The future I had planned since my youth no longer exists. 

Since you have woven yourself into my veins the images of my future self have been blurred. 

Replaced by gardens and screaming children, a picket fence and a victorian gown. 

Our twisted teeth dancing for flashing cameras in a reception hall, a ministers echoing cadences amongst mahogany pews, tears of joy framing a veil catching in a smile. 

Screaming ringing through a corridor, with our fingers locked together as you squeeze tighter. A loosened grip followed by a first breath and crying to expand new lungs. 

A long drive home with an extra passenger, gifts from family and friends littering our living room. Immaculate days competing with bad days, fights followed promptly by apologies. 

A high school graduation, a lecture in life and love. A long awaited road trip, passport applications and flowers for Wilde and Morrison. 

Gray hairs and lesions, a down payment on a plot; and one followed immediately by the other.

The future I once planned I no longer see, the only thing I see in my future anymore is you.