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How to survive the “bad beginning”

If you are like me and you got the worst schedule, the worst teachers and the hardest assignments in the beginning of the new school year, first, take a deep breath. I got your back!

Second, listen to my little advice (i think i needed some too, but i have to listen to myself first..)

note: this is my first masterpost, so I’ll try my best. Feedback is welcomed!

Let’s start!

Imagine this:

It’s your first day of the new school year. You finished the previous year pretty well or even really good with good grades, etc. 

So. You’re walking into class and that feeling of “the coming storm” hits you in your face. And you’re just thinking: “something bad will happen. i feel it”. And with the lot of luck you have, like me: you are totally right!

You’ve planned a good new year with good grades but then there’s a lot of work and hard projects you have to do, bad teachers and the worst schedule/subjects possible.

What will you do?

How will you survive this school year?

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

“How should I prepare myself?”, you might ask?

Prepare yourself mentally. Focus on the goal you have and calm yourself.

After that you should tell yourself: I can do this and I will!

Take a deep breath and try to list every problem in your head to change your behaviour for every difficult situation that could possibly occur. 

Schedule your time if you can. 

Eat healthy but don’t miss some sweets. (you will need them when you’re about to frustrate)

Find something for you that calms you down. (scented candles and tea works for me pretty good)

Listen to songs you like or some of my recommendations on this: 

morning coffee. [ lofi / jazzhop / chill mix ] (50:10)

1 hour - most epic/motivational anime music (01:02:26)

1 hour - most epic/motivational anime music with vocals (01:01:12)

best of kawaii music mix 2017 [kawaii future bass] (01:07:22)

Treat yourself or take breaks with something like activities you wanted to make, some sweets, listening to your favourite music or watching some episodes of your favourite series/ watch your favourite film, after you’ve done your work.

Do not drown in that darkness named “stress”. You have to fight it and to get yourself motivated/stay motivated.

How? Do things that get you easier in your work: Something like planning, bullet journaling, to-do lists, etc.

And you should relax whenever you have the time to!

For accomplishing your goals, you have to:

Get rid of that:

Instead scream that at yourself:



‘CAUSE I believe IN YOU!

i really hope that my first masterpost was helpful.

note: my englisch is pretty bad, i’m sorry.

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Kitsunekōhī (original)
Kitsunekōhī (original)

So I attempted to make a sort of semi music video for this piece (which can be found on the link below). I decided how else to do this then bring together two of my favourite things, coffee and foxes. as always I hope you enjoy :). I also attempted a sort of lofi style that I’ve been spending forever to figure out and think I’m getting slightly closer to cracking it.

I also would really appreciate it if you checked out the music video on youtube: