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Rude, Giant Fur Ball

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Request: Could you write a Derek Hale imagine where he fully shifts and you have to go around town acting like you got a big dog?

A/N: I tried to find a gif of Derek’s wolf form, but I couldn’t find it. Sorry.

I needed to go to town and buy some food for the loft, because let’s face it, Derek and Peter have no food. So, I was walking to my car, pulling my keys from my purse, when I heard something like a bark. I look up and see Derek, in his full wolf form of course, running at me, full speed. I knew what was going to happen, but I reacted to late. Derek proceeded to jump at me causing me to fall to my knees, and then he started to lick my face.

“Derek, Der- ow- please stop. I told you- ow- no kissing me like this -oh oh!” But in the end, I was laughing. Yes, Derek Hale has a fun side, it’s just that he doesn’t let most people see it because he doesn’t want to get too close.

Finally he stopped, and if a wolf could grin, he was. I was still giggling and I wiped my face with my sleeve.

“Alright.” I announced, standing up. “I’m going to the store to get food. Because you people are not only werewolves, with the ability of enhanced eyesight, hearing, strength, ect. But you also have the ability to never eat. And some people don’t have that ability.”

I began walking to my car, but noticed that Derek was following me. Not minding it I opened the driver’s side door, and hopped in and started to put my purse by my feet, but I was interrupted by a rude, giant fur ball jumping onto my lap and climbing into the passenger seat. I gave him a look that said ‘really?’ but he pretended he didn’t see it.

“Derek, you can’t go.” I said.

He looked at me with his head tilted.

“Because you’re a wolf. What will people think?”

He let out a small little whimper that made me feel bad if I didn’t let him go. I know that’s what he was trying to do, but I still couldn’t say no.

“Fine! But you have to pretend to be my pet.”

Then he gave me a look that said 'really?’, but I held my gaze with him. He looked down and I knew I had won. I close the door and start driving into town.

When we got to the grocery store, I was praying that they wouldn’t stop me, because I didn’t know if pets were allowed or not. Thankfully, nobody stopped us, but people did stare. I mean, I would too if I saw a person come into the store with a big wolf by their side. We continued around the store not paying any attention to the stares or the whispers.

We were walking down one aisle when a young man said to me, “It must have taken a lot of time and effort to train him to follow you around without a leash.”

I look down at Derek and smiled, “Not really. He just started doing it one day.”

“That’s pretty cool.” The man replied.

“Yes. Yes it is.”

And then he turned and walked off.

“We should start doing this more often.” I said to Derek. “I could get a really cute guy’s attention.”

I was joking, but Derek still looked at me like 'you better not get another guy’s attention’. I laughed and said, “Don’t worry! I was only joking.”

how the pack moves in with derek

a headcanon originally told to bleep0bleep months ago. i was saving it to write a fic with it but i’m very busy and might like it more as a headcanon!

Ultimate Pack Loft Headcanon:

After the pack gets home from their first year of college, they all declare themselves too old to live with their parents. It starts with Lydia, who’s tired of being moved back and forth because of her parent’s divorce, especially when her mother and father now live four hours away from each other and Beacon Hills, so that makes sense. She even sorta asks permission.

And then Scott says that his mother is planning to move to a small apartment now that he is out of the house, so he asks and Derek says yes and okay, now Scott lives there too. That’s fine.

And then it turns out that by “move into an apartment,” Melissa meant “move in with Sheriff Stilinski” and Stiles can’t handle their domestic bliss. He just can’t. ANd he’s an adult now! He will find his own place. But Derek’s loft is technically out of rooms and Derek hasn’t seemed too keen on everyone living at his loft (especially when it’s unclear who is paying rent and does Scott really need to sing every. single. time. he’s in the shower?? And how much makeup does Lydia need??) so Stiles does what any adult seeking a place to live would do. He sorta… moves in without telling Derek.

