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Hola La Dragonaria! Could you explain to me how to use pronouns and reflextive verbs? For example, when should one use te, ti, and tu? lo, le and se? Thank you!

What you’re describing are different things. This might be a bit long but I’ll go over pretty much eeeeeeverything concerning objects and pronouns and reflexives. It’s a matter of what you need for a given circumstance.

[Also not going into this but just for reference tu/tus is “your” as a possessive with no accent mark; similar to how mi/mis is “my”. Possessives are technically adjectives not pronouns or objects, but if you want I can discuss those later]

First let’s discuss pronouns. Pronouns are subjects and can exist by themselves and have verbs that conjugate according to them.

yo = I

tú = you (informal)

él = he

ella = she

usted = you (formal)

ellos / ellas = they 

ustedes = you all [default for Latin America; for Spain ustedes is “you all (formal)”]

nosotros / nosotras = we

vosotros / vosotras = you all [informal; Spain]

Objects themselves aren’t really allowed to exist on their own. They need a subject and a verb in a complete sentence (usually; or at least implied) to exist.

The use of and ti are part of what’s known as “prepositional object pronouns”, meaning that they show up in the presence of a preposition.

These prepositions are almost always one of the following*… a, de, en, entre, hacia, por, and para

yo => mí

tú => ti 




ellos / ellas


nosotros / nosotras

vosotros / vosotras

This means that you’ll see something like a mí “to me”, a ti “to you”, or para mí “in my opinion / as for me”… but you’ll see a ella or por ella or entre ellos or something like that. It’s only the yo and  that change here

*There’s also con but that’s another special case:

yo => mí + con => conmigo

tú => ti + con => contigo

Saying ven conmigo is “come with me” or cuento contigo “I’m counting on you”. This exists because Latin, where there was repetition: cum mecum or “with me with”… which turned into conmigo, and cum tecum to contigo

The other little exception is usually a which stands for “himself” or “herself” or “itself” in special cases.

Chances are you will only see it used as sí mismo/a which is “himself/herself/itself”

Quiere valerse por sí mismo. = He wants to make it on his own.

Quiere valerse por sí misma. = She wants to make it on her own.

This is a rarer grammatical thing but it’s related to se which is more 3rd person. It doesn’t often exist by itself except if you see something like entre sí “amongst themselves” or en sí “in and of itself”

It also exists with consigo “with itself” which comes from cum secum in Latin; this is almost always an impersonal thing or object not a human being, like lo que trae consigo “what it brings with it”

With con you normally see con ella, con ellos, con nosotros and so on.

Now we move to the regular object pronouns which are direct and indirect object pronouns. With the exception of 3rd person, they look identical.

Direct objects are the recipients of an action. If you “kick a ball”, the “ball” is what receives that action. It’s what is acted upon “directly”. For those familiar with case systems, direct objects are “accusative case”.

yo => me

tú => te

él => lo

ella => la

usted => lo / la [depending on gender of the “you”]

ellos => los

ellas => las

ustedes => los / las [depending on gender fo the “you all”]

nosotros / nosotras => nos

vosotros / vosotras => os

It’s only 3rd person that’s more dependent on gender. And the usted/ustedes thing makes more sense in context*

Whether you’re saying lo compro “I buy it” or la compro “I buy it” depends on the gender of the “it” in other words.

Because me, te, nos, os don’t change it’s not totally necessary to point out things like me pegas “you’re hitting me” is a direct object use, while me dices “you’re telling me” is indirect object use. 

There is a difference between indirect and direct, but me, te, nos, os never changes so whether it’s “me” or “to/for me” isn’t totally necessary to break down and understand, if that makes sense.

Indirect objects are “to whom” or “for whom” something is done. An action is done to something for the sake of something/someone else and that “something/someone else” is the indirect object.

For those familiar with case systems, indirect objects are “dative case”.

So if you “buy flowers for her”, the “flowers” are the direct object while “for her” indicates the indirect object. And again, with the exception of 3rd person, they look identical to direct objects.

yo => me

tú => te

él - ella - usted => le

ellos - ellas - ustedes => les

nosotros / nosotras => nos

vosotros / vosotras => os

This in English would be the difference between “I” and “me”, “he” and “him”, “she” and “her”, or “we” and “us”. In older English you’d also have to contend with “thou” and “thee” or “you” and “ye”

Here there’s no gender agreement to worry about, only singularity and plurality. Your first introduction to indirect objects is done with gustar and verbs like that.

