I debut Shadow Manifesto at the Locust Moon Fest on 10/25. It clocks in at 24 pages and includes part three, which remains as a free read on ZEAL.

(Later that night I perform in a variation on Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece at 8pm at Mascher Space in Fishtown.)

Originals of part 3 run in a show with artist Ketch Wehr at the art gallery at William Way Nov. 14-Dec. 26. An opening reception receives on Nov. 14.

Prints of parts 1 and 2 run in the Full-Bleed: Poetry Comics show at Indy Hall, opening First Friday, Nov. 7 at Indy Hall; I plan to do portraits and sell comics at the opening.


Hello! This Saturday I’ll be at Locust Moon Festival in Philadelphia. I made this book to sell there, but it’s only the beginning of a longer story about practicing magicians in present day NYC. It’s 16 pages long and all printed with 2 colors on a riso (by Kris Mukai, thanks!). I hand bound them with thread to make them feel more tome-y. It is a limited edition of 30 and it’s only 8 dollars–

~~ WOWWW~~

Come visit me and Maritsa and Evan at table S-44!


Locust Moon Festival

(courtesy of Keren Katz)

Yesterday was Locust Moon Festival in the Walnut Street Rotunda (Philadelphia)! I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Alexander Rothman of Ink Brick and being next to the delightful Maria Hoey of Coin-Op. It was a lovely day and I had some really nice conversations with artists and visitors. Met some teachers, lots of artists, some students, a grassroots organizer, several history buffs with their own favorite Andrew Jackson stories, poets, Doctor Who fans, and some nice folks from Fantom Comics. I haven’t spent nearly enough time in Philly, but they had lots of advice and opinions about living there, gentrification there vs. New York, and the best places to eat, etc. Had the pleasure of meeting Mike Sgier for the first time, and being late to find out about Lisk Feng and Jun Cen’s beautiful work.

Locust Moon’s giant Little Nemo tribute anthology was the star - the show was full of folks carrying around these books from table to table collecting signatures and drawings. I loved opening up to the front page to see all the different art people signed with, especially Greg Benton’s happy Yellow Dog. Locust Moon cleverly turned that into a mini-game for buyers: if they collected all the signatures for the book, they win a print or something (please check with them before acting on it). So I spent a lot of the day drawing monsters in underwire bras, which is exactly what I want to do with my life.

Keren Katz with Karen Green. Keren had two new books, which will also be out at CAB. She also did a Pina Bausch tribute for the cover of Ink Brick #2, also coming out at CAB. Other SVA folks I saw on the floor included Estrella VegaAlexa CassaroJosh Bayer and Nathan Fox.

One guy had two of these. It took both arms just to lift one, so kudos to him. A clever lady just had a blank endpaper she brought to be signed. 

Chris Stevens and Josh O'Neill of Locust Moon. Andrew Carl elsewhere.

Christa Cassano and Dean Haspiel in the burrito truck line.

Christa at the table.

Kate Farquhar of Zodiac and Friends

After-party at Locust Moon. Rooster in a long box. Speaking of cats:

Artists made tribute drawings to Inky, the Locust Moon cat, who, like a cat, couldn’t care less. Like last year, Locust Moon brought food trucks, ice cream, and an adopt-a-pet kiosk to the festival, although this year it was cats instead of dogs. Locust Moon also featured a gallery of framed Dream Another Dream originals, which were interesting up close:


My bra shopping one, blessed by Inky cat.

Farel Dalrymple‘s has surprises around the margins.

Was really happy to get Box Brown’s New Physics, Carey Pietsch’s new Rift comic, and Adam McGovern’s Nightworld and his collaboration with Coin-Op. 

Going to have to come back here soon. Where else do they have these comic + ice cream named after local radio stations?

2014 Debuts at the Locust Moon Comics Festival

Here are the new books and art debuting for sale at this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival…(see creators’ table assignments and map here)

Adam McGovern

EXCLUSIVE to the Locust Moon Comics Festival, Adam McGovern, writer of Image Comics’ arthouse grindhouse epic NIGHTWORLD, will be debuting the explosive, emotional finale to the first miniseries, Issue 4! Catch up on Issues 1-3 (also on sale at Adam’s table) and be five days ahead of the rest of the world in seeing Number 4 – especially if you’ve had it with these @#$!%-in’ snakes on this @#$!%-in’ plane of reality!

