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my malec comic of how Alec went from clean-shaven face to keeping a stubble xD!!! because Matt himself once said that he wants to see Alec keep a beard (in a livechat with Emeraude Toubia at 2:45) and i am HERE FOR THIS!!! i mean, have you seen Matt with a stubble ;U; (i’m sure you have, he has it almost all the time when they are not filming the show xD!) the other thing i wanna see in the next season is Alec just coming back home (to magnus’ loft, bc lets be honest, he already moved in xD!) and just COMPLAIN about the clave and his work! haha GIVE ME ALL THE DOMESTIC SCENES THERE CAN BE! please OwO so hope you like it! <3

Draw me Like one of your French Girls... Part 1

This fic is dedicated to @yunyin who was a big part of bringing it about in the first place ^_^ 

(Warning some spoilers for ML Season 2- (Just the stuff we knew during the hiatus nothing important from the new episodes) 

“Listen furball, I am ten times as sexy as you are. That is just a fact. People would pay to see pictures of me.”

“People DO pay to see pictures of me,” Chat shot back.


“Never mind,” he grumbled, “the point is that I am obviously the sexier of the two of us.”

“Guys, I know this is a slow patrol night but you are giving me a headache,” Rena Rougue sighed, dropping down onto the platform and sprawling onto her stomach against the cool metal of the tower.

“Wait,” Chat said with a terrifying grin, “Rena. My dear, darling, friend.”

“Oh this can’t end well.”

“You are a fox of impeccable taste are you not?”


“And you are an excellent judge of both male and female attractiveness as well, are you not?”

“Ladybug is the hottest out of all of you,” she smirked, not bothering to get up.

“Yes, that is a given, but the point is-”

“The point is that I could pull off sexy far better than this mangy stray,” Bee interrupted.

“Could not.”

“Will you two please just stop fighting, it’s been too hot to deal with this level of stupid,” Rena sighed.

“It’s not stupid, my honor is at stake!” Bee huffed. “If you want us to stop then tell him that I clearly would be better suited to being a sex icon than he would.”

“Foxy lady, please tell Bee that she is clearly pollinating the wrong flower.”

Rena groaned. Clearly there would be no reasoning with the two of them until this had been hashed out.

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“I think you should move in." 

Alec tore his eyes from where they were watching the television, his head in Magnus’ lap. 

"I mean, you practically live here anyway might as well make the leap and move all your stuff in. It’s impractical to have to go from here to the institute just to get changed." 

Alec sat up and turned so his legs were draped across Magnus’ lap and his hands going to play with the hair at the nape of his neck. 

"Are you asking me to move in for the practicality?" 

Magnus grinned. "Well, that, and I want you here all the time, to hug you and kiss you whenever. I want this to be your home, our home. I would quite like this to be the Bane and Lightwood residence." 

Alec hummed, moving forward to brush his nose against Magnus’. 

"I would quite like that too." 

Magnus pulled back, a grin on his face. "Is that a yes?" 

Alec nodded and Magnus couldn’t help the laugh bubbling out of him as he pulled Alec into his chest. The force of it caused them to topple over onto the sofa, consumed by laughter and love. 

In the Bane and Lightwood residence.

  • Alec : Yeah, I kissed Magnus, can you please not go hysterical.
  • Izzy : I think I am hyperventilating.
  • Alec : Iz, please.
  • Izzy : My hands are shaking.
  • Magnus : Isabelle, don't.
  • Izzy : I am sweating, you see this? These are actual tears of joy.
  • Alec : Just don't scream, nobody knows yet. I am begging you.
  • Jace, bursting into Magnus' loft : Did you just what LET ME SEE THOSE SWOLLEN LIPS OF YOURS.
  • Magnus : Blondie, please.
  • Alec : I want to fucking die immediately.
  • Izzy : Thats the support I expect from a relationship.

anonymous asked:

39 + malec

39. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“I still can’t believe you were friends with Frank Sinatra.”

Magnus snickered at the wine glass he was holding as he tried to contain the wide smile on his lips from growing even wider. He slowly turned his head to the side and stared at the relaxed, almost sleepy, grin on his Alexander’s wine-stained lips that gleamed under the dim lights of their balcony. As his boyfriend scooted closer to him, Magnus’s other hand came up to guide Alec’s head towards the space between his neck and shoulder. He proceeded to caress Alec’s flushing red cheeks for a moment before he dropped his hands and placed a quick kiss on the Shadowhunter’s forehead.

