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ALBUM OF THE WEEK // Elvis Depressedly - holo pleasures

Starting into holo pleasures, it’s immediately recognizable as Elvis Depressedly, or, perhaps more accurately, Mat Cothran. holo pleasures isn’t as unnerving as the end of hotter sadness, and the more consistent, mid-tempo nature sounds a bit more like a Coma Cinema release. The production may be upped just a tic, but that wonderful lofi sound and simple-yet-effective arrangements are all there (as opposed to the excellent new, hifi-minded Coma Cinema track “Satan Made A Mansion“). Cothran’s low, fuck-all voice fits the tunes like a glove, as ever. I can’t say it’s any more upbeat than before, but it seems a bit less cynical - despite the song title “pepsi/coke suicide.”

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sick sick sick (by a queen)
  • sick sick sick (by a queen)
  • gendread
  • june 2

3) sick sick sick (by a queen) - gendread

til you get sick you won’t regret much
til you get sick you will feel really warm
til you get sick everything’s OK

but when you get sick it’s really ugly,
i am really ugly but i am not sick yet

i cant find my sick body
on the tv or on the web
or on the phone with someone that i love
or on the couch or on the bed
with someone who finds me pretty when im sick.

‘porch’ by ghost orchard

i like the way i feel the more i start to dread
the more i try to fake the more yr in my head
in quiet eyes inside i thought i understood
i watch the sky it rises early on a porch

and i’m scared watching you there

i like the way the feeling fades in dampened light
leave me in bed it’s dark again i don’t know why
come on too strong what’s feeling wrong i’m gone again
exhale stale smoke leave me alone i’m sorry friend