log cabin by a lake


Good wood - really feeling the need to get the f out of d?? Then the Manshausen Island Resort may just do the trick. Situated in the Steigen Archipelago off the coast of Northern Norway it’s perfect for diving, hiking, climbing and fishing by day and watching the ethereal Northern Lights by night. Heavenly.


Good wood - I don’t know if it’s just me but I thought log cabins were rustic old things… seems I was wrong. Introducing this little peach by Texas firm Andersson-Wise in the state of Montana that’s raised on stilts to provide views of a nearby lake.

The Signs in a Grand Log Cabin
  • Aries: On a fishing boat in the middle of a lake. The water is rigid but inviting and they're catching plentiful fish. The lake is calm and only the sounds of frogs and woodland deer can be heard.
  • Cancer: Inside the cabin watching the rain drizzle down upon the lake, and upon the windows of the old longstanding log cabin. Watching every stroke of the raindrops disappear into the Earth as they run down the glass panes of the window.
  • Taurus: On the porch, but no one knows that. They're rocking back and forth on the old creaky rocking chair that has been there for decades. Old, wise, and beyond its years. Taurus sits upon the old oak tree, watching the dawn creep up on the shallow waters.
  • Gemini: Hiding away in an abandoned treehouse. Time seems altered when in a treehouse. Time itself creeps slower, feels thicker, like diving into molasses. Thick, sweet, and drowsy. They watch the world as it continues on, while staying in their timeless haven.
  • Leo: Laying on the couch in the living room of the Cabin. Smothered in wool throws and velvet pillows. Watching whatever they find vaguely interesting or intriguing. The cabin smells of vanilla and baked goods. The aroma could make anyone fall asleep.
  • Virgo: Playing solitaire on the oak kitchen table. Playing the cards like puppets on a string. Spades dancing and hearts breaking. There's a feeling of possibility in the air; almost magical. Libra watches. They look down and Virgo deals the cards down, then Libra looks back up at Virgo, and then back down. Virgo won again.
  • Libra: Sitting across from Virgo. They're watching with fascination as Virgo flips and studies the cards like text books. Libra traces their fingers across the deep gashes in the wood of the table. Feeling every cut, scratch, dent and blemish in the table. And traces it back to the end. Over and over again.
  • Scorpio: Hiding away in the master bedroom. The soft blankets on bare skin is their favorite feeling. The scent of lavender fills the room. The bedroom is dark and genuine; it's rhythmic heartbeat fuses with the bed's occupant as their breathing slows to a null, deep breathing.
  • Sagittarius: Hiking around the grounds and paths. The crunch of wild berries and branches under the boots of the lone walker. They wander freely, like a child in a pumpkin patch. They inhale the secrets of the forest and exhale details of life away from total serenity and bliss.
  • Capricorn: Studying the constellations. They lay a blanket on the bare, rich earth and sit down, only to look up and wonder the whole time. The Stars twinkle in their knowledge hungry eyes as they study the orbs from which they themselves are made.
  • Aquarius: They can be found many places. But they always follow one pattern; they're reading something or other. There they are, sitting in the biggest chair in the room. Their stature is demanding and poise. Elegance is in their nature. Glasses marks are scattered across their nose. They look up with impending power and turn everyone stone cold.
  • Pisces: Daydreaming in the same room as Aquarius. The walls are old and grand. Calming and heavy. Drapes are closed and the only light in the room is the flame from a single candle. They look out the dark window only too see stars. The same stars Capricorn are looking at.
  • And when they all look up, they all see the same stars. They all see the same constellations. They all see their creator.
Letter to Kim Namjoon that only live in my dreams

Hey Joonie It’s cold today.. And I just washed myself cause it was raining so much 😑 I wish I was with u and the guys in your little vacation in Europe.. In Finland… In those little but comfy log cabins .. Near a little Lake maybe.. Just the 8 of Us..being lazy Like no tomorrow.. Me helping Jin to prepare tea and some snacks… And then bringing u your cup of tea and u smiling to me while murmuring a little ‘thanks’… Sitting on the sofa.. Cuddling and Talking bout the stupid things such as scary things, with the Boys… Smiling together.. And sometime btw all this conversation there would be little moments only btw Us💛 Like pecks, hug and also just a simple smile… I wish time would pass slowly so I can just appreciate and love every hour with u… And then when it’s dinner time there would be so much noisy.. Like we all in the kitchen, V trying to do something but being scolded by Jin cause he Ruin something… Kookie&Jimin Smiling at V, Hobi&Suga just fighting cause hobi think that he’s better than suga in the kitchen and U my love that just have droppred a plate and of course I have to help u.. But u will be soo sweet to check my hands every 5 minutes to see if I have any cut cause of the broken plate…. IT WOULD BE PERFECT… I’d not ask for a better life & I hope it would be the same for u… I JUST HAVE A HUGE NEEDS TO HUG U (and omg look at that shoulders) and to repeat myself that u are real in this world, there is someone fantastic Like u… And U know.. Now the sun just decide to come out.. But I don’t care cause I was happy even if it was all grey… Cause I’ll not be tired to repeat that u are my Light and my only one muse that inspire me everyday…love u babe 💕