His smile is glowing after that performance in Dae-Jeon…..
He was asked why he didn’t perform RHRN but he said he didn’t want to do it alone because Loco and Jay weren’t listen to perform & he’s got mad respect for the artists that collaborated on his album. Christian trolling in the comments saying he smells(?)😂

Well, here's my opinion on this whole ordeal (I have made other posts about it, but whatever)

People are completely ignoring the fatphobia involved in this case! Loco said, with all the letters, that he lost weight because he saw a picture of himself next to Jay and he thought he looked like a pig!
He’s a grown ass man, yes. People can lose weight if they choose to, yes. Jay Park has any explicit fault in this? No. (not that I know of, anyway).
But they work in an industry where the aesthetic oppression and fatphobia walk hand in hand! For fuck’s sake, all around the world celebrities that aren’t in shape are crucified!
People that I NEVER heard talking about Loco are all like “ahh yes he’s so hot”, “I’m shook, yes”, “yuuuumm daddy” and some other comments on this line. If you have accompanied his career for a while you’d have noticed that he didn’t have this much likes on his photos on Instagram. This shows how society is made of fatphobic people who only pay attention to an incredible and talented artist because of his looks! Seriously, have you taken your time to even listen to Locomotive? Did you listen to the song from his new album (Bleached) or were you drooling at the thirty seconds that his abs are showing?
Loco wasn’t fat, but he thought he needed to fit into a mold. It’s a personal choice to do whatever the fuck you want with your body, but you can’t deny that aesthetic oppression plays a big part in it (he thought he looked like a pig! A pig! When he was handsome and hot all along!).
This is just proof that fans can be a bunch of thirsty assholes who praise looks over anything else a person has to offer (for fuck’s sake, being beautiful/hot/sexy/ripped is not a bad thing, before you try to twist my words - I keep repeating here ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL).
Also, this rant is not directed to anyone specifically, but if you read it and got a little butthurt is probably because I hit the bullseye and I recommend you to think things over a bit and see if you’re not objectifying idols, rappers, singers, etc.

Misunderstandings / Part 2

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Loco & DPR Live x Reader - A/F - part 1

You followed Dabins movements as he grabbed a handful of popcorn and shoved it into his mouth, you were now watching the 2nd movie and Dabin hadn’t said a word since he came. You sighed making Mina glance over at you, you both made eye contact and smiled. She moved away from her boyfriend’s embrace and made her way over to sit next to you on the small armchair. 

She squeezed herself in and held your hand in yours “What’s wrong?” You pouted at her which made her chuckle at your cuteness, she understood what was wrong. She knew you had gained feelings for Dabin and wanted to know if he felt the same. Mina gently pecked your cheek and gave you a sympathetic smile “Talk to him” You shook your head and glanced over at Dabin who had his eyes fixed on the tv - the only thing he was interested in. 

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