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beattape vibe for the strones

lontalius - all i wanna say

“cause all i have to offer is my love
it’s not enough”

simple, but heartbreaking. 

it’s baffling that an 18-year old can be full to the brim of such emotion, and be able to tell his stories about youth and sadness in such a heart wrenching way. strongly recommend the album, ‘i’ll forget 17′.

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Track 10
Alex G
Track 10

baby what you did for me on halloween
she said her mask would scare me
i dont think it will

i know everyone can tell by the empty shell
but baby likes me when i hurt myself

baby help me in the morning
she said she talks in her sleep
i dont think she does

baby wraps me up in her blanket
she says if i dont wake up
ill live forever
this dream