lodge style

Veronica Lodge Essentials 

A rough guide on how to get Ronnie’s style.  

Her outfits usually consist of… 

* Fitted tops 

* High neck tops 

* Ribbed tops 

* Collared dresses 

* Fitted miniskirts  

* Pencil Skirts 

* Plaid skirts 

* A-line dresses 

* Heels 

* Shoulder bags 

* Handbags

* Cape 

* Pearls 

* Crop tops

If you want to slowly transition your wardrobe to get Veronica’s style, try these tips! 

* Veronica can be seen mainly wearing colors ranging from burgundy to purple, purple being the dominant color. She is more likely to wear a purple top rather than skirt so I would invest in more tops in that color rather than skirts. Keep the sleeves short!!Her tops never really appear to be long sleeved (rare to see it), it always seeming to be sleeveless and even when it’s short sleeved, it only reaches half way down her shoulder. For tops, stay away from embroidered or embellished ones and keep solid colors. Shades of blues have appeared on her too. Simple yet classy is what you want. 

* If you’re not comfortable showing your arms off like Veronica, throw a sleek blazer or coat over them. 

* When it comes to skirts, plaid is the number one go to pattern. Ronnie can be seen wearing plaid skirt patterns throughout a numerous amount of episodes. Also stock up on pencil styled skirts! They are popular throughout her wardrobe and it’s paired nicely with a crop top or a fitted top that can be tucked into the skirt. 

* If you’re buying more shoes - sandal heels are a reoccurring item in her wardrobe. Search for heels that are open toed and have an ankle wrap. Materials you want to go for are (faux) suede and (faux) leather. Stay away from shoes with too much bling. A bit of fringe attached to the heel on the side is okay (e.g. on the ankle wrap). 

* Switch your backpacks to a handbag, cross body bags, or bags with a long strap. An okay color to have would be black and it pairs nicely with everything. 

* With dresses, fit and flares along with a-line dresses are what you want. Here is where embellishment and embroidery is acceptable. Collared dresses are high in her wardrobe but so are lace, high neck ones. If it doesn’t have either other, it is most likely paired up with some sort of jewelry to make up for the loss of design. 

* Veronica’s necklaces are simple, it normally revolving around pearls or a tie choker. Each item can be found in stores like Forever 21, H&M, Etsy, and Amazon. Avoid chunky necklaces or thick chains, stick to the basics.  

* Everytime you pick something off the rack/shelf, ask yourself: Is it something you can see Veronica wear? 

Where can you find brands/stores selling Veronica inspired clothing? 

* Forever 21 

* Ted Baker 

* Topshop 

* Zara 

* RW&Co. 

* Urban Outfitters 

* Macy’s 

* Target 

* Tommy Hilfiger 

* Ralph Lauren 

* H&M  

* Gap 

* Banana Republic 

* Old Navy 

* JC Penny 

* Express  

* Uniqlo

i hope everyone gets involved in finding jason’s killer during the last episode and gets rid of these side stories

gimme group scenes where they discover information that puts them in danger

Of course, everyone has the right to their opinion SO IF U SOMEHOW INSULT MY OTP/FAV CHARACTER I WILL MAKE U respect someone else's opinion

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