Alex Eckman-Lawn - dudenukem

A grim and grimy art zine full of sketches, collage, and metal artwork. (preview)

Alisa Harris 

Follow the adventures of Alisa’s cats Fidget and Moe as they discover apartment living in these short, gag-style comics. 180 pages, all ages friendly. (preview)

Annie Mok - heyanniemok

A 24-page comic examining intersections between how some cartoonists and some contemporary games makers play with space, perception, and identity. (preview)

Brendan Duffey - brendanduffey

An original graphic novel. A young man split between two worlds: the mundane reality of life on earth and the vibrant fantasy world of Athanor. Porter Yeats is a struggling young writer living in New York City. He begins dreaming of strange city on an alternate Earth populated by duplicates of his friends and family. However, the boundary between Earth and Athanor is unstable, and Porter begins losing control of his waking life. Soon, he finds himself switching places with his doppelgänger and thrust into a conflict with a malevolent alien force that threatens his new home. (preview)

The Cool Box: Jason Piperberg & Crystal Ben - jasonpiperbergillustration & crystal-ben

A short but sweet full color mini-comic featuring a bee themed Comic Haiku from Crystal Ben and a brand new Spaceman & Bloater story from Jason Piperberg.

The Cool Box: Jason Piperberg - jasonpiperbergillustration

A new print for Jason’s cosmic duo.

Daniel Elisii

A new selection of inky illustrations is collected in THINK IN INK. Containing pictures with no words & pictures with some words & one page comics mostly with words. This inky, wordy, wordless comic has drawn pictures of masks, skulls, bugs, trees, rocks, mask wearing bugs, bugs wearing skulls & skulls wearing bug masks. All on paper. 32 pages long. Black & white. Full sized comic size. (preview)

Dave Proch

The first two issues of Dave Proch’s new ongoing series. Dave is also premiering a giant four-piece “cosmic Marvel” poster.

Day Job Etc - dayjobetc

A 144-page graphic novel by Adam Cusack. It’s just another mundane end of the high school year for Margo Weintrepe, an adolescent with low self-esteem, until she discovers a peculiar looking vehicle with an even more peculiar driver who whisks her away to the world of the dead. The catch: she didn’t quite die. (preview via facebook)

Emi Gennis - emigennis

A new minicomic about everyone’s favorite medical procedure. (preview on the nib)

BIRD DAD (print)
Erika Ball - snackstick

A new art print.

Gideon Kendall - gideonkendall

Pimples, the scourge of adolescents everywhere, are actually portals through which creatures from another dimension derive voyeuristic pleasure. WHATZIT is the story of a creature from this alien world and an American teenager and how their fates intertwine. It is a tale of adolescent angst, action, adventure and acne. (preview on act-i-vate)

Haan Lee

A man who discovers that he is invulnerable also realizes that he has lost his sense of touch. He embarks on a quest to find something that he can feel. (preview)

Haan Lee 

A police interrogator questions a man with multiple personalities to find out which one of them committed a crime. (preview)

James Heimer

8-page mini comic of the imagined exploits of Philadelphia’s most under-appreciated crime writer.

Jamie Hibdon

A 30 page, b/w, sci-fi fantasy mash-up, parts of which can be read here.

Jamie Hibdon

A 12 page, b/w collection of all-ages content, parts of which can be read here.

Jamie Tanner - jamietanner

A 10-page mini-comic originally drawn in 8 hours.

John Vestevich

An experimental comic inspired by the “roguelike” genre of role-playing video games. (preview)

John Vestevich - smellyhippiecomics
A new collection of the smelliest and hippiest.

Judith Kim - joodithkim

The 12-page mini-comic parody of rom-com Korean drama. A pretty/얼짱 girl named Min meets a drunk guy on her doorstep…(preview its cool construction)

Judy Wong

A story where a restaurant takes ‘mystery meat’ to a whole new level. Be careful of what you eat!

Keren Katz - thekatzsisters

Three more stories from the Fire Theatre.

Keren Katz thekatzsisters

A journal of guerrilla poetry readings.

