lofts to let

  • Alec : Yeah, I kissed Magnus, can you please not go hysterical.
  • Izzy : I think I am hyperventilating.
  • Alec : Iz, please.
  • Izzy : My hands are shaking.
  • Magnus : Isabelle, don't.
  • Izzy : I am sweating, you see this? These are actual tears of joy.
  • Alec : Just don't scream, nobody knows yet. I am begging you.
  • Jace, bursting into Magnus' loft : Did you just what LET ME SEE THOSE SWOLLEN LIPS OF YOURS.
  • Magnus : Blondie, please.
  • Alec : I want to fucking die immediately.
  • Izzy : Thats the support I expect from a relationship.

anotherscreamingfangirl  asked:

i just love the idea of gardening!derek. it started out bc he needed to know about aconite and healing herbs but now all he wants to do is grow gorgeous sprawling gardens. he finds it soothing and rewarding to tend his plants and watch them grow. :)

This is a perfect headcanon, I am so completely on board with this concept.

I’ve always been in love with the idea of baking!Derek or woodworking!Derek because he just seems like the kind of person who would be so soothed by that kind of activity. Like working out (which Derek has been shown to use as a coping mechanism) these are straightforward physical tasks requiring little mental effort, which is honestly just so great for pushing through certain forms of depression.

And gardening is another hobby that fits right into that. It’s the kind of quiet and straightforward activity that you can see a positive result from, but it’s also low pressure: if you bake some bread and it doesn’t rise right, if a particular flower dies or weeds creep in… it’s not the end of the world. It’s a place Derek can screw up without worry about lives on the line, but it’s also something that can produce something positive and beautiful that he can be proud of, that he can look out into his yard and feel this bright, warm feeling blossom inside him over. That he did something good, he made that. And maybe it’s a silly thing, small and insignificant in the grand scheme, but it makes him happy. Makes him feel like he’s getting a little bit of control back in his world.

And now I imagine Stiles being the one to get him started on it. Just showing up at the loft one day with a simple little spider plant dangling awkwardly in one hand, saying it’s a housewarming or whatever, the place looks too empty and hey, no big deal if you kill it ‘cause I got it for like five bucks and Derek aims a sarcastic smirk at the implication but when Stiles leaves the plant is sitting at the corner of his table. And Derek ignores it determinedly for a day or so on principle before he ends up pouring a little water out of the glass he’s drinking from into it because why not, right? It’s not like it’s actually a hassle to water the thing once a day. Just as easy to keep it alive as not.

Except, Derek wonders a few days later, squinting to see if the thing seems a little yellow at the tips, is he supposed to water a plant like this every day? Is he drowning it? Is it getting enough sunlight, or… whatever else plants need? Which is how Derek finds himself at the local gardening store, fists stuffed into the pockets of his his black leather jacket, asking the startled looking salesman a series of clipped questions on how to care for spider plants.

It’s a couple months before Stiles shows up with another plant (because the first one seems lonely) and then before he knows it, Derek’s racking up a collection. The long table in front of his window becomes a veritable flower bed, out of place but strangely homey at the heart of the sparse loft.

Derek doesn’t actually buy any of his own plants until he moves, over to a little cottage on the outskirts of town. It edges the preserve, not the way the Hale house had but close, and the small space is comfortable and pleasant in a place the echoed warzone of the loft never could be. It lets him patrol for trouble more easily, he tells the pack… and then once they’re gone, in the quiet where only the plants can hear him, admits that he likes it there.

But the yard is sparse, even when he transfers the majority of the plants (the ones that would survive outside, anyway) to the garden, so a few days after he’s moved in he finds himself back from the gardening store, car bed packed with shovels and trowels, ferns and groundcover, and a few carefully chosen bright flowers.

He finds himself out there often. When he’s stressed or the loneliness twists too deep in his gut, when harsh memories push him too close to dark dreams. There’s always something to do: weeding, watering, trimming, landscaping. It’s soothing, somehow, watching the yard develop. Feeling the odd burst of pride when a bud blooms, or when the little edging wall he’d made from scavenged rocks in the preserve comes out just barely lopsided. When it starts to look like a home.

And when Stiles appears at the edge of his yard, a half-hour early for a pack meeting, to find Derek on his knees in the dirt, carefully coaxing a bunny-bitten geranium upright in the earth.

“See Spiderplant’s doing ok.”

Derek glances up, follows Stiles’ gaze out to the cluster of grasslike plants lining the flowerbed leading into the preserve. 

“That’s the runners. The original’s…” on my nightstand, he doesn’t say. It feels like that might say too much. He lets the words hang, goes back to carefully patting dirt down. Stiles is quiet for a few beats, though Derek can hear him moving around the edges of the garden, taking it in. No one’s been back here before, and a part of Derek tightens up at the intrusion. Like Stiles –– clever mind and quick tongue –– might see something in this space to take away the haven Derek’s made here.

But when he finally pushes himself up, brushing dirt from his knees with dirty palms, Stiles is watching him with eyes that remind him of how he looks at the garden.

“It looks good,” Stiles says, and he’s not looking at the flowers.

Derek doesn’t look away for a long moment and then glances down, a faint smile playing over his lips.

“It looks good,” he echoes, because it does. And he’d made that. Something that isn’t broken. And maybe that means he isn’t broken too.


Director Sanvers

Another post 2x19 fic, based on a comment/prompts on AO3:

I would love to see a happier chapter where they find a new apartment and start their new life together, trying to erase this from their minds.

Alex leaned on the railing and looked out at the city.  She closed her eyes, tilted her head, breathed deep.

She could hear the cars on the road below, feel the wind in her hair.  She felt safe, secure.  The area around her, the apartment behind her, felt untouched, untainted.

And it was.

