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In Defense of The Log Lady:

(The following excerpt is a text conversation between a friend and I.)

Friend: “Ugh, The Log Lady sucks. She’s the part of the show that appeals to people who like lolxdsorandom humor. Such a useless character.”

Me: *positively poised with a rebuttal*

“Dude, think about it. Margaret’s husband died. His spirit is trapped inside her log, and she can hear the warnings he offers her because the wood has very strange, innate properties. It explains why Josie was trapped in the wood of the dresser. Literally GHOSTWOOD. She’s far from a lolxdsorandom character when you look at her through that lens; she’s literally communicating with her dead husband to constantly warn the townspeople - the people she dearly loves - of the dangers hidden in the woods. It’s SO easy to write her off as a trite character, but let me tell you, Margaret Lanterman is Grade-A The Real Deal.”