Kika - kikadoodles

In the 1930s, on the verge of a depression, society is growing colder and crueler. As deep trouble brews and the underclass stands to suffer the worst, a young girl named Joon must take a stand.

Maria Sweeney & Eros Livieratos - deathofthewriter

A book of short stories, a collection of poems and illustrations, and a zine of works once abandoned.

Mike Riley - mikerileycomics

A comedy adventure story about a nudist, a dead fish, and a very special goat in search of a lost sword and breakfast. (preview)

Mike Sgier - msgier

Foregoing the conventions of epic fantasy, ‘First (Mis)Steps’ brings a folk fantasy approach to this trio of short comics, focusing on characters grappling with romantic anxiety, criticism and lost love. By turns sweet, funny and bawdy, ‘First (Mis)Steps’ present a new world to those looking for a refreshing spin on the fantasy genre! (preview)

Mike Sgier - msgier

When a traveling tree spirit and gnome take refuge in a small village, they play a small part in a celebration commemorating the Winter Solstice. The festivities, however, recall ancient memories for the tree spirit, when the nights of Vespers were long, and a mysterious girl known as ‘The Moon Daughter’ walked the land… (preview)

Mike Sgier - msgier

A zine collecting B&W character sketches drawn throughout the last year (preview).
Mike will also be premiering a new Rocket Raccon & Groot print.

Mike Shea & Tim Bungeroth - millerjaialai

The silver-age-fueled super-villain romp in print for the first time. Who and what is the Minor League Crime Organization Where did they come from, and who would try to stop them?

Rafer Roberts - plasticfarm

An homage to early 1900’s newspaper comic strips, NIGHTMARE THE RAT follows the adventures of a mischievous little monster who preys upon the populace of Hell City by stealing their teeth. Debuting at the Locust Moon Comics Festival is a 28-page tabloid newspaper collection of every Nightmare the Rat strip to date, plus a brand new comic and a bunch of other all new bonus features.

Rebecca Mock - rebeccamock

A 12-page sci-fi comic about emotionally distant sisters Ruth and Casey, and snowmobiles and time loops. Its creation was livestreamed. (preview)

Rosarium Publishing

Art by Stacey Robinson & John Jennings, dialog by Damian Duffy. KID CODE: CHANNEL ZERO is a rollicking, cosmic, time-traveling adventure, fusing classic hip-hop culture and outlandish sci-fi fantasy in this alternate universe to create the ultimate mash-up.

Skuds Mckinley - skuds

A new art book collecting Skuds’ favorite personal work from the past two years.

Stevie Wilson

A collection of all the comics Stevie’s done since June! The seventh in a series of essay comics about body image, self confidence, street harassment, representation, and diversity.

SWARM! (print)
Taylor Curry - deedledanger

A new art print.

Valerie Starr

Valerie’s first FOLK short story, “How the Moon Came to Be”, debuts here!

Philadelphia, PA / October 25, 2014
Website / Twitter / Facebook


This saturday I will be at LOCUST MOON FESTIVAL in Philly exhibiting with my pals MARITSA PATRINOS and GREG BENTON. We’ll be down at tables T-11 & T-12 and I’ve attached a handy map with one of many possible routes you could take to visit us. Admission is free so stop by and say hello!

Here, I will be debuting my minicomic ELSEWHERE, which is a short story in which young people living different and interesting lives all happen to go to the same Kidnapped-Rich-Stoner-Kid’s party. There is love. There is drug abuse and alcoholism. There is witty banter and sex. There is scathing social commentary. Wow all inside of 22 pages maybe I should have reigned it in this sounds like a mess.

It’s $$$ 10 $$$ and I only have a limited edition of 50 lovingly risographed & hand colored & sketched in books, so if you want me to save you one please let me know before I sell them all to my hordes of fans!


I was super bummed that I wouldn’t have Book 2 of The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found ready for Locust Moon Fest, so I put together this super mini. It’s a little concertina book about The Well-Dressed Bear. It’s actually a visual sequence that was cut from Book 4 of TWDBW(N)BF that I wrote a short narrative to go along with. I’m pretty happy with it. I printed it on my Riso with some printmaking paper, which makes it my first Riso-printed mini-comic. I only have enough pages to make 8 copies and they take forever to fold, cut, and glue, but I should have at least 5 to sell at Locust Moon Fest this Saturday! 