Saying me gusta is not truly “I like it”, but rather it’s “it is pleasing TO ME”… and if the thing is plural it’s me gustan “I like them” or “they are pleasing TO ME”

(a mí) me gusta = I (specifically) like it

(a ti) te gusta = you (specifically) like it

(a él/ella/usted) le gusta = he/she/You (specifically) like it

(a ellos/ellas/ustedes) les gusta = they/You all (specifically) like it

(a nosotros) nos gusta = we (specifically) like it

(a vosotros) os gusta = you all (specifically) like it

For the most part indirect and direct objects work very well together with no real conflict. You go ID; indirect + direct, with indirect always first.

Me compran flores. = They buy flowers for me.
Me las compran. = They buy them for me.

The direct object takes the place of the noun; so las here is because las flores is both feminine and plural. You could also say me la compro if it were just one flower.

The only time it gets messy is when 3rd person and 3rd person meet.

The use of le/les + lo/la/los/las turns the indirect object to se; this is for the sake of pronunciation so you don’t have to deal with les lo or confuse it with lelo/a “silly”

Le doy el libro. = I’m giving him/her the book.
Se lo doy. = I’m giving it to him/her.

Le doy la llave. = I’m giving him/her the key.
Se la doy. = I’m giving it to him/her.

Les doy el libro. = I’m giving them the book.
Se lo doy. = I’m giving it to them.

Les doy la llave. = I’m giving them the key.
Se la doy. = I’m giving them the key.

Because the se could be for le or les you sometimes might want to be more specific to make sure people understand you:

Se lo doy a él. = I’m giving it to him.
Se lo doy a ella. = I’m giving it to her.
Se lo doy a usted. = I’m giving it to you.
Se lo doy a ellos. = I’m giving it to them.
Se lo doy a ellas. = I’m giving it to them.
Se lo doy a ustedes. = I’m giving it to you (all).

You can be that specific with the other object pronouns but you don’t have to. Using that kind of emphasis is very specific and can be used in different situations such as explaining yourself thoroughly, or for the purposes of saying “and not you”

Me lo dijo a mí, no a ti. = He/she said it to me, not you.

*Note: You go into another linguistic gray area with the use of indirect objects or direct objects when people are the objects. For the most part, direct objects are more common in Latin America, and indirect objects more common in Spain but that’s not ALWAYS the case.

For example, you’re trying to say “it’s a pleasure to meet you” to an usted or ustedes:

Es un placer conocerlo. = It’s a pleasure to meet you (m).
Es un placer conocerlos. = It’s a pleasure to meet you all (m+m, m+f).
Es un placer conocerla. = It’s a pleasure to meet you (f).
Es un placer conocerlas. = It’s a pleasure to meet you (f+f).

Es un placer conocerle. = It’s a pleasure to meet you (m/f).
Es un placer conocerles. = It’s a pleasure to meet you all (m+m/f+f/m+f).

They’re both correct though regionally preferred. Latin America will usually opt for the lo/la/los/las while Spain tends to go for the le/les here.

But in Latin America using the le/les is even MORE polite because it’s not how you would normally respond and it sounds a little old-fashioned and formal.

Like I said, both correct but regionally preferred.

Now we go to reflexives which exist under the umbrella term of “pronomials”… which basically means “uses a reflexive pronoun”.

For the purposes of not getting into a huge linguistic debate, there are 3 occasions you use the reflexive pronouns and we’re only talking about 2 for right now because they make the most sense.

The pronouns are:

yo => me

tú => te

él - ella - usted => se

ellos - ellas - ustedes => se

nosotros / nosotras => nos

vosotros / vosotras => os

All of 3rd person is se whether it’s plural or singular is dependent upon context.

There are true reflexives where the subject and object are the same; meaning the subject does something to himself or herself or itself.

Me lavo las manos. = I’m washing my hands. [lit. “I wash myself the hands”]

Te duermes. = You’re falling asleep.

Él se levanta. = He stands up.

Ella se sienta. = She sits down.

Ellos se ponen nerviosos. = They’re getting nervous.

Nos vamos. = We’re going.

Os despertáis. = You’re waking up. / You get up.

Translator Note: Whether it’s me despierto a las seis “I wake up at 6″ or me despierto “I am waking up” used as infinitive or -ing is dependent on context; both are correct for present tense; in other words se levanta could be “he stands up” or “he is standing up”

The other one is a “reciprocal reflexive” which is mostly the same, but it deals with two or more subjects doing something to themselves. This only exists for plural, so it’s 3rd person plural, nosotros, or vosotros

Se conocen. = They know each other.
Se conocían. = They knew each other. / They used to know each other.
Se conocieron. = They met each other.

It works exactly the same except sometimes the wording can be ambiguous or confusing in some circumstances.

You also do sometimes see reflexives used with direct objects though these are typically with a verb that indicates ownership (usually body parts) or with a special verb like comer(se).

