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Track 10
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  • Alex G

baby what you did for me on halloween
she said her mask would scare me
i dont think it will

i know everyone can tell by the empty shell
but baby likes me when i hurt myself

baby help me in the morning
she said she talks in her sleep
i dont think she does

baby wraps me up in her blanket
she says if i dont wake up
ill live forever
this dream

ALBUM OF THE WEEK // Elvis Depressedly - holo pleasures

Starting into holo pleasures, it’s immediately recognizable as Elvis Depressedly, or, perhaps more accurately, Mat Cothran. holo pleasures isn’t as unnerving as the end of hotter sadness, and the more consistent, mid-tempo nature sounds a bit more like a Coma Cinema release. The production may be upped just a tic, but that wonderful lofi sound and simple-yet-effective arrangements are all there (as opposed to the excellent new, hifi-minded Coma Cinema track “Satan Made A Mansion“). Cothran’s low, fuck-all voice fits the tunes like a glove, as ever. I can’t say it’s any more upbeat than before, but it seems a bit less cynical - despite the song title “pepsi/coke suicide.”

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Just Nick - Well, This is Embarrassing

1. paint chips
*This song was written on scrap of paper in 2012 and never ended up on a record. I don’t even remember why it’s called ‘paint chips.’ That’s a strange name for a song that isn’t about paint chips.

2. take cover
*This song was featured on a 2011 demo that survived online for about 3 weeks until it was erased, as well as Not-Punk Session #3. If you’ve passed 10th grade english, you should know who it’s about.

3. 17
*This song was originally meant to be on 2013’s 'Only Dog Can Judge Me’ split with Human Kitten, but was removed as soon as I realized that it hadn’t turned out the way I had wanted it to. I was a dumb kid.

4. wasting time
*This song was one of the first I’d ever written (and for a thrash metal project), somewhere around the fall of 2011. It was recorded for a demo, but was removed shortly after. Blah blah blah high-school parties.

5. satan
*This song was written in 2014 for the PCP/AW/JN split, that is yet to be released, as of November '14. I never thought I’d ever write a song about masturbation.

6. thank you
*This song was written sometime in 2012, and was featured on Not Punk Session #3. It was also recorded for 'Semi-rev,’ but didn’t make the final cut. Long story short, this song thanks my dad for thinking that I’m a poet, even though I swear too much.

7. life made easier by modern chemistry
*This song was featured on Not Punk Session #3. It was a product of a lonely camping trip, and a silly dude named Randy.

8. january 22, 1997
*This song was originally recorded for 'Semi-rev,’ but didn’t make the final cut. It’s an adaptation of a letter written to me by my grandpa, almost word for word.

9. spare change
*This song was originally written in 2013 for 'Bedpunk,’ but was replaced by 'Phony Love Stories.’ The worst decision I made on that record.

10. tattooed
*This song was written during the summer of 2014 for the PCP/AW/JN split, that is yet to be released, as of November '14. It will also be featured on a future release TBA.

As of today, every song written for this project, has been released. These are the songs that didn’t make the cut. I’ve never charged for my music before, but this time around, all proceeds will be used to help put out my next project on vinyl. This is closure for me, in a weird way, and I can’t help but feel so incredibly lucky to have all of you that support me.