Map, Tables, and Food!

Here’s what you’re in for and where you’ll find it at the Locust Moon Comics Festival on October 25…

Here’s the table map for this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival!

And just like last year, we’re being joined by our very favorite food people in Philly – the extraordinary Tacos Don Memo(get their burritos. just do it.), Kung Fu Hoagies (veggie/vegan specialists), and Little Baby’s Ice Cream (absurdly special).

There shall also be kittens.

Table assignments below:

S-40      Aaron Lange
S-62A    Adam McGovern
S-04A    Aimee Fleck
T-17       Alan Brown
T-02A    Alexander Rothman
S-47       Alex Eckman-Lawn*
S-31B     Alisa Harris
S-06A    Alison Wilgus
T-02B    Andrea Tsurumi*
S-58A     Andrew Davis
S-58B     Andy Hood
T-09       Annie Mok
T-25       Ashley McCammon, Laura Birdsall, & FP
S-64       Benjamin Marra*
S-48B    Beth Heinly
S-33A     Bill Roundy
S-25       Bill Sienkiewicz*
S-33B    Brendan Duffey
S-61       Bryan J.L. Glass
S-05A    Carey Pietsch
S-42B    Carly Tribull
S-48A    Cathy G. Johnson
S-07A    Chris Judge
S-02      Chris McDonnell & Meathaus
S-49      Christa Cassano
S-59       Chuck Dillon
S-05B    Claire Folkman (Dirty Diamonds)
S-17       Clown-Kisses Press: Harrison Stewart
T-14A    Cody Pickrodt & Ray Ray Books
T-03      Coin-Op Books: Maria Hoey* & Peter Hoey*
S-32      Colin Lawler & Joe Grabowski
S-38      The Cool Box: Jason Piperberg & Crystal Ben
T-10A    Daniel Elisii*
S-27      Dan Mazur
S-39      Darshana Pathak & Rosana Iarusso
S-54      Dave Bullock*
S-55B    Dave Ebersole
S-24B   Dave Proch*
T-13A    Dawn Wing
T-18       Day Job Etc: Sean Dooley & Hugo Marmugi
S-49      Dean Haspiel*
S-11       Denis Kitchen*
S-05B   Dirty Diamonds
S-31A    Drew Brockington
S-52      Dry Fish Collective: e hetrick jackson, Blakely Inberg, & Lauren Budney
T-22      Eamon Dougherty
S-56B    Ellen Stedfeld
S-28      Emi Gennis
S-14B    Erika Ball & Taylor Curry
S-43A    Esabelle Ryngin
T-19A     Estrella Vega
S-44B    Evan Dahm
S-30       Eye Heart Us: Nate Bear & Laura Galbraith
S-01       Farel Dalrymple*
T-08      Gideon Kendall
S-49      Gregory Benton*
T-14B    Haan Lee
S-49      Hang Dai Editions
S-37       Heather Nunnelly
S-63A    Holly Simple
S-44A    Hunter Heckroth
S-63B     Ian Harker
T-19B     Ian Parsons
S-14A     Ian Sampson
T-06A    Jacob Mazer
T-20A    Jacquelyn Maroney
T-13B     Jade F. Lee
S-21       Jamar Nicholas
S-26       James Comey*
T-22       James Heimer
S-62B     James Kaminski
T-11        Jamie Hibdon
T-05B     Jamie Tanner*
S-16        Jarreau Wimberly
S-41A     Jason Rodriguez
S-03       Jeffro Kilpatrick* & Roger Petersen*
S-57        J.G. Jones*
S-51        J.M. Dragunas*
T-11        John Vestevich
T-01B     Jo-Jo Sherrow
(in the wild) José Villarrubia*
S-50       Judy Wong, Judith Kim, & Alexa Cassaro
S-46       Jun Cen
S-60       Kata Kane
S-06B    Kate Farquhar
S-65       Kat Fajardo
S-65       Kayla Miller
S-05B    Kelly Phillips (Dirty Diamonds)
T-05A    Keren Katz*
S-20B    Kika
S-13       Laura Lee Gulledge
S-22       Lesser Key Studios: Julie Wright & Amanda Gomes
S-46       Lisk Feng*
S-29       Locust Moon Press
S-10A     Lonnie Mann
S-14A     Mandy Sampson
T-20B    Maria Sweeney & Eros Livieratos
S-44A    Maritsa Patrinos
S-23       Mark Mariano*
S-12       Mark Schultz
S-36B    Megan Brennan
S-20A    Megan Lavey-Heaton
S-63A    Meghan Turbitt
S-67A    Mia Schwartz
S-53       Michael Primo, Anthony Palumbo, & Winona Nelson
T-12       Michael Vincent Bramley
S-37       Michelle Nunnelly
S-55A    Mike Ellis
S-34      Mike Riley & David Crispino
T-23A    Mike Sgier*
T-07       Mike Shea & Tim Bungeroth
S-56A     Mimi Chrzanowski
S-40       M. Jacob Alvarez
T-01A     Mont Tucker & Asia Bey
S-45       Nathan Fox
S-18-19  Nobrow: Tucker Stone
S-07B    Pat Aulisio
T-04      Paul Pope*
T-21       Phil Kahn
S-66      Rafer Roberts*
S-04B    Rebecca Mock
S-36A    Rel
S-08      Retrofit Comics: Box Brown* & Josh Bayer
T-06B   Riley Luce
T-24      Ronald Wimberly*
S-57      Rosarium Publishing: Bill Campbell, Jennifer Crute, Micheline Hess, & John Jennings
S-09      Sarah Machicado
S-41B    Dr. Sheena Howard
S-43B    Shoona Browning
T-10B    Skuds McKinley
S-35B    Stephanie Mannheim
S-33A    Steve Peters & Bianca Alu-Marr
T-16A    Stevie Wilson
S-15      Tom Scioli*
S-42A   Valerie Starr
T-16B    Vanessa Satone
S-10B    Werdy Girl
S-67B    Whit Taylor
S-24A    Will Laren
T-15       Yao Xiao

