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Magnolia Movieplex

Lot Type: Cafe

CC Free

By Quest For Sims

“Generously donated to the community by the Landgraab family, the Magnolia Movieplex is a wonderful example of modern design. Featuring lofty, open spaces, and five intimate viewing rooms, the Magnolia Movieplex also boasts a beautiful modern artpiece, the Oblong Obelisk. whether you’re watching the newest films on our state-of-the-art rounded screens, or enjoying a coffee and sitting outside with a friend, you’re bound to fall in love with Magnolia Movieplex.”

Hey there guys! I’m back with another upload, this time it’s the Magnolia Movieplex! I’ve really described everything their is to know already, so onto the download! This is available in both Tray Format and on the gallery, the latter you can find either on my Steampunkie page or under the hashtag #questforsims. It’s a nocc, minimal expansion pack build, the two biggest requirements are City Living and Get Together, and Spa Day for several parts of the Oblong Obelisk.

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As always my TOU is pretty simple, do whatever you want :) It’s all just a game and I spent maybe an hour on this, two tops. If you use it, I’d love if you’d send me a message or @ me, but again, it’s not required. Just have fun with it! I’m also fairly new to uploading with tray files, so if I’ve done anything wrong, shoot me a message and I’ll fix it :)

All the Little Horses Part 6

Week 16

   Your baby is the size of an avocado. Here’s an eye opener for you: While you’re packing on the baby pounds, your baby’s eyesight (and eyelashes!) are developing rapidly. Listen up: Tiny bones in your fetus’s ears are in place, making it likely that the baby can hear your voice when you’re speaking. In fact, studies have found that babies who hear a song while they’re in the womb recognize the same tune when it’s sung to them after they’re born…

     I rolled over in the sheets, feeling my weight shift drastically as I did so. The only bonus I had gotten upon entering my second trimester was that I no longer had to deal with the pesky morning sickness, which meant I was sleeping in more than usual. Both Ada and my mother had assured me that it was perfectly normal though, and that I shouldn’t get too comfortable, I might not be sleeping at all soon. I sighed though, and stretched dramatically, pointing my toes and enjoying the feeling of my muscles tensing. As I did so, I felt a soft fluttering in my stomach and I laughed softly as I set my hand on my stomach and cooed, “Good morning darling, sorry if I disturbed you.”

     I had started feeling the little flutters on Wednesday and over the course of the week and now the weekend, they had gotten more consistent and powerful. It wouldn’t be long before they were a serious kick and I could tell Cal. I had kept the little butterflies in my womb a secret though, enjoying them privately while I still could. I knew that as soon as I announced that the baby had kicked, Cal would be all over me trying to feel it too, and at the moment, I wanted to be alone with the baby inside of me. Cal would have plenty of time to be with the baby when it was here.

      Rolling onto my back again, I ran my hand along the bump, smiling to myself as I thought about our little darling. It had gotten easier to get past the panic I had been feeling after my first visit with Ada, and now I was only filled with excitement. Of course Cal had been a little sour when he found out that there wasn’t much he would be able to do over the next few weeks, but I had assured him that we could start thinking about the nursery, which seemed to brighten him up considerably.

      The door into the room opened, and I lifted my head up to see what Cal wanted. He smiled as he nudged the door open with his hip and came in carrying a tray. I threw my head back onto the pillow and cried, exasperated, “No, no, no. You are not allowed to pamper me like this.”

    He laughed as he carried the tray over and set it on the bed before climbing in and sitting on the other side of it. “It’s not just for you, half of it is mine. You may be pregnant but the world doesn’t revolve around you.” He teased as he grabbed one of the grapes in the bowl popped it into his mouth.

      “Hey! The grapes are mine, and you know it.” I accused as I grabbed the bowl and sat up to start eating them. Cal only smiled secretively and said, “You hated them yesterday.”

     “Well, I want them today.” I argued, my face burning with embarrassment as I nibbled on one of them. He held out a piece of toast for me and I took that as well, and cradling it to my chest, I continued to eat the grapes.

     I finished eating after Cal, and laying back in the blankets, I ran a tired hand along my stomach and sighed in content. Cal set the tray on the floor and then laid next to me, his golden eyes smiling up at me. I glanced at him and then asked accusingly, “What?”

