October 12th 6-10pm

Outdoor Art Installation 

The Wrapture Project is to remind us that not all art hangs on a gallery wall. Objects we use everyday, whether an automobile or a park bench, were born from an idea of humankind. Artists are among us. From the conceptional dreamers to designers and engineers to fabricators, down to the sales clerk carefully wrapping up a purchase, Wrapture hopes to bring attention and appreciation to all artists.

Objects of art on street will be wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with string. The string will make its way from objects to the inside of participating galleries where it will find it’s end at a piece of wrapped artwork hanging within gallery.

We look forward to your company,

C.N. O'Mahony

Chris O’Mahony 
Christina Franco-Long
Aisling Currivan~Winders

Space Gallery - Pomona Arts Colony & Loft Beats Art Shows 

SPACE Gallery
250 West Second Street
Pomona, CA 91766

262 West Second Street 
Pomona, CA 91766

**wrap party saturday morning 8:00~11:00am for those interested in helping out. we received clearance from DPOA to place a mini cooper in middle of Second St., should be a fun morning of wrapping.