“He was a very dear friend,” he mumbled softly to his hair. He looked back towards the view in front of them and started circling the glass on his other hand as the red wine stirred inside of it. Ever so gently, he closed his eyes as took a long sip of it, savoring the taste in his mouth. His head started to sway lightly against the music playing from inside the loft, and he smiled as the familiar tune started to fade. “He had such a very lovely voice. I knew from the get go that his songs would eventually become classics.”

“Mmm,” Alec murmured, and Magnus hummed along as felt the warm breath on the side of his neck. With a big smile on his face, he pulled up the wine glass and took another sip.

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anotherscreamingfangirl  asked:

i just love the idea of gardening!derek. it started out bc he needed to know about aconite and healing herbs but now all he wants to do is grow gorgeous sprawling gardens. he finds it soothing and rewarding to tend his plants and watch them grow. :)

This is a perfect headcanon, I am so completely on board with this concept.

I’ve always been in love with the idea of baking!Derek or woodworking!Derek because he just seems like the kind of person who would be so soothed by that kind of activity. Like working out (which Derek has been shown to use as a coping mechanism) these are straightforward physical tasks requiring little mental effort, which is honestly just so great for pushing through certain forms of depression.

And gardening is another hobby that fits right into that. It’s the kind of quiet and straightforward activity that you can see a positive result from, but it’s also low pressure: if you bake some bread and it doesn’t rise right, if a particular flower dies or weeds creep in… it’s not the end of the world. It’s a place Derek can screw up without worry about lives on the line, but it’s also something that can produce something positive and beautiful that he can be proud of, that he can look out into his yard and feel this bright, warm feeling blossom inside him over. That he did something good, he made that. And maybe it’s a silly thing, small and insignificant in the grand scheme, but it makes him happy. Makes him feel like he’s getting a little bit of control back in his world.

And now I imagine Stiles being the one to get him started on it. Just showing up at the loft one day with a simple little spider plant dangling awkwardly in one hand, saying it’s a housewarming or whatever, the place looks too empty and hey, no big deal if you kill it ‘cause I got it for like five bucks and Derek aims a sarcastic smirk at the implication but when Stiles leaves the plant is sitting at the corner of his table. And Derek ignores it determinedly for a day or so on principle before he ends up pouring a little water out of the glass he’s drinking from into it because why not, right? It’s not like it’s actually a hassle to water the thing once a day. Just as easy to keep it alive as not.

Except, Derek wonders a few days later, squinting to see if the thing seems a little yellow at the tips, is he supposed to water a plant like this every day? Is he drowning it? Is it getting enough sunlight, or… whatever else plants need? Which is how Derek finds himself at the local gardening store, fists stuffed into the pockets of his his black leather jacket, asking the startled looking salesman a series of clipped questions on how to care for spider plants.

It’s a couple months before Stiles shows up with another plant (because the first one seems lonely) and then before he knows it, Derek’s racking up a collection. The long table in front of his window becomes a veritable flower bed, out of place but strangely homey at the heart of the sparse loft.

Derek doesn’t actually buy any of his own plants until he moves, over to a little cottage on the outskirts of town. It edges the preserve, not the way the Hale house had but close, and the small space is comfortable and pleasant in a place the echoed warzone of the loft never could be. It lets him patrol for trouble more easily, he tells the pack… and then once they’re gone, in the quiet where only the plants can hear him, admits that he likes it there.

But the yard is sparse, even when he transfers the majority of the plants (the ones that would survive outside, anyway) to the garden, so a few days after he’s moved in he finds himself back from the gardening store, car bed packed with shovels and trowels, ferns and groundcover, and a few carefully chosen bright flowers.

He finds himself out there often. When he’s stressed or the loneliness twists too deep in his gut, when harsh memories push him too close to dark dreams. There’s always something to do: weeding, watering, trimming, landscaping. It’s soothing, somehow, watching the yard develop. Feeling the odd burst of pride when a bud blooms, or when the little edging wall he’d made from scavenged rocks in the preserve comes out just barely lopsided. When it starts to look like a home.