He eases him into the idea, first just crashing on the couch a few nights a week, claiming that he is too tired to drive home and then he stays a few nights in Scott’s room (when Kira isn’t over and, really, Derek think she should start paying rent too) but most nights he’s on the couch. Or asleep on the kitchen floor. But eventually, Derek wakes up early to go for a run and get away from the gaggle of teenagers who have taken over his loft and goes to the bathroom to find Stiles’ sleeping IN THE FREAKING BATHTUB. And it all comes out. Derek is furious. His loft is not a free for all!

But Stiles whines and refuses to leave and- oh, gee, Derek do you REALLY need that huge king-size bed all for yourself?? Surely you don’t need it every night? That would be greedy. Cue platonic bedsharing (except not platonic because Derek has had a crush on Stiles for FOREVER and obviously Stiles does too, except Derek is miles out of his league and he wouldn’t want to risk the friendship) and… yes. it’s platonic until it’s not and Derek is annoyed until he isn’t and then all is right with the world.

(and none of them ever start paying rent. but stiles’ cooks so it’s okay.)


The Loft



(Y/N)’s POV:

“Get me the hell out of here, I need to get my mind off thisshit.” //

Still sitting on Matt’s lap with my back against his chest,I feel him pull his phone out of his pocket.

I turn around, facing him, still sitting on his lap,

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Don’t worry about it, babe. I’m seeing what’s going on tonight.”

He scrolls through his messages; texting people back for a minute or two. I can’t really see what or whom he’s texting considering my glasses are upstairs in my room.

While waiting for him to be done, I snuggle closer to him and lay my head in the nook of his neck. Matthew puts down his phone and wraps his arms around my waist.

Still basically straddling him, he whispers in my ear,

“Are you okay, babe? Seriously.”

I lift my head up to look at him and nod, he moves my hair out of my face.

“Whatever he did, let’s go make it go away.”

He lifts me off his lap and stands us both up on our feet by the pool.

He grabs my hands, holding them, and looks me in the eyes,

“There’s a ton of parties tonight, I can take you to one. Or, we can hangout here and we can all just chill out and watch your favorite movies multiple times.”

I think about it for a second,

What would piss Jack off?
“I’m down to go out, whose party? O2L’s house again?”

He nods and we both decide to go inside.

The boys see me walk inside, all asking me if I’m okay.

I get frustrated and tell them all at once,

“Look, I don’t want to talk about it. If you want to fucking know, go ask the fuckboy upstairs. I could care less. I’m going to a party tonight, and I know you’re all going to go if I’m going, so be ready in ten minutes. I don’t plan on looking that great.”

I walk upstairs without waiting for their responses; they’re probably shocked that I took control.
I walk into my room and into my bathroom. I put some dry shampoo in my hair to give it some volume. I put on a little mascara and bright red lipstick. I go to my closet and pick out some black high-waisted short shorts, and a white, low cut V-neck t-shirt. I pick a pair of vans when I hear two knocks on my door, which I had locked after coming in.

It’s Jack.

“(Y/N), please let me in. Let me explain. I know I fucked up but-“

I walk over to the door, standing with my back against it, just listening to him.

“Jack stop, I’m not letting you in,”

My voice cracks due to me being on the verge of breaking into tears.

“Babygirl? Are you crying? Let me in, now.”

I wipe the tears off my face, pull my shirt down a little, check myself in the mirror and open the door.

As soon as I open the door, I walk right past him as if nothing had occurred.

He tried talking to me as I walked down the stairs in front of him, but I ignored him.

I started walking out with the rest of the boys into the elevator and into the parking garage.

When we got to garage, I went immediately to Matt and told him I wanted to drive with him.

We walked to our cars, and started leaving.

On the way to the O2L house, we hit a red light, the boys and I being the only ones on the road.

We pulled up to the light, and Gilinsky’s car as the one next to us. Our windows were all rolled down, and Jack looked at Matt and I will anger and jelousy.

