner sheet right here.” Mr. Adams began to call names together one by one until you heard Mikayla partnered with Sadie. The most nerdiest girl in the class. She was nice but really weird. Mikayla gave you a frown, sarcastically crying, mouthing the words, “WHY ME!” You held back your laugh until you heard your teacher utter the most horrifying words you never expected to hear. “And y/n, you’ll be assigned with Harry.” He said, slamming his clipboard to his chest. Smiling as if he’d done this to torture you. You shot up a look at Harry who was grinning as you stormed off to confront your teacher. “Mr. Adams, I’m sorry to bother you but.. I think there’s been a mistake. For one, I hate my partner. And two, does this mean I have to bunk with him? All the girls are partnered together as well as the boys! Why are me and Harry the only boy and girl partners?” You said pouting, hoping he’d switch you, hopefully with Makayla. ”Y/n, as much as it pains me to pair you up with him”, Obviously not, “There were simply no other pairs of the same gender for the both of you.” Mr. Adams said walking away. “All right everyone, on the bus we go!”

The whole bus ride was a drag. You mainly slept but woke up at every speed bump and screech of the bus’ and your class screaming of excitement. The bus came to a stop, as the class had finally arrived to a small area in the woods with log cabins, canoes, and a lake that shined under the bright blue moon. “Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous.” You smiled to yourself. You inhaled the fresh breeze of the trees, taking in the warm air as your arms shivered with goosebumps. It was a nice feeling, until it quickly ended as Harry threw his arm around your shoulder, leading you towards your assigned cabin with him. “Now, before you get all comfortable to your natural habitat, I suggest we settle our sleeping areas. I call the top bunk, since I’m practically king of the jungle.” Harry said smiling. You whack his arm off of you as you give him a disgusted look. “First of all, this is a forest. Second of all, top bunk or bottom bunk, I don’t think it matters. We’re only here for the weekend.” You said as you brush past him, throwing your bags onto your bed.

“Y/n, is it really necessary to be a bitch to everyone? I mean, that’s my job.” “Sorry I’m not on your dick like everyone else is.” You said a bit harshly as you picked out the new bikini you had brought for the lake so you’d sneak in a quick swim while everyone slept. Only thing is, Harry was the only one still awake since it was nearly 1am, hoping he’d fall asleep soon. You turn around to see Harry shirtless, shuffling threw his bag finding a shirt. Standing there, you froze. Examining his muscles, his back perfectly toned, noticing his back dimples. He turned around to catch you staring. You shake your head as he smirks, while you make your way to a corner to change. Harry already in bed is practically close to falling asleep, and you wait a bit until he’s softly snoring. Quickly, you throw on your top and bottom bathing suit. You tip toe your way to the door quietly, as you slowly open the cabin door as it creaks gently but successfully made it out and make your way towards the bridge of the lake.

The water glistened, as it shimmered so brightly with the moon hitting it so perfectly. You dip your toe in to find the water at perfect temperature until your completely in. The water was so perfect, and you felt as if time was passing slowly as you float on your back, your eyes closed, smiling. You dive in a little deeper to catch the warmth of the water hit your skin so perfectly, until you hear a splash. Scared, you shot up from the water, looking all around you only to see nothing but the bridge moving rapidly then slowly. And that was when you feel a grip on your waists drag you down in the water. Your about to scream until the water hits your mouth. Nearly swallowing the dirty lake water, you spit it out practically choking and turn around to find Harry trying to hold back his laugh. Scowling at him, you clenched your fists. “What the hell is wrong with you?” You whispered loudly, nearly shouting. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I heard the door shut and saw you out of bed, so I looked out the window seeing you dive in by yourself. Figured you could use some company.” He winked. “Although I was hoping this would be more of a skinny dip.” Harry laughed again. You grunted, as you nearly storm out of the lake until you feel the cold breeze hit your delicate skin, and you get back into the warm water, your arms wrapped around you.

Harry approached you, floating around you in circles humming to himself. “I gotta give you credit, y/n. This actually wasn’t such a bad idea.” He said as he stood up in front of you, shaking his wild curly hair as little cold droplets hit your skin, causing you to shiver. He laughed as he got closer and you slowly started to back away, until he pulled you back in closer. “Why the rush, y/n?” He leaned in, “We just got here.” You felt his hot breath against your skin, giving you goosebumps. He grinned, placing his hands on your elbows as his lips begin to trace your jawline. “You’re shaking. Is it because of the breeze.. Or me?” You breath deeply, pulling away until he grabs you again. He looks at you with his deep green eyes shimmering like the water. Your eyes shut as you slowly begin to release your arms. He places his hands on your waist as he bites the nape of your neck gently. You let out a moan. Your hands move to his broad shoulders. They were perfectly toned as Harry moved from your neck to your mouth. His lips brushed against yours until his tongue slips out, begging for entrance as you grant it.