    “Nothing, just wondering how I got so lucky.”

    “If you get sappy on me, I’m going to throw up my breakfast all over you.” I grumbled as I stretched again. My shirt lifted up as I did so, and before I could protest, Cal had lifted it up to my ribcage.

     “Hey!” I shouted in protest, but he smiled up at me and winked. “I’m curious, you keep wearing all these baggy shirts and I can’t tell if you’re getting any bigger.”

    “Have you considered the possibility that I’m trying to hide my stomach?” I argued as I tried to pull my shirt down. He fought me off though, and leaning down, he pressed a light kiss on my stomach. I froze in surprise at the touch, and Cal grinned up at me as he whispered, “I figured you would like that.”

     “It’s not that I like it!” I protested, but I could feel a dark blush passing across my cheeks as I squirmed, “You just surprised me is all.”

      “Alright love,” He whispered as he pressed another kiss on my stomach, this one slightly lower than the first. I giggled softly and tried to push him away, but he leaned forward and pressed a light kiss on my lips instead. I smiled as I pulled away and laid my head back on the pillow, while he sat up to look down at me. Grinning at me, he asked, “Did you read the book for this week?”

     “No,” I answered hesitantly, and my answer only made him grin wider. It had become something of a contest between us to see who was keeping up with the baby the most, and not reading the chapter in the pregnancy book was essentially a failure for the week.

     “Well, it said that this week, the baby’s developing the bones in it’s ears. It should be able to start hearing us.” He announced as he looked down at my stomach proudly. I rolled my eyes, and stretching, I replied with a yawn, “Well you better stop snoring then, you’ll start waking him.”

        “Him? Oh no, we’re having a girl, I can feel it.” Cal stated superiorly, before rolling off of me and leaning over to rest his head on my stomach. I sighed down at him and running my fingers through his hair, I whispered, “I figured you would want a boy. You know, someone to run around with doing boy things with, and whatnot.”

       “What gave you that impression? I would love having a baby girl,” He whispered lovingly as he pressed another kiss on the side of my stomach.

     We sat in silence after that, thinking about the future, while I continued to run my fingers through Cal’s hair. After a few minutes of that though, he started humming softly, his eyes closing. I snorted, but stayed still as he started to sing softly. One of the last things I had learned about Cal was that he could sing. In fact, I hadn’t even learned about it until after we had been dating for almost a year. I’d come over to his apartment for dinner and a movie, and the power had gone out halfway through the end. We’d sat there in silence for a few seconds before he’d laughed and gotten candles out. After that, he’d pushed the coffee table and chairs out of the way and pulled me off of the couch to dance. I’d been mortified, at first, being the clumsy person I was, but he only rocked us side to side and spun me under his arm once or twice. All the while though, he sang a soft song, giving us a melody to put steps to as we moved around his living room. It was that night, in that moment, that I knew I was desperately in love with him.

      Now, he sang a lullaby that I had never heard before, whispering certain part softer than others. Eventually, I raised my brow at the changes and asked, “Why are you singing it like that?”

     “Because her little ears are still growing, I don’t want to damage them.” Cal whispered as he opened his eyes to glare at me accusingly.

     I sighed in exasperation and hissed, “It’s a boy.”

     “Wanna place bets?”

     “You’re on, Calore.”

     “Fine,” he said with a grin, as he sat up and continued, “If I win, I get to pick her name.”

     Rolling my eyes, I sat up and propped the pillow up behind me to be more comfortable. “Fine,” I fired back, “I still have to approve of the name though. I can’t have our son or daughter walking around with a name like, actual proof I had sex with Mare Barrow.”

      “I don’t know what you have against awesome same sex names, but I concur. You have to agree on the name, but my name’s get preference.” He argued before holding his hand out. I took it and shook it before pulling him down on top of me for a kiss. “It’s a deal,” I whispered to him before pressing my lips against his.


        A week later, I decided that I needed to go speak with my boss, that Ella needed to know how much longer I was going to be off. It also wouldn’t hurt to see some of my good friends as the studio.

        I stepped into the large, lofty space, and paused by the edge to watch Rafe lead a class of youngsters through a few basic combos. Being one of the best with kids, Rafe had been given all of the youngster classes, and had taken to them with pleasure. He enjoyed working with the kids immensely, saying they were more willing to listen to him than adults. I didn’t blame him either, I hated the classes I ran with adults, mostly because everyone spent more time questioning me than they did actually practicing. I’d let it slide for the most part though, it was there hundred dollars to waste.