As soon as I saw Jack staring, I leaned over and kissed Matt’s large lips once, making sure Jack could see.

“What was that for?” Matt says while laughing a little.

“Nothing, you look hot when you drive.”

Matt takes his eyes off me and back to the light waiting for it to change to green.

Right before the color changes, I make eye contact with Jack.

He mouths to me, “are you fucking kidding?”

I nod, mocking him.

As soon as the light changes, he speeds way ahead of us.

But I know Matt would race him if it weren’t for me being in the car.

After being in the car for a couple minutes, we finally arrive at the O2L house.

Matt parks the car in the cul-de-sac and hurries to my side of the car to open my door, like always.

As soon as I get out, I pull my shirt down again to show a little more cleavage and run my fingers through my hair.

I see Gilinsky and the other boys walking toward us.

We all walk into the house together as usual, greeted with people as soon as we walk in.

Matt is holding my hand, and the boys are surrounding me, checking the place out as if they’re my security guards or something.

“Guys, I’ll be fine,” I say outloud while looking for the table with drinks.


I see (Y/N) pull her and Matt towards the drink table, Matt mouths to us “I’ve got her,” without actually letting sound out of his mouth.

That should fucking be me.

I’m probably not the only boy who thinks that right now, but I try to ignore the thought considering I’m the one who fucked it up.

A couple of the guys follow behind her and Matt, just to make sure nothing happens.

I go to the couch and sit down, not feeling like dancing.

My mind floods with thoughts of (Y/N).

I want her so bad.

Things were so good, why the fuck did I say Madison’s fucking name?

It’s actually ironic, because why (Y/N) was gone, I tried getting over her by fucking around with Madison. While doing so, I moaned (Y/N)’s name and that’s why Madison and I don’t really speak anymore. She still tries to hook up a lot, but no one will ever be like my babygirl.

I feel so shitty with guilt and pain; I down the strong alcohol down my throat, barely feeling anything.

After I’m done, I put the cup down on the table next to me.

I see Madison walking over to me from the front door, and sit down next to me on the couch.

Great, what a fucking coincidence.

“Hey babyboy, are you busy?” She says with a smirk, and she touches my thigh.

I remove her hand, smelling the alcohol drift with her breath.

“Madison, stop. I’m not in the mood.”

She gets on top of my lap and tries to kiss me, I turn my head the other way trying to avoid her lips.

“Madison! I’m not in the fucking mo-“
She attaches her lips to mine.

I don’t fucking want her, I want (Y/N).

(Y/N)’s POV:

2 minutes earlier

Matt went into the bathroom and I walked past Cam and Nash, who were obviously sticking around to watch me.

These boys are so fucking protective.

I look for Gilinsky.

I just want to fucking tell him how bad that hurt. I wanted him so bad, we waited so long; and he fucking ruined it. I just want him to hug me, even if he’s the one I’m pissed at.

I walk into the room with the sweaty bodies grinding on each other and look for him.

I don’t see him dancing with a girl, thank God. I can only handle so much in one night.

I just need to sit down; I’m feeling kind of tipsy from the vodka. I go to sit down on a couch next to some couple making out, the girl is literally eating his face.

I take a second look at them because I recognize the cologne next to me.

At first I just thought it was one of the boys, but then I realized, it’s Jack.

I felt a part of me break inside, It’s Madison Beer on top of him.

“Oh, you’ve got to be fucking joking,” I say letting out a groan and standing up.

Jack throws Madison off him and stands up off the couch.

I start pacing, feeling tears run down my face.

Jack is running after me, and he pulls my wrist, stopping me to look at him.

I pull my wrist out of his grip quickly and yell at him,

“Don’t fucking touch me! Fuck you, Jack!”

I push his chest once and tell him to leave me alone, letting the tears drop onto my shirt.

I walk away, rubbing the tears off my face before any of the other boys could see.

Matt walks out of the bathroom, I see him and I tell him to kiss me.

