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ALBUM OF THE WEEK // Elvis Depressedly - holo pleasures

Starting into holo pleasures, it’s immediately recognizable as Elvis Depressedly, or, perhaps more accurately, Mat Cothran. holo pleasures isn’t as unnerving as the end of hotter sadness, and the more consistent, mid-tempo nature sounds a bit more like a Coma Cinema release. The production may be upped just a tic, but that wonderful lofi sound and simple-yet-effective arrangements are all there (as opposed to the excellent new, hifi-minded Coma Cinema track “Satan Made A Mansion“). Cothran’s low, fuck-all voice fits the tunes like a glove, as ever. I can’t say it’s any more upbeat than before, but it seems a bit less cynical - despite the song title “pepsi/coke suicide.”

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Welks Mice “Talking Too Fast”

This is my band! We made a little video to enter in the NPR Tiny Desk Contest. If we are selected we get to perform at NPR in Washington DC!


Whenever I tell people I keep a note of every band I’ve ever watched, it’s normally met with a smirk or a bemused look. It’s not like I rate the bands on a decimal scale; but apparently it’s a little sad to attempt to remember bands you’ve seen live. Appearing near the top of the list are Tubelord - a band I seem to have grown up with over the last four years, seeing them in four different towns (Southampton x2, Exeter, Plymouth and Weymouth). Not only are they consistently great live, but with each recorded output they seem to shift their sound in new and interesting directions.

On that note, I am extremely excited to announce that today’s free Pizza Club comes from JOEY FOURR, the new meanderings of Tubelord frontman Joseph Prendergast. ‘CROSS†DRESSER’ is many things; it’s a little warped, a tiny bit lofi and slightly psychedelic, however above all it’s completely infectious. Each listen seems to result in a half hour cooling off period where I’m able to think of nothing other than the hypnotic whistle-like riff. 

'CROSS†DRESSER’ forms one forth of JOEY FOURR’s forthcoming EP 'How To Buy Happiness’. The EP is set to be released as a Zine, xerox print with gold paper covers and fleuro paper insides and can be ordered from the Crumb Cabin big cartel. In addition to this, Joe has made an amazing video for the track and designed todays Pizza. If you would like to get your hands on the one physical copy of this release (which will look a little like this) make sure you’re hitting F5 on the Pizza Club page of our Bandcamp come 1pm. 


If you thought last weeks Pizza sounded grotesque, this week it just got taken to new levels. Joe has asked for a Brooklyn style Pizza topped with vegetarian paprika flavoured dog meat (surely this isn’t a thing?). A canine treat for veggies.

You can also find JOEY FOURR on Bandcamp and as always we’ve also hosted the track for free download from our SoundCloud.