Slowly opening your mouth, his tongue begins to explore. Massaging his with yours. His body leans in closer. Practically pressed against yours now. You feel his bulge starting to form as you wrap your arms around his neck. He places his hands on your bum and slowly begins to lift you up. You jump a little to help, wrapping your legs around his waist. Harry begins walking back to the bridge, sitting you on top of it. You pull him closer, pressing his bulge against your crotch, rocking back and forth. Practically grinding. He gets harder by each thrust you manage to do, until he pulls back. “Not here.” He says, as he gets out of the water, holding your hand dragging you back to the cabin. He shuts the door behind and you can practically see anything, but you can see Harry coming towards. He places his hands firmly on your bum, gripping it. “Tonight, your mine.” He growled. You couldn’t believe this was happening. But at the same time, you liked it.

You took a look into his eyes, as the moon shot at them, you noticed the green turned into black lust. You bite your lip and instantly press yours against his, losing your fingers in his curls as he pulls the string to your top off and throws it onto the floor, massaging your breasts. You moan on his lips and you feel him smile playfully. He pulls away as Harry slowly pulls down the bottoms to our two-piece. You lay down on the bottom bunk as he lays on top, lowering his head to your hips. He lifts your legs a bit in order for his head to enter a little more. His tongue playfully teased you as he put the tip of his tongue onto your clit. You moan, gripping his wet curls, pulling him in closer. “Oh, Harry.” Slowly he leaned in closer, licking your dripping juices. “You’re soaked. And I don’t think it was from the lake.” He chuckled and slowly put a finger inside you causing you to squirm and moan in pleasure until he slowly adds another finger. You breath heavily. “Harry!” Gripping the bed sheets, you clench your teeth. He pumps his fingers in and out, starting to speed up, still teasing your clit with his tongue. Your breathing becomes heavier as your moans become louder. “Oh, Harry I’m close. Please, don’t stop.” You whine and Harry stops. “Can’t have that happening just yet.”

He smirks as he positions himself on top of you, slowly lowering his swimming trunks. The moon perfectly gleamed through the windows as you saw Harry’s hard cock slap against his toned stomach. Shocked at the massive size, you groaned in anticipation. He bites his lip at the sight of you and your exposed breast. His tip already at your entrance, he pins your wrists above your head as he looks up into your eyes, giving you a wink. Harry’s ¼ in you and your breathing is rapid. 2/4 and your becoming impatient. ¾ and you can’t take the teasing anymore as your legs pull him in deeper, causing you to arch your back and groan. “Someone was a little too eager”, he winked. He starts to thrust slowly, catching a rhythm and breathing roughly. He soon picks up his speed, pumping deeper, hitting your g spot with every thrust. “Ugh, harder.” Harry slows down, “Are you sure about that?” You lean your head in close to his, brushing his lips with yours. “I didn’t fucking stutter, did I? Fuck me.. Harder.” You lay your head back down on the bed as Harry’s eyes were wide, shocked to what you had just said, and he licks his lips. “Well if that’s you want..” Harry’s thrust were hard full of power, causing you to squirm but scream in pleasure. You knew you had just released an animal. “Harry..” You moan. “That’s right, princess. Say my name.” “Oh, Harry.” “I can’t hear you. I want you to scream my fucking name. Loud enough for everyone to hear.” Harry began to thrust powerfully as you screamed his name in pain and excitement. “Oh, Harry, yes!” As you reached your climax, spilling your juices. You screamed more, boosting his ego enough for him to finally release inside of you.

Harry’s sweat trailed down his toned stomach as he pulled his swimming trunks back up. He breathed so heavily, he was practically wheezing. Your legs were sore and shaky, and your eyes were slowly closing at the sound of the quiet outside and Harry’s soft snoring. Before falling asleep, you tug on an old t shirt and pull it over your head as you climb to the top bunk so nothing would seem suspicious in the morning. You were still shocked with what had just happened between you and Harry. “Did this really just happen?” You thought to yourself.. but you were too tired to think about it, even too tired to think about what you were gonna tell Mikayla. You shook it off, as you pulled the bed sheets closely around you. You just wanted to sleep.



While log canoes are beautiful boats, the attention to detail in their smallest elements is really something special. This eagle carving and trailboard from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s newest addition to the floating fleet, Flying Cloud, sparkle with careful carving and strong, glossy colors. As lovely as the best craftsmanship on a Philadelphia 18th century highboy, these decorative elements complete the poetry that is a racing log canoe’s elegant, lithe form.

Images by author.