Project of the Day—Locust Projects wants to bring New York-based artist Daniel Arsham back to his hometown of Miami for his installation Welcome to the Future. The space will turn into an excavation site that will hold calcified media devices (like the camera above). It’s a fascinating look at the way we interact with, and subsequently discard technology.



Locust Projects is pleased to present Purgatory (false ceiling), a new project by infamous Miami graffiti artist TYPOE.  In his most ambitious undertaking to date, TYPOE will present a site-specific installation featuring a dropped ceiling covering Locust Projects’ 2,700 square foot gallery space on which he will create an adaption of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Purgatory (false ceiling) will present street art in a gallery space, and continue the artist’s exploration of religious and popular iconography.  Taking the Sistine Chapel as a starting point, TYPOE will adapt aspects of Michelangelo’s masterpiece using paint, text and collage, infusing elements of his own style and experience.  Using a street art practice known as “wheat pasting,” the artist will affix images printed on paper to the dropped ceiling.  Combined, the architectural installation and imagery will convey parallel cultural and autobiographical narratives.

TYPOE is the street name adopted by the Miami-based artist. Recent exhibitions include Bang, Bang, Spinello Gallery, Miami, FL and the group exhibitions Manifest Equality, Los Angeles, CA; Abracadabra, Hollywood Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL; and From Gutter to Gallery, Brevard Museum of Art, Melbourne, FL. He is the co-founder of Primary Flight, which organizes a site-specific, street level mural exhibition annually in the Wynwood and Miami Design Districts. Become

Locust Projects’ exhibitions and programming are made possible with the support from: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; Galt & Skye Mikesell; Hannibal Cox Jr. Foundation; John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, the Mayor, and the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners. Special thanks to Spinello Gallery, Miami, FL.

155 NE 38th Street, No. 100,
Miami, Florida - 33137 

Exhibition through April 30, 2011



Art project from Ivan Toth Depeña is a tour of Augmented Reality art around Miami:

Lapse consists of six interwoven components: The Visions & The Collective, a series of publically accessible murals; The Sounds, a GPS-based audio soundscape discoverable on Miami’s downtown MetroMover; The Writings, a virtual prose experience in Museum Park; The Sculpture, an augmented experience triggered by a public sculpture; and The Moment, a site-specific exhibition at Locust Projects’ space in the Miami Design District. Lapse is the newest chapter of the artist’s ongoing series The Fallen Sky Chronicles. This series has been developing for several years in tandem with personal writings about a character who becomes infected by a technological glitch, restructuring the physical world and morphing consciousness with images and data found on the web. The projects in the series employ chance as a structural element and consist of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and video/new media installations.

Through groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) technology, Lapse responds to triggers and activates virtual and auditory experiences with a mobile device’s camera lens and sound output. The augmented reality technology overlays visual and audio creations over site-specific Miami locations.

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