“Are you sure you want that right now? I mean, obviously I would love to-“

I interrupt him and grab his shirt, bringing him down to my height, I kiss his lips strongly. I insert my tongue in instantly within a second.

I let go of the kiss and tell him,”I needed that.”

He smiles and kisses my cheek, “No worries, I did, too babe.”

I walk away from him to the drink table again,

I need to be more drunk if I am going to get through tonight.

As soon as I poor my drink, someone takes the drink while I put the bottle back down.

“What the fuc- Madison?”

I see Madison start to chug my drink.

I tip the cup further up, making the alcohol spill all over her.

She coughs and says, “What was that for?” and pushes me onto the ground, I scrape my knee on the wooden floor.

“You took my fucking drink!” I say standing up.

“I also took your man,” she says with a bitchy smirk.

Oh, I know she didn’t just fucking say that to me.

I raise my hand, about to literally slap the shit out of her when I feel a hand grab me, stopping me.

I turn around to see Gilinsky.

“Jack, I swear to God if you touch me one more time-“

He lets go of my hand, and tells Madison to leave me alone.

“I can fucking take care of myself!” I say as the boys rush towards me.

Madison says mocking me, “Yeah, your little princess can take care of hers-“

Before she is even able to finish the sentence, I throw my fist against her face once. She trips and falls down, still being drunk.

Looking down at her on the floor with the boys all holding me thinking I’m going to hit her again, I say,

“That’s for being a bitch.”

I turn around and hear Cameron say to her helping her off the floor onto her feet,

“By the way, you probably shouldn’t fuck with our princess anymore.”

Hell yeah I’m their princess, one and only.

The boys all walk me outside to let me get some fresh air.

We walk to Matt’s car when Matt stops me from getting in,

“Babe, I can’t let you get in the car with me. I drank a little earlier, and I’d never put you at risk.”

Matthew is such a fucking sweetheart.

“It’s okay, who’s sober enough to drive me?”
The boys are silent before Gilinsky comes out behind Shawn and says,

“I am.”

I look around to see if any of the boys are even close to sober, they aren’t.


“I’d rather fucking walk home.”
Shawn says out loud, “We all know that’s not happening.”

The boys are looking at me waiting for me to agree,

“Ugh, fine! But next time, I’m driving myself.”

I leave the boys and walk to Jack’s jeep by myself.

I hear Matt tell Jack to give us a minute.

Matt walks over to the car and opens my door, talking to me from outside while I sit.

“Look, babe, I know whatever he did was fucked up. But you guys will get through it. Just give it time. Okay?”
I nod, breathing in and out trying to release my anger.

“Alright, I’ll see you back at the loft babe.”

He leans over and kisses me once, gently, calming me down.

He shuts the door and winks at me.

Jack comes over to his car, getting in and starting it.

We pull out of the street and leave the subdivision.

I plug his phone into the aux and scroll through his music, turning on our playlist from the beach roadtrip.

I turn it up all the way, trying to release tension.

We stop at a stoplight, and the music is switching between songs, leaving us in the car with silence filling the air.

I feel him look over at me, and I look back at him.

He goes to say something, opening his mouth. I shake my head, signaling him that I’m not ready to talk.

We finally get back to the loft, after everyone else takes the elevator upstairs, leaving us alone.

We walk into the elevator, and he pushes the 2nd floor button.

I miss him, and he’s right next to me.


(Y/N) is standing next to me, and I feel so bad for everything that has happened to her tonight.

She doesn’t deserve any of this shit, she deserves to be treated like the fucking princess she is.

I miss her, and she’s right next to me.

She’s standing close to me, and I don’t think she’s angry anymore, maybe just sad.

Even worse.

I just need to touch her.

I slowly reach over and slip my fingers between hers.

I see her close her eyes and let out a breath she had been holding in, I do the same.

When we touch, there’s some form of comfort that it brings. Knowing that we have each other, even when we’re so fucking mad, we still have each other.