Me cepillo el cabello. = I brush my hair.
Me lo cepillo. = I brush it.

Te cepillas los dientes. = You brush your teeth.
Te los cepillas. = You brush them.

Ella se pinta la cara. = She paints her face.
Se la pinta. = She paints it.

Él se afeita la barbilla. = He shaves his chin.
Se la afeita. = He shaves it.

Se lavan las manos. = They’re washing their hands.
Se las lavan. = They’re washing them.

Nos comemos el pastel. = We’re eating cake.
Nos lo comemos. = We’re eating it.

In a sentence like me lo cepillo “I’m brushing it”, the el cabello is still implied to be part of your own body, thus the me is used, even when shortened as a direct object aka “what is being brushed”. 

This is to differentiate it from using an indirect object; le cepillo el cabello would be “I’m brushing their hair (for them)” meaning that it’s something you’re doing to someone else.

For reflexives, subject and object are the same so it’s something you’d have to do to yourself for it to be reflexive. Something done by you to someone else is indirect.

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and ofcourse - @gracehelbig, mamrie, mydrunkkitchen and chesterlsee for inspiring me everyday and being the inspirations behind this blog. I love you very much. 

Again, thank you very very very much for helping me reach 5000 followers - it truly doesn’t seem real. I love u guys a lot x 

I hit 500 followers last night so I thought id so a follow forever :)

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if i didn’t include you, im sorry, i love you all and theres too many people to list!

thank you all for following me :)

ahhhh =u= it seems like i made my 1k follow forever just yesterday. i just wanted to thank you all who have been following me and reblogging my shitty posts. it really means a lot that people like to see what i post (which is basically booty jokes and keyboard smashes) because all my life i’ve been ignored by people and it just feels really nice to be liked by people who don’t even know me yet they care about my feelings and emotions. i love you all very much and i couldn’t ask for better followers. i’ve met so many friends through this blog and they are everything to me. these are the blogs that make my life a lot better. bolded are my best friends. ones with a kawaii face are poopies.


atomicsmoshbrosephgraceffacrazyforshoey | chickadeeanya (=ω=;) | cutiegraceffa | damnitydamndamn( ´∀`) | 


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ughgraceffa | ughjoeywulaswatchusfuckandstuff (▰˘◡˘▰) | watchusloveandstuff zozeebo |

and who could forget the king of all blogs, joeygraceffa. i love you so much i can’t even explain with words. thank you for creating such an inspiring and lovely fandom. thank you for helping me make friends through you. and last of all, thank you for being you.

Wooww I actually reached a thousand followers! Seriously, I have no idea how or why, but thank you so much to everyone who follows me! <3 xxxx 

I’m going to do this follow forever, but bare in mind that I don’t really know how to do one. I’m probably not doing this right haha. Also, I don’t follow many people and I don’t know if I’m doing this right, so it’s only going to be a small-ish one. Sorry if I forgot people, but thank you to everyone who follows! xxxx 

YouTube blogs:

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Hey guys! As you may know, I joined a competition to win tickets for a festival (including Union J; Emblem 3, etc) and all I needed was you guys to click a simple vote button. 1k of you did, and I can’t even put into words how thankful I am, because I WON, I am going to see my favourite people in exactly 4 days, and it’s all thanks to you guys! Even if you’re following me or not, even if I’m not following you, this means a lot to me, and I love you. I really do. I don’t know what to do to THANK you guys for this, so I thought I’d write down some of the names that helped me! Once again thank you so much, this wouldn’t be possible without you! (I will be vlogging the 5th and 6th of April, so it’s like you guys are coming on this adventure with me!)

P.S: If your name is not in here it’s because I also did blogrates last week. I made this post based on the people who reblogged my posts about the compeititon. Special loves are in bold). If I missed you, I’m really sorry, there are probably 500 urls or more in here. I still love you).

I hope you guys know you can ALWAYS count on me! <3

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Hello gorgeous bbys <3

So my blog just reached 3000 followers! That is so crazy and I am so so grateful for each and every single one of you. It’s so weird to think that I joined the Holy Trinity/Youtube fandom in March 2013 and in that year I have spoken and become friends with so many of you. I could not be more happy to be a member in this crazy youtube fandom. Thankyou all. Here is my follow forever, with all of my favourite blogs. My extra special faves will be in bold. I’m so sorry if I haven’t included you in this but just know that if you follow me, I adore you!





















































































And, of-course, my three favorite ladies; gracehelbig, mamrie, mydrunkkitchen! Thank you for giving me the chance to meet so many amazing people. 

Also, my other faves; sprinkleofglitr, tyleroakley and troyesivan

Thankyou to every single one of my followers and to everyone I follow. You have all made me feel so welcome and I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful community.