There were no cameras, no microphones, no reminders of tainted memories she was still working on reclaiming.

The balcony door slid open.

“—n’t forget the lo mein like last time.”

Alex rolled her eyes at Lucy’s words, and smiled at Lucy when she stepped up next to Alex.

“Why do you let her order if you don’t trust her to get it right?” she asked as she looked back at the city.

“It makes her feel important.”

Alex chuckled and shook her head lightly.  Lucy hummed.  She leaned on the railing.

“This is a great view,” she said.

“It is,” Alex murmured.

The view from the balcony hadn’t crossed any of their minds when they started apartment hunting.  All that really mattered about the balcony was that it existed and was private enough for Kara to come and go.

Yet, the view was incredible.  Half of the city lay beneath them, and beyond that, the sun was starting to set into the ocean.

More importantly, they couldn’t see her old building at all and there was a potted shrub in the corner blocking Maggie’s.

Alex shook her head to try and clear the thought.

A new apartment, new beginning.

Sure, it was further from the DEO, further from Kara’s building.  Sure, it cost more than she had ever paid in rent.

But, the loft-turned-master bedroom was fantastic, and the two extra rooms were great, and the shower in the second bathroom didn’t make her feel like she was drowning.

Lucy’s arm slipped around her waist.  Alex draped her arm over Lucy’s shoulders, pulling her close.

Being able to move on with her life with the women she loved?  That had to be the best part.

“So,” Maggie’s drawled, stepping to her other side.  “While we’re still in ordering distance for the pizza place, we are not for Chinese.  Any other ideas for dinner tonight?”

“Why not just get pizza?” Lucy answered.  “Let Jessy know what our new address it.”

“You’re assuming Kara hasn’t already let him know,” Alex said.

“I am, but I am also now in the mood for pizza,” Lucy said.

“You’re the one who wanted Chinese in the first place,” Maggie said.

Lucy shrugged.

Maggie let out an exaggerated sigh.  “Guess I better go order before you decide you actually want barbecue or something.”

Alex clamped a hand over Lucy’s opening mouth before she could speak.  Maggie laughed.

“I’ll go order the pizza,” she said.  She pressed a kiss to Alex’s cheek, then reached over and slapped Lucy’s ass before going back inside.

Lucy struggled against Alex for a moment, then relaxed and…

“You can stop licking my hand, Lane, it’s not going to work.”

Lucy glared at her.  Alex laughed and let her go.

“We’ll see if I lick anything else of yours tonight,” Lucy huffed.

Alex snorted.  “Not your best line.”

“Whatever.”  Lucy ducked away from Alex’s arm.  “I’ll be back.”

“We are not getting barbecue,” Alex told her.

“Barbecue pizza is a thing that exists, Danvers,” Lucy replied before chasing Maggie down.

Alex sighed and leaned on the railing, staring out at the city.

Yeah, moving on with the women she loved was definitely the best part.

Party Foul

Prompt: protective Isaac. Reader doesn’t know about the supernatural until after he protects/saves her from something bad. Reader: dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, introvert, would never believe someone like Isaac would ever be interested in her. she has a crush on him since they have some of the same classes, but they’re not even really friends – @mylittlenarnia

Party Foul.

(Y/N) sat by herself at a table for two in the library, earbuds in and her nose in a book, as she tried to catch up on some personal reading during her free period. She had been so busy lately with schoolwork, extracurriculars, preparing for college applications and the PSAT, that she hadn’t really had time to just sit and enjoy a good book in a while.  She was finally all caught up, though, and had a bit of free time on her hands, and she couldn’t wait to take advantage of it.

The movement of the table startled her out of the fictional world that she was currently lost in. She looked up only to be met with the most gorgeous blue eyes she’d ever seen, eyes that made her heart flutter every time she got the chance to look into them. Isaac Lahey, aka the boy she’s had a crush on since freshman year when Ms. Greene paired them together for their science project. Unfortunately, that was as far as it went. He went one way toward the lacrosse team and (Y/N) went another toward perfecting her academics.

Isaac stared at her for a moment with an arched eyebrow as if he was waiting on her to do something. She looked at him confused until he pointed towards his ears, and she realized she still had her earbuds in. (Y/N) promptly pulled them out and continued to look at him a little confused.

“Is there something you need?” She asked, trying not to let her voice shake or crack with nerves.

He nodded his head. “You’re my new tutor.”

