that one time in atl zelo thought he was a grownassman and not a fetus and started humping the floor…

(snippet from my fancam - LOE Atlanta 4/27/16)

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Learning To Grow

Everypony has to grow up eventually, and now your character in Legends of Equestria is no exception. Start out as a foal, and grow into an adult as you learn about the magical world of Equestria; make friends, go on adventures, and earn your very own Talent Mark! Foals can still have fun in Equestria, but there are some adventures that only an adult pony can experience!

Purple-Haired Anime Characters

Aries : Sailor Mars/ Rei Hino

Taurus : Minene Uryuu

Gemini : Yato

Cancer : Touka Kirishima

Leo : Yoruichi Shihoin

Virgo : Shinoa Hiiragi

Libra : Kirigiri Kyoko

Scorpio : Lucifer

Sagittarius : Sinbad

Capricorn: Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe

Aquarius : Soma Asman Kadar

Pisces : Tsukiyama Shuu

The Three Species

Each of the three different playable pony races in Legends of Equestria has access to their own unique abilities and talents! You’ll be able to create multiple different ponies on your account (Or three of the same pony; why not?), so why not try out flying as a pegasus, the magic of unicorns, or the steadfast earth pony?


Could’ve been gayer.

*sigh* I’m glad Timber’s a better written love-interest than Flash was, I just wish he didn’t have to be one at all. Would’ve been nice to have he and Twi developed a friendship without there needing to be a romance just because they’re a girl and a guy.

I mean, Sunset’s still hella gay, I assure you, now it seems like she’s just a really, really great friend, too. 

Oh, she definitely still has the hots for Twi, she probably just didn’t want to complicate things after the Friendship Games (poor Twi was already learning the value of friendship– piling on love probably didn’t seem fair to Sunset). And now with Timber coming into the picture, she doesn’t even know if Twilight likes girls– but even if she does, Sunset’s not about to ruin her happiness.

Sunset’s entire storyline in this one is supporting and protecting Twilight. Maybe even at the cost of her own happiness.

Yeah, buddy. She knows how you feel. Oblivious Twilight is oblivious.

Don’t worry, Sunset. The hero always gets the girl in the end.