She says to me as the elevator rises up the shaft,

“I’m still pissed you know.”

“I know,” I rub her finger.

When the elevator opens, we stand there a second before walking out.

She doesn’t want this to be over either.

She looks down at our hands, and disconnects them.

We walk out and go inside the loft, I see her going up those stairs.

I hear her sniffle once before slamming the door.

She’s crying. I caused this.

I’m the reason the girl I’m in love with is crying.

Shit, I can’t be in love with her. This place isn’t for that, it’s for lust, not love.

But she’s not like everyone else, she’s (Y/N).

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

PART 16 

A/N: OKAY WOW I THINK THIS IS THE LONGEST PART YET, hope you guys enjoyed! I think you guys are R E A L L Y going to like the next chapter 😏 Send feedback letting me know if you liked it! I am still starting another fic soon, taking suggestions and request on the boy/s it will be based off of. (the loft isn’t ending btw), but yeah. :) i rly hope you guys are still enjoying this, love you guys so much! 

P.S. The whole Madison deal, idc about who Gilinsky dates irl as long as he’s happy. So honestly, I just used her as a character in the fic bc she’s the first person I thought of.



taylorswift Our Story begins in Denver, 

It’s funny, because most vividly, I remember Fearless I wore these cowboy boots even though they were way too small, and danced the whole time. We bought a copy of the album that night and reading the lyrics in between streetlights on the drive home.

By the time Speak Now rolled around,  already hating middle school. Being yourself isn’t the coolest thing in the world for a 6th grader, and I was really bad at doing anything else.

Another 2 years came and went, and I found myself at Red. The hardest part of my life were those 3 wretched years of middle school. I painted myself Red and nearly died when Taylor looked at my section.

I bought the tickets for me and my mom to see Red in Nashville a week before the show on a lim. We laughed and cried and screamed All Too Well with Taylor. That night was flawless. 

I’ll be in 10th grade for 1989. Every era raised me in a way, and got me through. I’m going to 1989 with my best friends and my mom. And as I made those blue flappers, I realized that I wouldn’t be doing so if it we’re for Taylor: I would have came home and done nothing when I scream Mean for hours. I would have stayed in a toxic friendship if she wouldn’t have shown me what that was in Breathe. She showed me how to have a great relationship with your mom, and that it’s super cool. I’ll never date the boy on the football team because I know in my life, I’ll do greater things.

Taylor is the reason had fringe glued to my hand for a week. Taylor doesn’t know I exist: but this is our story. She can’t change what happened in those 6 years, but she taught me how to shake if off, and for that, I cannot ever thank her enough. 


anon requested. Brian and Justin’s Instagram’s.
A simple enough request, so, of course, I had to create a little back story after all the cute photos I found.

A few years after the finale, Justin returns to Pittsburgh. They get married and move out of the loft. Brian caved and let Justin get a dog. Brian gets frustrated whenever she worms her way into his office, destroying his new brilliant idea. Justin brings up the idea of children and Brian doesn't immediately reject it. They bicker over little things when it comes to raise their daughter–usually ending in Debbie coming over and talking some sense into them. Justin has to go back to New York for work every once in awhile, but their daughter loves trips with daddy and papa.

How I got invited to loft 89

Okay, so after sleeping for 16 hours and calming down a bit I’m ready to tell you my loft 89 experience. I’m gonna make two posts, one about how i got invited and one about what happened there.

This one is about how I got invited.

As some of you know, I went to Taylor’s shows in Cologne. I was lucky enough to be able to buy tickets for both shows. 

On Friday, the nineteenth of June, nothing special happened. I have to admit that I really hoped to get invited to loft 89. I was kinda prepared: I had a costume (I glued CDs on my skirt with lights on it, and I was wearing a self-made t-shirt saying “it’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat forevermore”) and I was wishing that this costume would get me into loft 89. Let’s be honest here: We don’t spend so much time on making costumes because it’s just fun, we make them because we hope to meet Taylor because of them. It surely is fun creating the costumes and seeing other people wearing amazing, beautiful and creative costumes and posters, but we mostly do it because we secretly hope to meet Taylor.

