Wow ok I hit 2,000 followers so I decided to do a follow forever because why not. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me, I have no clue why y'all do but thank you so much. Sorry if I didn’t include you on this, I just love so many blogs! I love you all ♥♥♥


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I’m not completely at 5k but i’m almost there and i was too lazy to wait until after halloween cos then i’d have to redo some urls and i don’t have the patience for that, SO thanks to all of you who are following me now, i never expected to get over 1k tbh, nevermind 5k(nearly) so thank you all for following me, whether it was from the start or today, thank you all it means a lot!

also excuse the gif i didn’t know what to do for it so


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i hope i didn’t forget anyone, but knowing me i did, so sorry.

I hit 5k followers! I started this blog over a year ago now and I’m so glad I did, this makes me so happy.

So thank you for all pressing that follow button and sticking around, it means a lot, so I’d thought it’d only be fair if I made a least a bit of an effort for the people who have made my dash ever so wonderful along the way!

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I hit 500 followers last night so I thought id so a follow forever :)

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if i didn’t include you, im sorry, i love you all and theres too many people to list!

thank you all for following me :)

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