No, no tuvimos el beso perfecto, ni las salidas perfectas, ni los momentos perfectos, o quizá él mismo no era perfecto.. Pero sé que estar con él era lo perfecto. Y no quiero que entre nosotros exista la mínima posibilidad de ponerle fin a todo, simplemente quiero permanecer ahí, para todo, para siempre.

Luverne Gold - Karnak, ND by MinnKota Railfan
Via Flickr:
With the heavy shadows created by the setting sun engulfing the valley surrounding the Luverne high bridge, I made my way back to my vehicle and began to head back towards Fargo. On my way out of the Sheyenne River valley, I noticed a headlight rounding through Luverne. The BNSF manifest is seen here, soaking the last minute rays of the late afternoon North Dakota sun. In 10 minutes time, this westbound manifest along with the sun will be long gone, leaving the valley in a silhouette of silence and darkness.