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Even after being alive for many centuries, Magnus still does not do good with thunderstorms. The flashes of lightning send shivers down his spine and the boom of thunder that follows makes him jump.
Most of his past lovers considered him a coward for being so afraid of something so common and harmless. He was the high warlock of Brooklyn, he shouldn’t be afraid of anything.
He eventually stopped seeking comfort from his lovers during storms, afraid that he would be teased or left.
On a particularly bad night, it had been storming for hours, and the weather showed no signs of improving. Magnus was alone; Alec had left earlier because he had a mission to go on with his siblings. The first hour of the storm wasn’t too bad, but as time passed, the intensity of the thunder only increased.
When Alec returned to the loft that night, soaked from the rain that was still pouring down, Magnus was nowhere to be seen.
“Magnus?” Alec called out, not shouting, but loud enough to be heard from anywhere in the loft.
He found his lover in the bedroom, sitting on the bed with his back resting against the headboard, knees tucked to his chest and makeup smeared under his eyes and on his cheeks.
“Magnus,” Alec said, gently this time, as he removed his muddy shoes before climbing onto the bed to sit next to his boyfriend. “What’s wrong?”
Magnus didn’t say a word, instead sniffing and resting his head on Alec’s shoulder. His body was shaking, Alec noticed, and there were dry tears staining his cheeks. Instead of pressing him to speak, Alec wrapped his arms around Magnus and stroked soothing fingers through his hair.
After about ten minutes, Magnus had finally gathered up the nerve to tell Alec what was bothering him. He was hesitant, because none of his past lovers had ever taken Magnus’ fear seriously, but he loved Alec and hoped that he would be different.
“I don’t do well with thunderstorms,” Magnus spoke quietly, almost too quiet to be heard over the pouring rain outside. “I never have. I’m sorry you have to see me like this, I really should get over this, I shouldn’t be-”
Alec cut him off by pressing a finger to his lips. His hazel eyes were full of worry, which was honestly surprising to Magnus.
“You can’t control your fears, Magnus. You can’t help feeling scared. But I can be here for you, and I will be. Whatever you need, I’m here.” Alec spoke with a gentleness in his voice that left Magnus speechless. He was at least expecting Alec to say something about how being afraid of thunderstorms was childish. But, then again, his Alexander was always full of surprises.
“Is there any kind of silent spell that you could cast on the loft? Until the rain lets up?” Alec questioned, rubbing a comforting hand up and down Magnus’ leg, the other hand finding its way from Magnus’ hair to his shoulder.
Magnus shook his head, letting out a small laugh. “If there was, trust me, I would have used it a long time ago,” he joked. As another boom of thunder sounded, his body stiffened and he unconsciously shifted closer to Alec, letting out a shaky breath.
Alec frowned and pulled Magnus closer to him, pressing his lips to the top of his head. “I have an idea,” he started. “You go wash your face and get undressed. I’ll run a bath and find some music. Do you trust me?”
“Of course.”
“I’ll meet you in the master bathroom in a few minutes. I love you.” Alec pressed another kiss to Magnus’ forehead before standing up and venturing out into the main living space of the loft.
Magnus managed to get out of bed and walk into the bathroom. He did as Alec told him, washing the makeup off of his face and stripping himself of his clothes. he wrapped a towel around his waist and sat on the edge of the tub as he waited for his lover.
Alec, true to his word, entered the bathroom a few minutes later. In his arms, he held a few roses and a few candles from the balcony. He smiled when he saw his boyfriend, the shy smile that Magnus felt was reserved for him.
Alec got to work, lighting a few candles and turning on the hot water in the tub. As it filled, Alec put on some soft music and picked the petals from the roses, letting them fall into the water.
Magnus watched with a surprised look on his face. Never had someone put so much effort into comforting him. He felt a sweet pang in his heart as his surprised look melted into a smile as he watched Alec finish preparing the bath.
“Is this too much?” Alec finally spoke, a soft blush on his cheeks as if he had only now realized how overboard he’d went.
With a flick of his wrist and a few blue sparks, Magnus filled the water with bubbles. “This is perfect, Alexander,” He whispered, stepping forward to press a sweet kiss to his lips. “Will you join me?”
Alec smiled at that, Magnus was clearly feeling better now. “Of course.”
Magnus had never felt more safe. Sat in between his lover’s legs, back resting against a strong chest, surrounded by the sweet smell of roses and the relaxing steamy water, this was where he wished to remain for the rest of his immortal life.
Not even the distant sound of rain and thunder could ruin this perfect moment with the man he loved with his entire being.

hold me by the heart || {two}

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Words: 1.8k
Warning: Strong language, curse words etc.


Morning has dawned and now it is time for both parties to face the consequences of last night.

The sun streams through the crack in the blinds and causes Yoongi to twitch in his sleep. His body spasms once more as the words, “Y/N’s boyfriend” reverberate in his skull. He tries to shift more comfortably into the bed to rid himself of the noise but the presence of a warm body tucked into him makes him pause. 

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anonymous asked:

As soon as you blinked open your heavy eyes, you really wished you hadn't. Everything hurt and the first sight you were met with was a scowling Derek Hale towering over you. You winced, unsure of whether the pain or the severity of his gaze had contributed more to the involuntary action. "What part of 'stay put' wasn't clear enough for you y/n? Huh?" Derek's question sounded a hell of a lot more like an accusation to you.

You groaned. “Obviously the ‘staying’ part.” You huffed, sitting up slowly to rub the side of your head. “Otherwise this conversation would be very different, right?” Leaning forward on the couch in his loft, you braced your elbows on your knees, staring at Peter’s coffee table with a squint as you continued to rub your head. “Why do I feel like I have a hangover?”

“Wolfsbane,” Derek said grumpily, crossing his arms with a huff, but the slightest amount of sympathy at the back of his tone made you smile almost imperceptibly. “They let off a grenade of the stuff when they saw you.” He smiled, and you could have sworn it carried a hint of pride. “Probably because you scared the crap outta them when you charged out of nowhere.”

“Hey. I learned from the best,” you smiled at him, his own growing slightly at the sight. “Why be a werewolf if you can’t make an entrance?”

Derek sighed, his smile fading, and his brow knitting slightly in worry. “Seriously, though. Why didn’t you do what I said?”

“I saved your life, and this is the thanks I get?” You stopped rubbing your head, looking him right in the eye, feeling anger brewing deep in your stomach.

“Only because you caught them off guard. It could have gone a whole different direction.”

You straightened your back, the anger bubbling just under your skin.

Flashing his red eyes at you briefly in warning, he continued, “You could have gotten hurt. Any of us could have gotten hurt. We’re lucky we all got off with only a ‘hangover’.” He air quoted the last word before crossing his arms back over his chest.

You rose to your feet quickly, your yellow eyes shining. “And if I hadn’t shown up?! What then? Huh, Derek? Because from what I saw, you all were pinned in a corner.”

“We had backup on the way-”

“They would have been too late!” Your shout echoed across the loft.

Derek just stood there, revealing red eyes once again, but you ignored them and the warning they carried, though you did let your eyes fade as you took a step closer to him.