Focusting on this fact so much - on trying to be noticed by Andrea or Taylor Nation for loft 89 - I couldn’t enjoy the concert as much as I wanted. On that day we didn’t even see Andrea. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved being in the same room with our queen, listening to her songs LIVE. I was ugly sobbing the whole time, and at the beginning I actually couldn’t see Taylor because I was crying and my sight was blurry (I was so happy to be at the concert!), and I sang along to her songs, but I didn’t really dance or anything. I was just overwhelmed by Taylor’s presence and standing there and just starring at her because I couldn’t believe I was seeing her. 

So, that was the first day. I got my tickets for the 19th five days before the show, that’s why I used my outfit for that day and why I didn’t have one for the 20th - I didn’t have enough time to find a new costume. 

New day, new chance.

After being so disappointed that I didn’t get chosen for loft 89, I changed my perspective on the things. We focus on trying to get into loft 89 so much that we don’t enjoy the concert as much as we could. We go out disappointed. That’s not right! That’s not okay! Loft 89 is such a great thing and we don’t make the best out of it. We don’t see it as a chance, we see it as a need. I was so angry at myself because I focused so much on it, I mean I saw Taylor live and I sang along to her songs, what would I want more? 

The next day, on the 20th of June, I didn’t care about loft 89. My friend and I went out and bought a poster and t-shirts because we wanted to, not to attend loft 89. We wanted self-made t-shirts with “SWIFT 19″ and “SWIFT 89″ on the back and “so it’s gonna be forever” on the front. We just wanted others to see that we’re Swifties, not just fans. And we bought the poster because the day before the cameras zoomed in on the posters and they were all so amazing so we wanted to be a part of it. We wrote “we’ll never forget you as long as we live” on it. 

That day, we were so excited for the concert. While getting ready for it we listened to the whole 1989 album, we danced in out hotel room and we had so. much. fun. Not like the day before. Then we were just very stressed.

When we were ready we walked to the arena. We didn’t go early or so - we did the day before, and there was nothing. We were just standing outside, it was cold, and we couldn’t do anything. So we relaxed the next day and didn’t hurry so much. The negative side of going a bit later is that we didn’t make it to the Taylor Nation photo booth - the queue was too long. Kevin wasn’t there anyway :D

We saw so many amazing costumes while waiting for the show to begin. We talked to so many nice people. This time, we enjoyed every second. 

We stood up when James Bay entered the stage and we didn’t sit down until Taylor ended the show. Even when James was finished and we had to wait for Taylor to come on stage, we didn’t sit down. My friend and I were singing and dancing on our own and it was so cool.

Then the show began. I think I don’t have to tell you how overwhelming, gorgeous, special, beautiful and perfect everything was. I didn’t cry this time, I was so happy to see Taylor on stage again. Two days in a row, man!

I was singing along, screaming the words, jumping around, dancing, waving the whole time. Andrea walked past us three times - one time with a group of Swifties where we thought that our chance of getting into loft 89 was officially gone - but this time we didn’t care so much. I just wanted to give my present I had for Taylor to Mama Swift, that’s all I cared about. So we continued having the time of our lives.

The experience on the second day was really different. We had much more fun because we really didn’t care about loft 89. We were just enjoying the show, having a blast, singing and dancing with Taylor, it was perfect. 

Then, during Love Story, it happened:

Andrea came along again. This time she wasn’t just walking past us, she was stopping to talk to fans and take their letters to Taylor. She was behind us, and when she was done talking to the other fans I wanted to give her my presents for Taylor. I didn’t talk, I just streched out my hand with the presents. She looked at me, and I thought she was going to walk past us again, but she stopped. She put her arm around me and sang Love Story with me.