        I gave Rafe a nod as walked along the side, and I smiled at me before winking and gesturing with his thumb over his shoulder to the office at the back of the studio. I returned his gesture with a grateful smile, and then made my way back there. I stood by the doorway for a moment and then knocked lightly to announce my presence. Ella looked up from the paperwork she had in front of her, and then letting out a squeal of excitement she leaped up and almost threw herself over her desk.

        “Mare!” She cried as she gathered up in a back breaking hug. I grunted and then murmured, “Ella, not so tight.”

        She dropped her arms instantly and then said, “Right, geez,” she took a step back then, and then grabbed my arms to pull them away from my body, “Mother of all things holy Mare Barrow! You look like you ate a small moon!”
        I blushed profusely and then pulled my arms from her grip. “Well that’s what happens when you get pregnant, I guess.”

        She laughed at my unease and then teased, “Oh calm down, as soon are you pop that baby out, we’ll get you back in here, and I’ll personally whip you back into shape.”

        “Thank you, but I think I’ll be able to handle it,” I replied with a smile as I crossed my arms comfortably. She clapped her hands gleefully and then leaning back against her desk she asked, “You’re gonna enroll your little one here right? I wanna see if it’s got your skill on the mat.”

        “Judging by how he’s kicking, he’s going to have the roundhouse down in no time.” I replied as I settled into comfortable conversation with my friend. Ella had recruited me from a crappy gym that I had been working at, citing that she owned a kickboxing studio privately, and was in need of another instructor. She offered to pay twice the amount I was being payed, with much better benefits, and I had practically resigned that day. I’d worked part time at her studio for a few weeks, trying to decide if it was for me, and I had quickly figured out that it was exactly what I wanted. She’d signed me on the minute I’d asked for a permanent position, and I’d been here ever since. In fact, it was here that I had met Cal. It had been a chance encounter really. He’d gotten the lessons as a gift, and I’d been one of the instructors that had worked with him. He’d requested me every time, and at first I had thought it was because he liked working with me, but after two weeks of lessons, he’d handed me his phone and asked for me to put my number in it. I’d been surprised, but had done it anyway. I’d gotten a text the minute I was off work, asking if I wanted to grab a drink. Two years later, I was here.

        “How is Cal by the way? Have you killed him yet?” Ella asked with a smirk. She claimed that she had seen exactly what was coming for a long time, and liked to take responsibility for everything, since she was the one who assigned Cal to me after only one lesson with Tyson.

        I laughed at her questions, and then replied, “He’s fine, he’s more worried than me honestly, and I kicked his ass for it this morning. He knows how much I hate it when he gets over protective.”

        I didn’t blame her either, he had seen me leaving this morning with my training bag over my shoulder. He’d blanched and then demanded to know why I was going to the studio to train. I’d grimaced at being caught, and had spent the better part of an hour arguing with him about the whole thing. In the end, we had agreed that I was being stupid thinking that I was okay to so much as do a full session, and that it was probably better that I stick to the cardio exercises that Ada had prescribed and approved. It annoyed me, but as soon as I had arrived at the studio and seen some of the movements, my knees had shaken at the thought of having to move my new found weight around like that. It certainly wouldn’t have been easy, so I’d stick to what I had already.

        “I just stopped by to see how everyone was. You can’t begin to understand how much it sucks to not be able to work out.” I bemoaned as I leaned against the doorway. Ella smirked and then winking at me, she said, “I’m sure I can understand, gotta remember that I wasn’t always in this perfect physic.” She laughed at her comment, and I rolled my eyes, trying not to be envious of her tight abs. Mine were long gone at this point, but I reminded myself that they would come back quickly.

        She leaned forward though and then winking she said, “Maybe when you get back, and are a little out of shape, Rafe will stand a chance against you finally.”