“‘Backup’? What backup did you have on hand besides me? Who were you going to call? You benched me. Who in the hell has any more of a right to fight these-”

“Stop. Stop talking,” Derek said lowly. He growled before continuing. “They were the people who started the fire at your house.” The words hung in the air as he let his eyes fade. “Peter, Isaac, and the rest of the pack wanted to have some…. Words…. With them. Our backup was the Sheriff. We had no idea they had wolfsbane or even knew we were werewolves. We just thought they were punks, and everyone wanted to scare them a little bit before the Sheriff showed up and arrested them.”

The loft was silent. You let the information sink in, looking down at the floor as if it held the answers before backing up slowly and plopping back down on the couch, still staring at the floor like it held your cypher key.

“But you’re right.” Derek’s voice was soft, and you looked up to meet his eyes. His face had melted to one of sympathy and understanding, his eyes carrying apologies. “If you hadn’t shown up when you did, we’d all have much worse than wolfsbane to be talking about. In fact, the Sheriff pulled up right as they used the grenade, so they had even more reason to arrest them.”

He moved over to sit beside you on the couch. “But, Y/N, there are positions in a pack for a reason. I need to know you will listen to me the next time I tell you to sit one out. I need to be able to trust you.”

“I know….” you mumbled. “You don’t trust me?”

“I do,” he said quickly, “with my life!” He sighed. “But trust is something earned, and it can quickly disappear, and while last night is a great example of following your gut, I need to know that you will follow orders, too. The same way you trusted me not to make you sit out unless there was good reason.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” you nodded. “Trust works both ways.” Derek nodded. “I know you’ll always have my back, you always have, and I want you to know I will always do the same.”

“I know,” he smiled widely.

Let’s do that 5 sentence meme!

softshumjr  asked:

JOCELYN! but what about alec 'i have no idea what personal space is and even if i did i wouldn't care' lightwood casually leaning against his boyfriend's back when he's doing magic CAUSE I'M STILL SO !!!!!

MARTA!!! Alec never knew he was this touchy until he met Magnus and realized that he doesn’t want a single second apart from him. He takes every fucking chance he has to reach for him, hold his hands, lean against his shoulder. And he’s so comfortable in Magnus’ loft that he lets himself press up against him, feeling his body heat radiating from the thin layers of his shirt. AND he loves just casually sliding his hands onto Magnus’ waist, resting against his hipbone, feeling the hum of magic that runs through Magnus’ body as he looks at the silver blue sparks radiating across Magnus’ elegant fingers.

Doesn’t Count

Originally posted by agsztrashbouquet

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Scott McCall

Requested: Yes, by @chrisevansisdaddy04 who asked  Can you do 22 w/ Derek?

Prompt:  “I think the room is bugged.” 

A/N: Not very fond of this one but I hope you like it

Request a prompt from here

Derek had been acting weirder than usual lately. He no longer allowed anyone to have the pack meeting at his loft or more than one person over at a time. Granted, that usual person was you, but it was still strange. Most of the time when you showed up, you were able to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ before he pushed you out the door.

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The werewolf and the vampire

Okay this is something I wrote back when I thought I was weird for writing fanfiction because i didn’t actually know there was such a thing. That’s also the reason this might be slightly worse than the things I write now. 

The reader is Scott’s sister and a vampire (in this Derek is the one that turned Scott) She is pissed at Derek because he did that to Scott so she goes to yell at him but things turn out a little different than what she thought.  

Originally posted by berezneva-tw

My brother had been turned a few months ago and I was furious. The bite can kill but luckily he made it. Derek Hale was the guy that turned him so I came back home to scare the hell out of that guy.

“My baby” I yelled sarcastically when I saw him. I had been in new york for 6 months now I moved a little after I turned 18. Being a vampire with my family not knowing is hard and I had to get away.

“Stop I’m like twice as tall as you” it wasn’t true I mean I’m short but not that short.

“SOOOO what are we doing today,” I asked putting my suitcase down. It was only 1 pm so I didn’t know what to do.

“Well, I have a pack meeting… you can come” he said. I didn’t really wanna go but I did want to see this jerk that turned my brother so I said yes and we started walking out to my car and driving over there.

There were like a million stairs to Derek’s loft and a big metal door to get in. even though the door was heavy and thick you could still hear people talking on the other side either we were speaking really loud or vampire hearing was helping.

“The Hale loft. Let me meet this idiot” I said opening the door and looking around to find the oldest of the people in the apartment. I heard my brother let out a sigh as I walked around.

“Everybody this is Y/N. Y/N this is Liam, Isaac, Kira, Malia, Lydia and Allison. And you remember Stiles” he said pointing every time he said a name.

“So that makes this jerk Derek,“ I said walking over to the guy who was reading some papers he  didn’t raise his head until I said the word jerk

“And who are you,” he said standing up and crossing his arms. I couldn’t help but notice that he was really hot.

“I’m the guy you turned’s sister,” I said pointing at my brother.

“And why am I a jerk,” he said looking at me and my heart skipped a beat.

“He could have died. And I want an apology to me and him” I stared at him waiting.

“Not gonna happen I helped your brother. He is stronger and safer” he said coming closer to me

“Okay here’s the thing. If you don’t apologize I will turn you and every single person in this room” I said threatening

“Your brother, Liam, Isaac, Malia and I are already werewolves. Allison is a werewolf hunter. Kira is a kitsune and Lydia is a banshee. The only person you can turn to a werewolf is Stiles and let’s be honest he would probably die if he got the bite” Derek chuckled

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witchravenfox  asked:

Hey there, could you do Sterek + 'After all this time, you gotta know that these threats don't work on me anymore. They barely worked on me in the first place. That was like fear and something else...' TYVM 😉

This is my freaking jam, hope you like it! (also on ao3!)