I repeat. Mama Swift sang along to Love Story with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t handle this. I was so happy to see her, the angel who cares so much about us, that I started crying and sang my heart out. There was a boy in front of me, he saw Andrea and he cried, too, so she put her other arm around him and sang with us. (Shoutout to the boy from Poland because he was so nice and he was dancing and screaming all the time! He was amazing.)

After some time Andrea asked if we were one group. I was like “omg what’s next?” and I couldn’t talk, so the boy answered no. Then Andrea asked us the question every Swiftie wants to hear:

“Do you want to meet Taylor?”

The boy, my friend and I were just staring at her. We were all crying and whispering “yes”. Andrea told the girl who was with her to give us the loft 89 wristbands and the pink paper. 

We said thank you and then she was gone. We all were so happy, we were screaming, crying and hugging each other all the time. We couldn’t concentrate on the show anymore, we were so thrilled. We took our phones and messaged our parents (don’t ask me why :’D), the internet wasn’t working so I guess if it was we would’ve told everyone, too :D

After getting invited to loft 89 the show got even better. We got louder, we were dancing more (if that’s possible) and we were the happiest persons alive.

As you see, it’s not about the costumes anymore. On the photo we’ve taken I’m not even wearing my self-made t-shirt any longer because it got too hot with it, and the dress, and I had another t-shirt under the dress. 

I didn’t care about what I was wearing, I didn’t wear red lipstick this time, I just enjoyed the concert and I was having the time of my life. I thought as a larger group and with costumes you would have higher chances of getting invited to loft 89 but now I think that’s not true.

Swifties who got loft 89 before me always said you just have to be dancing and having fun, and I thought that was ridiculous because how would someone notice you in the middle of other people who are also dancing? I kinda couldn’t believe it. But it’s true.

My advice is: Don’t focus on loft 89 so much. Just have the time of your live, keep dancing all the time, sing along, enjoy the show and if you’re lucky enough Andrea will see you. I also think that she noticed us because of our huge poster and the presents I wanted her to give to Taylor. And I have the feeling that she sang with us to see if we were really into the show, if we were still having fun even though she didn’t mention loft 89, and I think that is the key.

Have fun.

That’s it. There is no other formula, no secret, enjoy your time with Taylor. That is all I can say.

I never thought I would meet Taylor, not even in my wildest dreams, and maybe not expecting it is why it happened. Of course you need to be lucky so that Andrea sees you, but what you can do is having a blast being together with your idol.

If you have questions or anything, just write me!

Love, Dilara

PS: Sorry for possible mistakes, I’m still so tired from this amazing weekend and I’m so overwhelmed and so happy and I’m still not back in reality.



Well, here’s what I’m wearing to MetLife on Friday! My costume was a complete bust so I’ve decided to just keep it simple.

Honestly, as much as I love costumes and how creative everyone gets at these shows, for me, personally, I felt like I was getting so stressed out over the damn thing because I kept worrying about if it was good enough to get me into loft 89. But let’s be honest, that probably wasn’t going to happen anyway, and after a million things going wrong (spilled paint, exploding paint cans, everything that I needed being out of stock) I decided to just take it all as a sign that the costumes just weren’t meant to be. Instead what I decided to do it just dress like myself, my always over-dressed, heel-wearing self. But this isn’t just me hopping into an outfit and calling it a day, I’m making this outfit a metaphorical costume of sorts. I’m not the body hating type, I’m totally fine with how I look, no matter what size I am, but despite all that I’ve always had an issue with shorts. My thighs are big and my knees are super super weird so I tend to hide them under skirts since they seem to flatter me better. But for my show I’ve decided to take the leap and wear shorts. Seriously, when I tell you that this is an oddity for me, I’m not kidding. Taylor’s always talking about embracing your weirdness and “shaking off” the bad things that come your way (God that was so freakin’ corny) so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna embrace my weird knees, look cute in my shorts, dance like and idiot and enjoy myself free of second thoughts. This outfit is an homage to Taylor and the just a few of the things that she’s taught me, a small one, but an homage none the less.

