loe chicago


160423 B.A.P - S.N.S (Himchan’s Solo ft. Yongguk) (LOE Chicago)

LOE Chicago

LOE Chicago was so CRAZY

Every one sang along with Feel So Good

I could barley see the stage during No Mercy because of the lights

Before With You,
Daehyun was talking and he said “Don’t worry about us We’re okay we’re happy because of you guys” and a lot more and at one point he had to stop talking because he got all choked up
I was sobbing

At one point Daehyun said “wait I’ll be right back” and ran off stage then ran back on stage with a piece of pizza and ran around with it….

I was 5ft away from Yongguk and Himchan during the second preformance of Be Happy and it was all great. I love BAP to death and I’ve waited 5 years for this…..


Shady Lady | LOE CHICAGO 2016 Fancam


160423 B.A.P - 1004 (Angel) (LOE Chicago)