To say Derek was upset would be an understatement. Hell, to say Derek was anything would be an understatement.

Words alone would never be able to fully explain just how raging, red-hot, scream at the moon pissed off he was as he followed after Stiles into the loft, the teen just as infuriatingly nonchalant as always as he strode inside, setting his car keys down on the coffee table. Meanwhile, Derek was seconds away from literally ripping out fistfuls of his own hair, feeling his eyes flare up in frustration and blaze a steady, angry red, his fingertips itching with the urge to let his claws out.

The full moon hanging in the gloomy sky outside, visible through the wall of windows, sparked a burst of adrenaline and fresh anger to course through his veins, the mere sight reminding him of the reason why he was so viciously upset. Reminded him of what he almost lost barely an hour ago, reminded him of the scene that had unfolded in the preserve a couple miles away, reminded him of everything.

A week or so ago, Peter had graced the pack with his presence at a pack meeting, arriving half an hour late, to point out that he had caught the scent of a rugaru in the preserve while visiting the old Hale House. They were all immediately concerned, especially due to the large influx of tourists pouring into town now that spring had finally come, all of them worried about the very real possibility that hikers or campers might be targeted by the bloodthirsty creature.

Derek had decided to set up a trap for the rugaru using a dead pig he had gotten from a local butcher, generously dousing the dead swine in a shower of cow’s blood that Peter had somehow procured, hoping that the scent of blood and flesh would draw in the carnivorous monster. Everything had been in place, all the betas safely hidden away in the branches of surrounding trees to stay on lookout for the rugaru, ready to give the signal that it was moving closer to the target area where Derek would toss some gasoline onto the creature and light a match to send the creature up in flames.

Everything had been perfect. So, of course, Stiles had to go and ruin it.

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The One Where Derek Takes Stiles To A Strip Club

For @daddyobrienx for spending stupidly long amounts of time serching for times for my gifs <3

Warnings: Sterek, Stiles x Derek x Fem!Reader, smut. sex, oral, stripper!Derek, Stripper!Reader

“Why’re you in my loft?” Derek grumbled when he found Stiles lounged on his floor wailing to himself as if the world had ended.


“I’m gonna die alone.” He sighed.


“Why’re you dying alone in my loft?” Derek growled now, having planned on going out.


“Because I thought (Y/N) would be here, she’s always here.” Stiles grumbled and watched as Derek smirked.


“Come on.” With that Derek headed to the door and held it open with on hand as he waited for Stiles to scramble to his feet.


“Where’re we going… somewhere awesome… will I finally find out which subway (Y/N) works at?” Stiles blabbered on at Derek how rolled his eyes and let the boy into his car.

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Chapter 30


Nothing had changed. Her city was still live and direct, bursting with hood niggas and the rich and elite.

Brooklyn had never been so happy to be home. Alonzo drove her to his loft style apartment, and let her in. She noticed some of her things were waiting there for her.

“I tried to get as much of your clothing as possible,” he told her. “But you have an excessive amount.”

She shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a shopaholic,” she took the time to look around his apartment. It was very neat, much to her pleasure, and his furnishing was simple.

He had a grey love seat and sofa set, a flatscreen tv, all wood flooring. The small kitchen was open, and his bed area sat upstairs above the livingroom area. All in all, it reminded her of Noire’s apartment.

At that thought, she smiled. She couldn’t wait to see her best friend again. “Do you have a phone? I need to make a call,” she asked him.

He eyed her a second before shaking his head. “No one can know you are here Brooklyn.”

She stared at him, feeling all her happiness promptly pick up and leave. “W-what?”

He sighed. “You have to be as lowkey as possible until we figure out our next move. That means no one knowing you are here.”

Brooklyn crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at him. “So you want me to be a prisoner? Again?” she questioned.

“Did you think Decarlos Perez was going to just let you go? He went through all the trouble to kidnap you, threaten your family for collateral, and keep you in Cuba to simply let you go? I had to stake out Cuba for months, Brooklyn. And even once I found you, I had to tread carefully. This isn’t over.”

Alonzo’s sarcastic tone made Brooklyn bristle in aggravation. “So I leave one jail to come to another oh joy,” she rolled her eyes. “I didn’t leave Cuba to become your prisoner Alonzo! I will not just sit and rot here in your apartment!”

“Are you serious right now Brooklyn? You said yourself that this man killed your uncle. Are you seriously going to parade around the city as if this man is not going to turn this bitch inside out looking for you?! Have you completely lost your mind?!”

“I spent the last year and a half trapped in some man’s mansion, so the last thing I want is to be trapped in another man’s apartment! I was doing just fine before you decided to play Captain save a hoe,”

Alonzo closed his mouth and stared at Brooklyn in confusion and disbelief. As the seconds passed, he got more and more pissed off at her reckless attitude.

“Then why did you leave with me Brooklyn, riddle me that?! You had every chance to tell me no,”

“I DID!”

“-and yet here you are! So again, tell me why you’re here!” he demanded getting in her face. She promptly shut her mouth, not having an answer.

Staring up at him, she couldn’t deny how sexy he looked when he was pissed. But she wasn’t expecting him to grab her then.

Pulling her to him, Alonzo pressed his lips on hers roughly, holding the back of her head as he kissed her deep.

Brooklyn immediately melted against him. He ran his hands down her back until he reached her ass, loving how it spilled over his palms.

Lifting her up, he allowed her to wrap her legs around his waist as he backed her into a wall. His lips moved down to her neck making her moan.

When she said Alonzo Decosta was fuckable, Brooklyn damn sure wasn’t expecting to be fucking him this damn soon. But she didn’t nothing to stop him, instead, she unbuttoned her shorts and let him slide them off.