*these 29 starred creators are also part of Locust Moon’s own LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM, premiering in full release at this year’s festival and the subject of a gallery show of original art (from the likes of David Mack, Paul Pope, Cliff Chiang, Nate Powell, P. Craig Russell, and many more) opening Saturday night at Locust Moon!

Philadelphia, PA / October 25, 2014
Website / Twitter / Facebook

Locust Moon Comics Festival Report by Tom Scioli

My weekend was exactly like a dream.

It’s October, but the heat and haze made I-95 feel like a drive to the Jersey shore. I walked the streets of my childhood, but this time it was a comics-centric utopia where every conversation was about things that are of vital interest to me. The Rotunda was a Jungian space: beautifully elegant with classical architecture in deep disrepair. My table space was at Steranko’s right hand. The venerated comics creator called me by name and started breaking my stones as if he were Frank Sinatra and I were Joey Bishop. Like I said, it was a surreal dreamscape. The room was sweltering and I pulled one container of apple juice after another out of a large brown paper bag full of snacks that my father had given me. I dropped hints but was not at liberty to disclose a big top-secret career-changing name-brand comics project I’d been working on. At the after-party I was dwarfed by the giant books of Little Nemo comics I was paging through. The conversation was euphoric, every exchange seemed hilarious or deeply profound.

The morning drive home was a twilight haze before the tyrant sun returned to his throne. Back in Pittsburgh, my car ceased to function, and I had the simultaneous cold-and-hot symptoms of fever and deep fatigue. I checked my inbox and found an e-mail saying that the big top-secret project had hit a snag that may or may not kill it altogether. The car repairs cost a little bit more than I made over the weekend. It had its ups and downs, but it was a good dream and I’m 90% sure it all actually happened.


Locust Moon Festival tomorrow in Philadelphia! I’ll be at Table T-13B! And I’ll have season exclusive Monster blind boxes for sale!

Each box features a one of a kind hand illustrated monster, and the inside includes two random owl buttons, two stickers, a random sketch card, and a pack of candy!

I’ll also have second printings of Lacrimancer available, some prints, sparkly bookmarks, and I will also be taking doodle challenges and sketch card commissions.

Hope to see you guys there!