And when Stiles appears at the edge of his yard, a half-hour early for a pack meeting, to find Derek on his knees in the dirt, carefully coaxing a bunny-bitten geranium upright in the earth.

“See Spiderplant’s doing ok.”

Derek glances up, follows Stiles’ gaze out to the cluster of grasslike plants lining the flowerbed leading into the preserve. 

“That’s the runners. The original’s…” on my nightstand, he doesn’t say. It feels like that might say too much. He lets the words hang, goes back to carefully patting dirt down. Stiles is quiet for a few beats, though Derek can hear him moving around the edges of the garden, taking it in. No one’s been back here before, and a part of Derek tightens up at the intrusion. Like Stiles –– clever mind and quick tongue –– might see something in this space to take away the haven Derek’s made here.

But when he finally pushes himself up, brushing dirt from his knees with dirty palms, Stiles is watching him with eyes that remind him of how he looks at the garden.

“It looks good,” Stiles says, and he’s not looking at the flowers.

Derek doesn’t look away for a long moment and then glances down, a faint smile playing over his lips.

“It looks good,” he echoes, because it does. And he’d made that. Something that isn’t broken. And maybe that means he isn’t broken too.

a very happy belated birthday to @dandymot !! kit i love you a whole lot, you’re a star and amazing writer and i’m very happy that we became friends, you’re hilarious and an angel, i love you!!!

It had become a tradition of sorts. Magnus would whisk Alec away to a different country at a moment’s notice, and Alec would pull him over to the first photo booth that he saw. Ever since their trip to Tokyo a few years back, where they had first taken the photos together, the act would grow even more.  

After a while, they decided to make it their thing. It didn’t take long for there to be a collection of them growing. Magnus had bought a scrapbook for them to keep every strip of photos in, so that they could look through it and remember all their trips from around the world.

It was another one of those days, where Alec had a free day, and Magnus took advantage of the fact that they had a day to themselves. They had woke up early, and gotten ready, Alec trying to get out of Magnus the truth of where they were going, but his boyfriend was determined to keep his lips sealed.

Once they had stepped through the portal, Alec couldn’t contain the grin that grew on his face, a twinkle in his eyes as he looked over at Magnus. He had taken them back to Tokyo, like the very first time. They hadn’t been back since, opting to visit as many places as possible, but Tokyo held a special place for them, as the beginning of their relationship.

They had spent the day revisiting all the places they had been to before, and visiting some new sites that they’d wanted to see. They laughed and held each other close, not caring about any of the other tourists or residents as they would steal kisses whenever the opportunity arose.

It wasn’t till later in the night, when they were on their way to their hotel that Alec spotted it. It was the same photo booth that he had pulled Magnus into when they first visited. He knew Magnus had spotted it as well when they both caught each other’s eye and grinned, both changing the direction they were walking in to go into the booth.

Alec sat down, watching as Magnus put the money in and went through the options so they could take the normal four photos that they always opted for. And while watching, Alec felt a warm wave of nostalgia rush through him, and he knew, in that very moment that, this is what he wants for the rest of his life.

“Okay let’s start this off with funny faces.” Magnus sat back and the two of them pulled ridiculous faces towards the camera.


The next photo ended up being Magnus facing Alec with a confused expression on his face, while Alec was mid sentence.


The next photo was Alec holding a ring box in his hands, a grin on his face and tears in both his and Magnus’ eyes.


The last photo turned out to be Magnus kissing Alec, his hands on either side of his face, and a new ring on his left hand.


It had become a tradition of sorts, for them to take photos in a photo booth wherever they went. It had started out as a pinpoint for the beginning of their relationship. But now it was something more.

It was the beginning of the rest of their lives. The beginning of their forever, trapped inside a photograph.  

prelude to the morning scene

as suggested by the wonderful @eilenpanjaya !! thank you

this is set just before the 2x15 sneak peak. let me know what you think!

They had fallen asleep facing each other. At least Alec had. Magnus’ thoughts never stopped racing.  It had been so long since the nightmares had finally stopped and he knew that if he fell asleep, they would return again in full force. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t let his eyelids fall shut and risk seeing those images of his mother… No. Not again.

But the thought of Alec right there next to him eased him. Surely if they were to start again, Alec could – would – help him. But Magnus didn’t want to drag Alec into this. He didn’t want Alec to see this terrible, ugly side of him.