She then reached in between them and unzipped his jeans, letting his dick free. No words were spoken as he teased her clit a bit before sliding in with a groan.

Gripping her hips, he bounced her up and down on his dick, fucking her deep. She bit down on his shoulder, trying to hold back her screams. It felt good…too good.

Somewhere in between the wall and the couch their clothes were discarded and the next thing she knew she was being bent over the couch.  “Arco para mí,” he leaned down and kissed the back of her neck. She did as he commanded, arching her back then began bouncing her ass against him.

They went at it hard, the sound of the skin smacking could be heard echoing throughout his apartment. Brooklyn came with a scream, with Alonzo grunting his own release and collapsing next to her.

The two said nothing as they tried to catch their breath. Moments later, Alonzo rose and wordlessly went to the bathroom.

Damn, Brooklyn hoped things wouldn’t get awkward later..

"Mates" - Liam Dunbar Imagine

My Teen Wolf Master List

Mates Part 2

“I don’t want another beta in the pack,” Liam scowls.

“Is little baby Liam jealous there’s a new beta?” Stiles mocks Liam as he pouts his lips. Stiles attempts to ruffle Liam’s hair but Liam slaps Stiles’ hand away before Stiles could reach Liam’s hair.

“No!” Liam frowns. He gets up from the couch and walks towards the balcony in Derek’s loft, grumbling to himself quietly, “how come she doesn’t get kidnapped and tied up in a bathroom?”

“Who do you think the new beta is?” Malia asks.

“I’m all for girl power,” Stiles lifts his hand into a fist, “but we could use another guy.”

“No we couldn’t!” Liam yells outside from the balcony, clearly showing he’s using his wolf powers listening into everyone’s conversation being held inside the loft.

“I hope it’s a girl and a little younger than us. Someone I can teach my ways and dress up with amazing clothes when we go shopping,” Lydia smiles at the idea.

“Go find one at the Big Brother Big Sister of America Center!” Liam snaps.

“Liam quit your whining and get inside. Scott and Kira are here with the new beta,” Derek orders. Stiles, Malia, and Lydia gather up in front of the door with Derek while Liam refuses to go inside to meet the new beta.

Malia inhales deeply, “I smell perfume.”

“Damn it,” Stiles says. 

“Please let her be young. Please let her be young, ” Lydia repeats as she crosses her fingers.

The door slides open as Scott and Kira walk in first holding hands. 

“Okay, so she’s a bit nervous so try not to scare her or overwhelm her, okay?” Kira asks.

Everyone nods in agreement. Behind the door, (Y/N) can hear their heartbeats, smell their anticipation, and sense someone’s rage. She couldn’t tell exactly which one is annoyed as she’s still learning her new powers, but it didn’t take her long to figure out why someone is upset. Someone doesn’t want her here. They haven’t even met her yet, and she can already sense someone wants her gone. She quickly begins to have second thoughts about coming here and wonders if it’s too late to bail.

“It’s okay. You can come in now.” Scott orders.

Y/N walks into the large, dark loft slowly. As she’s walking in, she sees the members of her new so called family. She quickly notices everyone is older than her, which is disappointing because she was hoping to have someone her age to bond with and relate to in accepting this new life.

Her eyes fall on who appears to be the oldest. He’s tall, about 6’1, muscular with dark hair and strong facial hair. He seems a little intimidating with his serious gaze and arms folded firmly across his chest. Clearly he’s the Mr. Miyagi of the group, she thinks to herself.

Next to him is a beautiful girl with strawberry blonde hair and wearing an outfit that makes her look like she just stepped out of a catalog. She’s a bit older, but certainly not the same age as the previous guy. She’s slim and short but her high heels hide her shortness. Her make up looks natural with bold red lips. Y/N immediately notices her excitement with the huge smile on her face. She seems nice.

Beside her side is an average height lanky kid with brown hair and matching caramel eyes. He cannot stand still as he rocks back and forth on his heels with a goofy grin on his face and wiggling his eyebrows. A small smile creeps up on Y/N’s face as she tries to hold back a giggle. He’s the clown of the group.

Lastly, another girl with long and wavy dirty blonde hair just above her shoulder blades. She’s tall, pretty and she had sun-kissed skin. Her style is more edgy than the girl before, with her cut off shorts, a simple tee and boots. Like the first guy, she seems intimidating but with a side smirk painted on her face. Definitely don’t want to get on her bad side.

“Everyone this is, Y/N.” Scott introduces to the pack. “That’s Derek, Lydia, Stiles and Malia.”

“Hi,” she fumbles with her thumbs trying not to look down at her boots.

“Don’t be scared. Come in and join us. We don’t bite,” Malia smiles.

“Speak for yourself,” Lydia and Stiles said in unison.

“Where’s Liam?” Kira asks.

“Liam get inside,” Scott shouts. “Come meet our new beta.”

Liam stops pacing back and forth on the balcony. He looks through the window and sees the new beta hiding behind the pack. Let’s get this over with, Liam sighs. He walks into the loft with his head down and his feet dragging. As he stands next to Malia, he takes his time looking up at the new beta. Liam’s eyes fall on her black boots, his eyes trail up her long skinny legs in ripped skinny jeans. Y/N is wearing a low black tee under a jet-black leather jacket, her light brown hair is straight down with her bangs parted to the left. Her green eyes stand out with the black eyeliner and mascara.

Y/N takes a good look at the boy in a maroon lacrosse shirt, basketball shorts, and Nikes. He’s short, small, but muscular at the same time.  Her eyes meet his piercing blue eyes and senses his tension. He’s the boy that doesn’t want her here.

Malia breaks the tension in the room with one of her blunt questions, “so how you’d almost die?”

Before Y/N could start and share her story of how she got the bite from Scott, Liam walks right past her and out the door.

