loft pants


Derek ran into his loft frantically, panting, covered in blood and completely worn out from the fight he had just underwent with one of Deucalion’s pack members, yet he didn’t care that he was barely breathing, he had to know you were safe and well, he had to know that you weren’t near the danger

He didn’t see you at first and that was when he worried, you always sat up until he came home, maybe watching TV or cleaning around the loft to stop yourself from falling asleep, though this time, Derek noticed the TV wasn’t on and you weren’t sitting in his sofa

Upon entering the loft further, he heard the soft thump of a steady heartbeat, his eyebrows raised as he turned around, seeing you sleeping soundly on his bed with your face mushed into his pillow, he softly brushed your hair off of your face and affectionately kisses your temple, he was undoubtedly in love with you