He looked at his boyfriend sleeping quite peacefully beside him and his heart clenched. He wanted to tell him. Badly. He wanted to pour his heart and soul out in front of him and hope that Alec would still be there to clean it up and hold him and love him regardless. He wanted Alec to be there for him like no one before ever had. He wanted to believe that Alec would be different.

Magnus reached a hand out and moved just a few strands of Alec’s raven hair that had fallen into his eyes and couldn’t help the tear that ran down his cheek. Magnus’ hand froze for a second when Alec’s soft snore stopped and he started to stir. Still very much in a sleep state, Alec pressed his face further into the pillow and took Magnus’ hand in his own, pulling it close to his chest before resuming his soft snoring pattern. Magnus felt a lump grow in his throat. He had wanted this for so long.

Instead, Magnus slowly slipped his hand out of Alec’s grasp and made sure not wake him while he slipped out of bed, carefully quiet. He shuffled his way to the other side of the bedroom to slip on his robe before slipping into the main area of his loft. Magnus let out a breath of relief, letting the back of his head fall against the wall as he scrambled to wipe his face clean from any tears.

The morning had silently crept up on both of them, Magnus only registering that Alec would up soon once he heard the hum of traffic getting louder. Alec blinked his eyes open and squinted away from the harsh sunlight that flooded the room. Sighing in content, Alec rolled over and stretched an arm out, expecting to feel Magnus beside him. Instead, all he was met with was a cold pillow and bedsheets that looked fresh, not like they’d been slept in all night. Frowning, Alec swallowed nervously and sat up, rubbing at his eyes.

He stopped and sat still for a couple of minutes, trying to see if he could hear Magnus walking around the loft. But the silence of the apartment was unsettling. Alec got to his feet slowly and picked up a shirt that was lazily strewn on a chair.

Walking up to the doorway of the bedroom, Alec paused when he noticed Magnus sitting at the dining table. He began absent-mindedly scrunching and balling up the shirt in his hands, picking at the strings and chewing on his lip. At first, he thought Magnus looked quite peaceful and contemplated walking over to him and confidently placing a kiss on his cheek.

But upon further inspection, Alec noticed that Magnus had not moved for the past five minutes.  He watched as Magnus held a teacup in his hands and looked into a mirror in front of him. If Alec wasn’t concentrating, he could’ve easily missed the fact that Magnus was breathing. He was so still and Alec found himself frozen, transfixed.

Magnus’ hair was soft and messy, and the usual glitter was absent. But Alec couldn’t find it in him to smile. Magnus didn’t look obviously sad. He just looked… gone? Alec’s heart stammered at the thought of Magnus looking empty and hollow.

He clenched his jaw. Magnus had said he was alright but Alec knew for sure that that wasn’t true. It had happened once with Izzy, he wasn’t about to let his boyfriend slip into anything dangerous. Especially when Alec knew that he had the opportunity to stop it.

Alec took in a deep breath and slowly made his way towards Magnus. He didn’t even flinch. It was like he didn’t realise anyone else was even in the loft.

“There you are,” said Alec softly, pulling the now wrinkled shirt over his head. He spoke and walked silently, not wanting to startle Magnus.

Magnus turned around, blinking rapidly as if to wake himself up for the second time. Or maybe it was the first time. “Good morning,” he said with a soft smile on his face and Alec’s stomach flipped.

This - right here, right now - wasn’t his Magnus. He was sure of it.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, magnus loves alec best when he’s high on mundane medicine.

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as they stepped through the portal from the clinical white blue light of the institute into the golden yellow warmth of his loft, magnus let out a heavy sigh. it was unmistakably a sigh of relief, the night finally over and being home allowing his shoulders to relax and the tension that had settled above his eyelids to dissipate. outside new york was busy, spring wetting the streets and the sounds of traffic filtered up through the closed doors to the balcony.

behind him, magnus could hear alec starting to tug at his tie, breathing his own sigh of relief as magnus made his way straight to the bar cart in the living room. he pulled off the lid to the whiskey decanter and the glass clinked, the soft noise echoing as he turned to ask alec if he wanted a drink.

