cultural appropriation 101

alright everyone, settle down so i can school some racist assholes!!

some people don’t understand that when white people style their hair in locs, it’s appropriating black culture.


and i’ll tell you why: first, locs themselves originate from the Rastafarian people in Jamacia (hmm, guess what ethnicity the people that live there are).

Rastafarians wore locs as a symbol of their AFRICAN identity and took pride in them. Locs have represented power and authority in black culture ever since.

Then, white people decided to insult the hairstyle and branded the name “dreadlocks” to the style because they thought it was dreadful and that the nappy hair that black people have was ugly (which further leads to the self-hatred that black people, especially black women, have for their hair but that’s another lesson for another day).

so, how can the same race that insulted this beautiful style suddenly wear it and be called, “fashion-forward, boho, trendy, etc.” by society? does that make sense to you? because it certainly doesn’t to me.

even today, black people who wear their hair in locs are written off as disgusting, unclean people that spend their days smoking weed. 

 white people don’t get to pick and choose which parts of someone else’s culture are good and bad. they don’t get to choose that they can take wear something as meaningful to us as locs and then tell the people who created them that they’re ugly (ie: appropriating black culture). 

 that’s all for today class, you’ve been dismissed.