loe chicago

LOE Chicago

LOE Chicago was so CRAZY

Every one sang along with Feel So Good

I could barley see the stage during No Mercy because of the lights

Before With You,
Daehyun was talking and he said “Don’t worry about us We’re okay we’re happy because of you guys” and a lot more and at one point he had to stop talking because he got all choked up
I was sobbing

At one point Daehyun said “wait I’ll be right back” and ran off stage then ran back on stage with a piece of pizza and ran around with it….

I was 5ft away from Yongguk and Himchan during the second preformance of Be Happy and it was all great. I love BAP to death and I’ve waited 5 years for this…..


(160423) B.A.P - Hurricane + Badman +Dancing In The Rain + Carnival (LOE Chicago) 


160423 B.A.P - S.N.S (Himchan’s Solo ft. Yongguk) (LOE Chicago)

B.A.P LOE Chicago 2014 Fan Account

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The above picture is my friend Ashleigh and I (the blonde one).

Last Saturday we went and saw BAP live in Chicago. We were riding with another friend from Georgia to Chicago instead of North Carolina (Where we’re from) because the ride was shorter.

When we got there on Friday we were excited and decided to go into Chicago. The venue was actually in Merriville, Indiana and that’s where we were staying.

On our journey through Chicago we saw a black out Mercedes van. Our other friend said that was BAP. Ashleigh stumbled and we continue to joke that she is going to be on the DVD because Himchan is shady and probably filmed it for laughs.

The next day was the concert. We got in line at 11 a.m. and instantly started talking to other fans. In that we made new friends. 

Later on, when the albums were being given for pre-order neither of us got a pass. However, one of the girls we had been chatting with in the line had two extra and we bought them off her.

We screamed out of excitement!

Time passed and it was time for the Hi-Touch event. We lined up and went up the stairs to meet the boys.

Zelo was doing two handed high fives but, my wrist was in a brace so I could only use one.

Ashleigh messed up the high five and they both missed. After laughing they got it right.

Although Jongup was quiet he was still smiling a lot. Same thing with Daehyun. But they were happy nonetheless. (Note: Ashleigh is six foot and had to look up at Zelo. But was almost eye level with Daehyun…he had in insoles…we know he did!)

Then came Youngjae. I said ‘Saranghae’ when I looked at him and he gave me a huge smile. It was so sweet.

Ashleigh couldn’t stop saying how big his head was but he smiled at her too.

Then there came Himchan.

I got to him and raised my injured hand for a high five. He stopped and point to my hand. Realizing what I had done I laughed and raised my other one. He laughed but I think he was judging me! ahah.

Ashleigh walked up to him and for a split second he looked down and then back up. We are not sure if he was looking at her chest (she is a double D) or thinking of how tall she was.

Last but not least Yongguk!

He initially looked at my hair (the style I have in my profile picture) and gave me a really warm gummy smile when I said he was awesome!! (I honestly think if he could’ve he would’ve touched my hair…and I very well would have let him!)

Ashleigh was holding back tears when she high fived him.

They were so handsome and they all smelled good.

Despite the pictures they all looked pretty healthy. Granted Yongguk was a little slim but he looked good.

(Edit: She swears she has found the light…and it is between Yongguk’s thighs. I will say also that Himchan looks perfect…thick thighs and broad back. Yes!)

Their performance was amazing! Next time they comeback we will go see them again!

But the older fans are making staff shirts…because the staff was pretty attractive!

BAP LOE Chicago 2014 was amazing and I wanted to share our experience!

[151124 - Himchan - Twitter]: People always say ‘I want to make it so that you only walk on a flower path’ right? For us, the path you guys are on is our flower path. The fact that we are walking together, I’m happy and thankful for that alone.

trans: woojung & tima @ baptrans

You can see how thankful Himchan is after BABYz sang the Happy Birthday Song for him on LOE Chicago 20140419.