or he had been intending to do that but the words died on his tongue as his eyes found alec leaning against one of the brick pillars, staring at him, with his fingers still curled around the loop of his tie. he looked messy and lazy, tired after their long night of making the rounds at a party that neither of them had wanted to bother with, but there was something else there. hazy eyes and that tongue of his pushed into his lower lip.

magnus could feel it, feel the way the air started to feel thicker, like it always did before an electrical storm. he breathed in slow, a smirk pulling at the edge of his lips, still holding the glass lid between his fingers. whiskey didn’t seem as interesting now, not when alec was leaning back like that, one of his legs bent, lips parted and a look in his eyes that lit a fire in the center of magnus’s chest. magnus didn’t look back, just snapped his fingers to move the lid back where it needed to be, raising one eyebrow as he stepped closer to alec.

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Director Sanvers

Another post 2x19 fic, based on a comment/prompts on AO3:

I would love to see a happier chapter where they find a new apartment and start their new life together, trying to erase this from their minds.

Alex leaned on the railing and looked out at the city.  She closed her eyes, tilted her head, breathed deep.

She could hear the cars on the road below, feel the wind in her hair.  She felt safe, secure.  The area around her, the apartment behind her, felt untouched, untainted.

And it was.

There were no cameras, no microphones, no reminders of tainted memories she was still working on reclaiming.

The balcony door slid open.

“—n’t forget the lo mein like last time.”

Alex rolled her eyes at Lucy’s words, and smiled at Lucy when she stepped up next to Alex.

“Why do you let her order if you don’t trust her to get it right?” she asked as she looked back at the city.

“It makes her feel important.”

Alex chuckled and shook her head lightly.  Lucy hummed.  She leaned on the railing.

“This is a great view,” she said.

“It is,” Alex murmured.

The view from the balcony hadn’t crossed any of their minds when they started apartment hunting.  All that really mattered about the balcony was that it existed and was private enough for Kara to come and go.

Yet, the view was incredible.  Half of the city lay beneath them, and beyond that, the sun was starting to set into the ocean.

More importantly, they couldn’t see her old building at all and there was a potted shrub in the corner blocking Maggie’s.

Alex shook her head to try and clear the thought.

A new apartment, new beginning.

Sure, it was further from the DEO, further from Kara’s building.  Sure, it cost more than she had ever paid in rent.

But, the loft-turned-master bedroom was fantastic, and the two extra rooms were great, and the shower in the second bathroom didn’t make her feel like she was drowning.

Lucy’s arm slipped around her waist.  Alex draped her arm over Lucy’s shoulders, pulling her close.

Being able to move on with her life with the women she loved?  That had to be the best part.

“So,” Maggie’s drawled, stepping to her other side.  “While we’re still in ordering distance for the pizza place, we are not for Chinese.  Any other ideas for dinner tonight?”

“Why not just get pizza?” Lucy answered.  “Let Jessy know what our new address it.”

“You’re assuming Kara hasn’t already let him know,” Alex said.

“I am, but I am also now in the mood for pizza,” Lucy said.

“You’re the one who wanted Chinese in the first place,” Maggie said.

Lucy shrugged.

Maggie let out an exaggerated sigh.  “Guess I better go order before you decide you actually want barbecue or something.”

Alex clamped a hand over Lucy’s opening mouth before she could speak.  Maggie laughed.

“I’ll go order the pizza,” she said.  She pressed a kiss to Alex’s cheek, then reached over and slapped Lucy’s ass before going back inside.

Lucy struggled against Alex for a moment, then relaxed and…

“You can stop licking my hand, Lane, it’s not going to work.”

Lucy glared at her.  Alex laughed and let her go.

“We’ll see if I lick anything else of yours tonight,” Lucy huffed.

Alex snorted.  “Not your best line.”

“Whatever.”  Lucy ducked away from Alex’s arm.  “I’ll be back.”

“We are not getting barbecue,” Alex told her.

“Barbecue pizza is a thing that exists, Danvers,” Lucy replied before chasing Maggie down.

Alex sighed and leaned on the railing, staring out at the city.

Yeah, moving on with the women she loved was definitely the best part.

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Party Foul

Prompt: protective Isaac. Reader doesn’t know about the supernatural until after he protects/saves her from something bad. Reader: dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, introvert, would never believe someone like Isaac would ever be interested in her. she has a crush on him since they have some of the same classes, but they’re not even really friends – @mylittlenarnia

Party Foul.

