lofticries purity ring

Song: Lofticries
Artist: Purity Ring
Year: 2012
Why it’s Dope: An electronic ambiance that is blissful, ethereal, and glossy, abstract lyrics that are strange and cerebral, strong percussion that gives the track sturdiness and force, and of course downright angelic vocals from Megan James.

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such a lot of world to see 

music for exploring in the woods. listen here.


follow you down to the red oak tree- james vincent mcmorrow // exploration- coraline soundtrack // goods- iamamiwhoami // moon river- the honey trees // lofticries- purity ring // moonsetter- homestuck vol. 9 // woodland- the paper kites // fountain- iamamiwhoami // aeolus- freelance whales // a taste for adventure- homestuck vol. 9 // wolves within the woods- the mariner’s children // plant life (instrumental)- owl city // the cave- mumford and sons // where no one goes (instrumental)- httyd2 soundtrack // hopeless wanderer- mumford and sons // it carved your name into the ground- the mariner’s children // the carnival of the animals (the aquarium)- saint saens // run boy run- woodkid // prelude to the afternoon of a fawn- debussy // playing for keeps- elle king (the doughnuts cover) // snail song- snail party // sis puella magica!- puella magi madoka magica soundtrack // astronaut- amanda palmer (totalspiffage cover) // fineshrine- purity ring // transformation- brother bear ost // witchcraft- pendulum // spitting image- freelance whales // claire de lune- debussy // dearly departed- shakey graves // find home- the honey trees // all the pretty little horses- nancee kahler mccraw // you’ll not feel the drowning- the decemberists (horizon cover)

‘Music Shuffle’ Tag Game

Rules: Put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favourite lyrics from each. Then tag 9 other people to participate!

@astralazuli tagged me to do this, and I love music so I just had to do it!!!

1. Strange Cakes by Big Black Delta

I know a fool only knows
He knows enough, enough, oh
Just blood and bones, a spark of the heart
And then when we turn to dust

2. Lofticries by Purity Ring

Let it seep through your sockets and ears
Into your precious ruptured skull
Let it seep let it keep you from us
Patiently heal you
Patiently unreel you

3. This Modern Love by Bloc Party

And you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
Well jump on, enjoy, you can gorge away

4. Turning Into Stone by Phantogram

Unconscious mind
Take me for a ride
Destroying the man inside
I should belong

5. Starlight by Muse

I will be chasing a starlight
Until the end of my life
I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore

6. Electric Love by BØRNS

Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it
And all I need is to be struck
By your electric love

7. Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars

I wish you’d hold me when I turn my back
The less I give, the more I get back
Oh, your hands can heal, your hands can bruise
I don’t have a choice, but I still choose you

8. Into The Galaxy by Midnight Juggernauts

Floating to the edge of the world
Floating to the edge of the sea
Floating off the edge of the ocean
Out into the galaxy

9. Be a Body (侘寂) by Grimes

I close my eyes until I see
I don’t need hands to touch me
Be a body
I lean on walls until I stand
I touch my face with my hand
Be a body

(I skipped two songs at most for this. Sue me.)

Anyway, the people I’ll tag are:

@yayitsscarlett @seikamoomoo @quickwit-punster (even though you’re practically never on here) @malevon @augustapendragon @symphonicsadness and yike!!! anyone else who wants to do this that I didn’t tag 


lofticries - purity ring

a life in this one | for mulder & scully |  [listen here]

“Hey, Scully, do you believe in the after-life?”
“I’d settle for a life in this one.”

01. Outer Space (feat. Genevieve)- G// 02. I Thought I Was an Alien- Soko// 03. Under Stars- Aurora// 04. My Blood- Ellie Goulding// 05. Horsehead- The Jezabels// 06. Darlings- Susanne Sundfor// 07. Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)- Florence + the Machine// 08. Lofticries- Purity Ring// 09. Jungle (SRMS & Belli Remix)- Emma Louise// 10. Clair De Lune (Feat. Christine Hoberg)- Flight Facilities 

the first time i had edibles i ended up taking an 8 hour bath listening to lofticries-purity ring on repeat while eating more edibles i hate purity ring