        I laughed at that again and then sat at my own desk, listening to Ella tell me everything that had been happening at the studio. She complained how horrible it was to be stuck with the boys again, without me around to talk about her girl problems with. She demanded an invitation to the wedding, which I had already promised to her the minute I’d told her about Cal’s proposal. In the end though, I thoroughly enjoyed my talk with her, like I always did. I had missed this, and after listening to her for a few hours, I decided that coming here and spending a few hours couldn’t have been bad. I could help out with the littles and could help with paperwork. It would also take my mind off of everything for a little while. I smiled as I thought about it, and then leaning forward I laugh at something Ella said, I realized that there was not far to go now, not that far at all until my baby was here. It was an odd feeling. Only three more months. The first six had gone by in the blink of an eye, and suddenly I felt a twinge of nerves. It was washed away thought as I thought about how prepared I was, how ready I was for this to happen. I couldn’t wait anymore, but at the same time, I thought with an internal grimace, I was willing to wait much longer.

I’ve always wanted a room in a basement or an attic or lofty-space. There’s something very cozy about it that you just don’t get with a regular ‘ole bedroom. 

I once stayed with a large group of friends in a condo, and the only sleeping space left available was a mattress tucked away in a closet. That was some of the best sleep of my entire life, and it’s left me trying to finagle a way to move my mattress into my closet, but unfortunately my bed is ever-so-slightly too wide. 

Point being that I’m a bit jealous of a cartoon character right now.

anonymous asked:

... Is it just me, or is the Thor movie going through an identity crisis and trying to be hip and cool like GotG? ("Welp," said the Marvel studio exec, "No one really digs the lofty space vikings thing. But retro-in-space seems pretty popular. Let's try that, and hope no one notices the tonal shift, yeah?")

you’re not wrong. The Thor movies have kind of been going through a crisis of identity throughout - Marvel’s never quite seemed to know what to do with him/his corner of the universe. So it is true that there’s a bit of a feeling of “let’s borrow the retro space feeling of our other space-based property and throw it in here” in what we’ve seen so far. 

which makes me very nervous, I gotta say, and I’m not sure I’m totally into it? I’ve always been much more “high fantasy” than “sci-fi”.

but on the other hand, in defense of this movie (and I say this as someone who is very nervous about a lot of things) - I do like the color, I like the look of Hela (the fact that at least so far it looks like they’re not playing her down but giving her all the bombast she deserves; that helmet) and I’m…listening, I guess, is what I’m saying. 

one of the problems with Thor: The Dark World was, imo, a case of imbalance. they were trying to have it both ways: comics fun while, I remember, emphasizing the Game of Thrones credentials of the production team. this movie at least looks like it knows what it’s doing - it knows what it is, and from what I know of Taika Waititi’s humor it isn’t like James Gunn’s. 

ultimately I still have a lot of “???” about the design and aesthetic choices for this movie, but this time around I did notice, even beyond the first trailer’s homage to Kirby designs in the background, the comics influence in both Valkyrie and Hela’s outfits. from a cinematic universe that has tried to sometimes “tone down” its comic source, that’s actually something I’m excited to see. 

I have questions, but at this point I’m feeling less like I’m bracing myself for crushing disappointment and more like I’m heading toward a good movie I might have some aesthetic disagreements with - which, lbr, I have some aesthetic disagreements with other parts of the MCU too. 

what remains most important to me is the characters. I’m willing to forgive a hell of a lot of things if the characters are right.

A Cold Awakening: Chapter 5/?

Modern crime AU. Twenty years have gone by since Storybrooke was shaken to the core by a gruesome crime that went unsolved. Sheriff David Nolan and his partner, daughter Emma are forced to revisit the crime. At the same time, Killian Jones and his older brother Liam have been drawn back to the town they had longed to never see again, struggling to find their own answers.
As taunting notes and clues show up they are taken on a journey to finally bring justice for the Jones family. And Emma Nolan finds herself caught in a situation more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

Note: ~5500 words, read more on AO3

Later that morning, Emma found herself at the Jones’ crumbling estate flanked by her team. It could have only been easily assumed that the letter they received this morning meant to go here. “Lies in the place this very mess started” the last few words of the riddle imprinted in her brain. There was little argument from everyone as to whether or not the note had meant the mansion. However, Emma had a feeling the location was the easy part. Scouring the ruins of a 7000 square foot palace… maybe would be a bit less obvious. Nevertheless it was a good start, it was some sort of lead and it got her out of the office. Perhaps a different perspective was what she needed to break through the roadblock in her brain. Emma hated not making progress.

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