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Magnolia Movieplex

Lot Type: Cafe

CC Free

By Quest For Sims

“Generously donated to the community by the Landgraab family, the Magnolia Movieplex is a wonderful example of modern design. Featuring lofty, open spaces, and five intimate viewing rooms, the Magnolia Movieplex also boasts a beautiful modern artpiece, the Oblong Obelisk. whether you’re watching the newest films on our state-of-the-art rounded screens, or enjoying a coffee and sitting outside with a friend, you’re bound to fall in love with Magnolia Movieplex.”

Hey there guys! I’m back with another upload, this time it’s the Magnolia Movieplex! I’ve really described everything their is to know already, so onto the download! This is available in both Tray Format and on the gallery, the latter you can find either on my Steampunkie page or under the hashtag #questforsims. It’s a nocc, minimal expansion pack build, the two biggest requirements are City Living and Get Together, and Spa Day for several parts of the Oblong Obelisk.

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As always my TOU is pretty simple, do whatever you want :) It’s all just a game and I spent maybe an hour on this, two tops. If you use it, I’d love if you’d send me a message or @ me, but again, it’s not required. Just have fun with it! I’m also fairly new to uploading with tray files, so if I’ve done anything wrong, shoot me a message and I’ll fix it :)

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Natural Hair Atlanta Nigga

-has a warehouse that he turned into a lofty space.
-beard butter is a must
-chakras may be aligned
-grows herbs
-part time photographer
-paints but nothing too serious
-has a tapestry above the bed
- the bed may be a big ass comfty mattress
-room smells like incense
-takes you out to spoken word & wings
-he can be seen with a fitted, light trench and a crystal necklace
@notoriouslynay @wizard-me-timbers