This Saturday (Oct. 5th)  is Locust Moon Fest! You’ll find us at table S-32 with comics, prints, and free candy! Doors open at 10am, admission is donation-based, and kids 13 and under will get in FREE! See you all there!

hey guys! so LOCUST MOON is tomorrow - here’s a handy lil map of where we will be! we will have copies of hellbender, the postcard set, stickers, some zines and prints and some copies of on her mountain by mar 

come check us out!

Creator Spotlights: Vega, Dahm, Eye Heart Us, Bear, Galbraith, Dalrymple & Kendall

Some creators who’ll be appearing at Philadelphia’s Locust Moon Comics Festival on October 25…

Estrella Vega

Estrella Vega is an artist based in New York. She discovered silkscreen 6 years ago, and has been drawing, printing, and binding her own books since then. With a focus on scientific subjects, like prehistory and phylogenetics, she strives to make science more accessible for the layman. She also started with Alexandra Beguez and Alden Viguilla, a comic anthology Three-armed squid, now in its third year.

Twitter: @EstrellaVega1

Evan Dahm

Evan has been creating fantasy adventure comics since 2006, including Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and Vattu, and self-publishes them online and in print. He is also a founding member of the art book publishing company Benign Kingdom.
Evan’s Vattu won this year’s Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic!

Tumblr: evandahm
Twitter: @evandahm

Eye Heart Us: Nate Bear & Laura Galbraith

Nate Bear and Laura Galbraith are a Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo of illustrators aiming to put a smile on your face. With their bright colors combined, they form Eye Heart Us! Nate is known for his humorous prints and offbeat BearBrains comics. Meanwhile Laura supplies a feast for your eyes with sensuously colored illustrations of lovely ladies planted in unreal worlds.

Tumblr: natebearart, inulg
Twitter: @natebear, @inulg

Farel Dalrymple

Farel Dalrymple is the award-winning creator of Pop Gun War and co-founder of the wildly influential Meathaus collective. His latest book, The Wrenchies, has received rave reviews and is a New York Times Bestseller. He is currently working on the Eisner-nominated webcomic It Will All Hurt; The Earfarmer, a sci-fi love story with Chris Stevens; and the long-awaited sequel to Pop Gun War.

Tumblr: popgunwar
Twitter: @fareldalrymple

Gideon Kendall

Gideon Kendall has been a professional illustrator and cartoonist for over 20 years. His work has been published in many picture books and chapter books as well as numerous album covers, posters, advertisements, etc. He is currently producing two comic book series: the dark and humorous sci-fi graphic novel Whatzit and the autobiographical compilation Wait…it gets worse in collaboration with writer Doug Latino. His comics, as well as his obsessive and surreal fine art prints, are available at and a wide variety of his work can be seen on his website.

Twitter: @gideonkendall

Philadelphia, PA / October 25, 2014
Website / Twitter / Facebook


Belated chunk of goodies from MICE and Locust Moon, plus a drawing I did for the AiB library while at MICE! I need to plan out my budget for all cons ahead of time next year- SPX wiped me out.

MICE goodies:

The Woodsman and the Bear by Ellen Crenshaw

Future Space by Mark Velard

Pony Tale by Lena Chandhok

Fox & Spirit by Laila Milevski

Rock On by Alisa Harris

Centaurfolds by a bunch of awesome boston-area folks

Rat King by Nikki Desautelle. Actually the third rat king item at MICE!! Ashley Almeida also had a sweet rat king button. rat kings for lyfe

Therman by Rick Pinchera

Fairy Tale comics, edited by Chris Duffy and featuring more amazing cartoonists than

Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue by Erin Filson & the Hollaback! Philly team

and an Amelia Onorato original from Iron Cartoonist!

Locust Moon goodies:

Urban Buzz by Ned Hugar

The Quintessential Copout Artists Comics by the copout crew!

Print from Chuck Dillon

Stray by Kayla Miller

Go to Hell Holga Braum by Mike Sgier

Do You Like Pasta by Maritsa Patrinos

Boys and Cats by Ned Hugar

Elsewhere by Hunter Heckroth

Print by Maritsa Patrinos

Cyanide Milkshake #5 by Liz Suburbia

Mess by Andy Hood

Spooked by Billy Wayne Martin

I also got an awesome print from Mia Schwartz but it’s up on my wall already!