(Y/N) sat by herself at a table for two in the library, earbuds in and her nose in a book, as she tried to catch up on some personal reading during her free period. She had been so busy lately with schoolwork, extracurriculars, preparing for college applications and the PSAT, that she hadn’t really had time to just sit and enjoy a good book in a while.  She was finally all caught up, though, and had a bit of free time on her hands, and she couldn’t wait to take advantage of it.

The movement of the table startled her out of the fictional world that she was currently lost in. She looked up only to be met with the most gorgeous blue eyes she’d ever seen, eyes that made her heart flutter every time she got the chance to look into them. Isaac Lahey, aka the boy she’s had a crush on since freshman year when Ms. Greene paired them together for their science project. Unfortunately, that was as far as it went. He went one way toward the lacrosse team and (Y/N) went another toward perfecting her academics.

Isaac stared at her for a moment with an arched eyebrow as if he was waiting on her to do something. She looked at him confused until he pointed towards his ears, and she realized she still had her earbuds in. (Y/N) promptly pulled them out and continued to look at him a little confused.

“Is there something you need?” She asked, trying not to let her voice shake or crack with nerves.

He nodded his head. “You’re my new tutor.”

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The One Where Derek Takes Stiles To A Strip Club

For @daddyobrienx for spending stupidly long amounts of time serching for times for my gifs <3

Warnings: Sterek, Stiles x Derek x Fem!Reader, smut. sex, oral, stripper!Derek, Stripper!Reader

“Why’re you in my loft?” Derek grumbled when he found Stiles lounged on his floor wailing to himself as if the world had ended.


“I’m gonna die alone.” He sighed.


“Why’re you dying alone in my loft?” Derek growled now, having planned on going out.


“Because I thought (Y/N) would be here, she’s always here.” Stiles grumbled and watched as Derek smirked.


“Come on.” With that Derek headed to the door and held it open with on hand as he waited for Stiles to scramble to his feet.


“Where’re we going… somewhere awesome… will I finally find out which subway (Y/N) works at?” Stiles blabbered on at Derek how rolled his eyes and let the boy into his car.

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The Butterfly Effect [one]

[A/N: Hello lovely readers, this is the beginning of a series that I’m quite excited for. It’s a rewritten version of a book I had started a long time ago (not long.. six or seven months ago) and never finished because I lost inspiration. But I recently found it again, and I have the inspiration again! This will eventually be turned into my own book, I will change the names and such after this is all finished. This will be quite a long series. At LEAST ten parts.


Part I

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What If?

2,737 words - Rated E - Read it on AO3

A gift for the beautiful, intelligent, and super-talented @phiralovesloki​. Happy Birthday, darling! I hope it’s everything you wish! Many thanks to @mahstatins for the beta!

As soon as he picked up the phone and heard that tell-tale sniffle on the other end of the line, Killian Jones knew exactly what had happened.

“Oh Swan,” he sighed, picking himself up off of his well-worn leather armchair and looking around for his boots, “chocolate truffle or rocky road this time?”

“…rocky road,” she muttered.

Ten minutes later he knocked softly upon the door to her loft before letting himself in.

Emma was sitting on her sofa, a pile of used tissues lying atop the coffee table before her. He wasted little time in grabbing a couple of spoons from the tiny kitchen and taking his usual spot in the recliner beside her. She snagged a spoon from his hand as he fussed with the plastic bag and opened up the carton.

“I thought he was different,” she sighed after swallowing her first spoonful. “Why can’t some guys keep it in their pants? Why? What is so genetically wrong with them?”

With a shrug, Killian picked at a large bit of marshmallow with his spoon. “They don’t know what they have with you,” he replied, glancing up into her red, watery eyes. “You’re a loyal, amazing girlfriend to them and they can’t handle it.”

“Walsh, he…he talked about making a commitment this time.” Grabbing a hair tie from the side table, she threw her hair up into a messy bun, her spoon captured between her teeth.

Killian watched with amusement and bent his head to hide his smirk. Not that she would notice. She was cute when she was a complete mess, and it was part of the reason he was always available to her when she had another disastrous breakup. “And you agreed to that notion?”

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