I feel like this morning was the one irrevocable mistake I’ve faced in a while. It’s so hard finding words in unusual situations.

I can’t even call or anything because dude doesn’t have a cell phone. Even if I could, I wouldn’t know what to say.

It’s funny because my life, other than this bump, which only feels catastrophic temporarily, really isn’t tremendously complicated. I’m way too lucky.

When people pick their zits and complain about their face.

What are you doing? It makes your face a million times worse. I did that in middle school. It only takes about twenty days to break a habit. It may be hard if it’s a huge hobby of yours, or something, but I promise you’ll like your skin so much more.

You should also try changing your pillowcase more often - your face is pressed up in there for eight hours every night (hopefully)…oil, dead skin, acne-causing bacteria, etc. all built up in there. If you think you wash your pillowcase enough you probably still don’t, so go wash it now.

I don’t think anyone cares about this post, but that’s okay.