See you on Friday taylorswift!

(Oh, but as for the glasses, those were a component that I wasn’t willing to give up. A four tour long tradition just couldn’t be broken)

-having knocked on what she hopes is Florence’s door, Gladys clasps her hands behind her back and bites her lip. Despite doing her best to remember the directions Miriam had pointed out, admittedly almost a month ago, she really isn’t certain whether she’s at the right loft or not. When the door swings open, however, she beams despite her nerves- Hi! 

Theory Thursday: mid-season finale

So the entire fandom seems to be in agreement that something life threatening happens to Felicity in the mid-season finale. I would definitely be in agreement with this.

Some of the speculating we’ve all been doing has involved the new lair, and last week I brought up the question of the “glitches” causing the lair to lose power. Why was there so much focus? Obviously it’s there for reason.

Now there’s a chance they’re there because of Ray. In the newest promo we do see Felicity attempting to communicate with Ray in the new lair and we also see him make contact by using a laptop in the loft. Let’s say these glitches are caused by Ray, but they don’t get resolved. 

Second, a lot of people have brought up the fact that the PA system in the new lair is not there just to serve comedic purposes, that it in fact may be to make a situation where Felicity is trapped all that more intense and angsty.

These are all things we’ve been speculating, but last night gave us another clue perhaps? Definitely foreshadowing in my opinion. When Oliver and Felicity are having their heart to heart in the loft and holding hands like love-sick puppies…Felicity opens up about Ray’s last words, followed by this question.

“Isn’t it kind of nice not having to deal with the pain of saying goodbye?”

I mean….am I the only one that thinks this might be further proof that Felicity is left to die in the lair and Team Arrow can’t get to her and she has to share her last words with Oliver through the PA system?

And then the mid-season finale will end with what looks like Felicity’s last breath and Oliver slumped over in despair on the other side of the door that won’t open.

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Hi taylorswift remember me? I was the shy girl who you had to hug because I was shocked I was even in loft 89 let alone talking and meeting you. I’m the one you called beautiful (thanks it means the world) and before you left you said bye babe. I still cannot believe I met you. Thanks for being amazing and having loft 89. Today was magical and on my ticket you even circled the number 13 because you’re so cute. Thank you for this. It was the best day ever. I love you tswizzle💕 and this could not have been possible without bianca, thank you so much.

Remember when the security guard in loft 89 wouldn’t let me have a baby carrot..remember when you tried to write me off? Remember when you thought I’d take a loss?

A Swan Queen Short...thing.

Regina doubles back when the Charmings go to the library with Belle and Henry. There might be something in her vault, she says, that can help them track down Emma.

There isn’t.

She goes back to the loft and lets herself in - with a key now, because she’s welcome - and closes the door behind her. A deep breath shudders its way out, and her feet move on autopilot, up the stairs and to the bedroom above until she’s sitting on the edge of the bed. Slowly, Regina shifts so that her head is on the pillow, and it smells like her, like hints of cinnamon and whatever soap she uses - something with honey, maybe. The lump that’s been in her throat all day can’t be swallowed back any longer, a hand covering her face as she lets it go, a soft sob that’s somehow louder in the empty space.

When she closes her eyes, all that she sees are Emma’s, on her until the blackness is a chokehold, swallowing and consuming until all that was left behind was the dagger. The light and goodness snuffed out.

“I wasn’t worth it,” Regina breathes out against the pillow, angry and devastated in the same breath. But she knows it’s a lie now, and it took this to show her.

She was worth it to someone, finally, the person someone put their entire life on the line for. She was the woman another person was willing to sacrifice everything for, to show how deeply they loved and wanted her.

Here was finally all of the love she’d been waiting for.

And it still left Regina alone.