“And, finally, M, my sweet coadventurer in love and life. Even though this book wasn’t his cup of tea, he was supportive from the beginning and was always there when I needed him with encouragement, egg sandwiches, and a brutally-honest critical eye. His patience, humor, openness to change, and a super-human ability to love me without crushing me, continues to amaze me. I feel enormously lucky to be sharing this journey with him.”

“I am also deeply grateful for my partner, Misha Collins, for surprising me with writing-break field trips to the Los Angeles river during rainstorms, for offering insightful comments on seemingly countless drafts, for fixing the printer on a nearly daily basis, for making me laugh when i thought i couldn’t, and for sustaining me when i got discouraged. His patience , love, and support have meant everything to me.”

01/14/15 || source