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Emotional Hell

I combined a bunch of prompts into this. You can find them here. I didn’t list them in any particular order. I altered some to make them fit, and I hope I did them justice.

Lines that are bolded are sentences that were directly requested.

Words: 4,271

Warnings: This one gets a little heavy. So a feels warning, angst, swearing. Lots of fluff and laughter, and ends on a very high, uplifting, happy note.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


“What the hell?!” You couldn’t believe your ears. “Are you telling me you’re on his side?”

“For once, yes I am on Fluffy’s side!” Peter’s eyes were wide in shock as if he couldn’t believe it himself.

“It’s just stupid, Y/N,” Derek said calmly. “This thing is beyond anything we can tackle even with Scott and the gang’s help. We need to plan this. Rushing in is just going to get us killed.”

You looked from face to face, landing on Isaac, who wore an expression you couldn’t quite read, making you narrow your eyes slightly, but when he thrummed his fingers against his thigh twice, you relented. It was your secret signal between one another that meant no questions, we’ll talk later. His eyes drifted to the loft’s doorway ever so slightly, and you took the hint.

Sighing dramatically, you went to the door, sliding it open roughly, ignoring Derek and Peter’s protests to your back, faintly hearing Isaac placating them behind you as you flew down the flights of stairs. “I’ll go after her. You guys stay here and get ahold of Scott or something. Make a plan.”

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the zeros

requested by anonymous

AU in which youre part of the zeros, and you meet 10k, and things go exactly where you think they will

The first time you meet him you it’s with a gun pressed to his head. He has his own digging into your temple, both of you in a silent standoff, neither dropping their weapon.
“Don’t make me pull the trigger.” You warn. He doesn’t say anything, his own fingers tightening around his gun.
It seems that neither of you are going to walk away.
Then the bomb blows you off your feet.
You land flat on your back, the world buzzing around you, breath knocked out of you. You cough the blood out of your mouth, rolling onto your stomach, trying to get your bearings. You see the boy with the gun sprawled a few feet away from you, a Z in a white coat slinking towards him, moving differently than any other Z you’ve ever seen. You pull your aching body to your feet, and reach for your machete, gripping it in your hand. You move right behind the boy, lifting the blade. The Z stops, staring at you for a moment, before turning and running away.
You don’t know why you save the boy. You just know that you can’t let him die.

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So, I got to the stadium at about 3:45, found my Queensland Swiftie squad and got all our cute photos. Waited for gates to open at 5 and made our way to the Taylor Nation booth. I was there with my gals just helping out like we did in Sydney until after Vance finished. Ali was an absolute babe as usual and so ridiculously sweet. I decided to head down to my seat a little bit before Tay came on so I could go find my girls Dani @theaustralianswiftie and Meagan @innocehnt AFTER THEY MET TAY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I also went and found Jess and a few other chickas!

CONCERT TIME. I knew when she was coming on how many songs I had etc. etc. lost my mind at Feel So Close… my cousin was SO concerned. Now here’s the catch, I had told myself I would not touch my phone at ALL this concert. I was going to put it away and not touch it until the end. So I put my phone away and it wasn’t until around I Know Places where I had this weird feeling like I needed to check my phone. So I grabbed it out quickly and checked Twitter, Ali had messaged me on Twitter from the TN Twitter (HEART ATTACK I TELL YA), but she was just asking if any of us had left a merch bag at the TN booth. So I responded and said I would ask the girls. A song or two later I checked my Twitter again during a little pause and saw she had messaged me AGAIN, this time she had asked where I was sitting. THIS IS WHEN I STARTED FREAKING. I didn’t want to think anything of it, but I had no idea why she would be asking, maybe she just want to come dance with me? NO IDEA, but I was getting jittery! I responded straight away with where I was sitting and just kept going on with enjoying the concert and dancing my little butt off.

So then Taylor started singing Love Story. I love the new version so I was very much enjoying myself, and then Steph came up to me. She asked me if I was Lauren and suddenly I felt like my legs were about to give in. She asked me who I was with and I said I was there with my cousin and then Mik @redlipclassicstyles and Monique who were sitting right behind us. She paused and then looked at me and goes “Taylor wants to meet you after the show” COMMENCE THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT MOMENT. I honestly couldn’t believe that I heard those words, I never imagined I would be randomly picked for Loft, let alone have Taylor specifically request to meet me herself. Steph gave me the wrist band and the Loft pass, but only gave them to me. She told me where to meet at the end of the show and then left, which is when I BROKE THE FUCK DOWN. I started crying and shaking. I essentially fell to the floor. I was meeting Taylor. Taylor wanted to meet me. This one thing I had wanted for 7 years was actually happening. I text Hope, Lou and Darby, as well as my Santa and Squash Squads, but HECK NO WERE THEY TELLING ANYONE I was going to keep completely quiet about it publicly. Then basically everything was a blur and all I remember is dancing my little heart out as well as just randomly falling to the floor every now and then. So then a little later, Steph came back. She was asking me about Laura @taylorsno1fan and where she was so we looked on my phone at her tumblr to try and figure it out, and once we got a better idea of where she was she looks at me and says that my cousin Chelsea, Mikaela and Monique were going to come to Loft as well. I don’t think my heart has ever felt so happy. Seeing Mik and Monique get Loft made me SO FLIPPING DANG HAPPY I CANNOT EXPLAIN IT. The fact that they could come with me makes me want to cry right now, that’s all that I can say. I know how much it means to them, and I’m so glad they got to come.

So then it got to Wildest Dreams/Enchanted and I decided I really needed to pee because I really didn’t want to be worrying about peeing when I met Taylor Alison Swift. I ran to the bathroom and on my way found Meagan, showed her the pass and hugged and freaked out. Touched myself up a lil bit in the bathroom, found Hope @hopeyswift and the three littles, ran back down when Shake It Off started and found Dani. Hugged and freaked out, you know, the normal. So I got back to my seat and I wasn’t really sure if I was still alive but apparently I was. When she finished lets just say while we were making our way to the section I had approximately 5000 panic attacks. Lou @tinylou-13, the angel, gave me some paper, a sharpie and her camera. We sat down in the section with the other Loft people and it was so good to see Yasmina @yassyy from the Queensland Swifties there too!!!! THREE OF US GOT IN, WHAT!? So we waited there and then eventually Steph lead us backstage to Loft.

It wasn’t what I expected and I unfortunately couldn’t eat anything because #vegan but I appreciated the white brick wall backdrops (A+ Tay). We chilled for a little bit and then Erica came out and told everyone to line up. I decided to go separately from my cousin so we could get individual photos, so I grabbed the camera and my paper and sharpie and got third in line. The first few went through and then it was me. I could see Mik and Monique talking to her and say goodbye through the sheet and holy shit she looked so good. Then it was my turn.

So Erica opened the sheet and I walked in and went straight into a beautiful Swift hug. As I walked in she very enthusiastically yelled HEEEEEYYYYY at me, we hugged and then she goes “EVERYONE LOOK AT THESE PANTS” and then made everyone in the little room look at my butt. She said she saw them on tumblr, that it made her laugh, she loved them and needed to find me. We talked about how I did it because we low key ran out of tassel, but she said she just thought it was a “creative decision” so I was like, “well I mean, I can just say it was”. We kept talking about the costumes and I talked about how I came with Hope and the three girls dressed in the same outfit as me, and that she met Hope in Nashville on Red tour and she was sorry she couldn’t eat her cookie. I then thanked her for using my video in pre-show on tour and she goes “OH MY GOODDD YES” and I was all, yeah the Wonderland dance one, and she goes “YES oh my god it’s been playing all over, did you see it today?!” I told her I didn’t see it there but saw it in Sydney. She goes “oh well as long as you saw it!!” and I said thank you again and that it meant a lot to me. She then noticed the paper and sharpie in my hand and was all “I see this, what’s going on here?” and I asked her if she could possibly write out two lyrics for me, one from Wonderland and one from Our Song, any lyric that you want. She grabbed the sharpie and opened the paper, turned to the side a little and started going through the lyrics of Wonderland and Our Song. She took her time and kept saying that it was difficult and that there were so many good lyrics (like, duh Taylor, YOU WROTE THEM). She wrote down my Wonderland one and then wrote down the Our Song one for Hope. Then she goes, “okay let’s get two photos because I need to get one with these pants and a nice one too. Okay, a nice hugging one first?” so I hugged her and she put her cheek on my head and I died. Then she goes, “now one with the pants okay, like a sassy one.” So I turned around and we did the pose and I was so happy in that dang moment. They got the photo and afterwards she giggled a little and goes “this is great”. I said thank you so much again and hugged her again, she pulled me in and said “love you buddy” really softly to me (I felt like I was hit by a fucking truck I couldn’t even respond with I love you too I was in shock like the way she said it holy shit nope I CANNOT). So then I quickly mention how the music that was playing was great and that I was jamming to Fifth Harmony and then as I was walking out I looked back and was all I LOVE YOUUU with my arm out and she smiled really big and I almost forgot my camera, but bless the guy for tapping me while I was in my shocked state and handing it to me. I went back in to grab my stuff and waited for my cousin Chelsea.

I realised as soon as I left that I forgot to ask her the one thing I have wanted to know for approximately 5 years, WHAT IS HER FAVOURITE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MOVIE?!? I cannot believe I flippin FORGOT, but that’s okay, I will find out one day. ONE DAY TAYLOR, ONE DAY I WILL KNOW YOUR FAVOURITE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MOVIE. So basically after that we left and I found my gals and sat down and had some water and showed them the photos and died inside. All in all, I still cannot physically believe I actually met Taylor. I cannot believe SHE WANTED TO MEET ME. I find it utterly HILARIOUS that she didn’t even want to meet me because of my video, and that she wanted to meet me because of those dang pants. So when I went in she knew who I was, I was the girl with the pants that said “Taylor Swift owns this ass” not the DAHN-SING girl, not the girl who’s video plays pre-show, the girl with the pants.. at least until I reminded her. But either way, she wanted to meet me, and whether it was because she liked my video or just because my pants made her laugh, I cannot ever express just how thankful I am for getting this opportunity.

Taylor, thank you for everything. Thank you for introducing me to some of the absolute best friends I have ever had. Thank you for being my rock and for keeping me holding on when I need that little bit of strength. Thank you for making my friends happy, their smiles keep my heart warm. Thank you for being you, and truly you. Thank you for helping me kick my anxiety in the butt and let me make the friends I really needed this year. Thank you for last night and thank you for existing, that is all I can say.

“Daddy can smell you.”- Derek Hale Imagine.

Request// Can we get a Daddy!Derek prompt?
Of course you bloody can!

AN// This title makes it seem a lot raunchier than it is lmao. This isn’t smut because I feel like if I wrote the smut then there’s be too much too read and I think I always write too much but I think I will do a part two if requested enough!

Pairing// Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings// None

Word Count// 1508 — I fucking hate how much I write, sorry.

also I’m super sorry I’m slow with the requests but I’ve got stuff going on rn but I’m trying I really am!


You were Derek’s new beta and you hated it. You were new and untrained so not only did Isaac, Erica and Boyd treat you like a baby but so did everyone, especially Derek.

Derek is what you would call a Grade A Dickhead. He’s impulsive and rude, incompetent and harsh, mean and well kina dickish.

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